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01 Aug 2019
A-Ha - East of the Sun West of the Moon-UK-1990-DoR (Pop)
A-Ha - Memorial Beach-NO-1993-DoR (Pop)
A-Ha - Stay on These Roads-NO-1998-DoR (Pop)
A-ha-Angel-CDM-(WEA)-1993-JUST (Pop)
A-Ha-East of the Sun West of the Moon-1990-DuDE (Pop)
A-Ha-Hunting High And Low-1985-DNR (Pop)
A-Ha-Hunting High and Low-1985-DuDE (Pop)
A-Ha-Memorial Beach-1992-EOS (Pop)
A-Ha-Scoundrel Days-1986-DuDE (Pop)
A-Ha-Scoundrel Days-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Pop)
A-Ha-Stay on These Roads-1998-DoR (Pop)
Aaron Carter-Aaron Carter-1997-FIH INT (Pop)
ABBA-ABBA Live-Remastered-1997-pyt (Pop)
ABBA-More ABBA Gold-1993-Wyse (Pop)
Abba-The Hits 1-1986-Lm2z (Pop)
Abba-The Hits 2-1988-Lm2z (Pop)
Abba-The Hits 3-1988-Lm2z (Pop)
Ace Of Base - Dont Turn Around-CDM-1994-PULSE (Pop)
Ace Of Base - Never Gonna Say Im Sorry-CDM-1996-PULSE (Pop)
Ace Of Base - Waiting For Magic (Total Remix)-CDM-1993-PULSE (Pop)
Ace Of Base-Beautiful Life-Ltd.Ed. CDM-1995-KOMA (Pop)
Ace of Base-Happy Nation - U.S. Version-1993-GRiPP (Pop)
Ace of Base-Happy Nation U.S. Version-1993-ATM (Pop)
Ace Of Base-Happy Nation Us Version-1993-WAP (Pop)
Ace of Base-The Sign-1993-DuDE (Pop)
Adam H--Adam H-(Retail)-1995-WUS (Pop)
Al Green-Greatest Hits-1984-RMG (Pop)
Alanis Morissette-Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie-1998-OSC INT (Pop)
Annie Lennox-Little Bird Song For A Vampire-CD Single-1993-HRS (Pop)
Aqua-Barbie Girl-CDM-1997-ALPMP3 INT (Pop)
Aqua-Turn Back Time-CDM-1998-BWA INT (Pop)
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me Vol. 2 OST-1999-RNS (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys-1995-MOP (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys-1996-EOS (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys-1996-Wyse (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys-1997-DNR (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreet Boys-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back-1997-aAF (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back-1997-DNR (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back-1997-DuDE (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Backstreets Back-1997-Wyse (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Everybody (Backstreets Back)-CDS-1997-aAF (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-I Want It That Way-CDM-1999-EOS (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Ill Never Break Your Heart-(CDM)-1995-DNR (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Millennium-1999-DNR (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Millennium-1999-DuDE (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Millennium-1999-SiSOmp3 (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Millennium-1999-Wyse (Pop)
Backstreet Boys-Selections A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys-1998-EOS (Pop)
Bad Boys Blue - Queen of Hearts-CDM-1990-CMG (Pop)
Bad Boys Blue-Game of Love-1990-VOLDiES (Pop)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy-Remix CDM-1993-TNX (Pop)
Bamse - Allergoeste-DK-1999-SMO (Pop)
Bananarama-Greatest Hits Collection (Bonus Tracks)-1999-WiRE (Pop)
Bananarama-Only your love-CDM-(EMI)-1990-JUST (Pop)
Bananarama-The Greatest Remixes Collection-1989-ZzZz CLSC (Pop)
Bangles - Definitive Collection-1995-PMP3 (Pop)
Bangles - Walk Like an Egyptian-1991-XCell (Pop)
Banu Gibson-Zat You Santa Claus-1995-DGN (Pop)
Barbados - Rosalita-1999-sLd (Pop)
Barbara Carroll-Everything I Love-1995-UTB (Pop)
Barbara Hendricks-La Voix Du Ciel-1993-SNOOK (Pop)
Barbara Lea-A Woman in Love-1994-UTB (Pop)
Barbra Streisand-A Collection Greatest Hits And More-1989-ATM (Pop)
Barbra Streisand-Memories-1981-HNH (Pop)
Barbra Streisand-One Voice-1987-KSi (Pop)
Barbra Streisand-World Ballad Collection-1999-HEB (Pop)
Barracudas-A Plane View-(COL-0606)-CD-1995-WC2R (Pop)
Barry Adamson-The Negro Inside Me-CD-1993-GTi (Pop)
Barry Manilow-Greatest Hits The Platinum Collection-1993-DNR (Pop)
Barry Manilow-Greatest Hits Volume I-1990-DuDE (Pop)
Barry Manilow-Greatest Hits Volume II-1991-DuDE (Pop)
Barry Manilow-Singin with the Big Bands-1994-MIL (Pop)
Barry Ryan-Light in Your Heart-CDM-1990-oNePiEcE (Pop)
Barry Ryan-The Singles Plus-1998-WRE (Pop)
Bauhaus-Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape-1988-DNR (Pop)
Beach Boys-California Gold-The Very Best Of-2CD-(Remastered)-1990-NG (Pop)
Beach Boys-Classic Hits Collection Vol 1-1991-KSi (Pop)
Beach Boys-Classic Hits Collection Vol 2-1991-KSi (Pop)
Beach Boys-Endless Harmony Soundtrack-1998-pyt (Pop)
Beach Boys-Summer Dreams (UK Import)-1990-iRO (Pop)
Beach Boys-The Dutch Singles Collection-1990-pyt (Pop)
Beagle-Sound On Sound-1992-OLmp3 (Pop)
Beatles - Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection-1999-aAF (Pop)
Beatles-Megamix-1996-XXL (Pop)
Becca Duran-Hide and Seek-1992-UTB (Pop)
Beckstrom-Lykkens kalosjer-NO-(Rodelokka Grammofon)-1997-JUST (Pop)
Bed and Breakfast - If You Were Mine-CDM-1995-oNePiEcE (Pop)
Bed and Breakfast-You Made Me Believe in Magic-CDM-1995-GTi (Pop)
Bee Gees-Alone-CDS-1997-FiP (Pop)
Bee Gees-Paying the Price of Love-CDS-1993-gnvr (Pop)
Bee Gees-Size Isnt Everything-CDA-1993-wAx (Pop)
Bee Gees-Size-ALBUM-1993-wAx (Pop)
Bee Gees-The Sound A Likes-1999-SMNB (Pop)
Bee Gees-The Very Best Of The Bee Gees-1990-DNR (Pop)
Bee Gees-The Very Best Of-1990-1REAL (Pop)
Beepop-Mangler Dig Nu-CDM-DK-1999-MrMox (Pop)
Belinda Carlisle - A Woman and A Man-1996-ONO (Pop)
Belinda Carlisle-Runaway Horses-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Pop)
Bellini-Samba De Janeiro-1997-TwNMP3 (Pop)
Billie Ray Martin-Deadline for my memories-(Warner)-1995-JUST (Pop)
Bo Kaspers Orkester-Pa Hotell-SE-1994-ATM (Pop)
Boney M-The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs-1986-EGO (Pop)
Boney M.-Felicidad-VLS-1980-BEX (Pop)
Britney Spears-...Baby One More Time-1999-NHH INT (Pop)
Care-Diamonds And Emeralds-WEB-1997-ESG (Pop)
Dj Screw-Its A Dirty World Disc Two-1999-SUT (Pop)
Julio Iglesias-Da Manuela A Pensami-(COL4687762)-1991-HFT (Pop)
Rednex-Sex and Violins-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Pop)
Sandra - Paintings in Yellow-1990-oNePiEcE (Pop)
Special Gift-A Set Time-1996-CR (Pop)
The Smiths-The World Wont Listen-1987-EOS (Pop)
Tool-Deserted-(Bootleg)-1996-MaB (Pop)
Type O Negative-Light My Fire-Bootleg-1997-EOS (Pop)
Type O Negative-Suicide Is Self Expression-Bootleg-1994-EOS (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 01-1986-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 02-1987-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 03-1987-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 04-1988-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 05-1988-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 06-1989-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 07-1989-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 08-1989-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 09-1990-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 10-1990-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 11-1991-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 12-1991-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 13-1992-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 14-1992-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 15-1993-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 16-1993-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 17-1994-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 18-1994-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 19-1995-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 20-1995-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 21-1996-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 22-1996-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 23-1996-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 24-1997-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 25-1997-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 26-1997-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 27-1998-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 28-1998-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 29-1998-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 31-1999-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-Absolute Music 32-1999-ATM INT (Pop)
VA-DJ Hits 37-1997-BUL (Pop)
VA-Now Thats What I Call Music 43-2CD-1999-KCL (Pop)
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