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14 Apr 2018
4 Jacks--Deal with It-CD-2013-WUS (Blues)
Alexis Korner and Tony Sheridan and Steve Baker-The Rias Live In Berli... (Blues)
Beth Hart-Front And Center (Live From New York)-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Bob Bingham and Gordon Thorne-Bingham and Thorne 2-CDR-2008-FATHEAD (Blues)
Bob Bingham and Gordon Thorne-Out Of The Desert and Into The Blues-199... (Blues)
Bob Bingham-LIVE At The Pheasant-1999-FATHEAD (Blues)
Bryan Lee--Old School Blues-CD-2010-WUS (Blues)
Budda Power Blues-Budda Power Blues-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
Budda Power Blues-Kind Of Gypsys-CD-2010-6DM (Blues)
Carvin Jones-The Big Time Souvenir-2018-404 (Blues)
Danny Bryant-Revelation-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Deanna Bogart--Everybody Has A Story A Chapter From The Deanna Bogart ... (Blues)
Dick Bird and Steve Baker-King Kazoo-CD-2008-6DM (Blues)
Fred McDowell-Amazing Grace-(Reissue)-1994-GCP (Blues)
Jimmy Cornett And The Deadmen-Live in Roth-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
John Coltrane - Live in Paris-1965-UNiCORN INT (Blues)
John Coltrane - Lush Life-1957-UNiCORN INT (Blues)
John Coltrane - Lush Life-1958-UNiCORN INT (Blues)
Jon Amor Blues Group-Jon Amor Blues Group-CD-2011-6DM (Blues)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band-Lay It On Down-2017-NOiCE (Blues)
Kid Ramos Bob Corritore--The Kid Ramos Bob Corritore Phoenix Blues Ses... (Blues)
Mahalia Barnes and The Soul Mates-Hard Expectations-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Marcia Ball-Shine Bright-(ALCD4982)-CD-2018-FANG (Blues)
Michael Holloway-Blues Travels Fast-CD-1998-6DM (Blues)
Micky Moody Bernie Marsden-The Night The Guitars Came To Play-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Mike Deway--Turbulence-CD-FR-2011-WUS (Blues)
Morblus-I Cant Go Wrong-CD-2006-6DM (Blues)
Myles Goodwyn-Myles Goodwyn and Friends Of The Blues-(270328)-CD-2018-... (Blues)
Red Brown and The Tune Stranglers--If You Aint Right Get Right-CD-2005... (Blues)
Simon Mcbride-Official Live Bootleg The Borderline London 22.05.16-Boo... (Blues)
Simon Mcbride-Since Then-CD-2010-6DM (Blues)
Stephen Stills-Bluesman Radio Broadcast 1972-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
Steve Fister Band-Live Bullets-CD-2007-6DM (Blues)
Steve Fister-Deeper Than The Blues-CD-2008-6DM (Blues)
Sweet Pea Atkinson-Get What You Deserve-2017-NOiCE (Blues)
Ten Foot Polecats--I Get Blamed For Everything I Do-CD-2010-WUS (Blues)
The Heavy Hitters Acoustic Project-A Little Bit Closer-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
The Mighty Mojo Prophets-Flyin Home From Memphis-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
VA-The Rough Guide To Holy Blues-2017-gF (Blues)
Vargas Blues Band-From The Dark-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Vdelli-Dog Hill Blues Sessions-CD-2005-6DM (Blues)
Vdelli-Live At The Indian Ocean Hotel-2CD-2001-6DM (Blues)
Victor Wainwright--Family Roots-CD-2013-WUS (Blues)
Walter Wolfman Washington-My Future Is My Past-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
18 Mar 2018
Balkun Brothers-Redrova-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Ben Harper And Charlie Musselwhite-No Mercy In This Land-2018-RiBS (Blues)
Ben Harper And Charlie Musselwhite-No Mercy In This Land-WEB-2018-SPANK (Blues)
Black River Delta-Vol II-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Bobby Rush-Porcupine Meat-2016-gF (Blues)
Brother Hawk-Big Medicine-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Budda Power Blues-One In A Million-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Collin Taylor and the Blues Jets-Blues at Sunrise-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Danielle Nicole-Wolf Den-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
David Munyon-Planetary Nights-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Earl Hooker-The Genius Of Earl Hooker-(NUM5040dig1)-WEB-2007-MOHAWK (Blues)
Frank Goldwasser-Bluju-CD-2003-D2H (Blues)
Ginger Wildheart-Ghost In The Tanglewood-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Greyhound George-Cleaning Up-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Ian Siegal-All the Rage-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Johnny Dowd-Do The Gargon-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Johnny Mastro and Mamas Boys-Lukes Dream-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
Johnny Mastro and Mamas Boys-Take Me To Your Maker-CD-2007-6DM (Blues)
Johnny Mastro and Mamas Boys-The Black Album-CD-2006-6DM (Blues)
Kris Barras Band-The Divine and Dirty-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Lurrie Bell-Cant Shake This Feeling-2017-SNOOK (Blues)
Mamas Boys-Chicken and Waffles-CD-2002-6DM (Blues)
Michael Holloway-Ridin This Train-CD-2006-6DM (Blues)
Mix and Dorp-Blues and Beat-CD-2011-6DM (Blues)
Mojo Hands-Voodoo You Love-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Morblus and Justina Lee Brown-A Touch Of Blues-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Morblus-Green Side-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Morblus-On The Way Back-CD-2010-6DM (Blues)
Muddy What-Gone From Mississippi-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Myles Kennedy-Year of the Tiger-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats-Tearing At The Seams-2018-MTD (Blues)
NDIDI O-These Days-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Nick Moss-The High Cost Of Low Living-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Robert Finley-Goin Platinum-(Promo)-2017-404 (Blues)
Savoy Brown-Witchy Feelin-2017-gF (Blues)
Snowy White and The White Flames-Reunited-CD-2017-D2H (Blues)
Stevie Ray Vaughan Ft. Bonnie Raitt-North Of The Great Divide-CD-2015-D2H (Blues)
Studebaker John-Old School Rockin-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
Studebaker Johns Maxwell Street Kings-Kingsville Jukin-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Studebaker Johns Maxwell Street Kings-Thats The Way You Do-CD-2010-6DM (Blues)
Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore-Longtime Friends In The Blues-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
Tail Dragger-Stop Lyin-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Texas Slim-Lucky Mojo-CD-2011-D2H (Blues)
The Nick Moss Band featuring Dennis Gruenling-The High Cost Of Low Liv... (Blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos-Breaks It Down-2018-404 (Blues)
Tommy Schneller Band-Backbeat-2CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Tommy Schneller-A Heartbeat Away-CD-2004-6DM (Blues)
Toronzo Cannon-John The Conquer Root-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Toronzo Cannon-Leaving Mood-CD-2011-6DM (Blues)
Toronzo Cannon-The Chicago Way-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Trampled Under Foot-Wrong Side Of The Blues-CD-2011-D2H (Blues)
Tri Continental-Live-2CD-2000-D2H (Blues)
Tri Continental-Tri-Continental-CD-2000-6DM (Blues)
Trickbag-With Friends Vol.2-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
VA-Classic African American Songsters-2014-gF (Blues)
VA-Doo Wop Love Songs Vol 3-WEB-2016-ESG (Blues)
VA-Make It Your Sound Make It Your Scene Vanguard Records And The 1960... (Blues)
VA-MOJO Presents True Faith (Issue289)-MAG-2017-gF (Blues)
VA-Times Is Gittin Hard (Rare Blues from the Mississippi 1920s to 1940... (Blues)
Vanessa Collier-Meeting My Shadow-2017-gF (Blues)
Vanja Sky-Bad Penny-2018-404 (Blues)
Vdelli-Remastered Vol. 1-CD-2004-D2H (Blues)
Will Wilde-Raw Blues-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Willie Buck-Cell Phone Man-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
Wolf Mail-Live Blues In Red Square-CD-2014-D2H (Blues)
15 Feb 2018
Be Ha Ve-One Of These Days-2017-IMT (Blues)
Beautiful Bobby Blackmon-Travelin Home-CD-2005-6DM (Blues)
Beautiful Bobby Blackmon-Yeah Baby-CD-2011-6DM (Blues)
Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite-Found The One-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Chad Strentz-Shake Down-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Chris Smither-Call Me Lucky-(Promo)-2018-404 (Blues)
City Blues Connection-Anna Liza-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Clarence Gatemouth Brown-Boogie Uproar The Complete Aladdin-Peacock Si... (Blues)
Dan Patlansky-Perfection Kills-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Danielle Nicole-Cry No More-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Eric Steckel-Polyphonic Prayer-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Erskine Oglesby-Blues Dancin-CD-2000-6DM (Blues)
Fillmore Slim-The Game-CD-2004-6DM (Blues)
Franck Goldwasser-Cant Raise Me-CD-2012-D2H (Blues)
George Katsaros-George Katsaros Greek Blues in America Vol 1-WEB-GR-20... (Blues)
Greyhound George and Karl Valta-Apple Street Boogie-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
Harmonica Shah-Havin Nothin Dont Bother Me-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Harmonica Shah-If All You Have Is A Hammer-CD-2009-6DM (Blues)
Harmonica Shah-If You Live To Get Old-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Harmonica Shah-Live At The Cove-CD-2011-6DM (Blues)
Hot N Nasty-Dirt-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Inga Rumpf and Friends-At Rockpalast-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
James Harman-Bonetime-CD-2015-D2H (Blues)
Janiva Magness-Love Is an Army-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Jimi Barbiani Band-Boogie Down the Road (Live)-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Jimmy Duck Holmes and Terry Harmonica Bean-Twice As Hard-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
John Coltrane - Live in Japan 1966 (4CD)-4CD-1991-UNiCORN INT (Blues)
John Lee Hooker-His Best Chess Sides-1997-FATHEAD INT (Blues)
John Mayall-Three for the Road-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Just A Test-Sorry (Dont Race)-2010-MAEH INT (Blues)
King King-Live-2CD-2016-D2H (Blues)
Lance Lopez-Tell The Truth-(Promo)-2018-404 (Blues)
Lucky Peterson-Long Nights-2017-SNOOK (Blues)
Michael Landau-Rock Bottom-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Michael Osborn-What Goes Around-CD-2007-6DM (Blues)
Mississippi Bigfoot-Population Unknown-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
Mountain Men-Against The Wind-2016-SNOOK (Blues)
Murali Coryell-Live-CD-2012-D2H (Blues)
Rob Blaine-Rob Blaines Big Otis Blues-CD-2010-6DM (Blues)
Robben Ford and The Blue Line-Handful Of Blues-1995-FATHEAD INT (Blues)
Robert J Hunter-The Robert J Hunter Band-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters-The Luckiest Man-2018-404 (Blues)
Shelly Bonet-Devoted-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Steve Kozak-Lookin At Lucky-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
Sugar Ray and The Bluetones-Seeing Is Believing-CD-2016-D2H (Blues)
Sultans Of Slide-Lightning Strikes-CD-2011-D2H (Blues)
TC Carr and Bolts Of Blue-TC Carr and Bolts Of Blue-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
The Black Cadillacs-Run-CD-2012-6DM (Blues)
The Mutual Admiration Society-The Mutual Admiration Society-(Promo)-20... (Blues)
The Reverend Shawn Amos-The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down-WEB-201... (Blues)
Tim Lothar and Holger Hobo Daub-Blues From The North-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
Toby Beard-Nobody Told Me-CD-2015-6DM (Blues)
Trickbag-Tailor Made-CD-2006-6DM (Blues)
VA-Beltin The Blues-1994-FATHEAD INT (Blues)
VA-Blue Rose Nuggets 62-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
VA-Blue Rose Nuggets 63-CD-2013-6DM (Blues)
VA-Blue Rose Nuggets 66-CD-2014-6DM (Blues)
Van Wilks-Kokos Hideaway-CD-1999-6DM (Blues)
Vargas Blues Band-Blues Latino-CD-1994-6DM (Blues)
Vargas Blues Band-Gipsy Boogie-CD-1997-6DM (Blues)
Vargas Blues Band-Lost and Found-CD-2007-6DM (Blues)
Various Artists-Blue Rose Nuggets 81-CD-2016-6DM (Blues)
Velma Powell And Bluedays-Blues To The Bone-2018-VPE (Blues)
Victor Wainwright And The Train-Victor Wainwright And The Train-2018-404 (Blues)
Wee Willie Walker-After a While-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Wes Jeans-Forest Of The Pine-CD-2006-6DM (Blues)
Wolf Mail-Solid Ground-CD-2009-6DM (Blues)
Zed Mitchell-Autumn In Berlin-CD-2013-D2H (Blues)
Zed Mitchell-Springtime In Paris-CD-2007-D2H (Blues)
25 Jan 2018
Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa-Black Coffee-(Limited Edition)-2018-RiBS (Blues)
Blueground Undergrass-Live At The Variety Playhouse Atlanta GA-1999-FA... (Blues)
Brother Grimm-Home Today Gone Tomorrow-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Cat Clyde-Ivory Castanets-2017-MTD (Blues)
Dan Zanes and Friends-Lead Belly Baby-2017-MTD (Blues)
David Migden And The Twisted Roots-Animal and Man (Expanded Deluxe Edi... (Blues)
Gary Hoey-Utopia-2010-MTD (Blues)
Ghostwriter-String Noise and Dust-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Grahame Bond-Mighty Grahame Bond-Remastered-2011-gF (Blues)
Heart Attack Alley-Living in Hell-WEB-2012-gF (Blues)
Howlin Wolf-The Howlin Wolf London Session (Deluxe Edition)-BONUS TRAC... (Blues)
Jason Ricci And The Bad Kind-Approved By Snakes-2017-MTD (Blues)
Jeff Jensen-Morose Elephant-2015-MTD (Blues)
John Mayall-Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition)-BONUS TRA... (Blues)
Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band-Hoodoo Man Blues-Reissue-2011-gF (Blues)
Muddy Waters-King Of Chicago Blues-4CD-Remastered-2006-gF (Blues)
Muddy Waters-Live at Rockpalast (Live 1978 Dortmund)-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
Philip Glenn-Outsider-(BIG001dig1)-WEB-2018-MOHAWK (Blues)
Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project--Royale Reguine-CD-FR-2016-WUS (Blues)
Raphael Wressnig-Soul Connection (Deluxe Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-201... (Blues)
Saron Crenshaw And Blind B And The Visionairs-Goin To Get Deep-2017-404 (Blues)
The Romanticos-Good Vibrations-2017-VPE (Blues)
Tinsley Ellis-Winning Hand-WEB-2018-ALPMP3 (Blues)
VA-Bea and Baby Meat and Gravy-2CD-2002-MTD (Blues)
VA-Mississippi Saxophone-2CD-2012-gF (Blues)
VA-Strange Angels In Flight with Elmore James-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED (Blues)
VA-The Incredible Blues Guitar Album-2000-MTD (Blues)
Vaya Con Dios-What Will Come of this-CDS-1998-oNePiEcE (Blues)
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