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12 Feb 2021
A-Town Players-We Keep it Crunk for You-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Amy Grant-Heart in Motion-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Amy Grant-The Collection-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Anastacia-Freak Of Nature-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Andrea Bocelli-Amore-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Animalhouse-Animal House Original Motion Picture Sound Track-1978-Recy... (Others)
Anna Nalick-Wreck of the Day-Reissue-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Ant Banks-Do Or Die-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Ant Banks-The Best Of-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Anthrax-Im the Man-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Anthrax-Sound of White Noise-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Apache-Apache Aint Shit-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Arabian Prince-Wheres My Bytches-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Arrested Development-Zingalamaduni-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Ashanti-Collectables by Ashanti-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Ashford And Simpson-The Best Of-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Ashlee Simpson-Autobiography-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Atmosphere-Lucy Ford-Retail EP-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Atmosphere-When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint that Shit Gold-Retail-... (Others)
Atmosphere-You Cant Imagine How Much Fun Were Having-Retail-2005-Recyc... (Others)
Audioslave-Revelations-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Avant-Director-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Avril Lavigne-The Best Damn Thing (Clean)-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Avril Lavigne-The Best Damn Thing-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
AZ-Doe or Die-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
AZ-SOSA (Save Our Streets AZ)-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
B-Legit-Hempin Aint Easy-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
B-Legit-the Hemp Museum-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
B-Witched-Awake and Breathe-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
B-Witched-B-Witched-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
B. Rich-80 Dimes-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
B.B. King-King of the Blues Guitar-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Baby Bash-Super Saucy-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Baby Beesh-On Tha Cool-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Backstreet Boys-Everybody (Backstreets Back)-Retail CDS-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Bad Azz-Executive Decision-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Bad Azz-Money Run-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Bad Ronald-Bad Ronald-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Bananarama-Greatest Hits Collection-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson-A Star is Born-Retail-1976-Rec... (Others)
Barbra Streisand-The Concert-2CD-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Barenaked Ladies-Born On A Pirate Ship-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Barenaked Ladies-Disc One All Their Greatest -Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Barenaked Ladies-Rock Spectacle-Retail-Live-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Mekanik-Faster Harder Louder-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Mekanik-Max Killa Hertz-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Mekanik-Powerbox The Bassest Hits-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Mekanik-Quad Maximus-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Mekanik-V5.0-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Outlaws-Busted-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Bass Patrol-4 Da Bass Lovers-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
BBMak-Sooner or Later-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Beanie Sigel-The B. Coming-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Beanie Sigel-The Reason-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Beanie Sigel-The Solution-Retail Proper-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Beastie Boys-Licensed To Ill-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Beastie Boys-Pauls Boutique-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Beastie Boys-Solid Gold Hits-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Beastie Boys-The In Sound From Way Out-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Beastie Boys-To The 5 Boroughs-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Beat Dominator-Techno-Bass-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Beautiful Creatures-Beautiful Creatures-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Beelow-Ballaholic-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Beelow-Ballin 4 Billions-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Belinda Carlisle-Belinda-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Belinda Carlisle-Heaven on Earth-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Belinda Carlisle-Her Greatest Hits-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Belinda Carlisle-Live Your Life Be Free-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Bell Biv Devoe-Hootie Mack-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Bell Biv Devoe-WBBD Bootcity The Remix Album-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Belly-Star-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Benzino-The Benzino Project-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
BFM-The City O Dope-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Al Presents -Da Buddha Klan-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Big And Rich-Comin To Your City-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Big And Rich-Horse Of A Different Color-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-Its A Big Daddy Thing-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-Long Live the Kane-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-Looks Like A Job for -Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-Taste Of Chocolate-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Daddy Kane-Veteranz Day-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Big E The Black-Livin Big E-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters-Beautiful World-Retail-Proper-1997-Recy... (Others)
Big Hutch (aka Cold 187um)-Executive Decisions-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Big L-Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Big L-The Big Picture-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Noyd-Episodes Of A Hustla-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Punisher-Capital Punishment-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Syke-Big Syke Daddy-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Syke-Street Commando-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Big Tymers-Big Money Heavyweight-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Billie Myers-Growing Pains-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Billy Idol-Devils Playground-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Billy Joel-Greatest Hits Vol. I-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Biohazard-Biohazard-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Biohazard-Mata Leao-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Biohazard-State of the World Address-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Bizarre Inc-Energique-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Bizzy Bone-Alpha And Omega-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Bizzy Bone-Heavenz Movie-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Bizzy Bone-The Gift-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Blac Monks-No Mercy-Retail-1998-Recycled (Others)
Blac Monks-Secrets of the Hidden Temple-Retail-1994-Recycled (Others)
Blac Monks-Secrets of the Hidden Temple-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Black Label Society-Shot to Hell-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
Black Sabbath-Sabotage-Retail-1975-Recycled INT (Others)
Black Sheep-A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Blackalicious-Melodica EP-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Blessid Union Of Souls-Home-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Blood of Abraham-Future Profits-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Bloodhound Gang-Hooray For Boobies-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Bloodhound Gang-One Fierce Beer Coaster-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Bloodhound Gang-Use Your Fingers-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Bo Bice-The Real Thing-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Bob James-Dancing on the Water-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-Against the Wind-Retail-1980-Recy... (Others)
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-Live Bullet-Retail-1976-Recycled INT (Others)
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-Stranger in Town-Retail-1978-Recy... (Others)
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band-The Distance-Retail-1982-Recycled... (Others)
Bob Seger-Beautiful Loser-Reissue-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Bob Seger-Night Moves-Retail-1976-Recycled INT (Others)
Bob Seger-Seven-Retail-1974-Recycled INT (Others)
Bobby Bland-Two Steps from the Blues-Retail-1961-Recycled INT (Others)
Bobby Valentino-Bobby Valentino-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Bobcat-Cat Got Ya Tongue-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Bone Crusher-Attenchun-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Bone Thugs N Harmony-BTNHRessurection-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-Thug Stories-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Raitt-Bonnie Raitt and Friends-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Raitt-Nine Lives-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Raitt-Souls Alike-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Raitt-Streetlights-Retail-1974-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Raitt-Sweet Forgiveness-Retail-1977-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Tyler-Angel Heart-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Tyler-Free Spirit-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Bonnie Tyler-Here Am I-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Boo And Gotti-Perfect Timing-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-By All Means Necessary-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-Criminal Minded-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-Edutainment-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-Ghetto Music the Blueprint of Hip Hop-Retail-1... (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-Live Hardcore Worldwide-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Boogie Down Productions-Sex And Violence-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Bootleg (Of The Dayton Family)-Hated By Many Loved By Few-Retail-2001-... (Others)
Boston-Boston-Retail-1976-Recycled INT (Others)
Boston-Dont Look Back-Retail-1978-Recycled INT (Others)
Bow Wow and Omarion-Face Off-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Bow Wow-Wanted-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Boyz II Men-Cooleyhighharmony-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Boyz II Men-II-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Boyz II Men-Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Boyz II Men-The Remix Collection-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Brad Paisley-Mud on the Tires-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Brad-Interiors-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Brandy-Brandy-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Breaking Benjamin-Saturate-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Breaking Benjamin-We Are Not Alone-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Brian Eno-Here Come the Warm Jets-Retail-1974-Recycled INT (Others)
Brian Mcknight-Back At One-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Britney Spears-Baby One More Time-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Brother Ali-Shadows On The Sun-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Brownside-Payback-Retail-2002-Recycled (Others)
Bruce Springsteen-We Shall Overcome The Seeger Sessions-Retail-2006-Re... (Others)
Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverance-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Bubba Sparxxx-The Charm-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Bugs Henderson and the Shuffle Kings-Thats the Truth-Retail-1995-Recyc... (Others)
Bush-Razorblade Suitcase-Retail-1996-Recycled Int (Others)
Bush-Sixteen Stone-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Bush-The Science of Things-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Bushwick Bill-Little Big Man-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Bushwick Bill-Phantom of the Rapra-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Bushwick Bill-Universal Small Souljah-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Busta Rhymes-It Aint Safe No More-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Busta Rhymes-When Disaster Strikes -Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
C.E.B.-Countin Endless Bank-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Caffeine-Things in the Game Done Changed-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Cage-Weatherproof-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Cake-Comfort Eagle-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Cake-Fashion Nugget-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Cake-Motorcade of Generosity-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Cake-Pressure Chief-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Cake-Prolonging the Magic-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Camp Lo-Lets Do it Again-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Camp Lo-Uptown Saturday Night-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Candlebox-Candlebox-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Candlebox-Happy Pills-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Candlebox-Lucy-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-Aint No Shame In My Game-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-I Thought U Knew-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-Knockin Boots 2001 A Sex Odyssey-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-Makin Deals Of A Lifetime-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-Phukk Watcha Goin Thru-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Candyman-Playtimes Over-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Capone-N-Noreaga-The Reunion-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Capone-N-Noreaga-The War Report-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Cappadonna-The Pillage-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Captain Savem-My Cape is in the Cleaner-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Case-Case-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Case-Open Letter-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Casual-He Think He Raw-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Cat Stevens-Classics Vol. 24-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Cathy Dennis-Move To This-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Celine Dion-Lets Talk About Love-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Chamillionaire-Ultimate Victory-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Charles And Eddie-Duophonic-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Cheech And Chong-Cheech And Chong-Retail-1972-Recycled INT (Others)
Cheech And Chong-Los Cochinos-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
Cheech And Chong-Wedding Album-Retail-1974-Recycled INT (Others)
Chico and Coolwadda-Parallel-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Chico Debarge-Long Time No See-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Chico Debarge-The Game-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Choclair-Ice Cold-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Choice-Stick-N-Moove-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Chris Isaak-Wicked Game-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Chubb Rock-I Gotta Get Mine Yo-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Chubb Rock-The Mind-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Chubb Rock-The One-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Ciara-Goodies-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Cinder Road (Aka Plunge)-Hometown Hero-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Cinderella-Long Cold Winter-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Clay Aiken-Measure of A Man-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Clinton Sparks-Maybe Youve Been Brainwashed-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Coal Chamber-Giving the Devil His Due-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Color Me Badd-Time And Chance-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Commodores-Hits Volume I and II-2CD-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-Be-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-Can I Borrow A Dollar-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-Electric Circus-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-Like Water For Chocolate-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-One Day Itll All Make Sense-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Common-Resurrection-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Comptons Most Wanted-Its A Compton Thang-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Comptons Most Wanted-Straight Checkn Em-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Concentration Camp-Camp III Thug Brothas-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Concentration Camp-Da Holocaust-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Coo Coo Cal-Disturbed-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Coo Coo Cal-Still Walkin-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Cormega-Legal Hustle-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Cormega-The Realness-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Cormega-The Testament-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Cormega-The True Meaning-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Courtney Jaye-Traveling Light-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
CPO-To Hell And Black-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Cradle of Filth-Midian-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Craig David-Born to Do it-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Craig G-The Kingpin-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Craig Mack-Operation Get Down-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Craig Mack-Project Funk Da World-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Creed-Greatest Hits-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Creed-Human Clay-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Pendulum-Retail-1970-Recycled INT (Others)
Crime Boss-Conflicts And Confusion-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Crime Boss-Still At Large-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Crucial Conflict-Good Side Bad Side-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Crucial Conflict-The Final Tic-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Cuban Link-Chain Reaction-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Culture Club-Colour by Numbers-Remastered-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Cunninlynguists-A Piece Of Strange-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
CunninLynguists-Dirty Acres-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
CunninLynguists-Will Rap for Food-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Cut Chemist-The Litmus Test-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Cypress Hill-Greatest Hits from the Bong-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Cypress Hill-Unreleased And Revamped-EP-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
D-Don-Bonafide Portrait Of A Hustler-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
D12-D12 World-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Da Brat-Limelite Luv and Niteclubz-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Da Lench Mob-Guerillas In Tha Mist-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Daft Punk-Homework-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Dana Dane-Dana Dane 4-Ever-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Dana Dane-Rollin Wit Dana Dane-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Dangelo-Brown Sugar-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Dangelo-Voodoo-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Dangerous Crew-Dont Try This At Home-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Daniel Bedingfield-Gotta Get Thru this-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Darkset-Krakker Bashin-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Das EFX-Dead Serious-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Das EFX-Generation EFX-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Das Efx-Hold It Down-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Das EFX-Straight Up Sewaside-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Dave Hollister-Chicago 85 The Movie-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Dave Matthews Band-Everyday-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Dave Matthews Band-Under The Table And Dreaming-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
David Byrne-Look Into The Eyeball-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Daz Dillinger and JT the Bigga Figga-Game for Sale-Retail-2001-Recycle... (Others)
Daz Dillinger-Gangsta Crunk-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
De La Soul-3 Feet High And Rising-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Dead Prez-Lets Get Free-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Dead Prez-RBG Revolutionary But Gangsta-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Debbie Gibson-Anything Is Possible-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Debbie Gibson-Electric Youth-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Debbie Gibson-Greatest Hits-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Deborah Gibson-Deborah-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Deee-Lite-Infinity Within-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Def Bass Krew-Bass Party-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Def Jef-Soul Food-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Deion Sanders-Prime Time-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Del The Funky Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here-Retail-1991... (Others)
Delerium-Odyssey The Remix Collection-2CD-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Delinquent Habits-Delinquent Habits-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Deltron-3030-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Destinys Child-The Writings on the Wall-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Diana Degarmo-Blue Skies-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Dido-No Angel-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Digable Planets-Beyond the Spectrum the Creamy Spy Chronicles-Retail-2... (Others)
Digital Underground-Sex Packets-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Dilated Peoples-20-20-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Dilated Peoples-Neighborhood Watch-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Dilated Peoples-The Platform-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Dino-24-7-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Dino-Swingin-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Dionne Farris-Wild Seed-Wild Flower-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Dire Straits-Brothers In Arms-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Dire Straits-Love Over Gold-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Others)
Dirty Vegas-Dirty Vegas-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Dis N Dat-Bumpin-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Disturbing Tha Peace-Golden Grain-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Hes The DJ Im The Rapper-Retail-198... (Others)
DJ Magic Mike And MC Madness-Aint No Doubt About It-Retail-1991-Recycl... (Others)
DJ Magic Mike-Bootyz in Motion II-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Muggs and Sick Jacken-The Legend of the Mask and the Assassin-Retai... (Others)
DJ Muggs-Rock Superstar-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Muggs-The Last Assassin-Bootleg-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Pooh-Bad Newz Travels Fast-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Balance and Options-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Balance and Options-Retail-Proper-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Da Finale the Best of DJ Quik-Retail-Proper-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Quik Is The Name-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Rhythm-Al-Ism-Retail-Proper-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Safe and Sound-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Safe and Sound-Retail-Proper-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Quik-Way 2 Fonky-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
DJ Smurf-Dead Crunk-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
DMX-The Great Depression-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Do Or Die-Back 2 The Game-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Do or Die-Back 2 the Game-Retail-Proper-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Do or Die-D.O.D-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Do Or Die-Headz Or Tails-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Do Or Die-Picture This-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Doctor Ice-The Mic Stalker-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Domino-Domination-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Domino-Dominology-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Domino-The World Of Dominology-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Don Jagwarr-Faded-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Don Williams-The Definitive Collection-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Donald D-Let The Horns Blow-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Donell Jones-My Heart-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Donell Jones-Where I Wanna Be-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Dr. Dre Presents -The Aftermath-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Dr. Dre-2001-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Dr. Dre-The Chronic-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Dre Dog-The New Jim Jones-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Dream Team-Back to Black-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Dru Down-Can You Feel Me-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
DTTX (of LSOB)-Back 2 Da Brown-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
DTTX (of LSOB)-Luvn the Life-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
DTTX-Still Brown and Proud-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Duffy-Rockferry-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Dwele-Some Kinda-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Dynamite Hack-Superfast-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
E-40-In A Major Way-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
E-40-My Ghetto Report Card-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
E-40-Tha Hall of Game-Retail-Proper-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Eagle-Eye Cherry-Desireless-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Ed O.G.-The Truth Hurts-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Edens Crush-Popstars-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Elastica-Elastica-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Electric Light Orchestra-Eldorado (Remasterd)-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Elton John-Love Songs-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Elton John-Something About The Way You Look Tonight-Retail CDS-1997-Re... (Others)
Elton John-The Big Picture-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Elton John-Too Low for Zero-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
EMF-Unexplained-Retail EP-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Eminem-Encore-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
En Vogue-Runaway Love-Retail EP-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Enigma-MCMXC A.D.-Retail-Proper-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Enigma-The Cross Of Changes-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Enya-A Day Without Rain-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
EPMD-Back in Business-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
EPMD-Business Never Personal-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
EPMD-Out of Business-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
EPMD-We Mean Business-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Eric Clapton-August-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Eric Clapton-Back Home-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Eric Clapton-Pilgrim-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Erick Onasis-Def Squad Presents-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Erick Sermon-Chilltown New York-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Erick Sermon-Music-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Erick Sermon-React-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Etta Jones-From the Heart-1962-Recycled INT (Others)
Etta Jones-Hollar-1962-Recycled INT (Others)
Europe-Out Of This World-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Europe-The Final Countdown-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Eve 6-Eve 6-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Everclear-So Much for the Afterglow-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Everlast-Eat At Whiteys-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Everlast-Forever Everlasting-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Everlast-Love War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Everlast-Today-Retail EP-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Everlast-White Trash Beautiful-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Everything But the Girl-Love Not Money-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Everything But the Girl-The Language of Life-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Everything But the Girl-Walking Wounded-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Everything But the Girl-Worldwide-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Expose-What You Dont Know-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Fabolous-Ghetto Fabolous-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Fabolous-Real Talk-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Fall Out Boy-From Under the Cork Tree-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Fall Out Boy-Infinity on High-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Fat Joe-Jealous Ones Envy-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Father MC-Fathers Day-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Father MC-My-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Father MC-This Is For The Players-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Father-Sex Is Law-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Feist-Open Season (Remixes and Collabs)-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Fergie-The Dutchess (Deluxe Edition)-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Field Mob-613 Ashy To Classy-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Field Mob-From Da Roota to Da Toota-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Fieldys Dreams-Rock N Roll Gangster-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Fight-War of Words-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Fiona Apple-Extraordinary Machine-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Fiona Apple-Tidal-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Firehouse-Firehouse-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Flesh-N-Bone-5th Dog Let Loose-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Flesh-N-Bone-T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin Souls)-Retail-19... (Others)
Flipsyde-We the People-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Fort Minor-The Rising Tied-Ltd.Ed.-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Foxy Brown-Broken Silence-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Foxy Brown-Brooklyns Don Diva-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Foxy Brown-Chyna Doll-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Foxy Brown-Ill Na Na-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Frank Sinatra-Classic Sinatra (His Great Performances 1953-1960)-Retai... (Others)
Frank Zappa-Beat the Boots II-8CD-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Frank Zappa-You Cant Do that on Stage Anymore Vol. 3-2CD-Retail-1989-R... (Others)
Freak Nasty-Controversee Thats Life...-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Freak Nasty-Freak Nasty World-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Freddie King-Burglar-Retail-1974-Recycled INT (Others)
Fredro Starr-Dont Get Mad Get Money-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Freedom Williams-Freedom-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Freeway-Free at Last-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Freeway-Philadelphia Freeway-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Frost-Smile Now Die Later-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Frost-Still Up In This Shit-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Frost-That Was Then This Is Now 2-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Fu-Schnickens-F.U. Dont Take It Personal-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Fu-Schnickens-Greatest Hits-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Fu-Schnickens-Nervous Breakdown-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Funk Daddy-Funk Daddy is Tha Source-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Funkdoobiest-Brothas Doobie-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Funkdoobiest-The Troubleshooters-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Funkdoobiest-Which Doobie U B-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
G-Mo-Head Up-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
G-Unit-Beg For Mercy-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
G. Love-The Hustle-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Gabrielle-Rise-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Gandalf-To Another Horizon-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
Gang Starr-Full Clip A Decade Of Gang Starr-2CD-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Gang Starr-Moment Of Truth-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Gang Starr-Step In The Arena-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Gangsta Boo-Enquiring Minds-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Gangstarr-The Ownerz-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Genesis-We Cant Dance-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
George Benson-Body Talk-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
George Carlin-Classic Gold-2CD-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
George Carlin-Complaints and Grievances-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
George Carlin-Life is Worth Losing-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
George Gershwin-Music from the Woody Allen Film Manhattan-Retail-1990-... (Others)
George Winston-Winter into Spring-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Others)
Geto Boys-Grip It On That Other Level-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Geto Boys-The Geto Boys-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Geto Boys-The Resurrection-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Geto Boys-Uncut Dope Geto Boys Best-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Ghetto Twiinz-Got It On My Mind-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Ghostface Killah-Fishscale-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Ghostface Killah-Ironman-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Gin Blossoms-New Miserable Experience-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Gino Vannelli-Inconsolable Man-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Glen Phillips-Winter Pays for Summer-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Glenn Danzig-Black Aria-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Gloria Estefan-Into the Light-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Gnarls Barkley-St. Elsewhere-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Gnarls Barkley-The Odd Couple-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Godfather Don-Hazardous-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Goldy-The Golden Rules-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Goodie Mob-Soul Food-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Goodie Mob-World Party-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Gordon Lightfoot-Complete Greatest Hits-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Gordon Lightfoot-The United Artists Collection-2CD-Retail-1993-Recycle... (Others)
Gorillaz-Demon Days-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Gorillaz-Gorillaz-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Grand Puba-Reel To Reel-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Gravediggaz-6 Feet Deep-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Gravity Kills-Gravity Kills-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Green Day-American Idiot-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Green Day-Dookie-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Guns N Roses-Live Era 87-93-2CD-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Guns N Roses-The Spaghetti Incident-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-Retail-Recycled INT (Others)
Guru-Jazzmatazz Vol. 1-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Guru-Jazzmatazz Volume II The New Reality-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Guy-The Future-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Gza Genius-Liquid Swords-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
H.I.M.-Dark Light-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
H.I.M.-Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
H.I.M.-Love Metal-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
H.I.M.-Razorblade Romance-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Haddaway-Haddaway-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Heavy D And The Boyz-Nuttin But Love-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Heavy D-Heavy-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Heavy D. and the Boyz-Big Tyme-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Helloween-Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Heltah Skeltah-Magnum Force-2CD-Retail-Proper-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Herb Albert And The Tijuana Brass-Greatest Hits Vol. 2-Retail-1973-Rec... (Others)
Herb Albert And The Tijuana Brass-Greatest Hits-Retail-1970-Recycled INT (Others)
Herschelwood Hardheadz-A Million Dollars Later-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Hi-Five-Faithful-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Hitman Sammy Sam-The Step Daddy-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Hot Boys-Guerilla Warfare-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
House Of Pain-Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again-Retail-1996-Recy... (Others)
Huey Lewis and the News-Greatest Hits-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Hurricane-The Hurra-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
I-20-Self Explanatory-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Ice Cube-Amerikkkas Most Wanted-Remastered-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Ice Cube-Lethal Injection-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Ice T-O.G. Original Gangster-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Ill Al Skratch-Creep Wit Me-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Immature-On Our Worst Behavior-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Immature-Playtyme is Over-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Immortal Technique-Revolutionary Vol. 1-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Immortal Technique-Revolutionary Vol. 2-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Inspectah Deck-Uncontrolled Substance-Promo EP-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Interpol-Turn On The Bright Lights-Retail-2002-RECYCLED INT (Others)
INXS-Shabooh Shoobah-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Others)
Iron Maiden-A Matter of Life and Death-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
J-Live-All of the Above-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
J-Live-the Best Part-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
J-Shin-My Soul My Life-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
J. C. Lodge-Tropic Of Love-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Ja Rule-Rule 336-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Ja Rule-The Last Temptation-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Ja Rule-Venni Vetti Vecci-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jack Johnson-In Between Dreams-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Jadakiss-Kiss of Death-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Jadakiss-Kiss Tha Game Goodbye-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
James Brown-Live at the Apollo 1962 (Remastered Deluxe Edition)-Retail... (Others)
James Taylor-Live-2CD-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
James-The Best of-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone-Blowin Up-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Janet Jackson-Damita Jo-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Janet Jackson-Janet.-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Janet Jackson-Rhythm Nation 1814-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Janet Jackson-The Velvet Rope-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Janet Jackson-Together Again-Retail CDM-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Janis Joplin-I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama (Remastered)-Retail-... (Others)
Janis Joplin-Janis Joplins Greatest Hits-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
Janis Joplin-Joplin in Concert-Retail-1972-Recycled INT (Others)
Janis Joplin-Pearl (Remastered)-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jasmine Guy-Jasmine Guy-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Jason Mraz-Waiting for My Rocket to Come-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay Tee and Baby Beesh-Velvetism-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay Tee-The Knocks (1992 - 2000)-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-American Gangster-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-Kingdom Come-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-The Black Album-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-The Blueprint 2 - The Gift And The Curse-2CD-Retail-2002-Recycle... (Others)
Jay-Z-Vol. 1 In My Lifetime-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Jay-Z-Vol. 3 Life And Times Of S. Carter-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jedi Mind Tricks-Servants in Heaven Kings in Hell-Retail-2006-Recycled... (Others)
Jedi Mind Tricks-Violent By Design-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Jedi Mind Tricks-Visions of Gandhi-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Jennifer Lopez-J Lo-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Jennifer Lopez-On the 6-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jennifer Rush-Out of My Hands-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Jennifer Rush-Passion-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Jermaine Dupri-Instructions-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Jermaine Dupri-Life In 1472 (The Original Soundtrack)-Retail-1998-Recy... (Others)
Jessica Simpson-Sweet Kisses-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jet-Get Born-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Jiggie Gee-Let the Rhythm Ride-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Jim Croce-Photographs and Memories His Greatest Hits-Retail-1974-Recyc... (Others)
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Bring Your Own Stereo-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope-Retail-1997-Recy... (Others)
Jodeci-Back to the Future the Very Best of Jodeci-Retail-2005-Recycled... (Others)
Jodeci-Diary of A Mad Band-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Jodeci-Forever My Lady-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Jodeci-The Show the After Party the Hotel-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Joe Louis Walker-Cold is the Night-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Joe Pesci-Vincent Laguardia Gambini Sings Just For You-Retail-1998-Rec... (Others)
John Lennon-Imagine-Retail-1971-Recycled INT (Others)
John Lennon-Mind Games-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band-Retail-1970-Recycled INT (Others)
Johnny Cash-American IV the Man Comes Around-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Johnny Cash-Johnny Cashs Greatest Hits Volume 1-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Johnny Gill-Johnny Gill-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
Johnny Hates Jazz-Turn Back The Clock-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Jon B-Bonafide-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Jon B-Cool Relax-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Jon B-Greatest Hits (Are You Still Down)-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Jon B-Pleasures U Like-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Jonny Lang-Wander this World-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Journey-Generations-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Journey-Infinity-Retail-1978-Recycled INT (Others)
JT the Bigga Figga-Hustle Relentless-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Jungle Brothers-All that We Do-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Junior Mafia-Conspiracy-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Junkyard-Junkyard-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Jurassic 5-EP-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Jurassic 5-Power In Numbers-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Jurassic 5-Quality Control-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Just Ice-Gun Talk-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
K-9 Posse-K-9 Posse-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
K-9 Posse-On A Different Tip-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
K-Ci And Jojo-Emotional-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
K-Ci And Jojo-Love Always-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
K-Ci and Jojo-X-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Kam-Made In America-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Kanye West-Late Registration-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Kanye West-The College Dropout-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Kastro and Edi-Blood Brothers-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Murray-Enigma-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Sweat-Get Up on it-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Sweat-Keep it Comin-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Sweat-Keith Sweat-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Sweat-Make it Last Forever-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Keith Urban-Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Kelly Clarkson-Thankful-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Kelly Price-Mirror Miror-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Kelly Price-Soul of A Woman-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Kenny G-Breathless-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Kenny Rogers-The Best Of Kenny Rogers-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Kenny Rogers-The Very Best Of Kenny Rogers-2CD-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Frost-East Side Story-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Frost-Hispanic Causing Panic-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Frost-That Was Then This Is Now Vol. 1-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Frost-That Was Then This Is Now Vol. 2-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Frost-When Hell.A. Freezes Over-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid N Play-Funhouse-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Rock-Devil Without A Cause-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Rock-Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Kid Sensation-Rollin with Number One-Retail Proper-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Kidneythieves-Trickstereprocess-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Killa Tay-Snake Eyes-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Killah Priest-Heavy Mental-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Killah Priest-Priesthood-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Killah Priest-View From Masada-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Killarmy-Dirty Weaponry-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Killarmy-Fear Love And War-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Killarmy-Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Killer Cuts-Killer Instinct OST-Limited Edition-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Killer Mike-Monster-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Kimberley Locke-One Love-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
King Tee-Act A Fool-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Kingpin Skinny Pimp-Skinny But Dangerous-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Kiss-Creatures Of The Night (Remastered)-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Knocturnal-Return of the Hustler-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Kool G Rap And DJ Polo-Rated XXX-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Kool G Rap And DJ Polo-Wanted Dead Or Alive-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Kool Moe Dee-Funke Funke Wisdom-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Korn-Life is Peachy-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Kottonmouth Kings-Hidden Stash II-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Krayzie Bone-Gemini Good Vs Evil-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Kris Kross-Da Bomb-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Kris Kross-The Best Of Kris Kross Remixed-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Kris Kross-Young Rich And Dangerous-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
KRS-One and Marley Marl-Hip Hop Lives-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
KRS-One-Maximum Strength 2008-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
KT Tunstall-Drastic Fantastic-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
KT Tunstall-Eye to the Telescope-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Kwame-The Boy Genius-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Kyper-Tic Tac Toe-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
L-Burna (AKA Layzie Bone)-Thug By Nature-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
L.A. Style-L.A. Style-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
La Bouche-SOS-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
La Bouche-Sweet Dreams-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Lady Sovereign-Public Warning-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Latin Alliance-Latin Alliance-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Layzie Bone And Bizzy Bone-Bone Brothers-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Leaders Of The New School-A Future Without A Past-Retail-1991-Recycled... (Others)
LeathaFace (aka Krayzie Bone)-The Legends Underground (Part 1)-Retail-... (Others)
Led Zeppelin-In Through the Out Door-Retail-1979-Recycled INT (Others)
Lenny Kravitz-5-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Lenny Kravitz-Are You Gonna Go My Way-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Lenny Kravitz-Circus-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Lenny Kravitz-Let Love Rule-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Level 42-The Early Tapes-Retail-1981-Recycled INT (Others)
LFO-Life is Good-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Lighter Shade Of Brown-If Could See Inside Me-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Bow Wow-Beware of Dog-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Keke-Peepin in My Window-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Kim-The Naked Truth-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Kim-The Notorious KIM-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Wayne-500 Degreez-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Lil Wayne-Tha Carter III-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Lily Allen-Alright Still-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Yall-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Lionel Richie-Back to Front-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Lionel Richie-Dancing on the Ceiling-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Lionel Richie-Renaissance-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Lisa Loeb-The Very Best of Lisa Loeb-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Lisa Marie Presley-To Whom it May Concern-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Lisa Stansfield-Affection-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Lisa Stansfield-Real Love-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Lita Ford-Dangerous Curves-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Lita Ford-Lita-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Little Big Town-A Place to Land-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Little Brother-The Listening-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Live-Birds of Pray-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Live-Songs from Black Mountain-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Live-The Distance to Here-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Living Colour-Stain-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-10-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-All World-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Bigger And Deffer-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Mama Said Knock You Out-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Mr. Smith-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Mr. Smith-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Radio-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Todd Smith-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
LL Cool J-Walking With A Panther-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Lloyd Banks-Rotten Apple-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Lloyd Banks-The Hunger For More-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Loggins and Messina-Full Sail-Retail-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
Loggins and Messina-Native Sons-Retail-1976-Recycled INT (Others)
Loggins and Messina-Sittin in-Retail-1972-Recycled INT (Others)
Lonestar-Lonely Grill-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Lord Finesse-Return Of The Funky Man-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Lord Tariq And Peter Gunz-Make It Reign-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Lords of Acid-The Crablouse-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Lords Of The Underground-Keepers Of The Funk-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Lords of the Underground-Resurrection-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Lost Boyz-LB IV Life-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Lost Boyz-Legal Drug Money-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Lost Boyz-Love Peace And Nappiness-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Louis Logic-Music to Drink by-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Louis Logic-Sin-A-Matic-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
LSG-Levert-Sweat-Gill-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Ltrimm-Groovy-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Lucas-Lucacentric-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Ludacris-Back For The First Time-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Ludacris-Chicken-N-Beer-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Ludacris-The Red Light District-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Luke-I Got Shit On My Mind-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Luke-Something Nasty-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Luke-Uncle Luke-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Luniz-Lunatik Muzik-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Luniz-Operation Stackola-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Lupe Fiasco-Food and Liquor-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Lupe Fiasco-The Cool-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Luscious Jackson-Electric Honey-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Luscious Jackson-Fever in Fever Out-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Luscious Jackson-Naked Eye-Retail CDM-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
M People-Elegant Slumming-Reissue-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
M.C. A.D.E.-An All Out Bash-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
M.I.A.-Arular-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
M.I.A.-Kala-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
M.O.P.-First Family 4 Life-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Mack 10-Based On A True Story-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mack 10-Hustlas Handbook-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Macy Gray-On How Life is-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Madonna-Confessions on A Dance Floor-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Madonna-Ray of Light-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Maharaji and Shys-T-Time Ta Shine-Retail EP-2007-Recycled (Others)
Main Source-Breaking Atoms-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Mandy Moore-So Real-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Marc Cohn-Marc Cohn-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Marcy Playground-Marcy Playground-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mariah Carey-Charmbracelet-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Mariah Carey-Daydream-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Mariah Carey-Greatest Hits-2CD-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Mariah Carey-Mariah Carey-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Mario-Scandalous-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Mark Morrison-Return Of The Mack-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mark Ronson-Here Comes The Fuzz-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch-Music For The People-Retail-1991-Recycl... (Others)
Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch-You Gotta Believe-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Maroon 5-1.22.03.Acoustic-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Maroon5-Songs About Jane-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Marvin Gaye-15 Greatest Hits-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Others)
Marvin Gaye-Motown Legends-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Mary J. Blige-Mary-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Mary J. Blige-My Life-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Mary J. Blige-Share My World-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mary J. Blige-Whats the 411-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Mase Presents Harlem World-The Movement-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Mase-Double Up-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Mase-Harlem World-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mase-Welcome Back-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Masta Ace-Hits U Missed-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Masta Ace-Slaughtahouse-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Master P-Ghetto Postage-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Master P-MP Da Last Don-2CD-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Matchbox 20-Yourself or Someone Like You-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Matchbox Twenty-More than You Think You Are-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Mausberg-Non Fiction-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Maxwell-Embrya-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Maxwell-MTV Unplugged-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Maxwell-Now-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Maxwell-Urban Hang Suite-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-20 Below-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-Da Fharmacist-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-Flatline-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-Funkafied-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-MC Breed And DFC-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Breed-To Da Beat Chall-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Eiht-Death Threatz-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Eiht-Last Man Standing-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Eiht-Tha8tz Gangsta-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-Active Duty-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-Lets Get it Started-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-Please Hammer Dont Hurt Em-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-The Funky Headhunter-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-Too Legit To Quit-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Hammer-V Inside Out-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Lyte-Act Like You Know-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Lyte-Aint No Other-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Nas-D and DJ Freaky Fred-Its My Cadillac (Got that Bass)-Retail-199... (Others)
MC Ren-Kizz My Black Azz-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Ren-Shock Of The Hour-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Shan-Born To Be Wild-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Shan-Play it Again Shan-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
MC Solaar-Paradisiaque-Retail-FR-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
McGruff-Destined To Be-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Meat Loaf-Bat Out of Hell-Remastered-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Meat Loaf-Welcome to the Neighbourhood-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Meat Puppets-Mirage (Reissue)-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Melissa Etheridge-Melissa Etheridge-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Melissa Etheridge-Yes I Am-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Mellow Man Ace-From The Darkness Into The Light-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Mellow Man Ace-The Brother With Two Tongues-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Men Without Hats-Pop Goes the World-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Meredith Brooks-Blurring The Edges-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
MeShell Ndegeocello-Bitter-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
MeShell Ndegeocello-Comfort Woman-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
MeShell Ndegeocello-Peace Beyond Passion-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
MeShell Ndegeocello-Plantation Lullabies-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
MeShell Ndegeocello-The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams-Retail-... (Others)
Metallica- And Justice For All-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Metallica-Garage Inc-2CD-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Metallica-Load-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Metallica-Master Of Puppets-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Metallica-Reload-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Others)
Method Man And Redman-Blackout-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Method Man-Tical 0 The Prequel-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Method Man-Tical-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Mia X-Unlady Like-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Mic Geronimo-Vendetta-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Michael Damian-Where Do We Go from Here-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Michael Jackson-Bad-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Michael Jackson-History-2CD-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Michael Jackson-Thriller-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Others)
Michael Peace-Threat to Society-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Miilkbone-Da Miilkrate-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Miilkbone-U Got Miilk-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Mike Jones-Who is Mike Jones-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Miri Ben-Ari-the Hip-Hop Violinist-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Missin Linx-Exhibit A-Retail EP-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Missy Elliott-Da Real World-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Missy Elliott-Miss E So Addictive-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Missy Higgins-All for Believing-Retail EP-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Mo Thugs-Family Scriptures Chapter II Family Reunion-Retail-1998-Recyc... (Others)
Mobb Deep-Blood Money-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Mobb Deep-Hell On Earth-Proper Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Mobb Deep-Juvenile Hell-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Mobb Deep-Murda Muzik-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Mobb Deep-The Infamous-Retail-1995-RECYCLED INT (Others)
Moby-18-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Moby-Moby-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Moby-Play the B Sides-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Molly Hatchet-Beatin the Odds-Retail-1980-Recycled INT (Others)
Molly Hatchet-Flirtin with Disaster-Remastered-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Molly Hatchet-Molly Hatchet-Retail-1978-Recycled INT (Others)
Molly Hatchet-Super Hits-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Monica-The Boy is Mine-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Monie Love-In A Word Or 2-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Monster Magnet-Monolithic Baby-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Montell Jordan-Get It On Tonight-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Montell Jordan-Lets Ride-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Montell Jordan-Life After Def-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Montell Jordan-This Is How We Do It-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Moochie Mack-Broke Pimpin-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Morbid Angel-Domination-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Morcheeba-The Antidote-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Morphine-Good-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Mos Def and Talib Kweli-Black Star-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Mos Def-Black On Both Sides-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Motley Crue-Music to Crash Your Car to Vol 2-4CD-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Mr. Cheeks-Back Again-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Mr. Mister-Welcome To The Real World-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Muggs-Dust-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Murs-The End of the Beginning-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Muse-Black Holes And Revelations-Retail-2006-RECYCLED INT (Others)
Muse-Origin of Symmetry-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Muse-Showbiz-Retail-1999-RECYCLED INT (Others)
Mushroomhead-XIII-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Mushroomhead-XX-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Mystikal-Mind of Mystikal-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
N.E.R.D.-Seeing Sounds-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
N.O.R.E.-Gods Favorite-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
N.W.A.-Straight Outta Compton-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
N2Deep-Back To The Hotel-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
N2Deep-Slightly Pimpish - Mostly Doggish-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
N2Deep-The Golden State-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
N2Deep-The Rumble-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
N2Deep-Un-Released Game-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Nappy Roots-Watermelon Chicken And Gritz-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Nappy Roots-Wooden Leather-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Nas-From Illmatic to Stillmatic-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Nas-I Am -Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Nas-Illmatic-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Nas-Nastradamus-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Nas-Stillmatic-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Nate Dogg-Music and Me-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Naughty By Nature-Nineteen Naughty Nine Natures Fury-Retail-1999-Recyc... (Others)
Nazareth-Hair Of The Dog-Retail-1975-Recycled INT (Others)
Neil Young-Unplugged-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Nelly Furtado-Whoa Nelly-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Neneh Cherry-Homebrew-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Neneh Cherry-Raw Like Sushi-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
New Edition-Greatest Hits Vol. 1-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
New Kids On The Block-Hangin Tough-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
New Order-Brotherhood-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
New Order-Get Ready-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
New Order-Substance-2CD-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
New Order-Waiting for the Sirens Call-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
New Version of Soul-Birth of the Souladelic-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Nice and Smooth-Aint A Damn Thing Changed-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Nick Cannon-Nick Cannon-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Nickelback-Silver Side Up-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Nickelback-The State-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Night Ranger-Dawn Patrol-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Others)
Night Ranger-Midnight Madness-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
Nikki D-Daddys Little Girl-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Nina Simone-The Very Best of-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Nina Sky-Nina Sky-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Nine-Nine Livez-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Nirvana-Nevermind-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
No Good N Jiggie-Lizard Lizard-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Non Phixion-The Future Is Now (Platinum Edition)-2CD-Retail-2004-Recyc... (Others)
Nonchalant-Until The Day-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Norah Jones-Come Away With Me-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Norah Jones-First Sessions-Retail EP-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Noreaga-Melvin Flynt Da Hustler-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Noreaga-N.O.R.E-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Nsync-No Strings Attached-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Nsync-Nsync-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Oasis-Definitely Maybe-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Obie Trice-Second Rounds on Me-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Offspring-Smash-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Ol Dirty Bastard-Nigga Please-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Ol Dirty Bastard-Return To The 36 Chambers The Dirty Version-Retail-19... (Others)
Oleander-Unwind-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Omarion-21-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Omni Trio-Haunted Science-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
One Republic-Dreaming Out Loud-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Onyx-Shut Em Down-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Original Flavor-Beyond Flavor-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Outkast-Aquemini-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Outkast-Big Boi And Dre Present -Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Outkast-Idlewild-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Outkast-Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Outkast-Stankonia-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Outlawz-Outlaw 4 Life 2005 A.P.-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Outlawz-Ride Wit Us or Collide Wit Us-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
P.M. Dawn-The Bliss Album-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Pablo Cruise-Worlds Away-Retail-1978-Recycled INT (Others)
Papa Roach-Getting Away with Murder-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Papa Roach-Lovehatetragedy-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Papa Roach-The Paramour Sessions-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Paperboy-City to City-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Paris-Sleeping With The Enemy-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Paul McCartney-Unplugged (the Official Bootleg)-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Paul Simon-Paul Simon (Reissue)-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Paul Simon-Still Crazy After All These Years (Reissue)-Retail-2004-Rec... (Others)
Paul Simon-There Goes Rhymin Simon (Reissue)-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Paula Abdul-Greatest Hits-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Paula Abdul-Shut Up and Dance (the Dance Mixes)-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Pauly Shore-The Future Of America-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Actually-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Behavior-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Disco 2-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Disco-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Fundamental-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Introspective-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Pet Shop Boys-Very-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Pete Rock And CL Smooth-Mecca And The Soul Brother-Retail-1992-Recycle... (Others)
Pete Rock-Soul Survivor-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Peter Gabriel-Hit-2CD-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Peter Gabriel-Long Walk Home (Music From The Rabbit-Proof Fence)-Retai... (Others)
Peter Gabriel-So-Remastered-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Petula Clark-Sailor-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Petula Clark-The Petula Clark Anthology-2CD-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Pharcyde-Plain Rap-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Phi-Life Cypher And Task Force-The Chosen Few-Retail EP-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Phife Dawg-Ventilation Da LP-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Phil Collins- But Seriously-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Phil Collins- Hits-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Phillys Most Wanted-Ring the Alarm-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Phunk Junkeez-Fear of A Wack Planet-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon-Remastered-1973-Recycled INT (Others)
Pink Floyd-The Piper at the Gates of Dawn-Retail-1967-Recycled INT (Others)
Playa Hamm-Layin Hands-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Poetic Hustlaz-Trials And Tribulations-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison Clan (Ft. Rufftown Mob)-Zooism-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison Clan-2 Low Life Muthas-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison Clan-Poisonous Mentality-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison Clan-Ruff Town Behavior-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison-20 Years of Rock the Best of-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Poison-Poisond-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Poor Righteous Teachers-Holy Intellect-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Pras Michel-Win Lose or Draw-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Presidents of the United States of America-Self Titled-Retail-1995-Rec... (Others)
Pretty Poison-Euphoria-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Prime Minister Pete Nice And Daddy Rich-Dust To Dust-Retail-1993-Recyc... (Others)
Prince And The New Power Generation-Gett Off-Retail CDM-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Prince and the NPG-Diamonds and Pearls-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Prince-Emancipation-3CD-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Prince-The Black Album-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Prodigy Of Mobb Deep-H.N.I.C.-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Professor Griff and the L.A.D.-Pawns in the Game-Retail-Proper-1990-Re... (Others)
Professor X-Puss N Boots (The Struggle Continues)-Retail-1993-Recycled... (Others)
Professor X-Years Of The 9 On The Blackhand Side-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Psycho Realm-A War Story (Book 1)-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Psycho Realm-The Psycho Realm-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Public Enemy-Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black-Retail-1991-Recyc... (Others)
Public Enemy-Fear Of A Black Planet-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Public Enemy-Greatest Misses-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Public Enemy-He Got Game OST-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Public Enemy-It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back-Retail-1988... (Others)
Public Enemy-Yo Bum Rush The Show-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Puddle of Mudd-Famous-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Puff Daddy And The Family-No Way Out-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Q-Unique-Vengeance Is Mine-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Quad City Djs-Get On Up And Dance-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Queen Latifah-All Hail the Queen-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Queen Latifah-Nature of A Sista-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Queen Latifah-The Dana Owens Album-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
R. Kelly And Jay-Z-Unfinished Business-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
R. Kelly and Public Announcement-Born into the 90s-Retail-Proper-1992-... (Others)
R. Kelly-12 Play-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
R. Kelly-R.-2CD-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Radiohead-Hail to the Thief-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Radiohead-Kid A-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Radiohead-Pablo Honey-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Radiohead-The Bends-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Rage Against the Machine-Renegades-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Rahzel-Make The Music-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Rakim-The 18th Letter-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Rakim-The Master-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay (Ft. The Spinners)-Ill Be Around-Retail-CDM-1995-Recycled... (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay-4 Tha Hard Way-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay-Bigger Than The Game-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay-Dont Fight The Feelin-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay-Gangsta Gumbo-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Rappin 4-Tay-Off Parole-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Raw Fusion-Hoochiefied Funk-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Raw Fusion-Live From The Styleetron-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
RBX-The RBX Files-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-By the Way-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Freaky Styley (Remastered)-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-One Hot Minute-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Out In L.A.-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Stadium Arcadium-2CD-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Red Hot Chili Peppers-What Hits-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Rehab-Graffiti the World-Reissue-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Rehab-Southern Discomfort-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Reks-Along Came The Chosen-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Richard Marx-Greatest Hits-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Richard Marx-Repeat Offender-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Rick Astley-Greatest Hits-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Rick Astley-Hold Me in Your Arms-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Rick Ross-Trilla-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
RJD2-Deadringer-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Rob Base And DJ E-Z Rock-Break Of Dawn-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock-it Takes Two-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Rob Base-The Incredible Base-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Rodney O And Joe Cooley-Everlasting Hits-RETAiL-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Have A Nice Day-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Joyride-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Look Sharp-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Pearls of Passion-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Room Service-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-The Ballad Hits-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Roxette-Tourism-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Roy Orbison-Mystery Girl-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Royal C-Roll Out the Red Carpet-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Run DMC-Crown Royal-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Sade-Love Deluxe-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Sade-Promise-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Salt-N-Pepa-A Blitz Of Salt-N-Pepa Hits-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Salt-N-Pepa-A Salt With A Deadly Pepa-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Sarai-The Original-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Savage Garden-Savage Garden-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Saving Jane-One Girl Revolution-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Scarface-Mr. Scarface Is Back-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Scarface-My Homies-2CD-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Scarface-The Fix-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Schoolly D-Am I Black Enough for You-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Scorpions-Big City Nights-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Scorpions-Box of Scorpions-3CD-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Seal-Seal-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Self Scientific-The Self Science-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Seminole County-Seminole County-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Seven Mary Three-Orange Ave.-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Seven Mary Three-The Economy of Sound-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Sevendust-Home-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Sexy C-Queen of the Villains-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Shabba Ranks-A Mi Shabba-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Shade Sheist-Informal Introduction-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (VBR) (Others)
Shadz of Lingo-A View to A Kill-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Shaq-Stand And Deliver-CDS-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Shaquille Oneal-Shaq Diesel-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Shaquille Oneal-Shaq Fu - Da Return-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Shaquille Oneal-The Best of-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Shaquille Oneal-You Cant Stop The Reign-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-Certified Hits-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-Extra Mile-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-Greatest Hits-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-In the Vicinity of the Heart-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-Long Time Comin-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Shenandoah-The Road Not Taken-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Shootyz Groove-High Definition-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Shorty Mac-Shorty Mac-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Shwayze-Shwayze-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Shyheim-The Rugged Child-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Shyne-Godfather Buried Alive-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Shyne-Shyne-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Silverchair-Frogstomp-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Silverchair-Young Modern-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Simple E-Colouz Uv Sound-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Simply Red-Home-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Simply Red-Life-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Simply Red-Picture Book-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Others)
Simply Red-Stars-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-Chief Boot Knocka-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-Mack Daddy-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-Return Of The Bumpasaurus-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Sir Mix-A-Lot-Swass-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Skee-Lo-I Cant Stop-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Skee-Lo-I Wish-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Slaughter-Stick it to Ya-Remastered-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Sleepy Brown-Mr. Brown-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Slick Rick-The Art Of Storytelling-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Slick Rick-The Rulers Back-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Slum Village-Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Smashing Pumpkins-Zero-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Smif-N-Wessun-Da Shinin-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Snap-The Madmans Return-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Snap-Welcome to Tomorrow-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Snap-World Power-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Snoop Dogg-No Limit Top Dogg-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Snoop Dogg-Paid Tha Cost to Be Da Boss-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Snoop Dogg-R And G (Rhythm And Gangsta) The Masterpiece-Retail-2004-Re... (Others)
Snoop Doggy Dogg-Doggystyle-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Snoop Doggy Dogg-Tha Doggfather-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Snow-12 Inches Of Snow-Retail-1993-Recycled-INT (Others)
Son Doobie-Funk Superhero-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Sonic Youth-Murray Street-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Sonic Youth-Rather Ripped-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Sonic Youth-Sister-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Soopafly-Dat Whoopty Woop-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Soul II Soul-Keep On Movin-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Soul II Soul-Vol II (1990 A New Decade)-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Soulja Boy-iSouljaBoyTellem-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Souls Of Mischief-93 Til Infinity-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
South Central Cartel-South Central Madness-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
South Circle-Anotha Day Anotha Balla-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Sparkle-Sparkle-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Special Ed-Revelations-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Special Ed-Still Got It Made-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Special Ed-Youngest In Charge-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice 1-The Black Bossalini-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-187 He Wrote-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-1990-Sick-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-Hits 3-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-Hits-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-Spice-1-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-The Last Dance-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-The Ridah-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Spice-1-The Truth-2005-Recycled (Others)
Splender-Halfway Down the Sky-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
St. Lunatics-Free City-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Stone Temple Pilots-Core-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Stone Temple Pilots-No. 4-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Stone Temple Pilots-Shangri-La Dee Da-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Stuck Mojo-Rising-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Styx-Greatest Hits-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Styx-Paradise Theatre-Retail-1980-Recycled INT (Others)
Styx-Pieces of Eight-Retail-1978-Recycled INT (Others)
Success-N-Effect-Back-N-Effect-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Suga Free-Street Gospel-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Sunz Of Man-The Last Shall Be First-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Supertramp-The Very Best of Supertramp-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Sway and King Tech-Back 2 Basics-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Sway And King Tech-Concrete Jungle-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Swollen Members-Black Magic-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Sylk-E.Fyne - Tha Cum Up-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
System of A Down-Mezmerize-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
T-K.A.S.H.-Turf War Syndrome-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
T.I.-Paper Trail-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Tairrie B-The Power Of A Woman-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Talib Kweli-Quality-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Talib Kweli-The Beautiful Struggle-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Tam Tam-Do It Tam Tam-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Tamyra Gray-The Dreamer-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Tantric-Tantric-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Technotronic-Pump Up The Jam - The Album-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Tevin Campbell-Im Ready-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Tevin Campbell-T.E.V.I.N.-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Tha Dogg Pound-2002-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Tha Dogg Pound-Dogg Food-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Tha Eastsidaz-Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
The Allman Brothers Band-Dreams-4CD-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
The Bangles-All Over the Place-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Others)
The Bangles-Everything-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
The Bangles-Greatest Hits-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
The Beach Boys-Concert-Live in London-(Remastered)-Retail-2001-Recycle... (Others)
The Beach Boys-Endless Harmony Soundtrack-(Reissue)-Retail-2000-Recycl... (Others)
The Beach Boys-Keepin The Summer Alive-The Beach Boys-(Remastered)-Ret... (Others)
The Beach Boys-Little Deuce Coupe-All Summer Long-(Remastered)-Retail-... (Others)
The Beach Boys-M.I.U. Album-L.A. (Light Album)-(Remastered)-Retail-200... (Others)
The Beach Boys-Sounds of Summer The Very Best of the Beach Boys-Retail... (Others)
The Beach Boys-Sunflower-Surfs Up-(Remastered)-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
The Beach Boys-The Beach Boys in Concert-(Remastered)-Retail-2000-Recy... (Others)
The Beatnuts-A Musical Massacre-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
The Beatnuts-Stone Crazy-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
The Beatnuts-Take It Or Squeeze It-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
The Big Payback-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
The Click-Down And Dirty-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
The Coup-Genocide And Juice-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
The Cranberries-Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Cant We-Retail-1993-... (Others)
The Cranberries-No Need to Argue-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
The D.O.C.-Deuce-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
The D.O.C.-Helter Skelter-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
The Dayton Family-F.B.I.-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
The Firm-The Album-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
The Flaming Lips-Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
The Fray-How to Save A Life-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
The Fugees-The Score-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
The Game-L.A.X.-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
The Game-The Documentary-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
The Go-Watcha Doin-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
The Human League-The Very Best of the Human League 2CD-2CD-Retail-2003... (Others)
The Jeff Beck Group-Beck-Ola (Remastered)-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
The Killers-Sams Town-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
The Lox-We Are the Streets-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
The Mayfield Four-Second Skin-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
The Mossie-Point Seen Money Gone-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
The Orb-Orbus Terrarum-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
The Orb-Pomme Fritz-Retail EP-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
The Pharcyde-Chapter One Testing The Waters-Retail EP-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
The Pharcyde-Labcabincalifornia-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
The Prec.I.S.E. M.C.-Prec.I.S.E.-Ly Done-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
The Prodigy-Experience-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Aftermath (UK Version)-Retail-1966-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Beggars Banquet-Retail-1968-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Black And Blue-Retail-1976-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Exile On Main St.-Retail-1972-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Jump Back (The Best Of The Rolling Stones)-Retail-2... (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed-Retail-1969-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers-Retail-1971-Recycled INT (Others)
The Rolling Stones-Their Satanic Majesties Request-Retail-1967-Recycle... (Others)
The Roots-Come Alive-Retail Live-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-Do You Want More-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-From The Ground Up-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-Game Theory-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-Illadelph Halflife-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-Phrenology-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-The Legendary EP-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-The Tipping Point-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
The Roots-Things Fall Apart-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
The Shins-Chutes Too Narrow-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
The Shins-Oh Inverted World-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
The Smashing Pumpkins-Adore-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
The White Shadow Of Norway-Renegades-2005-Recycled (Others)
The Whoridas-The Corner Store-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Theory of A Deadman-Scars and Souvenirs-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Thompson Twins-Close to the Bone-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
Three Times Dope-Original Stylin-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Thug Life-Thug Life-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Tiffany-Greatest Hits-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Tim Dog-Do Or Die-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Tim Dog-Penicillin on Wax-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Tim Mcgraw-Set this Circus Down-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Timbaland and Magoo-Indecent Proposal-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Tippy-Come Feel My Rhythm-Retail-2006-Recycled (Others)
TLC-Fanmail-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
TLC-Ooooooohhh...On The TLC Tip-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Toby Keith-Greatest Hits Vol. 2-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Toby Keith-Pull My Chain-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Toby Keith-Shockn Yall-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Toby Keith-Toby Keith-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Toby Keith-Unleashed-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Tommy Tee-Bonds Beats And Beliefs-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Tony Toni Tone-The Millennium Collection-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
Tony Yayo-Thoughts of A Predicate Felon-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Too Much Trouble-Too Much Weight-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Too Short-Cocktails-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Too Short-Get Off the Stage-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Too Short-Gettin It (Album Number Ten)-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Too Short-Life Is Too Short-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Tool-Undertow-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Toto-Past To Present 1977-1990-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Tragedy Khadafi-Thug Matrix-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra-Christmas Eve and Other Stories-Retail-1996-R... (Others)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra-The Christmas Attic-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Trapt-Only Through the Pain-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
Trapt-Trapt-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Trina-Diamond Princess-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Trina-Glamorest Life-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Trinere-Games-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Turk-Penitentiary Chances-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Twinz-Conversation-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Twista-Adrenaline Rush-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Twista-Kamikaze-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Twista-The Day After-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Tyga-No Introduction-Retail-2008-Recycled INT (Others)
U.G.K.-Dirty Money-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
U.G.K.-Too Hard To Swallow-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Achtung Baby-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Boy-Retail-1980-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Pop-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Rattle and Hum-Retail Live-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-The Best of 1980-1990 the B-Sides-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-The Joshua Tree-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-The Unforgettable Fire-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Under A Blood Red Sky-Retail Live-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-War-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Others)
U2-Zooropa-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
UGK-Super Tight-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Ugly Duckling-Fresh Mode-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Urban Dance Squad-Mental Floss for the Globe-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Urban Speech-Do Something-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
US3-Hand On The Torch-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Usher-Confessions-Special Edition-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-40 Ounce Records Hardest Hits-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-8 Mile OST-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-American Pie OST-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Batman And Robin OST-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Big Boi Presents Got Purp Vol. 2-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Black Gangster OST-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Christmas On Death Row-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-City Of Angels OST-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Comedy Central Presents The Marijuana-Logues-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Coyote Ugly OST-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-CSI Crime Scene Investigation the Soundtrack-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Damizza Presents Where I Wanna Be-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Death Row Greatest Hits-2CD-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Down and Out in Beverly Hills OST-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Down to You OST-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Dr. Dolittle The Album-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-East Coast Family Vol. 1-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-ESPNs Ultimate X The Movie-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Friday OST (10th Anniversary Edition)-2CD-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Girls Gone Wild Music Vol. 1-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-H.E.A.L.- Civilization VS Technology-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Jock Jams Vol. 1-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Judgment Night OST-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-La Bamba OST-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Lukes Hall Of Fame Vol. 2-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Master P Presents West Coast Bad Boyz II-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Mr. Hollands Opus OST-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-MTV Party To Go Vol. 2-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Muggs Presents The Soul Assassins Chapter 1-Retail-1997-Recycled... (Others)
VA-Myspace Records Vol. 1-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-NBA Jam Session-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 OST-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Next Friday OST-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Now Thats What I Call Music Vol 3-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-O Brother Where Art Thou OST-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Playas Association Presents Tha Bomb-Bay-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Playas Association Presents the Product-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Playas Association Vol. 2 Full Time Hustlin-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Playas Association Vol. 4 Northwest Hustlin-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Rad OST-Import-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Romeo and Juliet OST-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Seattle The Dark Side-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Soul Food OST-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Soundbombing-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Spice-1 Presents Thug Disease-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Anti-Backpack Movement-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Best Man OST-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Best Of The Box Rap-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Family Values Tour 2001-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Flipsquad Allstar Djs-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Music Never Stopped the Roots of the Grateful Dead-Retail-1995-... (Others)
VA-The Source Presents Hip Hop Hits Vol. 4-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-The Streets Is Watching OST-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Tommy Boy Presents Hip Hop Essentials (1979-1991) Vol. 3-Retail-200... (Others)
VA-Top Gun OST-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Touched By An Angel OST-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Walk Like A Man OST-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Waxing Off Delicious Vinyls Greatest Hits-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Were All In The Same Gang-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-WWF The Music Volume 4-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-WWF The Music Volume 5-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
VA-Zebrahead OST-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Van Halen-5150-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Others)
Van Halen-OU812-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Others)
Vanessa Williams-The Sweetest Days-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Vanilla Ice-Hard To Swallow-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Vanilla Ice-Hot Sex-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Vanilla Ice-Mind Blowin-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Vanilla Ice-To The Extreme-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Others)
Vertical Horizon-Everything You Want-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Vince Neil-Carved in Stone-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
Vonda Shepard-Heart and Soul New Songs from Ally Mcbeal-Retail-1999-Re... (Others)
Warren G-Regulate G Funk Era-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Warren G-Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)-Retail-1997-Recycled... (Others)
Warren G-The Return Of The Regulator-Retail-2001-Recycled INT (Others)
WC The MAAD Circle-Curb Servin-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Others)
WC and the Maad Circle-Aint A Damn Thing Changed-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
WC-The Shadiest One-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
Westside Connection-Bow Down-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Westside Connection-Terrorist Threats-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Wham-Make It Big-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Others)
Will Smith-Willenium-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Will.I.Am (Of B.E.P.)-Must Be 21-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Will.I.Am-Songs About Girls-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Willie D Featuring the Geto Boys-Controversy-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Willie D-Loved by Few Hated by Many-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Willie D-Play Witcha Mama-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Wilson Phillips-California-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Witchdoctor-A S.W.A.T. Healin Ritual-Retail-1997-Recycled INT (Others)
Wreckx-N-Effect-Hard Or Smooth-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Wreckx-N-Effect-Raps New Generation-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Wu-Tang Clan-Legend Of The Wu-Tang (Greatest Hits)-Retail-2004-Recycle... (Others)
Wu-Tang Killa Bees-The Swarm Volume 1-Retail-1998-Recycled INT (Others)
X-Ecutioners-Built From Scratch-Retail-2002-Recycled INT (Others)
Xzibit-Weapons Of Mass Destruction-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Ying Yang Twins-Me And My Brother-Retail-2003-Recycled INT (Others)
Yo Yo-Black Pearl-Retail-1992-Recycled INT (Others)
Yo Yo-Make Way For The Motherlode-Retail-1991-Recycled INT (Others)
Yo Yo-Total Control-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
Yo-Yo-You Better Ask Somebody-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Others)
Young Black Teenagers-Dead Enz Kidz Doin Lifetime Bidz-Retail-1993-Rec... (Others)
Young Buck-Straight Outta Cashville-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Young Gunz-Brothers from Another-Retail-2005-Recycled INT (Others)
Young Gunz-Tough Luv-Retail-2004-Recycled INT (Others)
Young MC-Adrenaline Flow-Retail-2007-Recycled INT (Others)
Young MC-Stone Cold Rhymin-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Others)
Young Starr and Starr Child-Starr Stuntin-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Youngbloodz-Against The Grain-Retail-1999-Recycled INT (Others)
Zebrahead-Broadcast To The World-Retail-2006-Recycled INT (Others)
Zebrahead-Playmate Of The Year-Retail-2000-Recycled INT (Others)
Zhane-Pronounced Jah-Nay-Retail-1994-Recycled INT (Others)
Zhane-Saturday Night-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Others)
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