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04 Feb 2023
A Split Second - kiss of fury-(1990)-amok (Industrial)
A Split Second - the colosseum crash-(1989)-amok (Industrial)
A Split Second - The Parallax View-Vinyl-1991-iND (Industrial)
Arditi-Gloria Victis-WEB-2021-TFA INT (Industrial)
Arditi-Marching On To Victory-WEB-2021-TFA INT (Industrial)
Combichrist-Making Monsters-2010-EOS (Industrial)
Dryft-Cell-2000-AM INT (Industrial)
Erotic Dissidents-Shake Your Hips-CDS-1988-GTi (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Circuitry-(CDS)-1995-J4MZ (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Digital Tension Dementia-(CDS)-1989-J4MZ (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Improvised Electronic Device-2010-EOS (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Provision-(CDS)-1990-J4MZ (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Shifting Through The Lens-CDS-2010-EOS (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-The Blade-(CDS)-1992-J4MZ (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-The Blade-EP-1992-EOS (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-The Singles (Four Fit)-1998-EOS (Industrial)
Front Line Assembly-Virus-CDS-1991-EOS (Industrial)
Frontline Assembly-Epitaph-Limited Edition-2001-PMS (Industrial)
Frontline Assembly-Everlasting Terror-Bootleg-1986-radial (Industrial)
Haus Arafna-Children of God-Remastered-(Galakthorro)-CD-2000-DPS (Industrial)
In Slaughter Natives-In Slaughter Natives-1990-XXI INT (Industrial)
KMFDM-Angst (European Version)-1993-radial (Industrial)
KMFDM-Angst-1993-iRO (Industrial)
KMFDM-Angst-Remastered-2006-EOS (Industrial)
Kub-Entre 2 Mondes-2005-TFP (Industrial)
Linija Mass-1987-Limited Edition-MCDR-2007-D2H (Industrial)
Linija Mass-Industrealism-Limited Edition-MCD-2007-D2H (Industrial)
Linija Mass-Triumph Stali-Limited Edition-Vinyl-2004-D2H (Industrial)
Magnitudo 8-Lucro Chimica-2009-FWYH (Industrial)
Manufactura-Presence Into The Here And Now-2005-FWYH (Industrial)
Manufactura-Todo Por Nada-2CDR-Ltd.Ed.-2005-FWYH (Industrial)
Massiv In Mensch-Die Rein-2002-CMG (Industrial)
Mimetic Mute-Positive-(2000)-AMOK (Industrial)
Nine Inch Nails-Acoustic in Chicago-2000-SSR (Industrial)
Nine Inch Nails-Deep Radio Single-2001-PMS (Industrial)
Nine Inch Nails-The Perfect Drug Versions-1997-KSi INT (Industrial)
Noisuf-X-Antipode-digipack-2005-FWYH (Industrial)
Nurse with Wound-An Awkward Pause (Special Edition)-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2006-r... (Industrial)
Omne Datum Optimum - Missa XXI-2004-BC (Industrial)
ordo rosarius equilibrio-the triumph of light and thy thirteen shadows... (Industrial)
Parallel Project-Explicit-CDM-2004-FWYH (Industrial)
Predella Avant-Carbon Figures-(AMD 008)-Digipak-2004-TFA INT (Industrial)
Predella Avant-Predella Avant-(AMD 006)-Digipak-2003-TFA INT (Industrial)
Rammstein-Stripped-CDM-1998-iRO (Industrial)
S.M.E.S.-Gory Gory Halleluja-2006-MFN (Industrial)
Spineflesh - The Sense Of Flesh-Promo-2007-FWYH (Industrial)
Stillstand - Kreuzung-.Tosom.-CDR-2004-BCC (Industrial)
Subliminal-Coping-.Galakthorroe.--Ltd.Ed. LP-2006-radial (Industrial)
The Human Quena Orchestra-Means Without Ends-2007-DPS (Industrial)
Tidal Chaos as Shelter Igor Krutogolov - Ingathering of Exiles-2003-BCC (Industrial)
VA - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-2005-BCC (Industrial)
VA-How to Stay Young and Healthy in A Modern World-2CDR-2006-BCC (Industrial)
Valvula Antirretorno - Dios Existe-.Slaughter.-2005-BCC (Industrial)
Verrater Sxuperion - Split-Limited Edition-Tape-2015-CF (Industrial)
Vertonen - The Ocean is Gone the Ship is Next-2003-BCC (Industrial)
Vladimir Hirsch-Sense Geometry-2006-BCC (Industrial)
Vromb - Emission Pilote-2000-CMG (Industrial)
Xedh-Your Flesh-CDR-2006-BCC (Industrial)
YAO 91404 D - Key to Abyss-.Abgurd Subdivision.-CDR-2005-BCC (Industrial)
YAO 91404 D-Pesnya Rabochih-CDR-2006-SEVER (Industrial)
Zeigenbock Kopf-Noctural Submissions-CD-2003-BCC (Industrial)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz-Mutilate-.Cop Int.-2005-AMOK (Industrial)
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