07 Mar 2019
(Hed) Planet Earth-Blackout - (Unmastered Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
(thedaisy)anthesis-Demo-(Demo CDR)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
1.5 Kg Otlichnogo Pure-Gravitatsiya-RU-2002-BUTT (Metal)
1.5 Kg Otlichnogo Pure-Tsentr Tyajesti-RU-2004-BUTT (Metal)
13even-Handshakes And Casualties-2003-BUTT (Metal)
16 Horsepower-16 Horsepower-(EP)-1995-BUTT (Metal)
18 SGG-18 SGG-1999-BUTT (Metal)
1ne Day-Black Celebration-(CDS)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
1ne Day-The Capricorn-(Promo)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-2 Live Crew Greatest Hits-1992-RGN (Metal)
2 Live Crew-As Nasty As They Wanna Be-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Back At Your Ass For The Nine-4-Retail-1993-Recycled INT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Banned In The U.S.A.-1990-AMP (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Banned In The USA-Retail-1990-Recycled INT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Greatest Hits Volume 2 Bonus CD-1999-RNS (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Greatest Hits Volume 2-1999-RNS (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Move Somethin-1987-AMP (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Private Personal Parts-2CD-2000-RNS (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Shake A Lil Somethin-Retail-1996-Recycled INT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part II)-Retail-... (Metal)
2 Live Crew-The Essential DJ 12 and Mega Mixes-2002-aPC (Metal)
2 Live Crew-The Original 2 Live Crew-Retail-1995-Recycled INT (Metal)
2 Live Crew-The Real One-1998-EIP (Metal)
2 Ton Predator - In the Shallow Waters-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-Boogie-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-Demon Dealer-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-Golddigger-(CDS)-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
2 Ton Predator-In The Shallow Waters-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
26 Miles Per Hour-Apathy-1999-BUTT iNT (Metal)
3 Doors Down-Another 700 Miles-(Retail-EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
3 Doors Down-Away From the Sun-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
3 Kisses-Wings-2004-BUTT (Metal)
3 Quarters Dead-Blueprint of A Strange Mind-RETAIL-2003-ICE (Metal)
311-Enlarged to Show Detail-1996-BUTT INT (Metal)
311-Evolver-(Japanese Bonus Track)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
311-Unity-1992-BUTT INT (Metal)
36 Crazyfists-A Snow Capped Romance (Advance)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
37 Stabwoundz-Embrace Solitude-2004-BUTT (Metal)
3rd-Highest Human Form-(EP)-2000-BUTT (Metal)
3rdlimb-3 Song-(Demo)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
3rdlimb-Amputate-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Invitation to the Dance (Promo)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Invitation to the Dance-2001-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Live at Birch Hill Nite Club 03 14-2003-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Rain EP (Read NFO)-1999-BUTT (Metal)
40 Below Summer-Self Medicate-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
5 Billion Dead-5 Billion Dead-(EP)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
50 Lions-Time Is The Enemy-2007-BUTT (Metal)
6gig-Mind Over Mind-2003-BUTT (Metal)
731-Raw Grind Violence-(Demo)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
764 HERO-Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere-2002-BUTT (Metal)
7th Rail Crew-Sevenation-2002-BUTT (Metal)
A Better Hope Foundation-Trading Heroes For Ghosts-2008-BUTT (Metal)
A Breach Of Silence-Dead Or Alive-2013-KzT (Metal)
A Breach Of Silence-The Darkest Road-2014-KzT (Metal)
A Dark Orbit-Inverted-2015-KzT (Metal)
A Day of Pigs-The Oath-2006-BUTT (Metal)
A Dozen Furies-A Concept From Fire-(Retail)-2005-KzT (Metal)
A Failing Devotion-The Fallen-2014-KzT (Metal)
A Faylene Sky-Hell Is Where The Heart Is-2013-KzT (Metal)
A Last Day on Earth-A Last Day on Earth-(CDR)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
A Moment To Capture-One Last Time-2013-KzT (Metal)
A Need For Reason-Growing-2013-KzT (Metal)
A Plane To The Void-Commedia-2015-KzT (Metal)
A Red Dawn-The Need to Defy-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
A Secret Death-Fear Is The Driving Force-(Reissue)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
A Silent Fiction-This Silence is Deafening-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
A Torn Dilema-Tainted By Birth-2004-KzT (Metal)
Abandon All Hope-Where Life And Death Meet-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Abhor-Abhor-2015-KzT (Metal)
Aborted - The Archaic Abattoir-2005-BUTT INT (Metal)
Abrogation-1487-DE-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Abscess-Open Wound (Demo)-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Absent Society-The Plastic Parade-2005-KzT (Metal)
Abstraxt-Next Victim-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Absurd-Raubritter-(Proper EP)-DE-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Absynthium-Hatestorm-(Demo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Acariya-Acariya-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Acaro-The Disease Of Fear-2012-KzT (Metal)
Acid Blitz-Neuroactive Music Bullet(S) (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Adaliah-Broken Families-2012-KzT (Metal)
Adaliah-Shedding Skin-2014-KzT (Metal)
Addiction Crew-Break In Life-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Adestria-Gilded Hearts-2014-KzT (Metal)
Adversary-Discern-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Adversary-Hidden Disease-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Aechoes-The Human Condition-2012-KzT (Metal)
After the Calm-After the Calm-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Aggressive Sound Painters-Colour Collision-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Agresion-Guerra Santa-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Agresion-War of Contradictions-(CDS)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Agrypine-Fated-Split-(Ltd.Ed. Demo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Aidan Baker-Concretion-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Alexisonfire- Get On The Bus With-(Promo)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Alkaline Trio-Damnesia-CD-FLAC-2011-FAiNT (Metal)
Alkaline Trio-Live Worchester 6-19-2001-iTS (Metal)
All Parallels-All Parallels (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
All Parallels-You Wont Feel A Thing (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Allaccess-Allaccess (EP)-1999-BUTT (Metal)
Allele-Self Titled-(Demo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Allfather-Weapon of Ascension-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Alpha And Omega-Devils Bed-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Alpha Black-Crossing Erubus (Advance)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
American Analog Set-Late One Sunday And The Following Morning CDM-2001... (Metal)
American Analog Set-Through The 90s-Singles And Unreleased-2001-NuHS (Metal)
American Football-American Football-1999-NuHS INT (Metal)
American Head Charge-Loyalty-CDS-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
American Head Charge-The War of Art-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
American Head Charge-Trepanation-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
American Me-Heat-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Fate of Norns-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Once Sent From The Golden Hall-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-The Avenger-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-The Crusher-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Versus The World-2CD-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Among The Living-Broken Foundation-(CDM)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Among Thieves-Beginning of the End (Japanese Import)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Among Thieves-Beginning Of The End-(Japanese Import)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Ampools-Hier Jetais Un Autre-(Demo)-FR-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Andrew Lloyd Webber-Curtain Call-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Anew-The Systematic Extinction of Mankind-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Ape-Ape-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Arcane-Ashes-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Black Earth (Remastered)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Black Earth-1996-BUTT INT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Burning Waldrock (Bootleg)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Stigmata-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Arch Enemy-Wages of Sin-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Aria-Kreshchenie Ognem-RU-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Aria-The Anatomy of A Broken Man (Demo)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Armored Saint-Lessons Not Well Learned-(Bonus CD)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Armored Saint-Lessons Not Well Learned-(DVD)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Arthurkill-Addiction-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Artificial Incineration-Study Of Icons-(CDR EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Artimus Pyledriver-Artimus Pyledriver-2005-BUTT (Metal)
As I Lay Dying-Meaning in Tragedy-(Webrip CDS)-2005-BUTT INT (Metal)
As the Sun Sets-7744-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
As the Sun Sets-8949-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
As the Sun Sets-Limited Summer (Demo)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Ashes of Your Enemy-The Undying-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Aside From A Day-Setting in Motion-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Asphalt-Road Rash Vol. 1-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Asphyxia-Asphyxia-2008-BUTT (Metal)
At the Gates-Gardens of Grief-(EP)-1991-BUTT INT (Metal)
At the Gates-Slaughter of the Soul-(Reissue)-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
At the Gates-Suicidal Final Art-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
At the Gates-Terminal Spirit Disease-(Digipak)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
At The Gates-Terminal Spirit Disease-1994-BUTT INT (Metal)
At the Gates-The Red in the Sky is Ours-1992-BUTT INT (Metal)
Atomic Ants-Keep Cool And Dry-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Atomship-The Crash Of 47-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Atreyu-Lead Sails Paper Anchor-(UK Bonus Track)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Atreyu-Live Rebelpalooza Las Vegas 04-05-2003-BUTT (Metal)
atrox-orgasm-2003-butt (Metal)
Attack Vertical-Human Race-FR-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Authority Zero-Andiamo (Advance)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Autopsy - Critical Madness (Demo)-1988-BUTT (Metal)
Avtipus-How to Make Water (Retail) IL-1997-BUTT (Metal)
Awaking The Fallen-Dum Spiro Spero-2008-KzT (Metal)
Azathoth-Azathoth-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
azrael-demo-2001-butt (Metal)
Backjumper-White Black And The Lies Between-2011-KzT (Metal)
Backwoods-Decline Through Dedication-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Bad Acid Trip-Lynch the Weirdo-(Sampler)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Bad Blood-Inner Peace Outer Grief-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Bad Brains-Build A Nation-(Retail)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Bad Brains-Live-1988-NuHS (Metal)
Bad Omens-Bad Omens-2016-KzT (Metal)
Balls Deep-Full Length-(CDR)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Bandanos-We Crush Your Mind With The Thrash Inside-BR-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Bates Motel-Deux Ex Machina-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Beacons-Dead Thoughts-2014-KzT (Metal)
Beautiful Gorgeous-To Travel-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Beauty In Chaos-The Dead Forever Dream-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Becoming The Archetype-Celestial Completion-2011-KzT (Metal)
Before the Dawn-Deadsong-(CDS)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Before the Torn-Behind Every Treason-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Behatred-Comitted To Brutality-(Demo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Behind Crimson Eyes-A Revelation for Despair-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Behold Oblivion-Witness-2011-KzT (Metal)
Being As An Ocean-Dear G-D-2012-KzT (Metal)
Being As An Ocean-How We Both Wondrously Perish-2014-KzT (Metal)
Beneath the Red Dawn-This Cold Mourning-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Beware The Gentlemen-Learn To Struggle-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Bewkenheimer-Bewkenheimer-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Beyond the Sixth Seal-Earth and Sphere-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Billy Talent-Billy Talent (Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Biosystem 55-2000.Just.to.Destroy-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Biosystem 55-Fifty Five-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Black Asylum-Victims of the Fall-(Promo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Black Label Society-The European Invasion Doom Troopin Live-(DVD)-2006... (Metal)
Black Lungs-Send Flowers-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Black Widow-Night Of The Raven-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Blacksunrise-Engulf The World In Frozen Flames-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Bleeding Through-Dust to Ashes-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Bleeding Through-Portrait Of The Goddess-2001-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Bleeding Through-Wolves Among Sheep-(DVD)-REPACK-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Bleeding Through-Wolves Among Sheep-2CD-(DVD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Bless The Fallen-The Eclectic Sounds Of A City Painted Black And White... (Metal)
Blind Sight-The Tenderstrike Salvation-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Blindside-About A Burning Fire-(CDS)-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Blink 182-Live in NJ 07-27-01-EGO (Metal)
Blo.Torch-Volatile-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Blood Duster-Lyden Na-2CD-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Blood Shot Eye-Demolition-(Demo)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Blood Stands Still-Tomorrow the World-(Advance)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Blooddawn-Kill or be Killed-(Demo CD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Bloodsessions-Redemption Denied-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Bloodshot-A Pestilence Called Humanity-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Bloodsport-Imprisonment-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Blowsight-She Devil-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Body Count-Live in L.A.-(DVD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Body Count-Untitled Album-(Sampler)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Body of Scars-Body of Scars-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Bonestripper-4 Song-(Promo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Boney NEM-Den Pobedi RU-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Box Car Racer-Box Car Racer-2002-iRO (Metal)
Boysetsfire-After the Eulogy-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Breaking Benjamin-3 Song Promo-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Breaking Benjamin-Breaking Benjamin-EP-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Budhi-Koan-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Buried Yesterday-Only Salvation for Us-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Burning The Masses-Volatile Existence-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Burnt By The Sun-Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Burnt By The Sun-Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Bury Your Dead-Beauty and the Breakdown-(Promo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
BZN-Leef Je Leven-NL-2003-BUTT (Metal)
cable-never trust a gemini-2003-butt (Metal)
Caliban Vs. Heaven Shall Burn-The Split Program-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Caliban-A Small Boy and A Grey Heaven-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
Caliban-Shadow Hearts-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Caliban-The Opposite From Within-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Callenish Circle-Flesh Power Dominion-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Callenish Circle-Forbidden Empathy-2CD-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Callenish Circle-Graceful Yet Forbidding-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
Callenish Circle-My Passion Your Pain-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Calm-Are We Supposed to Be -2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cancelled-Abstained-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cancelled-Plankton (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Cancelled-Sinus-(EP)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Carpathian-Isolation-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Carpathian-Nothing to Lose-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Catch Your Breath-Life And Sounds-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Cathedral-The Garden of Unearthly Delights-(Advance)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Chainsnap-Hollow-(Retail)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Chaos Theory-Out of Place-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Charlie Puth-Nine Track Mind-2016-C4 (Metal)
Chet Baker-Sings-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Clawfinger-Use Your Brain-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Clutch-A Promo Named Marcus-1993-BUTT (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Coal Chamber-(Reissue Bonus DVD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Coal Chamber-Dark Sides from Dark Days (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Coffin Birth-The Miracle Of Death-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Cold Colours-Somnium XIII-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Cold Summer Society-4 Song (Demo)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Comeback Kid-Live at EHCP 10 (11-08)-(Bootleg)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Compos Mentis-Gehennesis-(Promo)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Concealment-Leak-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Concubine-Laughter Days-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Confronto-Causa Mortis-BR-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Converge-The Long Road Home-(DVDA)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Corea-Los Peores 7 Km De Mi Vida-SP-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Corporal Raid-Xenophilism-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Course Of Nature-Damaged-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Cradle of Filth-Cruelty and the Beast-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Cradle Of Filth-The Evils Bitter Sweet (Limited Edition)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Crash-Experimental State of Fear-1997-BUTT (Metal)
Crash-Terminal Dream Flow-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Crash-To Be or Not to Be-1995-BUTT (Metal)
Creeping-Ten Horns-(Demo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Crisis-Toxic-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Crooked-Halo-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Crowns Of Kings-Lifeline-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Cue Estey-3-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Cut Sick-End It All-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Dallas Green-City and Colour the Death of Me-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Damien Rice and Christy Moore-Lonely Soldier-CDS-2004-aAF (Metal)
Damien Rice-Acoustic on Radio 21-2003-JUST (Metal)
Damien Rice-B Sides-2004-uF (Metal)
Damien Rice-Canonball-PROMO-CDS-2003-aPC (Metal)
Damien Rice-Live (Evening Standard Exclusive)-2004-JUST (Metal)
Damien Rice-The Blowers Daughter-CDS-2001-JUST (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Damage Done-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-The Gallery-(Deluxe Edition)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Dashboard Confessional-A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar-UK Bonus Tracks... (Metal)
Dashboard Confessional-Far From Home Movies-(DVDA)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Daze-Fresh Red-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Dead to Fall-Everything I Touch Falls to Pieces-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Dead to Fall-Villainy and Virtue-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Deadlock-Wolves-(Bonus Track)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Deadspeak-My Blood Is The Seed Of The Beast (Demo)-200x-BUTT (Metal)
Deadsun-Degenerate Matter-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Decadence-The Creature-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Deepdown-Insideout (Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Deeper than that-The Threat that Comes From Within-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Dehuman-Promo 9900-(Demo)-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Delight-Od Nowa-(Promo)-PL-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Demiurge-Demiurge-(Demo)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Demon Hunter-Storm the Gates of Hell-(Bonus Tracks)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Demon Hunter-Storm The Gates Of Hell-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Dog Fashion Disco-Erotic Massage-1999-BUTT (Metal)
down - demo-1995-butt (Metal)
Down To Nothing-Unbreakable-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Down-Demo-1995-BUTT (Metal)
Down-Nola-(Demo)-1995-BUTT (Metal)
Dream Theater-Master of Puppets-(Official Bootleg)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Dredg-Industry Demo-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Drudgery-Rust-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Dyscord-Dakota-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Ebola-In Borrowed Plumes-IT-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Element Eighty-Element Eighty-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Eleven Minutes Away-Arson Followed Me Home-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Emanuel-Soundtrack to A Headrush-(Japan Bonus Tracks)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Embrace the End-It All Begins with One Broken Dream-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Emigrate-Emigrate-(Promo)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Endo-Songs for the Restless-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Endorphins-Where Evil Lies-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Endrone-The Sins Within-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Enemy Ground-Self-Titled-(Demo)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
enemy unknown-alert status red-2005-butt (Metal)
Enlightened by Darkness-Buried Beneath-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Enshade-Endless Skyline RU-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Enter the Hunt-For Life. Til Death. to Hell. with Love.-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Enthroned-Black Goat Ritual (Live in the Flesh)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Envy-Breathing and Dying in this Place-1996-BUTT (Metal)
Envy-The Eyes of Single Eared Prophet-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Equinox-The Immortal Kind-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Eradicate-Armageden-FR-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Erase the Grey-27 Days (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Error-2 Song Demo-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Evanescence-Bring Me To Life (CDS)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Evanescence-Fallen (Real Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Even X-Angry Mirror-(Advance)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Every Time I Die-The Big Dirty-(Sampler)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Every Time I Die-The Big Dirty-(Sampler)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Evildead-Annihilation of Civilization-(Reissue)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Exit to Eternity-4 Track (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Extortion-Control-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Extortion-Sick-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Eyes of Fire-Disintegrate-(EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Eyes of Ligeia-What the Moon Brings-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Ezra Stone-The Horseman-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
F.U.B.A.R.-Studio Sessions (2002-2004)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Facecage-III-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Faceless-Sampler-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Faith No More-The Platinum Collection-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Falciot-Bogaboo-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Falling Silence-Dogs Life-2003-BUTT (Metal)
False-Shrapnel-EP-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Fear Factory-Archetype-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Fear Factory-Cars-(CDS)-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
Fear Factory-Concrete-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Fear Factory-Demanufacture-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Feathers Are Beautiful-The Silence Ends Here and Now-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Fight Like Hell-Rabid as Wolves-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Filth Tree-Filth Tree-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Fiona at Forty-Fiona at Forty-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Fireforce-Deathbringer-2014-PMS (Metal)
Flaw-Endangered Species (RETAIL)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
For The Glory-Survival Of The Fittest-2007-BUTT (Metal)
For The Mathematics-The New Science-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Forgetting Tomorrow-3 Song-(Sampler)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Forgetting Tomorrow-Visions of Clarity (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Frameless Scar-Shadow of A Dying Dream-(Advance EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
From Dying Skies-Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Fuck the Facts-No Refund-Mermaid in A Manhole-the Great One (3 Way Spl... (Metal)
Gallows-Desolation Sounds-2015-SDR (Metal)
Gallows-Gallows-2012-FNT (Metal)
Gallows-Gallows-Demo-1993-BERC (Metal)
Gallows-Orchestra Of Wolves-2007-pLAN9 (Metal)
Gallows-Staring At The Rude Bois-VLS-2007-SDR (Metal)
Genghis Tron-Cloak of Love-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
GF93-OSR-2004-BUTT (Metal)
GF93-The Bloody Bastard Remixes-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Goatsnake-Trampled Under Hoof-(EP)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Godhead-Unplugged-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Grog-Macabre Requiems-1996-BUTT (Metal)
Gruvis Malt-Simon-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Gryp-Gryp (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Gryp-Indecision-1999-BUTT (Metal)
Hatebreed-Under The Knife-2000-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Have Heart-Songs To Scream At The Sun-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Heavy Hearted-Overcast-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Hed Planet Earth-Blackout-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Her Nightmare-Come Anarchy Come Ruin-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Hole-Gold Dust Woman-(Promo-CDS)-1996-BUTT (Metal)
Hopeless-Hopeless-(Demo)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Horna-Ordo Regnum Sathanas-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Horna-Ordo Regnum Sathanas-MCD-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Hu-T-Still-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Hymir-Perish-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Hypno5e-Manuscrit Cote Ms408-FR-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Hypocrisy-Virus-(Advance)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
I Killed The Prom Queen-Music For The Recently Deceased-(Tour Edition)... (Metal)
I Killed the Prom Queen-Music for the Recently Deceased-2006-BUTT (Metal)
I Rise-For Redemption-2008-BUTT (Metal)
In Flames-Lunar Strain-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Insolence-Audio War-(Japanese Retail)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Jack Napier-Revenge-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Jairus-The Need to Change the Mapmaker-(Advance)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Jairus-The Need To Change The Mapmaker-Advance-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Jan Smit-Op Eigen Benen-NL-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Jaya The Cat-First Beer of A New Day-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Jealous Again-Amicitation-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Jimmy Eat World-Sessions At AOL 08-26-02-2002-pH INT (Metal)
JoJo-JoJo-(Retail)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Jungle Fever-Stayin Alive-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Just Die-Three Song Singalong Survival Kit-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Just Say Go-Where It Ends-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Just Went Black-Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World-(7inch)-2003-... (Metal)
Justice-Live And Learn-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Kerosene 454-Situation at Hand-1996-BUTT (Metal)
Killradio-Off With His Head-(EP)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Killswitch Engage-Alive or Just Breathing-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Kissy Face Fashion Fauxpas-All this Danger is Turning Me on-(EP)-2006-... (Metal)
Knockout Kings-The Lion-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Kohere-Kohere-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Korn-Take It Back-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Korn-The Ultimate Rarities-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Kyuss-Demon Cleaner (CDS2)-1994-BUTT (Metal)
Kyuss-Live In Atlanta (10-20)-(Bootleg)-1994-BUTT (Metal)
Led Zeppelin-Radio Sessions-3CD-Bootleg-2004-ICE (Metal)
Legion-Home Recordings-(2006-2007)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Live At Manchester Arena In Manchester UK 0610-2001-iDX (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Live At The Atlantico Pavilion In Lisbon POR 0521-2001-iDX (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-New Old Songs-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Machine Head-Burn My Eyes-1994-BUTT INT (Metal)
Machine Head-Through The Ashes Of Empires-(U.S. Retail)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Madball-Legacy-(Promo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Manhunt-Manhunt-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Manic-Manic-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Manntis-Sleep in Your Grave-(European Retail)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Mary Magdalene-Mary Magdalene-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Mastodon-Call of Mastodon-(Promo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Matt Nathanson-Beneath These Fireworks-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Merda-Carlos-BR-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Meshuggah-Contradictions Collapse-1991-BUTT INT (Metal)
Meshuggah-I-(EP)-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Meshuggah-None-(EP)-1994-BUTT INT (Metal)
Meshuggah-Rare Trax-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Meshuggah-The True Human Design-(EP)-1997-BUTT INT (Metal)
Millencolin-Twenty Two-1997-rH (Metal)
Mindsnare-Disturb the Hive-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Minsk-Burning-2003-BUTT (Metal)
MIRC.v7.47-rG (Metal)
Moments-Demo 06-(Demo CDR)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Moments-Moments-(EP CDR)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Morser-Scum-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Most Precious Blood-Merciless-(Retail)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Motion City Soundtrack-I Am The Movie-REISSUE-2003-pH (Metal)
Mudvayne-Beginning of All Things to End-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Mudvayne-L.D. 50-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Mudvayne-The End of All Things to Come-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Muse-Arcana-1997-BUTT (Metal)
Musicbox Superhero-The Five Stabs-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
My Cubic Emotion-Its Violent Julliette Dont Look -(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
My Precious-Everything So Far-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Myotonia-Myotonia-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Nadja-Touched-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Nailbomb-Point Blank-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Nailbomb-Point Blank-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Nas-Gods Son (Instrumentals)-Vinyl-2003-CMS (Metal)
Nas-Stillmatic-(Instrumental LP)-2002-LsP (Metal)
Nasum-Grind Finale-2CD-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Nelly-Iz U-(CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Nerve Gas Tragedy-No Tomorrow-(Advance)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Nirvana-A Season in Hell Part 1 3CD-1994-BUTT (Metal)
No Turning Back-Stronger-2008-BUTT (Metal)
NOD-Demo-FR-2004-BUTT (Metal)
NOFX-45 Or 46 Songs That Werent Good Enough-2002-iDX (Metal)
OpenSight.Software.FlashFXP.v4.4.0.1991.Cracked-REViSE (Metal)
OpenSight.Software.FlashFXP.v5.2.0.3918.Multilanguage.REPACK-CaviaR (Metal)
OpenSight.Software.FlashFXP.v5.4.0.3935.Multilanguage-CaviaR (Metal)
OpenSight.Software.FlashFXP.v5.4.0.3970.Multilanguage-CaviaR (Metal)
OST-Carnivore-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Pantera-No Compromise No Sellout-Bootleg-1995-BUTT INT (Metal)
Pantera-Official Live 101 Proof-1997-BUTT INT (Metal)
Pantera-Planet Caravan-(cds)-1994-butt int (Metal)
Paura-Reverse The Flow-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Pennywise-About Time-1995-rH (Metal)
Pennywise-About Time-1996-rH (Metal)
Pennywise-Something To Change (Live at Kilborn 04-08-04)-svcd-2004-mV4U (Metal)
Power Trip-Power Trip-(Demo CDR)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Preee v3.69 2012-04-03-PARADOX (Metal)
Pro Team-Our Wasteland-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Pulsion-Arkanum-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Quebec-Together We Have Grown Together We Shalll Bloom-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Quiet Steps-Quiet Steps-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Rabbit Junk-Reframe-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Radford-Sleepwalker-(Retail)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Radiohead-Go to Sleep-CDM1-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Radiohead-Go to Sleep-CDM2-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Radiohead-Just For College-1995-NuHS (Metal)
Raging Speedhorn-How the Great Have Fallen-(Advance)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Raging Speedhorn-How the Great Have Fallen-(Retail Bonus Tracks)-2005-... (Metal)
Rammstein-Mutter-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Rammstein-Sehnsucht-1999-BUTT (Metal)
Ramp-Planet Earth-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Rancid-Indestructible-(Bonus Tracks)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Raza-4 Song Demo-SP-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Red Giant-Devil Child Blues-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Reels-Reels-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Reign Supreme-Reign Supreme-(Demo CDR)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Reign-Reign-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Remembering Never-Suffocates My Words to You-(EP)-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Rest of My Life-Rest of My Life-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Rise To Fall-End Vs Beginning-2015-KzT (Metal)
Ritual-Ritual-2015-KzT (Metal)
Road To Ransome-Animus-2014-KzT (Metal)
Saint Vitus-Live-(Reissue)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Saliva-Survival of the Sickest Sampler-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Samsara-The Emptiness-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Scene.Auto.Trader.Pack (Metal)
Sees-Three Winters-2015-KzT (Metal)
Sentenced-Amok-Love and Death-(Reissue)-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-Crimson-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-Down-1997-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-Frozen-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-North From Here-(Reissue)-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sentenced-The Cold White Light-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sepultura-Roots-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Set To Reflect-Artificial Sun-2014-KzT (Metal)
Sevendust-Home-(Ltd.Ed. CDM)-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Severed Existence-The Limbs of Humanity-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-Live in Japan-(EP)-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-Of One Blood-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-Somber Eyes to the Sky-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Shadows Fall-The Art of Balance-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Shai Hulud-A Comprehensive Retrospective-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Shun-Michael In Reign-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sickhead-Abuse-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Sickle-One-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live At Barbican Hall (Soundboard)-04-21-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Beacon Theatre (Soundboard) 11-01-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Edinburgh (Soundboard) 10-03-2002-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at Lincoln Theatre (Soundboard) 11-04-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live at the Warfield 11-23-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sigur Ros-Live in Vienna (Soundboard)-10-16-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sikh-Sikh-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Sikth-How May I Help You (EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Sikth-Let The Transmitting Begin-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Sikth-The Trees Are Dried And Dead Wait For Something Wild-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Silenced In A Broken Mirror-Beautiful Vengeance-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Silent Planet-The Night God Slept-2014-KzT (Metal)
Silent Rose-Eradicate - Reinstate-2013-KzT (Metal)
Sinister-Savage Or Grace-2cd-(Ltd.Ed.)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Sirens And Sailors-Skeletons-2013-KzT (Metal)
Skillet-Collide (Advance)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Slayer-Diabolus in Musica-1998-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Divine Intervention-1994-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-God Hates Us All-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Haunting the Chapel-(Remastered EP)-1993-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Hell Awaits-1985-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Live Undead-(Remastered)-1993-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Reign In Blood-1986-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Slayer-Seasons in the Abyss-1990-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-Seasons In The Abyss-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Slayer-Show No Mercy-(Remastered)-1993-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slayer-South Of Heaven-1988-BUTT iNT (Metal)
Slayer-Undisputed Attitude-1996-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slipknot-Disasterpieces-(DVDA)-2002-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slipknot-Iowa-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Slipknot-Live At Big Day Out 0126-(Bootleg)-2005-PMS (Metal)
Snoop Dogg-Tha Last Meal-2000-SO INT (Metal)
Soilwork-Figure Number Five-2CD-(Ltd.Ed.)-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Solace And Stable-Adaptation And The Seclusive Remedy-2009-KzT (Metal)
Soul Made Visible-Innocence Lost-2009-KzT (Metal)
Soul Sanctuary-Afterlife-2009-KzT (Metal)
Split Shift-13-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Splitbolt-Epidemic-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Splitbolt-Epidemic-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Spout-Were Goin Straight to Hell-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Stareblind-Something Left Unexplained-2009-KzT (Metal)
Stemm-Cross Roads-2011-KzT (Metal)
Steryle-Foreshadowing Yesterday-2009-KzT (Metal)
Stone Sour-Live in Chicago 10-06-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Straightout-Undying Beauty and the Symphony of Sadness-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Strapping Young Lad-For Those Aboot To Rock-(DVDA)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Strommoussheld-Halfdecadance-(CDM)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Stronger Than Hate-As Seasons Pass-(EP)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Stunt Double Jesus-5 Song Demo-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Styggelse-Bland Andlosa Falt Av Snusk Och Hor-(EP)-SE-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Subcyde-Subcyde 2005-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Sublevel-The Mechanics of Coping-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Subliminal-Subliminal-(Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Subspecies-Symbiosis-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Suckapunch-Where Once Was Love Hate Has Grown-(Retail)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Suffer the Living-Forgive These Words-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Sunken-Flooded-(MCD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Superjoint Ritual-A Lethal Dose of American Hatred-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Swamp Thing-Swamp Thing-(Demo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Swingshot-Theres Nothing Like A Beating-2007-KzT (Metal)
Sylar-Help-2016-KzT (Metal)
Sylar-To Whom It May Concern-2014-KzT (Metal)
Taking Back Sunday-Tell All Your Friends-2002-KSi INT (Metal)
Taking Back Sunday-Where You Want to Be-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Tantric-The End Begins-(Promo)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Tarot-Crows Fly Black-(Limited Edition)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Texas Is On Fire-Shine Set Repeat-2005-BUTT (Metal)
The All American Rejects-Live At Warped Tour In Toronto 0802-2003-pH (Metal)
The All American Rejects-Live MTV Backstage Pass-2003-pH (Metal)
The Black Keys-10 A.M. Automatic-CDM-2004-NuHS (Metal)
The Blackout Terror-The Shortest Distance Between Birth and Death-2002... (Metal)
The Libertines-Up The Bracket-Promo-2002-NuHS (Metal)
The March Of Seasons-My Winter-2007-KzT (Metal)
The Nadas-Transceiver-2003-BUTT (Metal)
The Saddest Landscape-Self-Titled 7 Inch-2001-BUTT (Metal)
The Stillborn Extraction-The Stillborn Extraction-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
The String Quartet - Tribute To Iron Maiden-2003-FERiCE (Metal)
The Torture Of Comacine-Anatomy Of Murder-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
the venting machine-diablo demo-(retail)-2004-kzt (Metal)
Theyweregunshots-I Need You To Warm Me You Need Us To Burn-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
thine eyes bleed-in the wake of separation-(reissue)-2006-butt (Metal)
Thine Eyes Bleed-Thine Eyes Bleed-2008-BUTT (Metal)
This Present Darkness-Dont Forget to Write-2002-BUTT (Metal)
This Years Addiction-This Years Addiction-(Demo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Thorrs Hammer-Dommedagsnatt-NO-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Threat Signal-Demo-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Throwdown-Vendetta-(Promo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Thy Disease-Extreme Obsession Live-(DVD Bonus Audio)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Time of Need-Control-2000-BUTT (Metal)
To Outlive the Beginning-My Declaration-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Tokio Hotel-Scream-(Retail)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Tomahawk-Stockholm (02-23-02) (Bootleg)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Tool-Aenima-1996-BUTT INT (Metal)
Tool-Opiate-(EP)-1992-BUTT INT (Metal)
Tool-Parabola (Promo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Tool-Salival-2000-BUTT INT (Metal)
Torture Incident-The Deadly Efficiency of Napalm-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Trash Talk-Trash Talk-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Travis Barker And DJ AM-Fix Your Face-Bootleg-2008-WHOA (Metal)
Trenchfoot-Trenchfoot (Demo)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Trickshot-Payback Time-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Tripod-Deviances-FR-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Tripswitch-Demo-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Trivium-The Station-Orlando-(1-10)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
TSA-Heavy Metal World-(Remastered Digipak)-PL-2004-BUTT (Metal)
TSA-List XXX-(Promo CDM)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
TSA-Rocknroll-(Remastered Digipak)-PL-2004-BUTT (Metal)
TSA-Selftitled-(Remastered Digipak)-PL-2004-BUTT (Metal)
TSA-SPUNK-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Twentyinchburial-Radiovenom-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Unearth-Above the Fall of Man-(EP)-1999-BUTT INT (Metal)
Unearth-Stings Of Conscience-2001-BUTT INT (Metal)
Unforgiven-Last Of The Few-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Unjust-Glow-(Remastered)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Unjust-Glow-Remastered-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Unloco-Becoming I-(Advance)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Upon A Burning Body-Genocide-(Reissue EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
V-Mob-Collection-2000-BUTT (Metal)
V.A.-Cheeba Hitz Hosted by SD-Promo-2003-kHz (Metal)
VA-Blazed Randb Mixtape Vol 7-2003-PS (Metal)
VA-Blazed Randb Mixtape Vol 8-2004-HMC (Metal)
VA-Clubland OST-1999-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Cynic-19-The Act We Act-At Least I Speak-(3 Way Split)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
VA-DJ Arek 01 2004 (Best of Pleasure Dome)-2004-USF (Metal)
VA-DJ Arek 04 2004-2004-USF (Metal)
VA-DJ Arek 05 2004-2004-USF (Metal)
VA-DJ Astrid Presents Positive Energy (Volume 1)-256-CD-1999-MiM INT (Metal)
VA-DJ B.D and MC A.B (Blackdiamonds) - Hot Flavour Mix Vol.1-PROMO-200... (Metal)
VA-DJ Bass - Move The Room Vol. 10-2004-KrbZ (Metal)
VA-DJ Biges And DJ Skyz-Remixology-2003-FSP (Metal)
VA-DJ Biges-80 Minutes Of Funk Vol 3-2004-CRN (Metal)
VA-DJ Biges-80 Minutes Of Funk Volume 2-2003-FSP (Metal)
VA-DJ Blaze-Hot And Juicy Vol.1-2004-MVP (Metal)
VA-DJ Bobbo Presents Electrical Energy Vol 3-2003-CDT (Metal)
VA-DJ Boolshit and DJ Limo-Mixxion Impossible-2004-OBC (Metal)
VA-DJ Candlestick-Campus Love 15 (Chopped Not Slopped)-2013-409 INT (Metal)
VA-DJ Candlestick-Candleshit 9 (Chopped Not Slopped)-2013-409 INT (Metal)
VA-Dj Chris David And Dj Salva-Ar N Bee (Part 2)-2003-FSP (Metal)
VA-Dj Chris David And Dj Salva-Ar N Bee (Part 3)-2004-FSP (Metal)
VA-DJ Cipha Sounds-Hosted By Kardinal Offishall-2002-WHOA (Metal)
VA-DJ Cream-Colors (Gangsta Shit 2004)-2004-0MNi (Metal)
VA-DJ Cybermix-Its Cybermix 2004-2004-CRN (Metal)
VA-DJ D-Nice-Nice Times 4-2004-uC (Metal)
VA-Dj D.Syde And DJ Akil-All Stars Conference Vol 2-2003-0MNi (Metal)
VA-DJ Djizz-Djizz Is The Name-2004-CRN (Metal)
VA-DJ Drez-Classic Riddims Vol. 2-PROPER-2001-RFL (Metal)
VA-DJ Dutty Flex-Wanted-2004-CNS (Metal)
VA-DJ E.Sudd-T.R.U the Real University (Trujackcity)-2015-409 INT (Metal)
VA-Down To Nothing-50 Lions-(Split)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Fordirelifesake-Endzweck-A Collective Property-(Split-CDS)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Headbangers Ball-Volume 2-2CD-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Identity-1995-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Jagermusic Rarities-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Luca Brasi-Fireships-(Split)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Magrudergrind - Shitstorm-(Split)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Massive Frequency Overload-1997-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Life-2CD-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Israel Compilation Vol 14-2000-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Israel Compilation Vol 16-2001-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Israel Vol 18-2002-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Presents Thrash - Back to Skool-(MAG)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
VA-New Shit Vol. 12-(Promo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-News From Nuclear Blast Vol. 3-1998-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Nuclear Blast Blasting Your Ears Vol 2-(Sampler)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Nuclear Blast Sampler-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series Volume 09-1996-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series Volume 11-1997-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Obsidian Halo and Dead by Dawn-(Split Sampler)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Ozzfest 10th Anniversary-(Bonus DVD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Ozzfest 10th Anniversary-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Resident Evil-Apocalypse OST-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Summer of Metal-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-The Dark Psyche-2006-BUTT (Metal)
VA-The Metal Pushers-2002-BUTT (Metal)
VA-The Unholy Alliance - Slayer-Slipknot-2CD-(Bootleg)-2004-BUTT (Metal)
VA-The Unholy Alliance Chapter II Preaching to the Perverted-(DVD)-200... (Metal)
VA-Tribe-Adelic Liquid-2001-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Victory Records Heavy Music Sampler-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Watch Me Burn-Spermblast-(Split)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Western Decay-Naked Burn-Infinite Thought Process-(3 Way Split)-200... (Metal)
VA-WOA 2005 Promo Sampler-2005-BUTT (Metal)
VA-Worms Of The Earth-The Surrogate-(Split)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
VA-You Mean The World To Me-(CDR)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Vacant Stare-Vindictation-(Retail)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
Vacant Stare-Vindictation-2002-(retail)-BUTT (Metal)
Van Stone-Van Stone-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Vanity 4-Zoon Politicon-1994-BUTT (Metal)
Vespers Descent-Reality Dysfunction-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Vices For Virtues-Heartfelt-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Vile Intent-3 Song Promo-2004-BUTT (Metal)
Virulent-Under the Hex of Amdusias-(EP)-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Vision of Disorder-Still (EP)-1997-BUTT (Metal)
Vulture-Fatal Games-198x-BUTT (Metal)
W.A.K.O.-Deconstructive Essence-2007-BUTT (Metal)
w.a.k.o.-symbiotic existence-(ep)-2005-butt (Metal)
Waking Chaos-Waking Chaos-(EP)-2001-BUTT (Metal)
Waking The Cadaver-Waking the Cadaver-(Demo)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Warmaster-First War-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Warzone-Fight for Justice-1997-BUTT (Metal)
Watch Me Burn-Watch Me Burn-(CDR)-2002-BUTT (Metal)
We The Undersigned-We The Undersigned-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Weezer-Demo-1991-gF (Metal)
When They All Fell-Emergency Broadcast-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Wicked Wisdom-Wicked Wisdom-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Wild Karnivor-Born to Be -(Demo)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Wintersun-Wintersun-2004-BUTT INT (Metal)
Worldescape-Worldescape-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Metal)
Wormwood-Requiescat-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Wotanskrieger-Geleit-DE-2005-BUTT (Metal)
X-Ecutioners-Its Going Down-CDM-2002-iDX (Metal)
xANCHORx-xANCHORx-(Demo)-2007-BUTT (Metal)
xCOOL YOUR JETSx-Saving Grace-EP-2007-BUTT (Metal)
Yaksa-Freedom-CN-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Yakuza-Amount to Nothing-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Yarblocks-The Deadly Sunrise-FR-2008-BUTT (Metal)
Yigga Digga-Momentum (EP)-2003-BUTT (Metal)
Zao-2 New Demos-2003-BUTT INT (Metal)
Zao-The Lesser Lights of Heaven-(DVD)-REPACK-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Zao-The Lesser Lights of Heaven-2CD-(DVD)-2005-BUTT (Metal)
Ze Monsta-Ze Monsta-2000-BUTT (Metal)
Zen and St Semelia-Trip Hop-1999-BUTT (Metal)
Zero Vision-South American Nightmare-1998-BUTT (Metal)
Zuul FX-By the Cross-2005-BUTT (Metal)

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