14 Mar 2019
10 Second Drop- Release-2003-BUTT (Rock)
3 Doors Down-Let Me Go-(CDS)-2004-BUTT (Rock)
311-Live on Kimmel 0805-(Bootleg)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
8stops7-Bend-2005-BUTT (Rock)
A Beautiful Thorn-A Beautiful Thorn-(EP)-2006-BUTT (Rock)
A Breed Apart-A Breed Apart-2005-KzT (Rock)
A Mind Awake-A Mind Awake-2006-KzT (Rock)
A Moments Loss-The Looming Black Cloud-2006-KzT (Rock)
A Moments Worth-A Moments Worth-2007-KzT (Rock)
A Perfect Circle-Amotion-(Bonus CD)-2004-BUTT INT (Rock)
A Singer Must Die-Today Its A Wonderful Day-2007-KzT (Rock)
A Year To Remember-Targets-(EP)-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Abandoned Souls-Circle Of Shadows-2005-KzT (Rock)
Aberdien-Kaleidoscope-2006-KzT (Rock)
Across The Fields-The Art Of Falling Apart-2005-KzT (Rock)
Adam Franklin-Bolts Of Melody-(Advance)-2007-KzT (Rock)
Adore-Children At Play-2005-KzT (Rock)
Adrift-Absolution-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Affectus-Anathema-2008-KzT (Rock)
Aggressive Chill-Aggressive Chill-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Alien Ant Farm-Live At Winterjam In Austria 0222-2002-iDX (Rock)
Alkaline Trio-Is This Thing Cursed-CD-FLAC-2018-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Alkaline Trio-My Shame Is True-CD-FLAC-2013-JLM (Rock)
Alkaline Trio-Plea For Peace 8-30-2001-iTS (Rock)
Alpha Galates-A Stimulus for Reason-(Bonus DVD)-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Alpha Galates-A Stimulus For Reason-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Alpha-Project-Seconde Deternite-FR-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Altered State-A Work in Progress-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Angels in Anarchy-A Cold Mourning-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Art in Exile-Art in Exile-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Ash Riot-This Time Ill Forgive You Again-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Atomic-Wonderland Boulevard-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Back One Out-Helpless-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Bad Religion - Generator-1992-ASR INT (Rock)
Bad Religion-No Substance-1998-KSi INT (Rock)
Belle And Sebastian-Push Barman To Open Old Wounds-2CD-2005-KzT (Rock)
Berman-Life in the Stars-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Berman-Send Me to the End-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Blink-182-Take Off Your Pants And Jacket-Ltd. Red Edition-CD-FLAC-2001... (Rock)
Blowsight-Destination Terrorville-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Blue October-Foiled-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Blue October-Hate Me-(CDS)-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Bobaflex-Tales From Dirt Town-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Brand New Sin-Recipe for Disaster-(Advance)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Breaking Benjamin-Live on Kimmel 1014-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Canker-Interactivist-(Retail)-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Circle Of Grin-The Beauty Of The Beast-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Coldplay - A Rush Of B-Sides To Your Head (2003)-WOS (Rock)
Coldplay-Acoustic-2000-SSR (Rock)
Coldplay-Live In Buenos Aires-(0190295559274)-2CD-2018-FREGON (Rock)
Coldplay-Talk-DVDS-2005-TWCMP3 (Rock)
Coldplay-Violet Hill-(Retail CDS)-2008-ATRium (Rock)
Coldplay-Viva La Vida-(EU CDS)-2008-ATRium (Rock)
Coldplay-Without Parachutes (B-Sides)-2000-iND (Rock)
Damien Rice-Live on Leno 1007-2003-FNT (Rock)
Damien Rice-Woman Like A Man-CDS-2003-pyt (Rock)
Deftones-Around the Fur-1997-BUTT INT (Rock)
Deftones-Back to School (Mini Maggit)-(EP)-2001-BUTT INT (Rock)
Deftones-Deftones-2003-BUTT INT (Rock)
Deftones-White Pony-2000-BUTT INT (Rock)
Dire Straits-Earls Court Soundboard 1992-2CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Its Really Houston-2CD-Bootleg-1985-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Largo 1992-2CD-1992-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Leeds 78-1978-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Money for Nothing (Japanese)-Limited Edition-1988-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-New York 1980-2CD-Bootleg-1980-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-New York 1992-2CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Philadelphia 1979-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rockfile 79-Bootleg-1979-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rockfile 81-Bootleg-1981-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rocking for Freedom-Bootleg-Remastered-1988-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rome 1983-2CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-San Diego 1992-2CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-The Final OZ Concert-2CD-1986-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Two Nights in Milan 1992-4CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Two Nights in Paris 1983-4CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR (Rock)
Doubleman-Lick-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Elvis - Greatest Hits-2CD-2001-NmE (Rock)
Elvis Presley - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear-Reissue-Vinyl-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - 18 Greatest Love Song-2003-LYCORN (Rock)
Elvis Presley - 1954 - 1956 The First Original Recordings That Made Hi... (Rock)
Elvis Presley - 20 Love Songs-19XX-aZ (Rock)
Elvis Presley - 2nd To None-2003-mCZ (Rock)
Elvis Presley - A Big Hunk Of Love-Reissue-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind-Reissue-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace-Sacred Songs-2cd-(1994)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas-(1992)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes-Reissue-Vinyl-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Dont-Reissue-RERIP-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley-(1956)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Elvis The Concert-2CD-1998-STAR (Rock)
elvis presley - elvis through the years volume 2-(1991)-aaf (Rock)
elvis presley - elvis through the years volume 3-(1991)-aaf (Rock)
elvis presley - elvis through the years volume 4-(1991)-aaf (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Elvis Through The Years Volume 5-(1991)-aAF (Rock)
elvis presley - elvis through the years volume 6-(1991)-aaf (Rock)
Elvis Presley - For LP Fans Only-(1959)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Forever in Love-2CD-(1997)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Goldene Serie-2005-iMC (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel-Reissue-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Het Beste Van-PROMO CD-2004-FD (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock-(1975)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - La Legende 1956-57-1997-ToXiCMP3 (Rock)
Elvis Presley - La Voz Del Rock-2CD-1992-EiTheLMP3 (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender (Claudia)-Promo-2004-BFHMP3 (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Loving You-(1957)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - On Stage-February 1970-(1970)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Party-Reissue-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Promised Land-(1975)-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Rockin Tonight-2CD-2002-ESK (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Special Collectors Edition-2CD-2005-SYNDIKAT (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Album-2CD-2004-SYNDIKAT (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The First Hits-2005-SYNDIKAT (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection Voume Two-2CD-1991-oNePiEcE (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection-Vol.1-(READNFO)-2CD-1991-iScene (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection-Vol.3-2CD-1991-iScene (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection-Vol.4-2CD-1991-iScene (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection-Vol.5-2CD-1991-iScene (Rock)
Elvis Presley - The Gold Collection-Vol.6-2CD-1991-iScene (Rock)
Elvis Presley - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-Reissue-VLS-2007-YSP (Rock)
Elvis Presley--Elvis in Deutschland (Seine Groessten Erfolge)-2CD-2008... (Rock)
Elvis Presley--Essential Elvis Vol. 3 Hits Like Never Before-1990-OMA (Rock)
Elvis Presley--Let Yourself Go-2006-OMA (Rock)
Elvis Presley-18 Greatest Rockn Roll Hits-1987-UTB (Rock)
Elvis Presley-18 Uk 1s-18CD-2005-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-20 Rock And Roll Hits-1999-DGN (Rock)
Elvis Presley-4 Original 45rpm EPs-2008-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-48 Original Hits My Danish Collection-3CD-2002-OSC (Rock)
Elvis Presley-50000000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong-1959-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-50000000 Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong-2004-CRN (Rock)
Elvis Presley-68 Comeback Special-5CD-DVD-2004-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-7 Oclock Rock-2006-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-A Date With Elvis-1959-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-A Legendary Performer Volume 2-1989-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-A Touch Of Platinum Vol. 1-2CD-1998-Wyse (Rock)
Elvis Presley-A Touch Of Platinum Vol. 2-2CD-1998-Wyse (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Almost In Love-(Remastered)-2006-MTD (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Aloha From Hawaii-2DVD-2004-KOMA (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Always On My Mind-1985-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-An American Icon-2CD-2009-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-As Recorded At Madison Square Garden-1972-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Back In Memphis-1969 (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Back In Memphis-1969-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Before Elvis There Was Nothing-2002-pyt (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Blue Suede Shoes-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Boy From Tupelo-2004-gF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Burning Love-Remastered-CD-1999-iLL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Christmas Classics-1992-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Dinner at Eigth (Las Vegas December 1975)-2002-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Discover-(EP)-2007-MTD (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Dixieland Rocks-2001-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Dragonheart-2003-WCR (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Easy Come Easy Go And Speedway-1968-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elv1s 30 1 Hits-2002-RNS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis A Canadian Tribute-Limited Edition-1999-pyt (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis (The Fool Album)-1973-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis 56 Remastered-Retail-2003-SSR (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis 75-Good Rockin Tonight-4CD-2009-C4 (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis At Sun-Retail-2004-C4 (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis At The Movies-2CD-2007-SAW (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Christmas Album-1957-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Country-1970-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Gold Records Vol.4-1968-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Golden Records-1958-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Inspirational-2006-RNS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Is Back-1960-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Live-2006-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Now-1972-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley Best Gold-2000-TLT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley-1956-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley-3CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley-Live-2000-iSTP (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Presley-Remastered-1956-gF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis Rock-2006-RNS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis the King-2CD-2007-ONe (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis-Remastered-1956-gF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Essential Elvis Vol. 5 - Rhythm and Country-1998-pyt (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Essential Elvis Volume 2-READNFO-1988-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Essential Elvis-1988-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Flaming Star Wild In The Country Follow That Dream-1997-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-For LP Fans Only-1959-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-From Elvis In Memphis-1969-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-From Elvis Presley Boulevard-1976-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-G. I. Blues-1960-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Gold Records Volume 5-Reissue-1984-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Golden Records-Volume 3-1961-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Great Country Songs-Remastered-2003-UTB (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Harem Holiday And Girl Happy-1965-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-He Touched Me-1971-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Heartbreaker-1987-ATM (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Het Mooiste Van-1990-pyt (Rock)
Elvis Presley-His Hand In Mine-1960-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-History-3CD-2005-SnS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Hits and More Vol. 4-1990-R3D (Rock)
Elvis Presley-How Great Thou Art-1967-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-I Love Elvis Presley-3CD-2009-gnvr (Rock)
Elvis Presley-In Person-1969-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Introducing-3CD-2007-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-It Feels So Right-1989-VOLDiES (Rock)
Elvis Presley-It Happened At The Worlds Fair And Fun In Acapulco-1963-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Jailhouse Rock And Other Great Hits-The Best Of The Lege... (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Joulutunnelmissa-2008-COS INT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Kid Galahad And Girls Girls Girls-1963-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-King Creole-1958-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Kissin Cousins And Clambake-1968-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Let It Roll-2006-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Live A Little And Charro And The Trouble With Girls-1969... (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Live Blue Suede Shoes-2004-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Live In L.A-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Love Ballads Vol. 2-1990-R3D (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Love In Las Vegas And Roustabout-1964 (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Love In Las Vegas And Roustabout-1964-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Love Letters From Elvis-1970-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Loving You (Special FTD Edition)-2CD-2006-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Loving You-1957-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Loving You-3CD-2008-SMO (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Moody Blue-1977-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Moody Blue-CD-2000-iLL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Movie Hits Vol. 1-1990-R3D (Rock)
Elvis Presley-NBC TV Special 68 Comeback-1968-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Nur Das Beste (The King of Rock N Roll)-2006-VOiCE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-On Stage-1970-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Pot Luck-1962-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Promised Land-1973-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Raised On Rock-1973-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis-1974-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Rock and Roll Forever-2002-UTB (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Rock N Roll Legend-2008-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Rockin Around Vol. 3-1988-R3D (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Shakin Up The Great Lakes (Fort Baxter Classics)-Promo-2... (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Something For Everybody-1961-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Southern Nights-2006-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Spinout And Double Trouble-1966-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Spring Tours 77-2002-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Sunrise-2CD-1999-gF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Thats All Right-CDS-2004-C4 (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Thats The Way It Is-Remastered-Reissue-1992-MiNERAL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The 50 Greatest Love Songs-2CD-2001-EGO (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The American Way Vol 2-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Collection Volume 1-1984-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Complete 50s Masters 1-1992-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Complete 50s Masters 2-1992-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Complete 50s Masters 3-1992-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Complete 50s Masters 4-1992-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Complete 50s Masters 5-1992-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Dutch Collection-2CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Early Years-1998-STAR (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Elvis Broadcasts On Air-2002-RNS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Elvis Presley Collection Rock N Roll-2CD-2003-OSC (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential 70s Masters 1-1995-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential 70s Masters 2-1995-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential 70s Masters 3-1995-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential 70s Masters 4-1995-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential 70s Masters 5-1995-XXL iNT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential Elvis Presley-2CD-2007-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential Elvis Presley-Remastered-3CD-2008-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Essential Elvis Vol. 6 Such a Night-2000-Wyse (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Historic Collection Volume 1-2005-BOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Historic Collection Volume 2-2005-BOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Legend Lives On-(Remastered)-3CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Legend Lives On-5CD-1987-aAF (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Memphis Flash-2006-SER (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Number One Hits-1987-LT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Original Elvis Presley Collection Boxset-50CD-1996-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Rock N Roll Era (1958-1963)-2003-XXL (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Sunday Times Promo-2001-ATM (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Wonderful World Of Christmas-1971-EOS (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Through His Early Years-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Tiger Man-1998-pyt (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Today Tomorrow and Forever-4CD-2002-TLT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Untitled (H6503)-MAG-(Read NFO)-2007-HFT (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Viva Las Vegas-2CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-White Collection-(WHITE201)-2CD-2008-WRE (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Youll Never Walk Alone-2006-MTD (Rock)
Elvis-Close Up-Sampler CD-2003-JAH (Rock)
Elvis-Elvis at the Movies-2003-SSR (Rock)
Eminem ft marilyn manson-the way i am (remix)-2001-apc (Rock)
Eminem ft Marilyn Manson-The Way I Am (Remix)-Promo CDS-2001-aPC (Rock)
Eminem Ft Marilyn Manson-The Way I Am-(Remix)-Promo CDS-2001-aPC (Rock)
Eminem-Encore-Promo CDS-2005-AQ (Rock)
Erase the Grey-27 Days (Trackfix)-2002-BUTT (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Fall Out Boys Evening with Your Girlfriend-2003-pH (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Folie A Deux-(Bonus Tracks)-2008-VAG (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Folie A Deux-(JP Bonus Tracks)-2008-VAG (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Folie A Deux-2008-FALLOUTBOY (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-From Under The Cork Tree-(Limited Edition)-2006-uF (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-I Dont Care-(AU CDS)-2008-Homely (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-I Dont Care-(Promo CDS)-2008-VAG (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High (UK Bonus Track)-2007-FTS (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High-(Deluxe Limited Edition)-2CD-2007-404 (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High-2007-RNS (Rock)
Fall Out Boy-The Take Over The Breaks Over-(CDS)-2007-SAW (Rock)
Fatboy Slim - Live on Conan-1109-2004-DQM (Rock)
Fatboy Slim-Halfway Between The Gutter N The Stars Jap-2000-RNS (Rock)
Fatboy Slim-Youve Come A Long Way Baby-1998-aPC-Hydro (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac - Mirage-1982-aAF (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac - The Blues Years-(Import)-3CD-1990-ATB (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac - The Boston Box-REMASTERED-LIMITED EDITION-3CD-1999-iCE (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-25 Years - The Chain-4CD-1992-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-25 Years The Chain-(4CD)-(1992)-dnk (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Bare Trees-(1972)-dnk (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Bare Trees-1972-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Behind the Mask-1990-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Behind The Mask-1990-ZiK (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Behind The Mask-CDA-1990-IMP (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Black Magic Woman-2004-CHR (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Boston Live-1992-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-English Rose-1969-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-English Rose-JP REISSUE-2005-MDK (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac (2004 Reissue)-1975-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac in Chicago-Retail-1995-ESK (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-(Expanded)-Reissue-2004-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-1968-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-1975-ZiK (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-Remastered Deluxe Edition Boxset-3CD-2018-D2H (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac-REMASTERED-2004-ESC (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Future Games-1971-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Future Games-1971-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits (European Edition)-1988-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits-1971-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits-1988-LT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Heroes Are Hard to Find-1974-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Heroes Are Hard to Find-1974-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Kiln House-(1970) (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Kiln House-1970-LT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Kiln House-1970-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live at the BBC-2CD-1994-CMG (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live at the BBC-2CD-1995-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live In Boston-2004-RNS (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live In Boston-2DVD-2004-RNS (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live-2CD-1980-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-(1982)-dnk (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-1982-aAF (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-1982-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mr Wonderful-1968 (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mr Wonderful-1968-iND (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mr Wonderful-Remastered-2004-SER (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mr. Wonderful-1968-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mystery to Me-1973-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mystery to Me-1973-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Penguin-1973-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Penguin-1973-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac-Remastered-2004-SER (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours (1977)-LTA (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours (Remastered)-2CD-2004-LT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours-1977-EOS (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours-1977-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Say You Will (Bonus CD)-2003-aPC (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Say You Will (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2003-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Say You Will-2003-aAF (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Say You Will-2003-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango In the Night (Deluxe)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango In The Night-(Remastered)-2CD-2017-C4 (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango In The Night-1987-IND (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango in the Night-1987-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Blues Years-(Import)-3CD-1990-JUST (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Boston Box-REMASTERED-LIMITED EDITION-3CD-1999-ICE (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Chain Selections From 25 Years-2CD-1992-iLLUSiON (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Chain-Selections From 25 Years-2CD-1992-DGN (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 1967 - 1969-6CD-1999-... (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Dance-1997-FIH INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Dance-1997-LT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Dance-1997-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Dance-2CD-DVD-1997-aAF (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Hits Of Fleetwood Mac-1990-TMI (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Original Fleetwood Mac-(1971)-aAF (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Original Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac-Remastered-2004-SER (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Pious Bird of Good Omen-1969-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Pious Bird Of Good Omen-Remastered-2004-SER (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Vaudeville Years-2CD-1998-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Very Best Of (Retail)-2CD-2002-aPC (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac-2CD-2002-NHH INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac-2cd-2002-Wyse (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Very Best of-2002-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-The Very Best of-2002-SSR (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Then Play On-(1969)-dnk (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Then Play On-1969-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Time-(1995)-AoW (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Time-1995-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-TUSK-(1979)-AoW (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tusk-2CD-1979-MHQ INT (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Acoustic-Bootleg-2000-NOiSE (Rock)
Foo Fighters - All My Life-UK RETAIL CDS2-2002-ESC (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Big Me-1996-BKF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Everlong-UK CDS1-1997-SSr (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Everlong-UK CDS2-1997-SSr (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters-Remastered-2000-iDX (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Generator AUS CDS-2000-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Hyde Park-DVD-2008-YSP (Rock)
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor-2CD-2005-FPM (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Live At Big Day Out-2003-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench-UK CDS2-1997-SSr (Rock)
Foo Fighters - My Hero-JPN EP-1998-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Next Year UK CDS1-2000-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - One By One-Ltd.Ed.-(Bonus DVD)-2002-NET (Rock)
Foo Fighters - Special Oz Tour Disk-1999-BKF (Rock)
Foo Fighters - The Wireless-BOOTLEG-2000-KSI (Rock)
Foo Fighters-All My Life-(Radio Single)-2002-eDm (Rock)
Foo Fighters-All My Life-UK RETAIL CDS1-2002-ESC (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Best of You-CDS1-2005-SSR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Big Me-1996-BKF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Big Me-EP-1996-CSR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Breakout-UK CDS-2000-EOS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-DVD EP-DVDA-2003-pH (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience And Grace-(Japanese Import)-2007-MTD (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience And Grace-(RETAIL)-2007-iFA (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience And Grace-(UK Bonus Track)-2007-KCL (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience And Grace-2007-FOOFiGHTERS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience and Grace-2007-HDP (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Everywhere But Home (Missing Easter Eggs)-DVDA-2003-SFA (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Everywhere But Home DVDA-2003-SFA (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters-(Reissue)-2000-iDX (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters-1995 (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters-1995-FTS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters-1995-NADA (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Foo Fighters-Remastered-2000-iDX (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Generator-2000-REV (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Greatest Hits-2009-TosK (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Have It All-CDS-2003-SSR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Ill Stick Around-UK CDS-1995-SSR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-In Your Honour-(UK Bonus Track)-2005-MTD (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Learn To Fly (UK Import)-1999-PDN (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Live At Big Day Out-2003-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Live in Oslo Norway (Soundboard) 0204-2002-FNT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Long Road To Ruin-VLS-2007-SDR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Low-CDS-2003-TWCMP3 (Rock)
Foo Fighters-More Maximum Foo Fighters-Retail-2005-TN (Rock)
Foo Fighters-My Hero-JPN EP-1998-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Nothing Left to Lose (AUS Import)-1999-FTS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One by One (Special Edition)-2003-eNT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One (Special Fan-Package)-2002-LiT iNT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One Special Norweigan Edition-2CD-Advance-2003-PULSE (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One-(Retail)-2002-RNS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One-2002 (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One-2002-EOS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One-2002-Wyse (Rock)
Foo Fighters-One By One-TAPE ADVANCE-2002-ESC (Rock)
Foo Fighters-P3 LIVE Hovet Stockholm 03-12-2002 (Proper)-PMS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Quiet Before The Storm-DVD-2009-gF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Skin And Bones-(Sampler)-2006-tLOC (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Stacked Actors (Australian Import)-2000-REV (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Color And The Shape-1997-IRO (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape (10th Anniversary Special Editio... (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape (Bonus EP)-1998-iRO (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape-(10th Anniversary Special Editio... (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour and the Shape-(Japanese Retail)-1997-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour and the Shape-1997-KSZ INT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape-1997-SNR (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Wireless-1998-KSi (Rock)
Foo Fighters-The Wireless-KSi (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose (Australian Version)-1999-RNS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-(Reissue)-2001-iDX (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-1999 (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There is Nothing Left to Lose-1999-EMG INT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-1999-INT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-1999-LiT iNT (Rock)
Foo Fighters-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-Remastered-2001-iDX (Rock)
Foo Fighters-This Is A Call AUS CDS-1995-aAF (Rock)
Foo Fighters-ULU London 30th August-2002-NuHS (Rock)
Foo Fighters-Walking After You-UKCDS-1998-SSR (Rock)
Gavin Rossdale-Wanderlust-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Good Charlotte-Live at Muchmusic 1007-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Good Charlotte-Live on Conan 1005-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Good Charlotte-The Anthem-CDS-2003-pH (Rock)
Green Day - Basket Case (German CDS)-1994-REV (Rock)
Green Day - Insomniac-1995-DMA (Rock)
Green Day - Warning-Limited Edition-2000-FSM (Rock)
Green Day-21st Century Breakdown-(Bonus CD)-2009-MTD (Rock)
Green Day-21st Century Breakdown-(Retail)-2009-H3X (Rock)
Green Day-21st Century Breakdown-PROPER-2009-iNTERNAL (Rock)
Green Day-A Day In Paris-1999-REV (Rock)
Green Day-American Idiot-(Real Proper Retail)-(Read NFO)-2004-SFA (Rock)
Green Day-Dookie-1994-iRO (Rock)
Green Day-Insomniac-1995-EOS (Rock)
Green Day-Insomniac-1995-iRO (Rock)
Green Day-Live on MTV VMA 0828-2005-SNR (Rock)
Green Day-Live on Reverb (08-15-01)-2001-PMS (Rock)
Green Day-Nice Guys Finish Last House of Blues 98-1999-REV (Rock)
Green Day-Shenanigans-2002-iRO (Rock)
Green Day-Tune In Tokio (Japanese Import)-2001-PMS (Rock)
Green Day-Warning (Japan)-2000-rH (Rock)
Green Day-Warning-2000-EGO (Rock)
Head-On-X.X.L-2006-BUTT (Rock)
HIM-The Video Collection 1997-2003-DVDA-2004-ICE (Rock)
Hinder-Extreme Behavior-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Hinder-Get Stoned-(CDS)-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Hinder-Lips of an Angel-(CDS)-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Hum-The Pod And 2-1996-BUTT (Rock)
I Had Plans-Demo-(CDR)-2008-BUTT INT (Rock)
Ian Brown-The World Is Yours-2CD-2007-uF (Rock)
Incubus-Glitterbomb-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Incubus-Light Grenades-(JP Bonus)-2006-FNT (Rock)
Incubus-Live 2004-(Promo)-2004-RNS (Rock)
Incubus-Live In Japan-(Retail)-2CD-2004-RTB (Rock)
Incubus-Look Alive-(Bonus CD)-2007-iNCUBUS (Rock)
Incubus-Look Alive-(DVD)-2007-OND (Rock)
Incubus-Make Yourself-1999-EOS (Rock)
Incubus-Mix-(Promo)-2006-tLOC (Rock)
Incubus-Morning View-2001-CSR (Rock)
Incubus-S.C.I.E.N.C.E.-Remastered-2001-CSR (Rock)
Incubus-When Incubus Attacks Volume 1-2000-ALW (Rock)
Inthisday-Seven42-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Jack Johnson-Brushfire Fairytales-2001-iRO (Rock)
Jack Johnson-Sleep Through The Static-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2008-EON (Rock)
Jakalope-It Dreams-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Jimmy Eat World-Live At MTV Spin In Offenbach GER 1107-2001-iDX (Rock)
Jimmy Eat World-Live At The La Scala In London ENG 1110-2001-iDX (Rock)
Jimmy Eat World-Live On Jay Leno 0422-2002-iDX (Rock)
Kenna-Make Sure They See My Face-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Kings Of Leon - Day Old Belgian Blues-MAG CD-2009-MnD (Rock)
Kings of Leon-Aha Shake Heartbreak-RETAIL-2004-ESC (Rock)
Kings Of Leon-Because Of The Times-(Advance)-2007-SAW (Rock)
Kings Of Leon-Day Old Belgian Blues-(EP)-2006-RTB (Rock)
Kings Of Leon-Only By The Night-2008-EOS (Rock)
Kings Of Leon-Youth And Young Manhood-2003-EOS (Rock)
Limp Bizkit - Take A Look Around Special Edition-CDS-2000-STAR (Rock)
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water-2000-BUTT... (Rock)
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish Bonus Disc-2001-BUTT INT (Rock)
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other-1999-BUTT INT (Rock)
Marigold-Demo-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-A Night in London-2CD-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Beaulieu 2002-2CD-Bootleg-2002-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Berlin 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Bern 1996-2CD-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Boston 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Cologne 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Detroit 2001-2CD-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Four from the Heart-Promo-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Frankfurt 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Groningen 1996-3CD-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Helsinki 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-KMTT Radio Seattle Interview-2002-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Lisbon 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Live in Guildford 1996-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Los Angeles 2001-2CD-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Lucca 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Portland 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Rare Sessions 4-Bootleg-2003-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Royal Albert Hall 1996-3CD-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Sailing to New York 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Seattle 2001-2CD-Bootleg-2001-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-The long Highway to Heaven-2CD-Bootleg-1996-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-WDR2 Session-Bootleg-2002-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-What it is (Mexican Promo)-CDS-2000-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-Why Aye Man-CDM-2002-STAR (Rock)
Mark Knopfler-World Cafe Interview-Bootleg-2002-STAR (Rock)
Matt Mays And El Torpedo-Terminal Romance-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Megan McCauley-Better Than Blood-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Michael Buble - Come Fly with Me DVDA-2004-FKK (Rock)
More than A Thousand-Volume III Mar-(EP)-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Morrissey-World Peace Is None Of Your Business-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-20... (Rock)
Morrissey-World Peace Is None Of Your Business-2014-MTD (Rock)
Morrissey-Your Arsenal-(Bonus DVD)-2014-MTD (Rock)
Morrissey-Your Arsenal-(Remastered)-2014-MTD (Rock)
My American Heart-My American Heart-(Reissue EP)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
My American Heart-The Meaning In Makeup-(Retail)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
N.E.R.D-Fly Or Die-(Japanese Bonus Tracks)-2004-CMi (Rock)
Natalie Imbruglia-Left of the Middle-1998-KSi INT (Rock)
Neil Diamond - The Ultimate Collection-2CD-1996-STAR (Rock)
New Found Glory-Greatest Hits-READ NFO-(Bootleg)-2007-SGV (Rock)
New Order-20 Years of New Order-2001-RNS (Rock)
New Order-Singles-2CD-2005-uF (Rock)
New Order-Singles-Trackfix-2CD-2005-uF (Rock)
New Order-Technique-1989-TBR (Rock)
New Order-Waiting for the Sirens Call-2005-SSR (Rock)
No Doubt-Beacon Street Collection-1995-aPC int (Rock)
No Doubt-Its My Life-CDM-2003-TWCMP3 (Rock)
No Doubt-No Doubt (remastered)-2002-SSR (Rock)
No Doubt-Rock Steady-Retail-2001-PMS (Rock)
No Doubt-Singles 1992-2003-(Retail)-2003-Homely INT (Rock)
No Doubt-Tragic Kingdom And Rock Steady-2CD-2009-COS (Rock)
oasis - dont believe the truth-2005-god (Rock)
Oasis - Dont Believe The Truth-2005-MWF (Rock)
Oasis - Dyou Know What I Mean-CDS-1997-TBR (Rock)
Oasis - Heathen Chemistry (RETAIL)-2002-RNS (Rock)
Oasis - Heathen Chemistry-2002-ESK (Rock)
Oasis - Only Hits-2002-SOM (Rock)
Oasis - The Masterplan-1999-SQR (Rock)
Oasis - Unknown Title-CDS-2006-USZ (Rock)
Oasis - Who Feels Love (Acoustic)-Promo CDS-2000-pyt (Rock)
Oasis - Wonderwall-CDS-1995-EOS (Rock)
Oasis Rock and Roots-Vol 6 Number 4-2CD-2006-XXL (Rock)
Oasis-Acquiesce Bw the Masterplan - Stop the Clocks-Retail EP-2006-JRP (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-EOS (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-JUST INT (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-KSi INT (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-NaDa (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-NuHS INT (Rock)
Oasis-Be Here Now-Reissue-2006-COCMP3 (Rock)
Oasis-Cigarettes and Alcohol-UKCDS-1994-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Definetly Maybe-1994-EMG INT (Rock)
Oasis-Definitely Maybe-1994-JUST INT (Rock)
Oasis-Definitely Maybe-1994-KSi INT (Rock)
Oasis-Dig Out Your Soul-2008-DiVAS iNT (Rock)
Oasis-Dig Out Your Soul-2008-OASiS (Rock)
Oasis-Dont Believe The Truth-2005-RNS (Rock)
Oasis-Dont Believe the Truth-JP Bonus Tracks-2005-JRP (Rock)
Oasis-Dont Look Back in Anger-UKCDS-1995-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Dyou Know What I Mean-EP-1997-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Falling Down-(EP)-2009-NiSHiNO (Rock)
Oasis-Live Forever-UKCDS-1996-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Live in Tokyo-(Bootleg)-2005-R3D (Rock)
Oasis-MTV Unplugged-1997-SSR INT (Rock)
Oasis-Only Hits-2002-SOM (Rock)
Oasis-Pray For The Light (Copenhagen)-(BOOTLEG)-2CD-2008-gnvr (Rock)
Oasis-Roll with it-UKCDS-1995-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Shakermaker-UKCDS-1995-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Some Might Say-UKCDS-1995-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Stand By Me-EP-1997-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants-2000-KSi INT (Rock)
Oasis-Stop Crying To Your Heart-Promo CDS-2002-XXL (Rock)
Oasis-Stop The Clocks-(Deluxe Edition)-3CD-2006-EON (Rock)
Oasis-Stop The Clocks-2CD-2006-RNS (Rock)
Oasis-Supersonic-UKCDS-1994-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-The Hindu Times-CDS-2002-Wyse (Rock)
Oasis-The Magical Mystery (London UK)-(BOOTLEG)-2CD-2008-gnvr (Rock)
Oasis-The Master Plan-1998-KSi INT (Rock)
Oasis-The Masterplan-1998-SFA INT (Rock)
Oasis-The Masterplan-1999-SQR (Rock)
Oasis-Whatever-UKCDS-1994-FTS (Rock)
Oasis-Whats The Story Morning Glory Singles Box-5CD-1996-fnt (Rock)
Oasis-Wonderwall-UKCDS-1995-FTS (Rock)
One-II-2006-BUTT (Rock)
OST-Redneck Rampage-1997-BUTT (Rock)
OST-Sound Of Superman-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Otis Redding - Otis Blue-1966-FAF (Rock)
Owl City-Maybe Im Dreaming-2009-FNT (Rock)
Owl City-Of June-(EP)-2008-FNT (Rock)
Rhapsody Sweden-Strange Vibrations-(Reissue)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Sevendust-Animosity-2001-BUTT INT (Rock)
Sevendust-Home-(Bonus CD)-1999-BUTT INT (Rock)
Sevendust-Home-1999-BUTT INT (Rock)
Skindred-Roots Rock Riot-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Something Beautiful-States of Being-2006-BUTT (Rock)
Staind-Chapter V-(Limited Edition)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
stone sour-come what(ever) may-2006-kzt (Rock)
Submersed-Immortal Verses-(Retail)-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Sum 41-Live at the Juno Awards 0403-(Bootleg)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Tenacious D-POD-(UK CDM)-2006-MP3 (Rock)
The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey-Candy Prankster-2006-BUTT (Rock)
The War On Drugs-Wagonwheel Blues-(Advance)-2008-DV8 (Rock)
Thousand Foot Krutch-Phenomenon-2003-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-Ashes-(Digipak)-2005-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-Beyond the Veil-1999-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-Midwintertears-Angina-(EP)-2001-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-Widows Tour-(Import)-1999-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-Widows Weeds-1998-BUTT INT (Rock)
Tristania-World of Glass-2001-BUTT INT (Rock)
Troopers-Mein Kopf dem Henker-DE-2004-BUTT (Rock)
Turbonegro-Do You Do You Dig Destruction-(Promo CDS)-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Unshine-Earth Magick-2005-BUTT (Rock)
VA-Dj Eduardo-Millenium Mix-Super Estrella-2001-KSi (Rock)
VA-DJ Finesse-Platinum Slow Jams Vol. 13-2004-C4 (Rock)
VA-DJ Jamsha-Salsa Mix 2-(Bootleg)-SP-2008-FLOW (Rock)
VA-Elvis And Friends (Boxset)-12CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
VA-Elvis and Friends Hound Dog-2CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
VA-Elvis and Friends the Hits Form the King and Other Great Artists-12... (Rock)
VA-ESPN Ultimate X The Movie OST-2002-iDX (Rock)
VA-Happy Birthday Elvis (A Tribute to Elvis Presley)-2005-VOiCE (Rock)
VA-Legends In Music Collection-Elvis Presley and Friends-2CD-2007-WRE (Rock)
VA-Napalm Addiction Volumen II-2004-BUTT (Rock)
VA-Punk Goes Crunk-2008-SGV (Rock)
Valient Thorr-Immortalizer-(Advance)-2008-BUTT (Rock)
VAST-April-2007-BUTT (Rock)
Vayden-Children Of Our Mistakes-2008-BUTT (Rock)
Vendetta Red-Silhouette Serenade-(EP)-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Vendetta Red-Sisters of the Red Death-2005-BUTT (Rock)
Virgin Black-Elegant and Dying-2003-BUTT INT (Rock)
Virgin Black-Sombre Romantic-2002-BUTT INT (Rock)
Weezer-Maladroit-Ltd.Ed-RETAIL-2002-iDX (Rock)
Weezer-Photograph-CDS-2001-iDX (Rock)
White Zombie-Supersexy Swingin Sounds-1996-BUTT INT (Rock)
Within Temptation-The Silent Force-(Premium Digipak Edition)-2004-BUTT... (Rock)
X-Ecutioners-Its Going Down-CDS-2002-IDX (Rock)

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