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06 Feb 2020
Abdallah Al Moussarih-Ma Difference-2018-SNOOK (Jazz)
Alessandro Fabbri-Five Winds (Feat. Pietro Tonolo)-WEB-2019-NDE (Jazz)
Alex Hitchcock Quintet-All Good Things-(FSNT572)-CD-2019-FANG (Jazz)
Allianss-Blend-A-Jazz-EE-WEB-2019-KLP (Jazz)
Andrea Brachfeld-Brazilian Whispers-(ORIGIN82795)-CD-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Audrey Ochoa-Frankenhorn-(CR-080)-CD-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Background Bossa Nova-Essential Background Bossa Nova Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Bad Habits Trio-Looking For Trouble-WEB-2019-KLP (Jazz)
Bill Laurance-Cables-WEB-2019-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Bossa Jazz Club-The Bossa Jazz Club Collection-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Bossa Nova Beach-Beach Party Bossa-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Bossa Nova Jazz Piano-Jazz Piano Bossa Style-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Bram De Looze-Tu Vois-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Brynn Stanley-Classic Christmas-(SP2019001)-CD-2019-VULGAR (Jazz)
Carrot Lights-Carrot Lights-EE-WEB-2014-KLP (Jazz)
Chantal Chamberland-Temptation-(EVSA719M)-CD-2019-VULGAR (Jazz)
Chick Corea and The Spanish Heart Band-Antidote-CD-2019-D2H (Jazz)
Christoph Pepe Auer-The New York Sessions-WEB-2019-NDE (Jazz)
Dan Rosenboom-Absurd in the Anthropocene-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Dan Rosenboom-Still-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Calcutta Jazz Vibes-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Genova Cafe Lounge Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Goa Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Mumbay Nights Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Palermo Cafe Lounge Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Roma Cafe Lounge Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Turin Cafe Lounge Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Dave Saunders Trio-Venice Cafe Lounge Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
David Linx-With Ceccarelli Goualch And Imbert-7000 Miles-2018-SNOOK (Jazz)
Erroll Garner-Sampler Volume 02-(MAC1163R1)-PROMO-CD-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Erroll Garner-Thats My Kick-(MAC1163)-REMASTERED-CD-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Estonian Voices-Ole Hea-EE-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
Estonian Voices-Taat Laks Lolliks-EE-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
Ferry Shorter-Amsterdam Jazz Volume 3-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Ferry Shorter-Seoel Jazz Vibes-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Ferry Shorter-Xian Relax Jazz-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Fire Orchestra-Arrival-CD-2019-D2H (Jazz)
Gerard Raingo Quintet-Lovers Music (Mono Version) (1958)-Reissue-WEB-2... (Jazz)
Gerli Padar-The Music Of German Open 2018-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
Get The Blessing-Rarer Teas-WEB-2020-LEV (Jazz)
Gourmet Duo Plus-Live In Tallinn (Jazzkaar Festival 2011)-WEB-2014-KLP (Jazz)
Hanna-Liina Vosa Kristjan Randalu Keelpillikvartett-Sarav Vaikus-EE-WE... (Jazz)
Iiro Rantala-Playing Gershwin-WEB-2020-KALEVALA (Jazz)
Instrumental Music Cafe-Relaxing Instrumental Music Sessions-WEB-2019-NDE (Jazz)
Jacob Collier-Djesse Vol 2-WEB-2019-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Jay Jay Johanson-Bury The Hatchet-2018-SNOOK (Jazz)
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis-The Music of Wayn... (Jazz)
Jazz Cafe Bar-Marbut Boogie Woogie-WEB-2020-DEFENESTRATE (Jazz)
Jeff Parker-Go Away-(IARC0029S1)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KLIN (Jazz)
Jeff Parker-Suite for Max Brown-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Joel Remmel Trio-Lumekristall-EE-WEB-2012-KLP (Jazz)
Joel Remmel Trio-Sharp-WEB-2019-KLP (Jazz)
Joey Alexander-Warna-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Jonah Parzen-Johnson-Up-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Julio Resende-Cinderella Cyborg-(Reissue)-2020-404 (Jazz)
Kadri Voorand-Armupurjus-EE-WEB-2016-KLP (Jazz)
Kamilya Jubran And Sarah Murcia-Habka-2017-SNOOK (Jazz)
Kaspar Kalluste Trio Kadri Voorand-Koletise Tagasitulek-EE-WEB-2014-KLP (Jazz)
Kelpe--Meridian Palindrome-WEB-2020-OMA (Jazz)
LOCAL TALENT-Higienopolis-CD-2019-FANG (Jazz)
Lorenzo Miatto-Civico 19-WEB-2019-NDE (Jazz)
Lou Tavano-Uncertain Weather-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
MA (Maarja Aarma)-Connected Throught-WEB-2019-KLP (Jazz)
Maigroup-Luv (Debut Album)-WEB-2013-KLP (Jazz)
Maigroup-Metamorphosis-WEB-2019-KLP (Jazz)
Maigroup-You-WEB-2015-KLP (Jazz)
Manteca-Augmented Indifference-(MM201913-4)-CDEP-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Marcus Halver Und Oliver Wendt-Freedom Jazz Dance-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Mario Biondi and The Unexpected Glimpses-Due-2CD-2011-D2H (Jazz)
Masters Of Sound-The Pink Panther (Theme) (Cover)-(XELSCA20345)-WEB-20... (Jazz)
Merje Kagu-When Silence Falls-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
Mikko Pettinen Why Not-Two Suites For The Change-WEB-2020-KALEVALA (Jazz)
Miles Davis-BD Jazz 1949 1955-2CD-2015-SNOOK (Jazz)
N Stuff-Kiss Of Goodbye-EP-WEB-2020-KALEVALA (Jazz)
Nick Malkin-A Typical Night In The Pit-(SODA004)-WEB-2020-MOHAWK (Jazz)
Nick Walters-Active Imagination-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Nils Landgren and Jan Lundgren-Kristallen-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Purna Loka Ensemble-Metaraga-(ORIGIN82794)-CD-2020-FANG (Jazz)
Quintette Gerard Raingo-Blue and Rythm (Mono Version) (1958)-Reissue-W... (Jazz)
Rilassante Jazz Musica-Jazz Rilassante-WEB-2019-NDE (Jazz)
Ron Caines And Martin Archer Axis-Dream Feathers-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
Sarah Vaughan-The Complete Columbia Singles As and Bs 1949-53-WEB-2020... (Jazz)
Serge Gainsbourg-I Love Serge-WEB-2001-BACON (Jazz)
Simon Oslender-About Time-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Sofia Rubina-Where It Begins-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
The Clarinets-No Pressure-(SKIRL048)-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
The Jean Monet Orchestra-The Jean Monet Orchestra-WEB-1971-UVU (Jazz)
The Sorcerers-In Search of the Lost City of the Monkey God-(ATA018)-WE... (Jazz)
The Souljazz Orchestra-Chaos Theories-(STRUT208CD)-CD-2019-FANG (Jazz)
The Sydney Dale Orchestra-Birds Programme Production Number 1-WEB-1970... (Jazz)
Thelonious Monk Quartet-Paris 66 (Live)-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Thomas Dutronc-Cest Si Bon (Feat Iggy Pop Et Diana Krall)-SINGLE-WEB-F... (Jazz)
Tormis Quartet-Tormisele (Hommage To Veljo Tormis)-EE-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
Uku Kuut-Vision Of Estonia-WEB-2012-KLP (Jazz)
Ulari Kirsipuu-Goodoldsax-WEB-2018-KLP (Jazz)
VA-Jazz On Air Coffee Break (Lounge Jazzy Chilled Tunes)-WEB-2020-NDE (Jazz)
VA-Modern Jazz Dance Classics Volume One-WEB-2019-UKW (Jazz)
Vic Flick-James Bond Now-WEB-2000-UVU (Jazz)
Ville Herrala-Pu 10-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Ville Herrala-Pu 12-SINGLE-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
Waclaw Zimpel-Massive Oscillations-WEB-2020-ENRiCH (Jazz)
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