03 Mar 2019
Anima Sound System - Aquanistan-CD-HU-2003-PNDMP3 (Lo-Fi)
April March-Triggers-Advance-2003-JUST (Lo-Fi)
Bardo State--This is Not America (Chris Coco Remixes)-(BARDORMX002)-WE... (Lo-Fi)
Bardon State--This is Not America (Out of Character Remix)-(BARDORMX00... (Lo-Fi)
DJ Enrico-Trendy Urban Tunes Ibiza-2008-gnvr (Lo-Fi)
Eva Cassidy-Songbird-1998-FaRM (Lo-Fi)
Future Sound Of London-ISDN Limited Edition-1995-CC (Lo-Fi)
Hardkandy-Second to None-2008-JUST (Lo-Fi)
JetTricks Feat. AdeFunke--Remote Control-2008-OMA (Lo-Fi)
kruder and dorfmeister--g-stone worldwide session-DVB2004-kW (Lo-Fi)
Kruder.And.Dorfmeister--Original.Bedroom.Rockers-2CD-2000-kW (Lo-Fi)
Llorca-New Comer-2001-WooX INT (Lo-Fi)
Monsieur Charles-Mission Deluxe-2002-tAc (Lo-Fi)
Morcheeba - Dive Deep-CD-2007-DGN (Lo-Fi)
Multiplex--Pinghaus Frequencies-(Toytronic)-2002-sb (Lo-Fi)
Nitin Sawhney - Human-Promo-2003-CMG (Lo-Fi)
Out Of Phase-N.E.W. Sound Experience-2003-elD (Lo-Fi)
Peace Orchestra--Peace Orchestra-1999-sb-int (Lo-Fi)
Peace Orchestra-Reset-2002-RNS INT (Lo-Fi)
Radar--Nothing Is Real-(Bar De Lune)-2002-sb (Lo-Fi)
Rhythm and Sound - With The Artists Burial Mix-BMD2-CD-2003-BOSS (Lo-Fi)
RJD2--Since We Last Spoke-(Definitive Jux)-2004-sb (Lo-Fi)
Rubin Steiner-Drum Major-2005-ATW (Lo-Fi)
Sao Paris-La-(F253CD)-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
silent poets--for nothing-1997-sb (Lo-Fi)
silent poets--to come 2 (another version)-2CD1999-kW (Lo-Fi)
St Germain - Sure Thing-CDM-2000-sb (Lo-Fi)
St Germain-Boulevard-1996-CUTE (Lo-Fi)
The R.E.G. Project - New Oriental-2002-ElD (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation - The Hearts A Lonely Hunter-CDM-2005-tronik (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound-(ESL75)-CD-2004-OMA (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation--Shadows Of Ourselves-(CDM)-2000-sb (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation--Sound File 002 (Vinyl)-2000-kW (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation--The Mirror Conspiracy Ltd Ed-2000-kW (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation--The Mirror Conspiracy-2000-sb (Lo-Fi)
Thievery Corporation-Rare Tracks-2001-DGN (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--delhi 9 (promo)-2CD2003-kW (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--delhi 9 (track-fixes)-CD2003-kW (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--Different Tastes Of Honey-2002-SB (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--Fuck Dub Remixes Vol 2 (Fixed)-VLS1997-kW (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--suzuki-2000-kW (Lo-Fi)
Tosca--wonderful-CDS2003-kW (Lo-Fi)
Tosca-No Hassle (Live)-(K7240CD)-Bonus CD-2009-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Troublemakers--Doubts and Convictions-(Reissue)-2001-sb (Lo-Fi)
Troublemakers--Too Old to Die-(CDM)-2002-sb (Lo-Fi)
VA - Chill Out in St Tropez-2003-MnD (Lo-Fi)
VA - Hotel Costes Vol 1 Mixed By S. Pompougnac-1999-smc-int (Lo-Fi)
VA - Ministry of Sound - Cannabis Cafe-2002-HLS (Lo-Fi)
VA - SYLT - Finest Lounge Music Vol.2-(CD)-2003-DRUM (Lo-Fi)
VA--Hotel Costes 2 - La Suite (Mixed by Stephane Pompougnac)-1999-mbs INT (Lo-Fi)
VA--La Planete Bleue (Volume 03)-2005-AES (Lo-Fi)
VA-A Comme Aperos (Fish Lyon)-CD-2003-BLA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Ambient Lounge 3 Limited Edition-2CD-PROPER-2002-BPM (Lo-Fi)
VA-Back To Mine-Mixed By Talvin Singh-CD-2001-SND (Lo-Fi)
VA-Bella Musica by Jose Padilla-2004-PtSL (Lo-Fi)
Va-bossa tres jazz 2-step into the gallery-CD2001-kW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Bar VII (George V Records)-2CD-RETAIL-2005-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Bar X-(Promo)-2008-DJRAViN (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Bar-Amnesty International-2cd-2001-CHR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha-Bar Presents - Living Theater Vol. 1-2001-JUST (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha-Bar V-2CD-2003-TLT (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Solo (Compiled With Love By Jose Padilla)-2CD-2006-SAW (Lo-Fi)
VA-Cafe Solo 2-Jose Padilla-(RESISTCD90)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
VA-Fantastic Plastic Machine - Sound Concierge 402-2004-CMG (Lo-Fi)
VA-Freezone 7-Seven is Seven is-2CD-(SSR)-2001-sb (Lo-Fi)
VA-Hotel Costes 6 - Mixed by Stephane Pompougnac-Advance-CD-2003-BLA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Hotel Costes Le Coffret Anniversaire-10CD-2007-OBC INT (Lo-Fi)
VA-Hotel Damour (Sunswept Music)-CD-2005-BLA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Jose Padilla Bella Musica 3-(CLDCD055)-CD-2008-MPX (Lo-Fi)
VA-Jose Padilla Bella Musica 4 (CLDCD062)-2009-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-Jose Padilla Bella Musica 2-(CLDCD048)-CD-2007-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-LifeStyles (Compiled By Laurent Garnier)-2004-RNS (Lo-Fi)
VA-Musique Pour Le Bain Volume 2-(Read Nfo)-CD-2003-BLa (Lo-Fi)
VA-Om Lounge 7-CD-2003-BPM (Lo-Fi)
VA-Paradisiac 3-2CD-2001-FSP (Lo-Fi)
VA-Piano Moods-3CD-Retail-2003-TWCMP3 (Lo-Fi)
VA-Rendezvous Lounge Compiled By Mark Gorbulew-2004-CHR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Saint Germain Cafe En Laye-2CD-2003-RNS (Lo-Fi)
VA-Spirit of India - A Pure Selection of Electronic Indian Vibes-2CD-2... (Lo-Fi)
VA-Talvin Singh Back to Mine Unmixed-Vinyl-2001-BPM (Lo-Fi)
VA-The Indiana Cafe (Amontillado Music)-CD-2003-BLA (Lo-Fi)
VA-Touch-The Finest In Lounge And House Music-PROPER-CD-2003-BPM (Lo-Fi)
Vista Le Vie-Dont-2003-FSP (Lo-Fi)
Yonderboi--Shallow And Profound (limited edition)-2CD-2001-kW (Lo-Fi)
Yonderboi-Splendid isolation-(MOLE064-2)-2005-SGM (Lo-Fi)
Zero 7-Simple Things Remixes (QMG 5029P) Promo-2003-MS (Lo-Fi)

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