26 Jul 2019
Alan Evans Trio-The Wild Root-(VLM012)-CD-2019-FANG (Funk)
Alan Evans Trio-The Wild Root-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Alan Scaffardi-Mr Alright-WEB-2019-LEV (Funk)
Andy Bach-Falling-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
BOOTSY COLLINS-Bootzilla Records Vol 1-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Brass Construction-Brass Construction 5-WEB-1979-UVU INT (Funk)
Camouflage Featuring Mysti-A Disco Symphony-WEB-1977-UVU (Funk)
Craig Campbell-Make It Hot-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
Deniz Jackson-Sipping Meaning-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
Ebo Taylor-Twer Nyame-(MRB131)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK (Funk)
El Coco-Lets Get It Together-WEB-1976-UVU (Funk)
Erotic Drum Band-The Collection-WEB-2006-UVU (Funk)
Fela Kuti-King Of Afro Music Audio Collection-2009-GCP (Funk)
Gregg Diamond-Star Cruiser (1978)-Remastered-WEB-2013-UVU (Funk)
Ice-Each Man Makes His Destiny (1974)-Remastered-WEB-2013-UVU (Funk)
Incorporated Thang Band-Lifestyles Of The Roach And Famous-LP-1988-GCP (Funk)
Joe B The Professor-Fried Fish And Greens-(CAT315212)-WEB-2019-NDE (Funk)
Lego Edit and Vito Lalinga-Pair Of Aces-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Lego Edit and Vito Lalinga-Pair Of Kings-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Lego Edit and Vito Lalinga-Swaar Afrofunk-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Locksmith-Unlock The Funk-WEB-1980-UVU (Funk)
Maurice White-Manifestation-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
New World Music-Intellectual Thinking-(NUM803LP)-WEB-2019-SOUNDz (Funk)
Orlando Riva Sound-Body to Body Boogie-WEB-1978-UVU (Funk)
Partners-The Last Disco In Paris (1979)-Remastered-WEB-2013-UVU (Funk)
Perfection-Lifetime-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
Plunky and Oneness-Afroclectic-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Plunky and Oneness-Dance Crazy-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Quantic-Atlantic Oscillations-(TRUCD370)-CD-2019-FANG (Funk)
Queen Esther Marrow feat. The Harlem Gospel Singers-Live In Paris-CD-2... (Funk)
Rhythm Heritage-Disco Derby (1979)-Remastered-WEB-2014-UVU (Funk)
Rhythm Heritage-Skys The Limit (1978)-Remastered-WEB-2014-UVU (Funk)
Rhyze-Just How Sweet Is Your Love (1980)-Remastered-WEB-2012-UVU (Funk)
Rhyze-Rhyze To The Top (1981)-Remastered-WEB-2012-UVU (Funk)
Ricky Montana-In The Heaven-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
Space Cats-Something New-(COS027DIG)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
Steve Miggedy Maestro-Boogie Down-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-African Queens-WEB-1977-UVU (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-All Night All Right-WEB-1983-UVU (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-American Generation-WEB-1978-UVU (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-Bad Reputation-WEB-1979-UVU (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-Brazil-WEB-1975-UVU (Funk)
The Ritchie Family-Life Is Music-WEB-1977-UVU (Funk)
The Super Disco Band-The Super Disco Band (1976)-Remastered-WEB-2012-UVU (Funk)
Tiger Cloth-Ready For Love-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)
Tuxedo-Tuxedo III-(FOS100)-REPACK-WEB-2019-MOHAWK (Funk)
Tuxedo-Tuxedo III-(FOS100)-WEB-2018-MOHAWK (Funk)
Tuxedo-Vibrations-(FOS103)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK (Funk)
VA-Funk Rarities-WEB-2019-ENRAGED (Funk)
VA-Groove of ESSR Funk Disco Jazz from Soviet Estonia-(FER003)-WEB-ET-... (Funk)
VA-Groove Of ESSR-Funk Disco Jazz From Soviet Estonia-(FER003CD)-EE-CD... (Funk)
Vito Vulpetti-Saxyness Of Money-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN (Funk)

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