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30 Apr 2021
5-8erl In Ehrn-Yeah Yeah Yeah-(VSFR0011)-WEB-DE-2020-k4 (Indie)
93MillionMilesFromTheSun-Why Do We Fall Apart-(WLRCD014)-Limited Editi... (Indie)
Amy Shark--Cry Forever-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Big Brave-Vital-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Boogarins--Levitation Sessions-BR-WEB-2020-OMA (Indie)
Communions--Pure Fabrication-(TAMB291LP)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Crumb--Ice Melt-(CR3LP)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
David And The Citizens-Are You In My Blood-EP-2006-ERP INT (Indie)
David And The Citizens-Big Chill-EP-2004-ERP INT (Indie)
Deep Sea Diver--Impossible Weight-WEB-2020-OMA (Indie)
Die Aeronauten-Neun Extraleben-(TR473)-WEB-DE-2020-k4 (Indie)
Elsa Hewitt--Lupa-(EH010D)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Ernst Molden Und Der Nino Aus Wien-Zirkus-(BMRCD010)-WEB-DE-2021-k4 (Indie)
Flock Of Dimes-Head Of Roses-2021-C4 (Indie)
Flying Lotus-Yasuke-WEB-2021-TACOS (Indie)
Fog Lake-Tragedy Reel-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Guided By Voices--Earth Man Blues-(GBVI103)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Hadda Be--Another Life-(LNFG44W)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Hiatus Kaiyote--Red Room-(BFDNL115)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Holy Wave--Levitation Sessions-WEB-2020-OMA (Indie)
Huan Huan-Water Can Go Anywhere-CPOP-2020-CaHeSo (Indie)
Hurtwave-Night Therapy I-WEB-2021-P1ZZA (Indie)
Ja Panik--Die Gruppe-(BB372)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
JayWood-Some Days-EP-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Jo Yonderly-Greatest Hits 1.0-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Kalbells-Max Heart-(NNA135)-CD-2021-FANG (Indie)
Kevin Morby--Sundowner-(DOC231D)-WEB-2020-OMA (Indie)
Kommando Elefant-Seltene Elemente-WEB-DE-2020-k4 (Indie)
Los Retros--Amtrak-(STH24456)-SiNGLE-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Los Retros--Looking Back-(STH2406LP)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Love Of Lesbian-V.E.H.N.-(0190295165901)-ES-CD-2021-FREGON (Indie)
Marcus James-Warning Sign (Stripped)-WEB-2021-P1ZZA (Indie)
Naranja-Todas Tus Letras-ES-2020-CEB (Indie)
Okkervil River--A Dream In The Dark Two Decades Of Okkervil River Live... (Indie)
Olympya-Auto-(AL326)-WEB-DE-2021-k4 (Indie)
PJ Harvey--Uh Huh Her - Demos-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Primal Scream-(Im Gonna) Cry Myself Blind-CDM-1994-ERP (Indie)
Sindy-Horror Head-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Sorry3000-Warum Overthinking Dich Zerstoert-(AL309)-WEB-DE-2020-k4 (Indie)
Sour Widows-Crossing Over-EP-WEB-2021-MARR (Indie)
Squid--Pamphlets-(WARPDD314C)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Supergrass-Mansize Rooster-CDM-1995-ERP INT (Indie)
Teenage Fanclub--Endless Arcade-(PEMA14LPRT)-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
The Black Skirts-Good Luck To You Girl Scout-WEB-2021-HUNNiT (Indie)
The Coral--Coral Island-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
The Prize Fighter Inferno-The City Introvert-WEB-2021-FiH (Indie)
The Reds Pinks And Purples-Uncommon Weather-(TLV136)-CD-2021-FANG (Indie)
VA-Acido 1-CD-1997-MAHOU (Indie)
VA-Spiral Love Everlasting-SAMPLER-CD-1995-MAHOU (Indie)
Working Mens Club--X-WEB-2021-OMA (Indie)
Xiu Xiu-OH NO-2021-FNT (Indie)
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