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08 Aug 2009
Actors And Actresses-Arrows-(Retail)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Against Me-The Original Cowboy-2009-RMN (Punk)
All Time Low-Nothing Personal-2009-H3X (Punk)
American Steel-Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts-2009-RMN (Punk)
Anti-Flag--The People Or The Gun (Bonus Tracks)-WEB-2009-WUS (Punk)
Anti-Flag--Which Side Are You On-EP-2009-WUS (Punk)
Anti-Flag-The People Or The Gun-(Advance)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Antiseen-Brodys Militia--Split-Vinyl-EP-2009-BERC (Punk)
Barakuda Mcmurder-Slow Crawl-(CDR)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Ben Weasel-The Brain That Wouldnt Die-2009-FNT (Punk)
Blue Demon-High Falutin-2009-gF (Punk)
Bomb the World-Rocknrollers with One Foot in Their Grave-MCD-2009-B2R (Punk)
Broadway Calls-Good Views Bad News-(Advance)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Carpet Seven-Fist In The Eye-(EP)-2009-404 (Punk)
Change Of Ideas-Power-Punk-2008-gF (Punk)
Chibuku-15 Years Of Psychotic Power Rock N Roll-2009-gF (Punk)
Classics Of Love-Walking In The Shadows-(EP)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Coin Classic-If U Smile-CDR-KR-2009-FiH (Punk)
COR - Seit Ich Die Menschen Kenne Liebe Ich Die Tiere-DE-2009-YSP (Punk)
Dancing On Fire-Summer Sampler-2009-UTP (Punk)
Dear Landlord-Dream Homes-2009-FM (Punk)
Dirty Money-Far From Home-(EP)-2007-FNT (Punk)
Disco Lepers-GG Allin--Split-Vinyl-EP-2009-BERC (Punk)
Don Tetto-Lo Que No Sabias (Edicion Especial)-CD-SP-2009-WC2R (Punk)
EleventySeven-Adventures In Eville-2009-RMN (Punk)
Fake Problems--Viking Wizard Eyes Wizard Full Of Lies-VLS-2008-PiT (Punk)
Flipper-Love-2009-ONe (Punk)
Four Year Strong-Explains It All-2009-VAG (Punk)
Gan-Do that Again. AGAIN-2009-gF (Punk)
Green Balloons-Green Balloons-2006-VERiTAS (Punk)
Green Day-21st Century Breakdown-2009-BiGW (Punk)
Green Day-Know Your Enemy-CDM-2009-NBD (Punk)
Hemi Loco-Summer Sampler-CDR-2009-UTP (Punk)
Hillbilly Headhunters-The Best Of The-2009-SDR (Punk)
Hit The Lights-Coast To Coast-WEB-2009-FiH (Punk)
Iggy Pop-Preliminaires-2009-ONe (Punk)
In Vacuo-You Pilot-EP-2008-NiSHiNO (Punk)
Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour-Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour-EP... (Punk)
Jaakko and Jay-Jaakko and Jay-Vinyl-EP-2009-KALEVALA (Punk)
Kitten Forever-Born Ready-(CDR)-2008-FNT (Punk)
Kitty In A Casket-Horror Express-2009-gF (Punk)
Lebakko-Sunday Morning Coming Down-Vinyl-EP-2009-KALEVALA (Punk)
Lene Lovich-Live At Studio 54 1981-(DVD)-2007-pLAN9 (Punk)
Montreal--Zwischen Tuer und Angel-EP-DE-2009-UBE (Punk)
Neue Katastrophen-Arisches Archloch-Vinyl-DE-2009-SDR (Punk)
New York Dolls-Cause I Sez So-(Bonus CD)-2009-MTD (Punk)
North Lincoln-Midwestern Blood-2009-FNT (Punk)
Ohne Zubehoer - Mechanoid Mensch-DE-2009-YSP (Punk)
P.O.R.N.O.-Verhaltensgestoertes Kind-CDM-DE-2007-SDR (Punk)
Periode 6-Esst Mehr Obst-DE-2008-SDR (Punk)
Pinhead Gunpowder-Kick Over the Traces-2009-CR (Punk)
Psyched To Die-Year One-2009-FNT (Punk)
Radau AG--Stempel Drauf-DE-2009-OMA (Punk)
Radio Dead Ones--Gambian Bumsters-VLS-2009-PiT (Punk)
Rancid-B Sides And C Sides-(Japanese Import)-2008-MTD (Punk)
Rancid-Let The Dominoes Fall-(Expanded Edition)-2CD-PROPER-Read NFO-20... (Punk)
Riverdales-Invasion USA-2009-FiH (Punk)
Rock N Rebels-Nocturnal Hearts-2009-404 (Punk)
Rome Asleep-Rome Alseep-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Set Your Goals-This Will Be the Death of Us-2009-ApoLLo (Punk)
Set Your Goals-This Will Be The Death Of Us-2009-FNT (Punk)
Shook Ones-The Unquotable AMH-2009-FNT (Punk)
Smash The Statues-When Fear Is All Around Us-2008-hXc (Punk)
Snot-Brain Of Chaos-Demo-CDR-2009-hXc (Punk)
Sodomy Soldiers-Sodomy Soldiers-2009-gF (Punk)
Stock Im Arsch - Schweine-DE-2009-YSP (Punk)
Stopcox-Against It-2007-SDR (Punk)
Suicide City-Frenzy-(Advance)-2009-FNT (Punk)
Sum 41-All The Good Shit-14 Solid Gold Hits (2000-2008)-2009-404 (Punk)
Talons-Talons-2009-OZM (Punk)
Testosteron - Erheb Dein Glas-DE-2009-YSP (Punk)
The Apers-You Are Only As Strong As The Table You Dance On-2009-FNT (Punk)
The Baboon Show-Best of the Baboon Show-2009-JUST (Punk)
The Cretins-More Stoopider-2009-FNT (Punk)
The Dwyers-Gas Station Masturbation-2009-KALEVALA (Punk)
The Dwyers-The Dwyers-Vinyl-EP-2008-KALEVALA (Punk)
The Gumbabies-This Is Plastic-2009-gF (Punk)
The Higher-Its Only Natural-2009-RMN (Punk)
The Lazy Bombs-Make Up...your Mind...-CDEP-2008-SDR (Punk)
The Leftovers-Eager To Please-2009-404 (Punk)
The Lost Lyrics-Punchline Party-DE-2009-SDR (Punk)
The Pheromones-San Jackd-(EP)-2003-NiSHiNO (Punk)
The Ripmen-Rott In Pieces-2009-SDR (Punk)
The Scarred-At Half Mast-2009-pLAN9 (Punk)
The Traditionals-Generation Of Today-2008-SDR (Punk)
The Vaselines-All the Stuff and More-2009-ONe (Punk)
Title Fight-The Last Thing You Forget-2009-RMN (Punk)
Towerblocks - The Good The Bad And The Punks-Retail-2009-YSP (Punk)
Trabireiter--Knightrider-CD-DE-2007-PiT (Punk)
V-Punk-Traum-2009-TMI (Punk)
VA - Back on the Streets IV Tour-CD-Promo-DE-2008-RAiN (Punk)
VA - Oi the Print 28-2009-RAiN (Punk)
VA-Carry The Torch A Tribute To Kid Dynamite-2009-RTB (Punk)
VA-G.A.T.E.S-Children Of Technology-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2009-hXc (Punk)
VA-Insubordination Fest 08-2009-FNT (Punk)
VA-Lemuria-Off With Their Heads-Under The Influence Vol 7-(7inch)-2009... (Punk)
VA-Ox Compilation 84-MAG-2009-SDR (Punk)
VA-P.N.S.-Societys Parasites-Split-2009-gF (Punk)
VA-Psychobilly Ratpack 3-2009-gF (Punk)
VA-Psychomania No 6-MAG-2009-SDR (Punk)
VA-Punk in England-(DVD)-2009-0MNi (Punk)
VA-The Copyrights-The Dopamines-Songs About Fucking Up-(Split CDR)-200... (Punk)
VA-The Dopamines-Till Plains-(Split CDR)-2008-FNT (Punk)
VA-Tribute To Zaunpfahl - Wir Machen Nur Ein Bisschen Subkultur-DE-200... (Punk)
Vagina Panther-Vagina Panther-2009-FNT (Punk)
Varukers-Murder - Nothings Changed-CD-2009-rH (Punk)
Victims Of Circumstance-Roll The Dice-2009-pLAN9 (Punk)
Volxsturm--Immer hart am Wind-2LP-DE-2009-PiT (Punk)
Voodoo Band-Capitalists Good Bye-2009-D2H (Punk)
Whip Crackin Daddies-Playing With Knives-2009-SDR (Punk)
Wiseheimer-Industrial Retribution-2009-FNT (Punk)
Wochenendterroristen--Steig Ein-DE-2009-OMA (Punk)
Zablujena Generacija-Mi Smo Stare Pizde-SI-2008-FNT (Punk)
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