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11 Jun 2014
7 Days Of Funk-7 Days Of Funk Instrumentals-WEB-2014-hbZ (Funk)
A Certain Ratio-Sextet-2CD-Deluxe Edition-2014-FTD (Funk)
Afla Sackey And Afrik Bawantu-Life On The Street-(GLRCD002)-CD-2014-jA... (Funk)
AJ and the Jiggawatts-AJ And the Jiggawatts-(GED1008)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Alexia Coley--Drive Me Wild-(JAL181)-WEB-2014-WUS (Funk)
Alexia Coley-Beautiful Waste Of Time-(JAL179)-WEB-2014-STARDiUM (Funk)
Allen Matthews-Allens Party-(TR160)-WEB-2014-USR (Funk)
American Arson-The Vine And The Branches-WEB-2014-FiH (Funk)
Andre Cymone-The Stone-WEB-2014-UVU (Funk)
Apple and 3 Oranges--Love Brings Out The Best Of You-(SOUL7040)-WEB-20... (Funk)
Baby Jaymes-21 Questions Bw The Visit-7 Inch Vinyl-2014-WHOA (Funk)
Bad Rabbits-Dusted-EP-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED iNT (Funk)
Bashiri Asad-The Space Between-(BSM1402)-WEB-2014-STARDiUM (Funk)
Black Blood-Black Blood Greatest Hits-WEB-2014-ENRAGED (Funk)
Brian Ellis-Reflection-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Funk)
Brownout-Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath-2014-gF (Funk)
Calibro 35-Vendetta - You Filthy Bastards-(RK45052)-WEB-2014-USR (Funk)
Chanson-Together We Stand-(Remastered)-2014-GCP (Funk)
Chris E. Pants-1981-(FILEUNDERDISCO11)-WEB-2014-YOU (Funk)
Chris Joss-Bimbo Satellite-WEB-2014-ENRAGED (Funk)
Cymande-Cymande-Expanded Edition-2014-FTD (Funk)
Cymande-Promised Heights-Expanded Edition-2014-FTD (Funk)
Cymande-Second Time Round-Expanded Edition-2014-FTD (Funk)
Dabeull-Fonk Delight-(RM012)-WEB-2014-USR (Funk)
Diamond Ortiz-Zooted-(Single)-WEB-2014-ESG (Funk)
DJ Muro-70min Of Breaks This Time-Bootleg-2014-FTD (Funk)
Don Gardner-The Story of Don Gardner-(TRCD9035DD)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Dynamic Duke Royal-I Wanna Know-(TR174)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Eddie Shinn-The Sketches Of Scratches-(CBSPECIAL25)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
Elkano Browning Cream-Uh Eh-2014-SSR (Funk)
Ellen Jackson Big Star Band And King Cain Silvertone Band-Getto Boogie... (Funk)
Eternal Erection-Its Easy-2014-uC (Funk)
Eugene Mcdaniels-Headless Heroes Of The Apocalypse-Remastered-2014-FTD (Funk)
Eugene Mcdaniels-Outlaw-Remastered-2014-FTD (Funk)
F5-Organik-2014-IMT (Funk)
Funkadelic-First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate-3CD-2014-WHOA (Funk)
Funkadelic-The Electric Spanking Of War Babies-(Deluxe Edition)-2014-404 (Funk)
Funkadelic-The Electric Spanking Of War Babies-Deluxe Edition-CD-FLAC-... (Funk)
Gallowstreet Brass Band-Gallowstreet-(KS-GLS-001)-WEB-2014-USR (Funk)
Gap Band-Gap Band IV-(CDBBRX0306)-Remastered-CD-FLAC-2014-WRE (Funk)
Gap Band-Gap Band IV-Remastered-CD-2014-DLiTE (Funk)
Gwen McCrae-Gwen McCrae-Remastered-CD-2014-DLiTE (Funk)
Gwen Mccrae-Gwen Mccrae-Remastered-CD-FLAC-2014-WRE (Funk)
Hal Bradbury-This Is Love-(BBE268ACD)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
Harry Mosco-Funkees-For You Specialy-(SSR-CD-32)-Reissue-CD-2014-jAZzMan (Funk)
Igor Gerzina ft. Valerija-Summer Breeze-WEB-2014-I KnoW (Funk)
Ikebe Shakedown-Stone By Stone-2014-GCP (Funk)
In The Beginning-Funky Nassau-Remastered-2014-FTD (Funk)
Incredible Bongo Band-40 Years of the Incredible Bongo Band-WEB-2014-E... (Funk)
Instant Funk-Witch Doctor-(CDBBR0265)-Remastered-CD-2014-CBR (Funk)
Instant Funk-Witch Doctor-Remastered-CD-FLAC-2014-WRE (Funk)
James Brown-Aint It Funky-Remastered-2014-FTD (Funk)
James Brown-The Popcorn-Remastered-2014-FTD (Funk)
JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra-JariBu-(TRCD9034)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Johnny Guitar Watson-The Gangster Of Love Meets The Superman Lover-CD-... (Funk)
Karl Hector And The Malcouns-Unstraight Ahead-(NA5114CD)-CD-2014-jAZzMan (Funk)
Kon-On My Way Instrumentals-(BBE241IDG)-WEB-2014-BPM (Funk)
Kut Funk-Planet Funk-(SE070)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
Lack Of Afro-Music For Adverts-(FSRCD103)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
Lack Of Afro-Music For Adverts-2014-gnvr (Funk)
Lack Of Afro-Music For Adverts-CD-FLAC-2014-JLM (Funk)
Lenguas Largas-Come on In-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Funk)
Manic Focus-Cerebral Eclipse-2014-WEB320 (Funk)
Meridian Brothers-Lamento Calavera-(NYCT7018)-WEB-2014-USR (Funk)
MNEK-Wrote A Song About You (Remixes)-Single-WEB-2014-ENRAGED (Funk)
Mourek Ludek-Melody Funk-WEB-2014-FRAY (Funk)
Mr. Confuse and The Confusers-Feel The Fire Live-2014-XXX (Funk)
My Neighbour Is-This Is Not A Pop Album-WEB-2014-LEV (Funk)
Ngozi Family--Day Of Judgement-WEB-2014-WUS (Funk)
Ohio Players-Everybody Up-(Remastered)-2014-GCP (Funk)
Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics-Jaiyede Afro-2014-NOiR (Funk)
Osaka Monaurail--Riptide-(UNIQ208)-WEB-2014-OMA (Funk)
P Stro-Genesis To Exodus-(MMP035)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
Prince And 3RDEYEGIRL-Plectrum Electrum-2014-C4 (Funk)
Prince And 3rdeyegirl-PLECTRUMELECTRUM-CD-FLAC-2014-FORSAKEN (Funk)
Prince-Art Official Age-2014-C4 (Funk)
Queen Esther Marrow feat. The Harlem Gospel Singers-Live In Paris-CD-2... (Funk)
Rhythm Heritage-Disco Derby (1979)-Remastered-WEB-2014-UVU (Funk)
Rhythm Heritage-Skys The Limit (1978)-Remastered-WEB-2014-UVU (Funk)
Rick James-The Complete Motown Albums-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Funk)
Roy Porter Sound Machine-Jessica-(TR172)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Roy Porter Sound Machine-Out On The Town Tonite-(BA1005)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Roy Porter Sound Machine-Party Time-(TR170)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Schwarzkaffee-Radio Freakquency-2014-gF (Funk)
Shelley Fisher-Ill Leave You Girl-(TR176)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Smoove and Turrell-Lay It On Me and I Just Want More-(JAL174)-WEB-2014... (Funk)
Soul Explosion-Barn Yard Pimp-(TR115DD)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Split Decision Band-Watching Out-(NA0735)-WEB-2014-LEB INT (Funk)
Steve Arrington-Way Out 80-84-(TUCH2085CD)-2CD-2014-CBR (Funk)
Tall Black Guy Vs James Brown-Pay Me Back My Money Bw Funky Drummers I... (Funk)
Tease-Tease-(Remastered)-2014-GCP (Funk)
The Black Hippies-The Black Hippies-(1976)-WEB-2014-SOUNDz (Funk)
The Blue Bottles-Come To This-(TR1037)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
The Bombay Royale-The Island of Dr Electrico-2014-gF (Funk)
The Brothers-Dont Stop Now-(Remastered)-2014-GCP (Funk)
The Budos Band-Burnt Offering-(DAP-034)-CD-2014-jAZzMan (Funk)
The Getup-Straight From The Hob-(BNB0870)-WEB-2014-wAx (Funk)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch-Its Just Begun-Phase Two-2014-FTD (Funk)
The KutiMangoes-Afro-Fire-(TRCD9032)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
The Meters-Original Album Series-5CD-2014-404 (Funk)
The Meters-Original Album Series-5CD-FLAC-2014-DeVOiD (Funk)
The Motet-The Motet-2014-WEBV0 (Funk)
The Motet-The Motet-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Funk)
The New Mastersounds-Therapy-2014-SO (Funk)
The Real Schmidt-The Real Schmidt-CDM-DE-2014-iTS (Funk)
The Real Schmidt-The Real Schmidt-DE-CDEP-FLAC-2014-FiXIE (Funk)
The Rising Sun-Good Loving-(TR175)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
The Ruffcats-The Essence Vol. 2-EP-WEB-2014-UVU INT (Funk)
The Souljazz Orchestra-Inner Fire-2014-gF (Funk)
VA - Beach Diggin Volume 2 (HS112CD)-CD-2014-TR (Funk)
VA-Colemine Singles 20-45rpm-2014-CMS (Funk)
VA-Country Funk Vol. 2 1967-1974-2014-FTD (Funk)
VA-DJ XXXL-Elegant Funk Boogie Edition-(KING070)-JP-CD-2014-LEB (Funk)
VA-Funk Soul and Afro Rarities An Introduction To Ata Records-2014-FTD (Funk)
VA-Funkinjazz 1-(CBFIJ01)-WEB-2014-CBR (Funk)
VA-Funkinjazz 2-(CBFIJ02)-WEB-2014-CBR (Funk)
VA-Funkinjazz 3-(CBFIJ03)-WEB-2014-CBR (Funk)
VA-Funky Chicken Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 1-WEB-2014-UKW (Funk)
VA-Funky Chicken Belgian Grooves From The 70s Part 2-WEB-2014-UKW (Funk)
VA-I Ran A Search For Cold Busted And All I Found Was This Compilation... (Funk)
VA-Im Just Like You Sly Stones Flower 1969-1970-2014-FTD (Funk)
VA-Im Just Like You Slys Stone Flower 1969-70-CD-FLAC-2014-BOCKSCAR (Funk)
VA-Im The Man For You Bw You Aint No Good-(NA7027)-WEB-2014-LEB INT (Funk)
VA-Inner City Beat Detective Themes Spy Music And Imaginary Thrillers-... (Funk)
VA-Inner City Beat Detective Themes Spy Music And Imaginary Thrillers-... (Funk)
VA-Ivory Coast Soul Edits-(HC28)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-Lets Boogaloo Vol. 6-LP-2014-GCP (Funk)
VA-Monkeyboxing Presents Filthy Rhythm Dirty Soul Vol. 4-FREEWEB-2014-... (Funk)
VA-Movements Vol 6-(TRCD9031DDW)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-Peoples Potential Family Album-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Funk)
VA-Power To The People Bw Im Not Selfish-(NA7028)-WEB-2014-LEB INT (Funk)
VA-Rare 80s Soul Funk And Boogie-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-Strange Breaks and Mr Thing Vol. 3-2CD-2014-FTD (Funk)
VA-Strut Afro-Beats-(STRUT131CD)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club Vol 3-(FSRCD107)-WEB-2014-ENSLAVE (Funk)
VA-The Funky Side of Goldband-ANLA Records-(TRCD9039DDUS)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-Under the Influence Volume 4 (Compiled by Nick the Record)-2CD-2014... (Funk)
VA-Xmas Rare Groove Funk Dance Party-WEB-2014-ENRAGED (Funk)
Vaudou Game-Apiafo-(HC32)-Promo-CD-2014-FANG (Funk)
Vaudou Game-Apiafo-(HC32)-WEB-2014-MOHAWK (Funk)
Wanz-To Nate Dogg-WEB-2014-LEV (Funk)
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