01 Aug 2019
alk-e-d & trip one-selector (remix) bw the snowball-vls-1993-sour (Hardcore)
assult n battery-beat dat system bw come together-vls-1992-sour (Hardcore)
Atari Teenage Riot-Not Your Business (DHR US 12-1)-Vinyl-1996-DPS (Hardcore)
Bass Selective-The End Of The Beginning EP-(SOUR003)-Vinyl-1993-TrT (Hardcore)
China White-In and Out (VIC 011)-Vinyl-1993-DPS (Hardcore)
DJ Brisk - Airhead (SMD Remix)-Remix-Vinyl-199x-VMC (Hardcore)
DJ Seduction - Sub Dub (Storm remix) (IMP064a)-MP3-1996-Q91 (Hardcore)
Doormouse-Fuckin Doormouse-1998-DPS (Hardcore)
Dune-Expedicion-1996-RAGEMP3 (Hardcore)
ES-PEE-DEE and DJ Distroi-Alphawave-EP-(BPSI 001)-Vinyl-1992-MAEM (Hardcore)
Inside Out-No Spiritual Surrender-EP-1990-B2R INT (Hardcore)
Kenny Sharp And Paul-O-Live At Uprising-24-08-CD-1995-PiCKLE (Hardcore)
Metalheads-Terminator-(SYNTH 003)-Vinyl-1992-MAEM INT (Hardcore)
Noise Factory-Set Me Free Bring Forward The Noise-(IR011)-Vinyl-1992-... (Hardcore)
Shades Of Rhythm-Sound Of Eden Sweet Sensation-(SAM1220)-Promo Vinyl-... (Hardcore)
Sobchak-Untitled (YB70 01)-Vinyl-199X-TrT (Hardcore)
the house crew-the theme-euphoria (remixes)-(pnt047r)-vinyl-1993-1real (Hardcore)
Top Buzz with MC Bassman and Trigga-Classic Oldskool Set-READ NFO-199X-uC (Hardcore)
VA-Dancetruppen Compilation-CD-1995-hM (Hardcore)
VA-Happy Daze-(CDELIC01)-CD-1996-BNP (Hardcore)
VA-Live at Dreamscape 26 the Vision-12TAPE-1997-uC (Hardcore)
VA-Live At Pleasuredome-4TAPE-1995-PiCKLE (Hardcore)
VA-Live At Universe-11-09-BOOTLEG-TAPE-1992-PiCKLE iNT (Hardcore)
Vibes and Witchdokta-Green VW EP-199x-RFL (Hardcore)
Wedlock - Im The Fuck You Man-Vinyl-1994-UPE (Hardcore)

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