14 Mar 1989
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Whitney Houston-Whitney-1987-RMG (R & B)
Whitney Houston-Whitney-1987-RBG (R & B)
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Whitney Houston-Whitney Houston-1985-RBG (R & B)
Whitney Houston-Whitney Houston-1985-DNR (R & B)
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Whitney Houston-One Moment in Time-CDM-1988-UTB (R & B)
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Whitney Houston-Greatest Love Of All-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
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Ullanda McCullough-Watching You Watching Me-WEB-1982-ENRAGED (R & B)
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Troop-Troop-WEB-1988-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
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Troop-Im Not Soupped-VLS-1989-SC (R & B)
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The Main Ingredient-LTD-WEB-1970-ENRAGED (R & B)
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The Main Ingredient-Afrodisiac-WEB-1973-ENRAGED (R & B)
The Mad Lads--In Action-LP-1966-WUS (R & B)
The Mad Lads-In Action-LP-1966-WUS (R & B)
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The Independents-Chuck Helen Eric Maurice-WEB-1973-UVU (R & B)
The Independents-Arise and Shine-WEB-1974-UVU INT (R & B)
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The Ebonys-Sing About Life-WEB-1976-UVU (R & B)
The Diabolical Biz Markie-The Biz Never Sleeps-CD-FLAC-1989-WRS (R & B)
The Controllers-For The Love Of My Woman-WEB-1987-ENRAGED (R & B)
The Chi-Lites and The Romanceers-Self Titled-LP-1968-WUS (R & B)
The Boys-Dial My Heart-(ZB42245)-7 Inch VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
The Bloodfire Posse-Are You Ready-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
The Blackbyrds-Action-WEB-1977-ESG (R & B)
Terence Trent DArby-Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Tren... (R & B)
Teena Marie-Greatest Hits (Motown)-TAPE-1985-GCP (R & B)
Tease-Tease-WEB-1986-ESG (R & B)
Tease-Remember-1988-GCP INT (R & B)
Tawatha Agee-Welcome To My Dream (Bonus Track Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WE... (R & B)
Tavares-Words And Music-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Tavares-Supercharged-WEB-1980-ESG (R & B)
Tavares-New Directions (Bonus Track Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Tavares-Check It Out (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1974-ESG (R & B)
Tamika Patton-Number 1-CD-1989-SC (R & B)
Sybil-Sybil-(PLCD1018)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (R & B)
Swing Out Sister-Twilight World-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-Im Not Selling Out Im Buying In-WEB-1981-ENRAGED (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-Im Not Selling Out Im Buying In (Digitally Remastered)-WEB... (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-I Called for a Rope and They Threw Me a Rock (Digitally Rem... (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-Gag a Maggot (Remastered)-WEB-1973-ENRAGED (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-Gag a Maggot (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1973-ENRAGED (R & B)
Swamp Dogg-Dancin with Soul (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1983-ENRAGED (R & B)
Stu Gardner--To Soul With Love-LP-1967-WUS (R & B)
Stone City Band-The Boys Are Back-WEB-1981-ESG (R & B)
Stevie Wonder-Hotter Than July-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (R & B)
Steve Arrington-The Jammin National Anthem-WEB-1986-ESG (R & B)
Steve Arrington-Hall Of Fame (Positive Power)-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Starpoint-Sensational-LP-1987-GCP (R & B)
Starpoint-Restless-LP-1985-GCP (R & B)
Soul II Soul-Jazzies Groove-VLS-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
Soul II Soul-Get A Life-VLS-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
Soul II Soul-Club Classics Vol. One-1989-RNS (R & B)
Smokey Robinson-Smoke Signals-WEB-1986-ESG (R & B)
Smokey Robinson-Essar-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Slave-New Plateau-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Slave-Bad Enuff-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Skyy-Start Of A Romance-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Skyy-Skyway-WEB-1980-ESG (R & B)
Shirley Murdock-A Womans Point Of View-WEB-1988-LEV (R & B)
Shirley Caesar-First Lady-WEB-1977-ESG (R & B)
Sherrick-Tell Me What It Is-VLS-1987-SC (R & B)
Sheila E.-The Glamorous Life-VLS-1984-GCP (R & B)
Sheila E.-Holly Rock-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Sheena Easton-The Lover In Me-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1988-LoKET (R & B)
Sheena Easton-No Deposit No Return-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1989-LoKET (R & B)
Sade-Paradise (Remix)-7 Inch Vinyl-1988-GCP (R & B)
Sade-Never As Good As The First Time-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Sade-Is It A Crime-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
S.O.S. Band-Diamonds In The Raw (Tabu Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-W... (R & B)
Rufus And Chaka Khan-Aint Nobody BW Sweet Thing (Live)-WEB-1983-ENRAGE... (R & B)
Rose Royce-Rose Royce IV Rainbow Connection-WEB-1979-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Rose Royce-Rose Royce III Strikes Again-WEB-1978-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Rose Royce-Perfect Lover-WEB-1989-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Rose Royce-Music Magic-WEB-1984-ENRAGED (R & B)
Rose Royce-In Full Bloom-WEB-1977-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Rose Royce-Greatest Hits-Live (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1980-ENRAGED (R & B)
Rose Royce-Fresh Cut-WEB-1986-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Ron Banks-Truly Bad-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
RJs Latest Arrival-Hold On-WEB-1986-ESG INT (R & B)
Ren Woods-Azz Izz-WEB-1982-ENRAGED (R & B)
Rebbie Jackson-Centipede-(CBSA124528)-VLS-1984-GCP (R & B)
Ready For The World-Ruff-N-Ready-WEB-1988-ESG (R & B)
Ready For The World-Ready For The World-1985-ATE (R & B)
Ray Parker Jr-After Dark-1987-C4 (R & B)
Ralph Butler-Sincerely Yours-LP-1989-SC (R & B)
R.J.s Latest Arrival-Truly Yours-LP-1988-GCP (R & B)
R.J.s Latest Arrival-R.J.s Latest Arrival-WEB-1985-UVU (R & B)
R.J.s Latest Arrival-Hold On-TAPE-1986-GCP (R & B)
Prince-Sign O The Times-2CD-1987-GCP INT (R & B)
Prince-Lovesexy-1988-GCP INT (R & B)
Prince-Alphabet St.-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Prince and The Revolution-Around The World In A Day-TAPE-1985-GCP INT (R & B)
Pockets-So Delicious-WEB-1979-ENRAGED (R & B)
Platinum Hook-Watching You-(EP)-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
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Philip Bailey-Inside Out-CD-FLAC-1986-LoKET (R & B)
Philip Bailey-Chinese Wall-LP-1984-GCP INT (R & B)
Philip Bailey-Chinese Wall-1984-GCP INT (R & B)
Peter Brown-A Fantasy Love Affair-WEB-1978-ESG (R & B)
Pennye Ford-Pennye-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Pebbles-Pebbles-CD-FLAC-1987-PERFECT (R & B)
Pebbles-Girlfriend-(UK Retail)-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Pebbles-Do Me Right-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Peabo Bryson-If Ever Youre In My Arms Again-VLS-1984-GCP INT (R & B)
Paul Laurence-Underexposed-WEB-1989-ENRAGED (R & B)
Patti Austin-Gettin Away With Murder-(Japanese Import)-1985-CR (R & B)
Patti Austin-Do You Love Me-VLS-1981-GCP (R & B)
Oran Juice Jones-Pipe Dreams-VLS-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
Oran Juice Jones-Juice-WEB-1986-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Oran Juice Jones-Curiosity-VLS-1986-GCP INT (R & B)
One Way-One Way (Expanded Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1979-ESG (R & B)
Odyssey-Hang Together (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1980-ESG (R & B)
Oattes Van Schaik Formerly The Limit-Love Attaxx-Crimes Of Passion-VLS... (R & B)
Norman Connors-Mr. C.-WEB-1981-ESG (R & B)
Norman Connors-Invitation (Expanded)-WEB-1979-ESG (R & B)
Nona Hendryx-Female Trouble-1987-C4 (R & B)
New Edition-Under The Blue Moon-LP-1986-GCP INT (R & B)
New Edition-New Edition (Expanded)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED (R & B)
New Edition-N.E. Heart Break-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
New Edition-N.E. Heart Break-Promo VLS-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
New Edition-Mr. Telephone Man-VLS-1984-GCP (R & B)
New Edition-If It Isnt Love-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
New Edition-Heart Break (Expanded)-WEB-1988-ENRAGED (R & B)
New Edition-Crucial-Promo VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
New Edition-Cool It Now-VLS-1984-GCP INT (R & B)
New Edition-All For Love (Expanded)-WEB-1985-ENRAGED (R & B)
New Edition-A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes) (7-Inch)-Vinyl-1986... (R & B)
Natalie Cole-Good to Be Back-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (R & B)
Mtume-Juicy Fruit-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (R & B)
Morris Day-Daydreaming-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Morris Day-Daydreaming-1987-GCP (R & B)
Morris Day-Color Of Success-WEB-1985-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Morris Day-Are You Ready-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Mike and Brenda Sutton-Dont Hold Back-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED (R & B)
Michelle-Nicety-(Promo CDM)-1989-SO INT (R & B)
Michelle-Michelle-1989-IHH INT (R & B)
Michael Wycoff-Come To My World-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED (R & B)
Michael Jeffries-Not Thru Being With You-Retail VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Michael Jackson-Off The Wall-1979-DNR (R & B)
Michael Henderson-Solid (Expanded)-WEB-1976-ENRAGED (R & B)
Michael Henderson-Slingshot-WEB-1981-ENRAGED (R & B)
Michael Henderson-Goin Places (Expanded)-WEB-1977-ENRAGED (R & B)
Michael Cooper-Just What I Like-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Mica Paris-So Good (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1988-ESG (R & B)
Merry Clayton-Emotion-WEB-1980-ENRAGED (R & B)
Mary Wells--Bye Bye Baby-REPACK-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Mary Wells-Bye Bye Baby-REPACK-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Mary Wells--Bye Bye Baby-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Mary Jane Girls-Only Four You-CD-1985-OSC (R & B)
Marvin Gaye-Midnight Love-(CK 38197)-CD-FLAC-1982-EMG (R & B)
Marcus Lewis-Sing Me A Song-1989-CR (R & B)
Maniquin-Maniquin-TAPE-1989-GCP (R & B)
Madame X-Madame X-1987-C4 (R & B)
Luther Vandross-The Best Of Luther Vandross The Best Of Love-2CD-FLAC-... (R & B)
Luther Vandross-She Wont Talk To Me-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Loose Ends-Zagora-CD-FLAC-1986-PERFECT (R & B)
Loose Ends-So Where Are You-1985-C4 INT (R & B)
Loose Ends-Slow Down-VLS-1986-SC (R & B)
Loose Ends-A Little Spice-CD-FLAC-1985-PERFECT (R & B)
Living Proof-Living Proof-1989-GCP (R & B)
Lisa Stansfield-Affection-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (R & B)
Lionel Richie--Sela-LIMITED EDITION CDS-1986-WUS (R & B)
Lionel Richie-Lionel Richie-1982-C4 INT (R & B)
Lionel Richie-Dancing On The Ceiling-1986-C4 INT (R & B)
Lionel Richie-Cant Slow Down-1983-C4 INT (R & B)
Lia-Lia-1988-C4 (R & B)
LeVert-The Big Throwdown-1987-RNS (R & B)
LeVert-Pull Over-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
LeVert-Just Coolin-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Levert-Just Coolin-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (R & B)
Levert-Bloodlline-WEB-1986-ESG INT (R & B)
LeVert-(Pop Pop Pop Pop) Goes My Mind-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Leroy Hutson-Paradise (Remastered)-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Lenny Williams-Spark Of Love (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1978-... (R & B)
Lenny Williams-Choosing You (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1977-ENRAGED (R & B)
LaToya Jackson-LaToya-1988-C4 (R & B)
Lace-Shades Of Lace-1987-OSC (R & B)
Kym Mazelle-Crazy-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (R & B)
Krystol-Passion From A Woman (Expanded)-WEB-1986-ESG (R & B)
Krystol-I Suggest U Dont Let Go-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Krystol-Gettin Ready (Bonus Track Version)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED (R & B)
Kiara-To Change and or Make A Difference-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (R & B)
Kiara-Every Little Time-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Keni Burke-Changes (Expanded)-WEB-1982-ENRAGED (R & B)
Keith Sweat-I Want Her-(066788)-Read NFO-US Retail VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Keith Sweat-Dont Stop Your Love-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Keisha Jackson-Keisha Jackson-1989-XXS (R & B)
Kashif-Send Me Your Love-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Kashif-Love Changes-WEB-1987-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Kashif-Kashif-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Kashif-Condition of the Heart-WEB-1985-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Karyn White-The Way You Love Me-7 Inch Vinyl-1988-GCP (R & B)
Karyn White-Secret Rendezvous-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Karyn White-Karyn White-CD-FLAC-1988-PERFECT (R & B)
June Pointer-June Pointer-1989-C4 (R & B)
Joyce Irby-Maximum Thrust-WEB-1989-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Jonathan Butler-More Than Friends-LP-1988-GCP INT (R & B)
Jonathan Butler-Jonathan Butler-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (R & B)
Johnny Kemp-Just Got Paid-(Vinyl)-1988-QMB (R & B)
Johnny Kemp-Birthday Suit-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Johnny Guitar Watson-I Heard That-1987-JRP (R & B)
Johnnie Taylor-Disco 9000-1977-0MNi (R & B)
Joe Tex-Bumps and Bruises-(LP)-1977-OSC (R & B)
Jody Watley-You Wanna Dance With Me-1989-OSC (R & B)
Jody Watley-Larger Than Life-(MCAD-6276)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (R & B)
Jody Watley-Dont You Want Me-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jocelyn Brown-Ego Maniac-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jimmy Helms-Gonna Make You An Offer-WEB-1975-ENRAGED (R & B)
Jimmie and Vella--Heartbeat-LP-197x-WUS (R & B)
Jill Jones-Jill Jones-LP-1987-GCP INT (R & B)
Jesses Gang-Center Of Attraction-LP-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jermaine Stewart-Say It Again-VLS-1987-GCP INT (R & B)
Jenny Burton-Jenny Burton-WEB-1985-ENRAGED (R & B)
Jellybean-Who Found Who-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jellybean-Just A Mirage-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jellybean-Jingo-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Jeffrey Osborne-Stay With Me Tonight-1983-OSC (R & B)
Jeffrey Osborne--One Love-One Dream-1988-WUS (R & B)
Jeffrey Osborne-Emotional-1986-OSC (R & B)
Jeffrey Osborne-Dont Stop-1984-OSC (R & B)
Jeff Redd-I Found Love-Promo CDM-1989-OSC (R & B)
Jean Carne-Youre a Part of Me-WEB-1988-ENRAGED (R & B)
Jean Carne-Closer Than Close-WEB-1986-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Janice McClain-Janice McClain (Expanded Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1986... (R & B)
Janet Jackson-When I Think of You-(VLS)-1986-OSC (R & B)
Janet Jackson-What Have You Done for Me Lately-(VLS)-1986-OSC (R & B)
Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation 1814-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (R & B)
Janet Jackson-Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation-1989-EMG INT (R & B)
Janet Jackson-Janet Jackson-1982-OSC INT (R & B)
Janet Jackson-Dream Street-WEB-1984-ESG INT (R & B)
Janet Jackson-Dont Stand Another Chance-(Vinyl)-1984-OSC (R & B)
Jamm-Jamm-WEB-1988-ESG (R & B)
James J.T. Taylor-Sister Rosa-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
James J.T. Taylor-Master of the Game-1989-pyt (R & B)
James Ingram-Never Felt So Good-1986-RNS (R & B)
James Ingram-Its Real-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Jaki Graham-Heaven Knows-1985-JCE (R & B)
Jackie Shane--Live-REPACK-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Jackie Shane-Live-REPACK-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Jackie Shane--Live-LP-1963-WUS (R & B)
Isley Jasper Isley-Different Drummer-WEB-1987-ESG (R & B)
Isley Jasper Isley-Caravan Of Love (Expanded Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB... (R & B)
Isley Jasper Isley-Broadways Closer To Sunset Blvd (Bonus Track Versio... (R & B)
Invisible Mans Band-The Invisible Mans Band-WEB-1980-ENRAGED (R & B)
Imagination-State Of Love-VLS-1983-GCP (R & B)
Imagination-Last Days Of Summer-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
Imagination-Instinctual-(PT41698)-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Ike and Tina Turner--Festival Of Live Performances-LP-1968-WUS (R & B)
Ice Mc-Easy Attack Remix-(ZYX 6215R-8)-CDM-FLAC-1989-NBFLAC (R & B)
Howard Hewett-I Commit to Love-1986-OSC (R & B)
Howard Hewett-Forever and Ever-1988-OSC (R & B)
Hot Streak-Body Work-VLS-1983-CMS (R & B)
High Inergy-Turnin on-(LP)-1977-OSC (R & B)
Herbie Hancock - Mr Hands (1980)-MGC (R & B)
Heavy D and the Boyz-Somebody for Me-Promo CDS-1989-OSC (R & B)
Heatwave-Heatwaves Greatest Hits-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes-Black And Blue (Expanded Edition)-BON... (R & B)
Guy-Teddys Jam-VLS-1988-GCP INT (R & B)
Guy-Guy-Special Edition-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1988-ENRAGED (R & B)
Guinn-Guinn-WEB-1986-ESG INT (R & B)
Gregory Abbott-Shake You Down-1986-OSC (R & B)
Gregory Abbott-Ill Prove It To You-1988-OSC (R & B)
Gloria Gaynor-I Got You-LP-1976-CMS (R & B)
Glenn Medeiros-Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Gladys Knight and the Pips - So Sad the Song-1988-OFC (R & B)
Gerald Alston-Gerald Alston-1988-MoB (R & B)
Georgio-Sex Appeal-1987-C4 INT (R & B)
Gayle Adams-Love Fever-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Full Force-Temporary Love Thing-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Full Force-Smoove-CD-1989-SC (R & B)
Full Force-Smoove-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
Full Force-Full Force-1985-OSC (R & B)
Full Force-Full Force Get Busy 1 Time-TAPE-1986-GCP (R & B)
Full Force-Aint My Type of Hype-CDM-1989-OSC (R & B)
Freddy Jackson-Jam Tonite-VLS-1986-JCE (R & B)
Freddie Jackson-Just Like The First Time-CD-1986-OSC (R & B)
Freddie Jackson-Dont Let Love Slip Away-CD-FLAC-1988-NBFLAC (R & B)
Freddie Jackson Rock Me Tonight-CD-1985-UNiCORN INT (R & B)
Freddie Jackson Dont Let Love Slip Away-CD-1988-UNiCORN INT (R & B)
Four Tops-Anthology-2CD-1986-SSR (R & B)
Forrest-Forrest-LP-1983-CMS (R & B)
Force MDs-Love Letters-WEB-1984-ENRAGED (R & B)
Force M.D.s-Love Letters-LP-1984-GCP (R & B)
Five Star-The Slightest Touch-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Five Star-Strong As Steel-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Five Star-Stay Out Of My Life-(PT41132)-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Five Star-Silk And Steel-LP-1986-GCP INT (R & B)
Five Star-Rock My World-(PT42146)-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Five Star-All Fall Down (US Remix)-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
First Circle-Miracle Worker-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
First Choice-Breakaway-WEB-1980-UVU (R & B)
First Choice-Armed and Extremely Dangerous-WEB-1973-UVU INT (R & B)
Fine Young Cannibals-Im Not The Man I Used To Be-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Felix And Jarvis-Felix And Jarvis-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Fats Domino-His Greatest Hits Live-1985-DNR (R & B)
Fast Eddie feat. Sundance-Git On Up (873380-2)-CDM-FLAC-1989-WRE (R & B)
Fantasy-Sex And Material Possessions-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Evelyn Champagne King-The Girl Next Door-1989-OSC (R & B)
Evelyn Champagne King-Flirt-1988-OSC (R & B)
Evan Rogers-Love Games-WEB-1985-ESG (R & B)
Errol Brown-Body Rockin-VLS-1987-CMS (R & B)
EQ-Eq-(Retail)-1987-OSC (R & B)
Entouch-All Nite-1989-OSC (R & B)
Ella Washington--Ella Washington-REPACK-LP-1969-WUS (R & B)
Ella Washington--Ella Washington-LP-1969-WUS (R & B)
El DeBarge-Whos Johnny (Short Circuit Theme)-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
El DeBarge-Real Love-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
El Debarge-Gemini-1989-OSC (R & B)
El DeBarge with DeBarge-The Heart Is Not So Smart-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
Earl Grant-Jingle Bells BW Silver Bells-(7inch Vinyl)-1980-WCR (R & B)
Dynasty-Out Of Control-CD-1988-XXS (R & B)
Dusty Springfield--Dusty-LP-1964-WUS (R & B)
Dramatics-Do What You Wanna Do-(LP)-1978-OSC (R & B)
Dr Feelgood and The Interns--Dr Feelgood and The Interns-LP-1962-WUS (R & B)
Dino-I Like it-(BWAY483)-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Dino-24 7-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Diana Ross-Workin Overtime-1989-OSC (R & B)
Diana Ross-Silk Electric-1982-OSC (R & B)
Diana Ross-Red Hot Rhythm And Blues-1987-OSC (R & B)
Diana Ross-Eaten Alive-1985-OSC (R & B)
Deon Estus-Spell-TAPE-1988-GCP (R & B)
Deniece Williams-Songbird-1977-JCE (R & B)
Deja-Serious-1987-OSC (R & B)
Deja-Made to Be Together-Promo CDM-1988-OSC (R & B)
Deja-Made To Be Together-1989-QMB (R & B)
Dee C. Lee-See The Day-Vinyl-1985-GCP (R & B)
DeBarge-Whos Holding Donna Now-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
DeBarge-Rhythm of the Night-CD-FLAC-1985-LoKET (R & B)
DeBarge-Dance All Night-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
David Ruffin--Feelin Good-LP-1969-WUS (R & B)
Datra Hicks-Sweet Talk-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Darrell Lee-Darrell Lee-1989-OSC (R & B)
D Train-Music-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Curtis Mayfield-Live At Ronnie Scotts-1988-JCE (R & B)
Coolr-Coolr-LP-1989-GCP (R & B)
Constina-Constina-1989-C4 (R & B)
Club Nouveau-Under A Nouveau Groove-WEB-1986-ESG INT (R & B)
Clive Griffin-Step By Step-TAPE-1988-GCP (R & B)
Claudine Clark-Party Lights-LP-1962-WUS (R & B)
Clarence Carter--Patches-LP-1970-WUS (R & B)
Chuckii Booker-Chuckii-Bonus Tracks-WEB-1989-UVU (R & B)
Christopher Williams-Talk To Myself-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Christopher Williams-One Girl-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Christopher Williams-Adventures In Paradise-(9 24220-2)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (R & B)
Chris Jasper-Time Bomb-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Chris Jasper-Superbad-WEB-1988-ESG (R & B)
Chill-Cold Fresh Groove-WEB-1989-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Chico DeBarge-The Girl Next Door-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Chico DeBarge-Kiss Serious-TAPE-1987-GCP (R & B)
Chico Debarge-Ive Been Watching You-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Chico DeBarge-I Like My Body-VLS-1986-GCP (R & B)
Chick Willis-Stoop Down Baby Let Your Daddy See-1989-UTB (R & B)
Cheyanne-Ive Waited Too Long (For Your Love)-VLS-1988-SC (R & B)
Cheryl Lynn-Whatever It Takes-FLAC-1989-SCF (R & B)
Cheryl Lynn-Whatever It Takes-CD-1989-SC (R & B)
Cheryl Lynn-Its Gonna Be Right-1985-JCE (R & B)
Cheryl Lynn-In Love (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1979-ESG (R & B)
Cheryl Lynn - Preppie (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-KNOWN (R & B)
Cherrelle-Affair (Tabu Re-Born Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1988... (R & B)
Channel 2-Slammin At Eleven-TAPE-1988-GCP INT (R & B)
Channel 2-Slammin At Eleven-1988-OSC (R & B)
Change-Turn On Your Radio (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1985-ESG (R & B)
Change-This Is Your Time-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Change-Sharing Your Love (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Change-Change Of Heart (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1984-ESG (R & B)
Change-Change of heart-(Atlantic)-1984-JUST (R & B)
Chaka Khan-(Krush Groove) Cant Stop The Street-VLS-1985-GCP INT (R & B)
Centerfold-Centerfold-WEB-1988-ESG (R & B)
Carl Lewis-In The Dark-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Carl Douglas-Dance the Kung Fu-(VLS)-1975-OSC (R & B)
Carl Anderson-Buttercup-VLS-1985-GCP (R & B)
Candi Staton-House Of Love-WEB-1978-UVU (R & B)
BVSMP-On and On (Can We Go On)-VLS-1987-CMS (R & B)
Bunny Sigler-Let Me Party with You-(LP)-1977-OSC (R & B)
Bryan Loren-Bryan Loren (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED (R & B)
Brook Benton-This is Brook Benton-1989-UTB (R & B)
Breakwater-Splashdown-WEB-1980-ENRAGED iNT (R & B)
Breakwater-Breakwater-WEB-1978-ENRAGED (R & B)
Boy George-High Hat-WEB-1989-ENRAGED (R & B)
Bootsys Rubber Band-Stretchin Out In Bootsys Rubber Band-1976-WEB320 (R & B)
Bobby Womack-Living In A Box-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Bobby Brown-Roni (DMCAT 1384)-CDM-FLAC-1989-WRE (R & B)
Bobby Brown-On Our Own-Promo VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Bobby Brown-My Prerogative-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Bobby Brown-King of Stage-CD-FLAC-1986-NBFLAC (R & B)
Bobby Brown-Every Little Step-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Bobby Brown-Dont Be Cruel-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Bobby Brown-Dont Be Cruel (Expanded)-WEB-1988-ENRAGED (R & B)
Bobby Brown-Dont Be Cruel-(MCAD-42185)-CD-FLAC-1988-EMG (R & B)
Bobby Brown - Every Little Step-CDS-1989-DAW (R & B)
Billy Paul-When Love Is New-WEB-1975-ENRAGED (R & B)
Billy Paul-Live in Europe-(LP)-1974-OSC (R & B)
Billy Paul-Got My Head On Straight-WEB-1975-ENRAGED (R & B)
Billy Paul-Ebony Woman-WEB-1970-ENRAGED (R & B)
Billy Ocean-When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going-VLS-1986-GCP... (R & B)
Billy Ocean-Tear These Walls Down-LP-1988-JCE (R & B)
Billy Ocean-Tear Down These Walls-CD-1988-OSC (R & B)
Billy Ocean-Suddenly-CD-1984-OSC (R & B)
Billy Ocean-Love Zone-1986-OSC INT (R & B)
Billy Ocean-Licence To Chill-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Betty Everett--I Need You So-LP-1968-WUS (R & B)
Betty Everett--Hot To Hold-LP-1980-WUS (R & B)
Bernard Wright-Funky Beat-LP-1983-JCE (R & B)
Bernard Edwards-Glad to Be Here-(LP)-1983-JCE (R & B)
BeBe and CeCe Winans-BeBe and CeCe Winans-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (R & B)
BbAndQ Band-B. B. And Q. Band-WEB-1981-ESG (R & B)
Barry White-The Man Is Back-(CD 5256)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (R & B)
Bar-Kays-Animal-1989-XXS (R & B)
Barbara George-I Know-LP-1961-WUS (R & B)
Babyface-Tender Lover-Retail-1989-OSR (R & B)
Babyface-Tender Lover-(US Retail)-VLS-1989-GCP INT (R & B)
Babyface-Mary Mack-Retail VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Babyface-Mary Mack-(B70016)-7 Inch Vinyl-1987-GCP (R & B)
Babyface-Lovers-(ZK 75302)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (R & B)
Babyface-Its No Crime-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
B B and Q-(Im A) Dreamer-VLS-1986-SC (R & B)
Atlantic Starr-Were Movin Up-WEB-1989-ESG (R & B)
Atlantic Starr-Radiant-1980-OSC (R & B)
Atension-Def on Arrival (D.O.A)-(Retail)-1989-OSC (R & B)
Ashford and Simpson-Solid-VLS-1984-CMS (R & B)
Ashford and Simpson-Real Love-LP-1986-JCE (R & B)
Ashford And Simpson-High-Rise-WEB-1983-ESG (R & B)
Aretha Franklin-Rock A Lott-(VLS)-1987-OSC (R & B)
Aretha And Whitney-It Isnt It Wasnt It Aint Never Gonna Be-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
Apollonia-Apollonia-1988-OSC (R & B)
Anne G-On A Mission-1989-OSC (R & B)
Anita Pointer-Love For What It Is-1987-C4 (R & B)
Anita Baker-Rapture-CD-FLAC-1986-PERFECT (R & B)
Anita Baker-Rapture-1986-APM INT (R & B)
Angela Winbush-Sharp-1987-OSC (R & B)
Angela Winbush-Its The Real Thing-1989-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Tell Me Tomorrow-1985-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Teaser-1983-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Let Me Be The One-1984-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Intuition-1988-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Angie-1978-OSC (R & B)
Angela Bofill-Angel Of The Night-CD-1979-OSC (R & B)
Amy Keys-Lovers Intuition-1989-C4 (R & B)
Alfie Silas-Alfie (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ESG (R & B)
Alexander ONeil-Fake-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Alexander ONeil-Criticize-VLS-1987-GCP (R & B)
Alexander ONeal-Hearsay-All Mixed Up (Tabu Re-Born Expanded Edition)-W... (R & B)
Alexander ONeal-Alexander ONeal (Tabu Reborn Bonus Track Edition)-BONU... (R & B)
Alexander O Neal-Hearsay-CD-FLAC-1987-NBFLAC (R & B)
Al Jarreau-I Must Have Been A Fool-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Al Green-He Is The Light-1985-0MNi (R & B)
Al B Sure-If Im Not Your Lover-CDS-1988-OSC (R & B)
Al B. Sure-Off On Your Own (Girl)-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
Al B. Sure-Killing Me Softly-VLS-1988-GCP (R & B)
After 7-Heat Of The Moment-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
After 7-Dont Cha Think-VLS-1989-GCP (R & B)
After 7-Cant Stop-Promo CDS-1989-OSC (R & B)
After 7-After 7-1989-CNS INT (R & B)
Aaliyah-Are You That Somebody (EWC710)-CDS-FLAC-1989-WRE (R & B)
52nd Street-Somethings Going on-1987-RpM (R & B)
2 Live Crew-Cmon Babe-VLS-FLAC-1989-FATHEAD (R & B)
10dB-Steppin Out-WEB-1989-ENRAGED (R & B)

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