13 Jul 2019
Cantus Firmus-Batterdegls 10 Ons Cantus Firmus Surselva-2009-NOiR (Others)
BeBe And CeCe Winans-Still-2009-C4 (Others)
Bandari-Sunrise Hill-2009-TKoCP (Others)
Bamse-Bamses Lillebitte Billedbog-DK-2010-pLAN9 (Others)
Amadou And Mariam - Masiteladi-(Promo CDM)-2009-ATRium (Others)
Accept-The Golden Years-2CD-2013-RAW (Others)
VA-Catch the Throne the Mixtape Vol. 2-2015-DiTF (Others)
VA - Sing Meinen Song Das Weihnachtskonzert-2014-NoGroup (Others)
VA - Raveology Old School Rave Classics Mixed By Ratpack-2CD-2005-UKLiVE (Others)
Sidiki Diabate-Mariage-SINGLE-WEB-2016-AZF (Others)
Oratnitza-Folktron-CD-2015-ORATNITZA (Others)
Les Royal Pickles--Album Royal Pickles-WEB-2015-WUS (Others)
Extrafish-Simplify This Fish-2016-NOiR (Others)
Dobrovolec - Dagaz-Protiv sily krasnojj-Split-WEB-RU-2016-I KnoW INT (Others)
Ballake Sissoko And Vincent Segal-Musique De Nuit-(WEB)-FR-2015-H5N1 (Others)
Alphaville-So8os Pres. ALPHAVILLE Curated By Blank Jones-WEB-2014-LEV (Others)
Adebisi Shank-This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank-2... (Others)
Zouo-The Final Agony-Reissue-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Zouo-A Roar Agitating Violent Age-LP-JP-2011-hXc (Metal)
Zero System-Zero System-EP-2009-UTP (Metal)
Your Demise-The Golden Age-2012-FNT (Metal)
Yngwie Malmsteen-High Impact-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Xerxes-Our Home Is A Deathbed-(LP)-2012-FNT (Metal)
Xcurraheex-Prohibition X-2011-iTS (Metal)
Xbrainiax-Deprogrammed-2010-B2R (Metal)
Xaos Oblivion-Natures Ancient Wisdom-2012-NSTM (Metal)
Wrathcobra-Total WC-2011-FNT (Metal)
Wolfbrigade-Damned-2012-FNT (Metal)
Wodensthrone - Curse-2012-FREE (Metal)
Within Temptation - Rarest Songs-2010-FREE (Metal)
With Open Arms-Traces-2010-iTS (Metal)
With Daggers-Widower-EP-2012-UTP (Metal)
Wisdom In Chains-Wisdom In Chains-Remastered-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Wisdom In Chains-The Missing Links-2012-k4 (Metal)
Wisdom In Chains-Everything You Know-2009-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Winterfylleth - The Threnody of Triumph-2012-FREE (Metal)
Wine From Tears-Through The Eyes Of A Mad-2009-NER (Metal)
Widescreen Mode-The Hanging Man-2009-MAN (Metal)
Whitechapel-A New Era Of Corruption-2010-FNT (Metal)
White Guilt-Self-Titled-12inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH (Metal)
We Were Gentlemen-Living Hell-2009-FiH (Metal)
We The Gathered-Believer-2011-KzT (Metal)
We Are The Damned-Resurrection Plague-2010-iTS (Metal)
We Are Defiance-Trust In Few-2011-KzT (Metal)
Watching Me Fall-We Run-2012-B2R (Metal)
Wartime - Solar Messiah-2012-FREE (Metal)
Warning-Warning-Theres Nothing Left-LP-2011-FiH (Metal)
War Hungry-War Hungry-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
War Charge-War Charge-EP-2012-iTS (Metal)
Walls-The Future Is Wide Open-LP-2012-FiH (Metal)
Void-Sessions 1981-83-2011-FNT (Metal)
Visions-Home-2011-KzT (Metal)
Visions Of Change-The Depraved-Self Titled-2CD-2011-hXc (Metal)
Violent Bullshit-Adult Problems-LP-2012-iTS (Metal)
Vestiges-The Descent Of Man-2011-FNT (Metal)
Verjnuarmu-Kuvajaenen-WEB-FI-2010-KALEVA (Metal)
Venom-Fallen Angels-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Veils-Clarity-(LP)-2012-pLAN9 (Metal)
Vegas in Ruins-Wolves-EP-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
VA-This Is Core Music Vol. II-2CD-2011-iTS (Metal)
VA-The Sexual-Anti-Septic-Split-Bootleg-LP-2011-hXc (Metal)
VA-The Final Resistance - A Tribute to Dark Tranquillity-2013-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
VA-No Redemption For The Kids-12inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Vanna-And They Came Baring Bones-2011-KzT (Metal)
VA-Metallica A Tribute to the Black Album-MAG-2011-OMA (Metal)
Valtari - Fragments of A Nightmare-2012-FREE (Metal)
VA-Legacy Vol 66-2CD-MAG-2010-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
VA-Heavy Metal Thunder-2013-ViAGRA (Metal)
VA--Hardcore EP 17-Promo CDR-2009-OMA (Metal)
VA-Besthoven-Kontatto-Fucking Crusties-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Ursut-Dararnas Paradis-2012-pLAN9x (Metal)
Upon A Broken Throne-You and What Army-WEB-2013-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Unveil-A Flame With Nothing To Feed On-2012-iTS (Metal)
Until Rain-The Reign of Dreams-2009-Ouzo (Metal)
Unsu-Filthy-MCD-2012-211 (Metal)
Unisonic - Iginition-CDM-2012-FREE (Metal)
Unhuman-Unhuman-Digipak-2013-UTP (Metal)
Unholy Crucifix-Ordo Servorum Satanae-2013-NSTM (Metal)
Uncurbed-Turmoil-2010-rH (Metal)
Ulcerate-Everything is Fire-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Tystnaden - Anima-2012-FREE (Metal)
Tyr-The Lay of Thrym-(Ltd Digipak)-2011-dSS (Metal)
Twisted Sister-You Cant Stop Rock N Roll-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Twisted Sister-Love Is For Suckers-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Twisted Sister-Come Out and Play-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Twisted Sister-Club Daze Vol 1 - the Studio Sessions-Remastered-2011-G... (Metal)
Turisas-Battle Metal-(Re-Issue With Bonus Tracks)-2009-SSR (Metal)
Troubled Coast-100 Miles From Home-(10 Inch Vinyl)-2009-FNT (Metal)
Tristania-Rubicon-2010-BERC (Metal)
Triptykon-Manchester ENG 0309-2012-EOSiNT (Metal)
Trillium - Alloy-2011-FREE (Metal)
Toxic Holocaust-Conjure And Command-(Limited Edition DVD)-2011-DNR (Metal)
Total Abuse-Prison Sweat-LP-2011-hXc (Metal)
Torture Killer-Sewers-2009-COS (Metal)
Torrington-Torrington-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2011-FNT (Metal)
Tool-Seattle WA 0710-2CD-2010-EOS (Metal)
Tools Of Torture-Faith-Purification-Execution-2009-MTD (Metal)
Tombs-Path Of Totality-2011-FNT (Metal)
To Speak Of Wolves-Find Your Worth Come Home-2012-KzT (Metal)
Tim Ripper Owens-Play My Game-Promo-2009-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Tigerface-Self-Titled-2011-FiH (Metal)
Through This Defiance-Hostility Towards The Opposition-2009-FiH (Metal)
Thrashers-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-SE-2012-hXc (Metal)
Thou-The Archer And The Owle-(LP)-2011-FNT (Metal)
Thomsen--Lets Get Ruthless-2009-OMA (Metal)
This Romantic Tragedy-Reborn-2011-KzT (Metal)
This Is Hell-Black Mass-2011-MTD (Metal)
Thick As Blood-Embrace-2009-iTS (Metal)
Therion-Sitra Ahra-2010-EOS (Metal)
Therion - Sitra Ahra-RETAIL-2010-DAA (Metal)
The Worst-Too Fast For Life-2011-AMX (Metal)
The Words I Never Said-Hopes and Memories-EP-2011-iTS (Metal)
The Warriors-See How You Are-2011-FNT (Metal)
The Volture-Sigue Hablando-ES-EP-WEB-2012-FREGON (Metal)
The Unguided - Hell Frost-2011-FREE (Metal)
The Truckers-Goliath-2011-UTP (Metal)
The Saddest Landscape-After The Lights-2012-pLAN9 (Metal)
The Ropes-Self Titled-Demo-Tape-2011-hXc (Metal)
The Others-Self Titled-(EP)-2010-AMX (Metal)
The Morning After-You Cant Hurt Steel-2009-DV8 (Metal)
The Men-Leave Home-2011-hXc (Metal)
The Lust-Decomposition Deluxe-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
The Lowest Form-Some Horrible Bug-Tape-2011-hXc (Metal)
The Last Warning-Elegance Of Bloodiness-2009-MTD (Metal)
The Hollow-I Destroyer-2011-AMX (Metal)
The Haverbrook Disaster-Hopeward Bound-2011-iTS (Metal)
The Handshake Affair-I Am Everywhere-2011-SiRE (Metal)
The Great Commission-Heavy Worship-2011-KzT (Metal)
The Great Commission-And Every Knee Shall Bow-WEB-2009-FiH (Metal)
The Generals-Blood for Blood-2013-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
The Eternal--Kartika-2CD-Promo-2009-UBE (Metal)
The Crinn-Dreaming Saturn-2010-UTP (Metal)
The Convois-Oceans Tale-2012-FiH (Metal)
The Caution Children-Unknown Lands-LP-2012-FiH (Metal)
The Cassidy Scenario-Withstanding Voracity-2009-FiH (Metal)
The Burial-Lights And Perfections-2012-KzT (Metal)
The Bled-Heat Fetish-2010-FNT (Metal)
The Blackout Argument-Detention-2011-FNT (Metal)
Terror-No Regrets No Shame The Bridge Nine Days-2012-pLAN9 (Metal)
Terror-Keepers Of The Faith-Reissue-2011-iTS (Metal)
Terror-Keepers Of The Faith-2012-FNT (Metal)
Terror-Defining The Faith-Rerip-DVD-2011-iTS (Metal)
Ten After Two-Truth Is-2011-KzT (Metal)
Tearsbefore-Reversal-EP-2009-FiH (Metal)
Teamkiller-Bound To Samsara-2010-iTS (Metal)
Tarot-The Spell of Iron MMXI-2011-BERC (Metal)
Takadatek--Nocive EP-(CCR003)-WEB-2011-WUS (Metal)
System Divide-The Conscious Sedation-2010-CRN (Metal)
Svart-Varan Tid Ar Forbi-SE-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Suppressed Theory-Path To Madness-WEB-2009-FiH (Metal)
Summon The Crows-One More For The Gallows-2011-FNT (Metal)
Summon The Crows-One More For The Gallows-12inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Suicide Silence - No Time to Bleed-Digipak-2009-FKK (Metal)
Suffocation-Blood Oath-Limited Blood Pack Edition Bonus Tracks-2009-hXc (Metal)
Suffocation-Blood Oath-2009-ONe (Metal)
Suffocation-Blood Oath-2009-EOS (Metal)
Strength Approach-With Or Without You-2012-iTS (Metal)
Stratovarius-Polaris-LTD Ed-2009-CTA (Metal)
Straight To Our Enemies-The Big Stop-2010-KzT (Metal)
Stick To Your Guns-The Hope Division-2010-pLAN9 (Metal)
Stick To Your Guns-Diamond-2012-MTD (Metal)
Stephan Forte - The Shadows Compendium-2011-FREE (Metal)
Steel Panther-Feel The Steel-2009-PMS (Metal)
Stay Hungry-No Beginning No End-2011-iTS (Metal)
Stand Your Ground-Despondenseas-2011-KzT (Metal)
Stagediver-I-(RGV-001)-Vinyl-2009-DEF (Metal)
St.Hood-For the Dead-2009-KALEVALA (Metal)
Spies Like Us-Breather-(EP)-2011-FNT (Metal)
Sovereign Strength-The Prophecy-2011-KzT (Metal)
Southern Voodoo-Neon Dust Baby-2009-MTD (Metal)
Soul Swallower-Devoured-LP-2011-hXc (Metal)
Soul Search-Intolerable Weight-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Soul Demise-Acts Of Hate-2009-DiTCH (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-The Days Of Grays-(Digipak)-2009-NiF3 (Metal)
Solemn Vow-The American Dream-2009-KzT (Metal)
Sofy Major-Permission To Engage-2010-FiH (Metal)
Smaek-Abner max ild-WEB-DK-2009-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Sleipnir-Bloodbrothers-CDR-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Slayer-World Painted Blood and Atrocity Vendor-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2010-FAT... (Metal)
Slayer--Live at The Big Four (Sweden Gothenburg)-DVBC-07-03-2011-OMA (Metal)
Slayer-French Connection-DVD-2009-LzY (Metal)
Slayer-Angels Of Death Volume 1-Bootleg-LP-2010-hXc (Metal)
Slaktrens-Stralande Tider-SE-2011-rH (Metal)
Skymir - Haunted Saloon-2012-FREE (Metal)
Skyclad-In The... All Together-2009-RTB (Metal)
Skizophrenia-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Skies-Bane And Rebirth-2011-KzT (Metal)
Skarhead-Kickin It Oldschool-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Skarhead-Dreams Dont Die-2011-FiH (Metal)
Six Ft. Ditch-Recreational Violence-2010-PMS (Metal)
Six Foot Revolver-The Choosen One-2011-iTS (Metal)
Sirenia-The Enigma of Life-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Sirenia-The 13th Floor-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2009-FOAD (Metal)
Simbiose-Economical Terrorism-2012-PMS (Metal)
Silverstein-Rescue-2011-FNT (Metal)
Silent Screams-When It Rains-2011-KzT (Metal)
Siegewyrm - Legends of the Oathsworn-2012-FREE (Metal)
Sick Times-All Punks Are Bastards-Rerip-CDR-2009-iTS (Metal)
Sick Of It All-Nonstop-2011-MTD (Metal)
Sick Of It All-Just Look Around-Reissue-2010-DeBT (Metal)
Sick Of It All-Based On A True Story-2010-FNT (Metal)
Showyourteeth-World Denier-2011-FNT (Metal)
Shoot The Girl First-They Have Clocks We Have Time-WEB-2011-FiH (Metal)
Shitfucker-Sexual Maniac E.P.-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Shipwrecked-The Last Pagans-LP-2012-hXc (Metal)
Shining-8.5 - Feberdroemmar i vaket tillstaand-2013-BERC (Metal)
Serenity - Death And Legacy-2011-FREE (Metal)
Septicflesh-The Great Mass-2011-EOSiNT (Metal)
Septic Death-84-92 Recordings-Bootleg-LP-2011-hXc (Metal)
September-Cant Get Over (Sy And Al Storm Remix)-WEB-2011-FaiLED INT (Metal)
Selfless-The Price of Progression-2011-rH (Metal)
Section 13-Burning Bridges-2011-FNT (Metal)
Secrets-The Ascent-2011-KzT (Metal)
Second Thief-Brainwashed-(EP)-2010-pLAN9 (Metal)
Scream Out Loud-Live It Up-2012-FNT (Metal)
Schenker Barden Acoustic Project--Gipsy Lady-2009-UBE (Metal)
Scheisse Minnelli-The Fight Against Reality-2011-gF (Metal)
Sceptor - Take Command-2012-FREE (Metal)
Scavanger - Between the Devil and the Sea-2011-FREE (Metal)
Saxon-Into The Labyrinth-(Proper Advance)-2009-FNT (Metal)
Saxon-Destiny-Remastered-2010-AMRC (Metal)
Savior From Anger--Lost in the Darkness-2009-OMA (Metal)
Save Us from the Archon-Some Things We Carry Always-WEB-2013-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Savatage-Poets and Madmen-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Savatage-Handful of Rain-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Savatage-Ghost in the Ruins-Remastered-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Satanic Malfunctions-Disgrace To Music-2CD-2012-hXc (Metal)
Sarabante-Remnants-2011-FNT (Metal)
Sapattivuosi-Ihmisen Merkki-FI-2009-BERC (Metal)
Saosin-In Search Of Solid Ground-2009-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Sacred Shock-Youre Not With Us-LP-2009-GRW (Metal)
Sabaton - Live at Wacken Open Air-08-02-DVBC-2013-UME (Metal)
S.O.S.-Shower Of Smegma-LP-2011-hXc (Metal)
Run With The Hunted-Self Titled-2010-AMX (Metal)
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ghostmaker-2012-FREE (Metal)
Ruled By Reason-The Dawning Of Dystopia-2011-AMX (Metal)
Ross The Boss - Hailstorm-2010-FREE (Metal)
Rise From Above-Phoenix-2010-SDR (Metal)
Rise and Fall-Faith-2012-iTS (Metal)
Ringworm-Scars-2011-MTD (Metal)
Right Idea-Our Way-2010-AMX (Metal)
Revolution Renaissance-Age Of Aquarius-2009-mwnd int (Metal)
Revok-Grief Is My New Moniker-2011-r35 (Metal)
Retox-Ugly Animals-2011-RTB (Metal)
Rest In Pieces-My Rage-Reissue-2010-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Reproach-The Bitter End-2011-hXc (Metal)
Regents-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Red Skies-Human Nature-EP-2012-UTP (Metal)
Rearranged-New Forms-2010-FiH (Metal)
Reality Slap-Necks And Ropes-2012-PMS (Metal)
Ratt - Infestation-(Special Edition)-WEB-2010-FTM (Metal)
Rational Animals-Bock Rock Parade-12inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Ramon-Contundente Final-ES-2012-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Rammstein-Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da-(Bonus CD)-2009-LzY (Metal)
Rainbow-Anthology 1975-1984-2CD-2009-ONe (Metal)
Pyramido-Sand-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Pulling Teeth-Funerary-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Psyren-Impulse Without The End-2011-hXc (Metal)
Psycho-the Grind Years-2010-B2R (Metal)
Psychostick-Sandwich-2009-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Protestant-Stalemate-10inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Pro-Pain-20 Years Of Hardcore-(Bonus DVD)-2011-MTD (Metal)
Prisonbitch-Brain Raped-2009-AMX (Metal)
Primordial-Redemption At The Puritans Hand-2011-FNT (Metal)
Preying Hands-Self-Titled-2009-FiH (Metal)
Pretty Maids-Pandemonium-2010-DLB (Metal)
Polaris-Dichotomy-EP-2013-UTP (Metal)
Pianos Become The Teeth-The Lack Long After-2011-pLAN9 (Metal)
Pestilential Shadows-In Memoriam Ill Omen-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Pestilence - Doctrine-2011-FREE (Metal)
Pelican-What We All Come To Need-2009-EOS (Metal)
Pelican-Ephemeral-(EP)-2009-FNT (Metal)
Paul Elstak-Megamix 2011 The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Mix-WEB-2011-NEMP3 (Metal)
Parasytic-Poison Minds-2011-FNT (Metal)
Panzerchrist-Regiment Ragnarok-2011-MTD (Metal)
Panzerbastard-2006-2009-2010-rH (Metal)
Pantera-Cowboys From Hell (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)-(Remastere... (Metal)
Outloud-Well Rock You To Hell And Back Again-2009-TMS (Metal)
Outlast-Take Control-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Orphaned Land-The Never Ending Way of Orwarrior-2010-NOiR (Metal)
One Year Later-The Sound Of A Broken World-2012-KzT (Metal)
One Last Look-Pretenders-WEB-2013-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Oiltanker-The Shadow Of Greed-12inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Oh Manhattan-Spiritual Warfare-2011-KzT (Metal)
Of Wrath And Ruin - Conquering Oblivion-2011-FREE (Metal)
Obituary-The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1989-2005-6CD-2013-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Obituary-Live Xecution-(DVD)-2009-DNR (Metal)
Oathbreaker-Maelstrom-2011-SDR (Metal)
Oathbreaker-Erosanteros-2013-DGS (Metal)
Nunslaughter-Raid the Country Star-Tape-2009-GRW (Metal)
Numinous - Numinous-2011-FREE (Metal)
Nothing Til Blood-When Lambs Become Lions-2011-KzT (Metal)
Northless-Clandestine Abuse-2011-FNT (Metal)
Nolovelost-Without Beginning Without End-2011-KzT (Metal)
Nokturnal Mortum-Live In Katowice-2009-DeBT iNT (Metal)
No Parking On The Bridge-The Convalescent-EP-WEB-2012-UTP (Metal)
No Faith-Self Titled-WEB-2012-iTS (Metal)
Ninebar-900-2011-FiH (Metal)
Nine Eleven-Le Reve De Cassandre-2012-iTS (Metal)
Nightwish-Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)-2009-pLAN9 (Metal)
Nightwish-Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)-2009-NiF3 INT (Metal)
Nightwish - Walking In TheAir-The Greatest Ballads-2011-FREE (Metal)
Nightwish - Showtime Storytime-2CD-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2013-MCA int (Metal)
Nightrage-Wearing a Martyrs Crown-Bonus Tracks-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Night Hag-Gilded Age-2011-AMX (Metal)
Nicky D feat. Amy D-Alive-(AHR002)-WEB-2009-SSR (Metal)
Nice Shoes-Self Titled-2010-B2R (Metal)
Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy-2010-FKK (Metal)
Never More Than Less-The Album-2010-UTP (Metal)
Never Again-Year One-(LP)-2010-iTS (Metal)
Neo Cons-Idiot Circus-WEB-2013-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Negative Approach-Friends Of No One-(EP)-2010-AMX (Metal)
Nebulist--Pop The Bubble Remixes-WEB-2011-WUS (Metal)
Nebukadnezar-Dawn Pervades the Twilight-2009-BERC (Metal)
Naysayer-Laid To Rest-CD-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Nationale-Living Season-(CDR)-2009-FNT (Metal)
Nasty Tendency-Wild and Nasty-2009-RTB (Metal)
Mythosis-Mind Built Prison-EP-2011-UTP (Metal)
Mystic Prophecy - Ravenlord-(Limited Edition)-2011-FREE (Metal)
Myka Relocate-Lies To Light The Way-2013-KzT (Metal)
My Ticket Home-To Create A Cure-2012-KzT (Metal)
My Dogs A Cat-Hope And Despair-2010-FiH (Metal)
My Defense-Delorean-EP-2012-iTS (Metal)
Murder Death Kill-Instigate Infiltrate Annihilate-2011-KzT (Metal)
Mucky Pup--A Boy in a Mans World and Now-REPACK-2009-UBE (Metal)
Mpo-Deny Life-2011-DeBT (Metal)
Motorhead-The World Is Yours-2010-EOS (Metal)
Mother Of Mercy-Symptoms Of Existence-2011-iTS (Metal)
Most Precious Blood-Do Not Resuscitate-2011-KzT (Metal)
Moss Icon-Complete Discography-2CD-2012-hXc (Metal)
Mortillery - Murder Death Kill-2011-FREE (Metal)
Mortification-The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Morne-Asylum-2011-FNT (Metal)
Monument - Rock the Night-EP-2012-MCA int (Metal)
Monday Massacre-One Way Ticket-EP-2009-UTP (Metal)
Momentum-Whetting Occams Razor-LP-2011-FiH (Metal)
Mistaken Element - Mind Over Matter-2009-ViC (Metal)
Minus-Hard Feelings-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Mindset-Midnight Sky-2011-AMX (Metal)
Millions-Gather Scatter-2009-FNT (Metal)
Merkit-Discography-2009-FiH (Metal)
Mercy Screams-Broken Mirrors-2011-KzT (Metal)
Mental Demise-Final Step To Future Madness-2009-MTD (Metal)
Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (... (Metal)
Mastodon-The Hunter-2LP-2011-NOiR (Metal)
Maso - Sukromny Zivot Bohov-(CD)-SK-2009-aCS (Metal)
Marilyn Manson-The High End Of Low-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2009-VERiTAS INT (Metal)
Manu Le Malin-Live on Club R AW-(TTM)-STREAM-11-27-2010-COIN INT (Metal)
Manowar - Thunder in the Sky-Retail EP-2009-MrA (Metal)
Make Me Famous-Its Now Or Never-2012-KzT (Metal)
Make Me A Donut-Olson-2013-UTP (Metal)
Magnolia-The Rat King-2011-KzT (Metal)
Madison Affair-Teenage Time-2011-KzT (Metal)
m1dy and Killingscum - Radio Warning-(MSTCD004)-CD-JP-2009-BC (Metal)
Lustre-Wonder-2013-B2R (Metal)
Loyal To The Grave-Against The Odds-2012-KzT (Metal)
Lost Apparitions-Old Friends On New Planets-2010-KzT (Metal)
Look Im Burning-This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things-2010-KzT (Metal)
Loma Prieta-IV-2012-pLAN9 (Metal)
Living Eyes-Starve For Agony-7inch-Vinyl-2011-iTS (Metal)
Lions Share-Darkest Hours-Promo-2009-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Lions Share-Dark Hours-(Japan Edition Bonus Track)-2009-NER (Metal)
Lionheart--The Will to Survive-Special Edition-2009-UBE (Metal)
Lionheart-Built On Struggle-2011-CRN (Metal)
Like Moths To Flames-Sweet Talker-(EP)-2010-FNT (Metal)
Lighthouse Project-Atonement-2010-KALEVALA (Metal)
Life In Your Way-Kingdoms-3CD-2011-KzT (Metal)
Life For A Life-Identity The Otherside-WEB-2012-COURAGE (Metal)
Life As A Ghost-Drifter-2011-KzT (Metal)
Liberteer-Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees-2012-FNT (Metal)
Letlive-Fake History-(EU Advance)-2011-SiRE (Metal)
Leprosy-5 Tracks-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc (Metal)
Length Of Time-Shame To This Weakness Modern World-Limited Reissue-201... (Metal)
Legacy-With Peace In Mind-2012-KzT (Metal)
Leaves Eyes-Meredead-(NPR375)-Digipack CD-2011-211 (Metal)
Lazarus A.D.-The Onslaught (remixed)-Promo-2009-QTXMp3 (Metal)
Last Dayz-No Future-7inch-Vinyl-2011-B2R (Metal)
Last Chaos-Wild Men-Tape-2011-hXc (Metal)
Lapinpolthajat-Self Titled-LP-FI-2010-hXc (Metal)
La Dispute-Wildlife-2011-pLAN9 (Metal)
Kurraka-Hermanas De La Oscuridad-7inch-Vinyl-ES-2013-D2H (Metal)
Krux - III-He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars-2011-FREE (Metal)
Korpiklaani-Vodka-CDS-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Komatoz-Two Hands-12inch-Vinyl-RU-2010-FiH (Metal)
Knuste Ruter-Gjennom Veggene-12inch-Vinyl-NO-2010-FiH (Metal)
King Diamond - House of God-Remastered-2009-MCA int (Metal)
Killswitch Engage-Monsters of Rock Sao Paulo 19-10-2013-DVBS-2013-xTEAM (Metal)
Kill Devil Hill - Revolution Rise-2013-MCA int (Metal)
Kain-Weltenfluch-DE-2009-BERC (Metal)
Judas Priest-A Touch of Evil Live-2009-ONe (Metal)
Jack Glass - Green River-Promo CDS-2009-JGM (Metal)
IWRESTLEDABEARONCE-Its All Happening-(Bonus Track)-2009-ApoLLo (Metal)
Irrwisch-Irrwisch-Reissue-2009-BERC (Metal)
Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier-2010-UasH (Metal)
Iron Maiden - From Fear To Eternity-2CD-2011-Nsc (Metal)
Intense - The Shape of Rage-2011-FREE (Metal)
Insidious Disease-Shadowcast-2010-mwnd int (Metal)
Infernal Revulsion-Dead But Breathing-2009-MTD (Metal)
Infarto-Sul Fondo Insieme a Tutti Gli Altri Sassi-CDR-IT-2011-FiH (Metal)
Incoming Cerebral Overdrive-Controverso-Promo-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Ill Nino-Dead New World-2010-EOSiNT (Metal)
Ignitor-The Spider Queen-2009-RTB (Metal)
Icon of Phobos - Icon of Phobos-2011-FREE (Metal)
I The Skyline...-I The Skyline...-(Demo CDR)-2009-pLAN9 (Metal)
I Spit Ashes - Inhaling Blackness-Reflecting Light-2012-FREE (Metal)
Hypocrisy - A Taste of Extreme Divinity-(Bonus Track)-Digipak-2009-FKK (Metal)
Hroptatyr-Auf Zu Neuen Ufern-CDR-DE-2010-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Hopes Die Last-Six Years Home-2009-DeBT iNT (Metal)
Hoax-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Himinbjorg-Chants Dhier Chants De Guerre Chants De La Terre-FR-2010-FiH (Metal)
Heresy-Knights of God-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Hello Dagger-Tarmia-EP-CDR-2010-FiH (Metal)
Heavy Metal Perse-Aikakirjat-WEB-FI-2012-KALEVALA (Metal)
Have Heart-Live At Sound And Fury 07-29-07-(7 INCH VINYL)-2010-iTS (Metal)
Haust-Powers of Horror-2010-KLV (Metal)
Hate - Erebos-2010-FREE inT (Metal)
Goum-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2011-hXc (Metal)
Godsmack-The Oracle-2010-EOS (Metal)
Gjallarhorn-Awakening-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs-2009-ViC (Metal)
Gasmiasma-Trenchrats E.P.-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Gasmask Terror-Like Daggers-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH (Metal)
Furyon-Gravitas-2010-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Frankenshred - Cauldron of Evil-2009-FREE (Metal)
For All We Know - For All We Know-2011-FREE (Metal)
Fireforce - March On-2011-FREE (Metal)
Eyrie-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH (Metal)
Exodus-Exhibit B The Human Condition-2010-AMRC (Metal)
Entombed-Wales UK 0319-2011-EOSiNT (Metal)
Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods-EP-2011-FREE (Metal)
Enforcer-Diamonds-2010-AMRC (Metal)
Empires of Eden-Songs of War and Vengeance-Promo-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Elvenking - Red Silent Tides-2010-FREE (Metal)
Eldritch - Gaias Legacy-2011-FREE (Metal)
Egoist-Ultra Selfish Revolution-Promo-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Dynazty - Knock You Down-(Jap.Edition)-2011-FREE (Metal)
Dublin Death Patrol - Death Sentence-2012-FREE (Metal)
Drudkh-Microcosmos-2009-BERC INT (Metal)
Dream Evil-In the Night-2010-DJH (Metal)
Drapetomania-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-ES-2012-D2H (Metal)
Dordeduh - Dar De Duh-2CD-RO-2012-CRUELTY (Metal)
DJ Dizz--DiZZLEtEK EP-(CCR010)-WEB-2013-WUS (Metal)
Dispyz-Datarunner EP-(RGV-005)-Vinyl-2010-DEF (Metal)
DGM-Frame-2009-UasH (Metal)
Devildriver-Wales UK 0312-2010-EOS (Metal)
Devildriver-Detroit MI 0502-2009-EOS (Metal)
Demon-Unbroken-2012-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
De Silence Et Dombre - Ascension-2009-CRUELTY (Metal)
Darkcell-Bone With Hatred-2009-hXc (Metal)
Dark Tranquillity-Yesterworlds (Early Demos Digitally Remastered)-2009... (Metal)
Dark The Suns-Sleepwalking In A Nightmare-2010-DNR (Metal)
Dark The Suns-All Ends In Silence-2009-MAN (Metal)
Dark Managarm - Victorious March-2009-CRUELTY (Metal)
Crystal Viper - Possession-2013-MCA int (Metal)
Crimson Glory-The Last Night in Japan-2009-AMRC (Metal)
Coppelius-Tumult-(Retail)-DE-2009-DAA (Metal)
Cobretti-Trip Down Memory Lane-WEB-2011-gF (Metal)
Christ Agony-Faithless-2013-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Celtic Frost-Into the Crypts-Bootleg-2012-GRW (Metal)
Carnivore-Nuclear Warriors - The Early Years-Bootleg-LP-2009-hXc (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-2009-DiTCH INT (Metal)
Cannibal Corpse-Derbyshire ENG 0815-2010-EOSiNT (Metal)
Can of Worms - World Collapse-EP-2012-FREE (Metal)
Bud Tribe-Roll The Bone-2009-RTB (Metal)
Bound by Entrails - The Stars Bode You Farewell-2012-FREE (Metal)
Bottomfeeder-Bottomfeeder-WEB-2011-gF (Metal)
Bottomfeeder-Bottomfeeder-Vinyl-2011-gF (Metal)
Bleeding Red - Evolutions Crown-2012-FREE (Metal)
Blackshore-Railway to Blackshore-Reissue-2009-BERC (Metal)
Blackshine - Soul Confusion-2012-FREE (Metal)
Black Sabbath-Dehumanizer-2CD-(Remastered)-2011-DNR (Metal)
Black Label Society-The Song Remains Not The Same-2011-DNR (Metal)
Black Label Society-Order Of The Black-2010-DNR (Metal)
Behemoth-From The Pagan Vastlands-(EVIL031CD)-Remastered CD-2011-211 (Metal)
Behemoth-Evangelion-2009-DNR (Metal)
Behemoth-Evangelion-(DVD)-2009-DNR (Metal)
Before the Dawn-Soundscape of Silence-Reissue-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Before the Dawn-Rise of the Phoenix-Limited Edition-2012-GRM (Metal)
Before the Dawn - Rise of the Phoenix-2012-FREE (Metal)
Before the Dawn - Rise of the Phoenix-(Ltd.Ed.)-2012-FREE (Metal)
Beehoover-Concrete Catalyst-2010-GRM (Metal)
Becoming the Archetype - I Am-2012-FREE (Metal)
Beatallica-Abbey Load-2013-KRIEG (Metal)
Battlewitch--Wessex Steel-2009-OMA (Metal)
Battlerage-True Metal Victory-2011-GRM (Metal)
Battlerage - True Metal Victory-2011-FREE (Metal)
Battlecry-Today Belongs to Us-2009-GRM (Metal)
Battlecross-Pursuit of Honor-2011-grmg (Metal)
Barque of Dante-Lasting Forever-2013-GRM (Metal)
Baroness-Yellow And Green-2CD-2012-AOD (Metal)
Baroness-A Horse Called Golgotha-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH (Metal)
Barnburner-Bangers-2009-FNT (Metal)
Barn Burner-Bangers II Scum of the Earth-2011-GRM (Metal)
Bare Infinity - Always Forever-2009-UasH (Metal)
Banshee-Mindslave-Limited Edition-2012-GRM (Metal)
Banshee - Mindslave-2012-FREE (Metal)
Bane - Chaos Darkness And Emptiness-2010-FREE (Metal)
Balnasar - Ein Kalter Nachtgedanke-DE-2009-CRUELTY (Metal)
Bakken - Death of A Hero-2012-FREE (Metal)
Badmouth-Heavy Metal Parking Lot-2011-GRM (Metal)
Badmouth-Badmouth-2009-SSR (Metal)
Babymetal-Kiba Of Akiba-EP-JP-2012-BELT (Metal)
Axel Rudi Pell - Best Of (Anniversary Edition)-2009-CMG (Metal)
Avenged Sevenfold--Hail to the King-REPACK-2013-OMA (Metal)
Attica Rage - Road Dog-2011-FREE (Metal)
Attack Vertical - This Glorious World-2011-FREE (Metal)
Atrocity-Let War Rage-CD-2009-211 (Metal)
Astarium-On the Edge of Chasm-Tape-2009-BERC (Metal)
Asleigh Stake - Another Fall Alone-2010-FREE (Metal)
Ashes of Ares--Ashes of Ares-2013-OMA (Metal)
Artillery-My Blood-(MASSCD1441)-CD-2011-211 (Metal)
Arsonists Get All The Girls-Portals-2009-ApoLLo (Metal)
Armoured Angel-Baptism in Blood-Reissue-CD-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Armored Saint-La Raza-2010-PMS (Metal)
Arch Enemy-The Root Of All Evil-2009-DNR (Metal)
Arcana Coelestia-Le Mirage De Lideal-Promo-2009-BERC (Metal)
Aphonnic - 6 Bajo Par-WEB-ES-2009-KNOWN (Metal)
Anubis Unbound - Treachery-2010-FREE (Metal)
Anthrax-Worship Music-2011-EOS (Metal)
Anthrax-Worship Music-2011-DNR (Metal)
Animals As Leaders-Weightless-2011-DNR (Metal)
Angers Curse-Tighten The Screws-2011-FNT (Metal)
Angel Witch-As Above So Below-2012-DNR (Metal)
Ancient Dome - Hunting the M.I.L.F.-2012-FREE (Metal)
Ancient Bards - Soulless Child-2011-FREE (Metal)
Amoricide-Storm of Violence-2011-GRM (Metal)
Amoral-Year Of The Suckerpunch-CDS-2009-COS (Metal)
Amon Amarth-Deceiver of the Gods-2CD-2013-GORE (Metal)
Amebix-Sonic Mass-2011-DNR (Metal)
Amberian Dawn - End Of Eden-2010-FREE (Metal)
Altercado-Schaefer-Split-12inch-Vinyl-2012-D2H (Metal)
Altars of Rebellion-The Dominant Material Origin-2011-GRW (Metal)
Alice Cooper-Welcome 2 My Nightmare (Best Buy Exclusive Edition)-2011-EOS (Metal)
Algol - Complex Shapes-2012-FREE (Metal)
Alas Negras-The Slasher Show-2010-GRM (Metal)
Alas Negras-Facing the If-2013-GRM (Metal)
Alas Negras-Bella Morte-2009-GRM (Metal)
Agnostic Front - Live at Wacken Open Air-08-02-DVBC-2013-UME (Metal)
Aggression - Viocracy-2012-FREE (Metal)
Agathodaimon-In Darkness-2013-NSTM (Metal)
Agamez-Ruido Azul-ES-2010-GRW (Metal)
After The Burial-Rareform-Reissue-2009-FiH (Metal)
Aenimus-Transcend Reality-2013-KzT (Metal)
Aechoes-The Human Condition-WEB-2012-UTP (Metal)
Adastra - Corroder of Minds-2012-FREE (Metal)
Adamantra-Revival-2009-BERC (Metal)
Adagio-In Nomine-Best Of-2010-DLB (Metal)
Adagio-Archangels in Black-2009-GRM (Metal)
Adagio-Archangels in Black-(Advance)-2009-NER (Metal)
Ad Intra-Inside Us All-2013-GRM (Metal)
Ad Inferna-Im Mortelle-2013-KRIEG (Metal)
Ad Astra - Open Wide-2012-FREE (Metal)
Acyl - Algebra-2012-FREE (Metal)
Acirema-American Nightmare-2009-FiH (Metal)
ACDC - Iron Men 2 (Deluxe Edition)-2010-VOiCE (Metal)
Accept-The Accept Collection-3CD-2010-MCA int (Metal)
Accept-Stalingrad-Ltd.Ed.-2012-MCA int (Metal)
Accept-Stalingrad-2012-GRM (Metal)
Accept-Stalingrad-2012-DNR (Metal)
Accept-Blood Of The Nations-Limited Edition-2010-CMG (Metal)
Accept - Stalingrad-2012-FREE (Metal)
Accept - Stalingrad (2012 Japan UICN-1010)-2012-FREE (Metal)
Accept - Blood of the Nations (2010 Japan UICE-1167)-2010-FREE (Metal)
Abstract Spirit-Tragedy and Weeds-2009-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
A Lesser Hope - The Rise-2012-FREE (Metal)
Zombie Death Stench-Infected-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Zirt-Lost Songs-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Zirt-Away-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Zinvmm-Beltaine-ES-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Zimorog-Winter Horns-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Zephaniah-Reforged-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Zardens-Blackness Unfolds-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Yellow Stitches-Sick Mind-WEB-2016-FiH (Metal)
Xenosis-Sowing The Seeds Of Destruction-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Xenofanes-Pissing In The Holy Grail-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wrath Sins-Contempt Over The Stormfall-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wombbath-Downfall Rising-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wolves Den-Deus Vult-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wolf Spider-V-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Witchtrap-Trap The Witch-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Witcher-Csendes Domb-HU-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Winterblind-Ya Mashina-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Will O Wisp-Inusto-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wilds Reprisal-Against Leviathan-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wicked Deception-A New Kind Of Horror-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Weird Fate-Cycle Of Naught-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wederganger-Halfvergaan Ontwaakt-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Wayfarer-Children Of The Iron Age-2014-FNT (Metal)
Watain-Tonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute... (Metal)
Wastage-Slave To The System-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Warhammer - Mass Burial-2014-FREE (Metal)
Warfield-Seven Skins-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
War Agenda-Night Of Disaster-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Walking Corpse Syndrome-We Are The Humans-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
W.A.S.P.-Golgotha-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vulvodynia-Finis Omnium Ignorantiam-CDEP-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vreid-Solverv-NO-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vorzug-Call Of The Vultures-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Volymian-Maze of Madness-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Voices Of Ruin-Born From The Dark-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vlad Tepes-The Drakksteim Sessions-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vitaphobia-Vitaphobia-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Virium-Mortui Resurgent-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Victimario-Sculpture Of Insane Minds-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vibrion-Bacterya-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Vials Of Wrath-Days Without Names-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Veturheim-Veturheim-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Verstecktengang-Magnum Illud Sacramentum In Tutankhamun-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vein Of Hate-Dualist-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
VA-Wacken Open Air-DVBS-2016-JUST (Metal)
VA-The Masterplan Show-DAB-03-26-2016-G3L (Metal)
Vastoberant-Catharsis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Variscythe-Deluding Paradigm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vargnatt-Grausammler-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Vargheim-III-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
VA-Nuclear Blast Showdown Summer 2016-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
VA-Metal Hymns Vol 18-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer-Burst Contact-Issue 255-MAG-2014-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
VA-Metal Hammer Burst Contact-MAG-2014-xTEAM (Metal)
Valkenrag-Twilight Of Blood And Flesh-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
VA-Live At Bristol Exposure (Red Pack)-4TAPE-199x-PiCKLE (Metal)
VA-Hello Is It Metal Youre Looking For-MAG-CD-2015-MAHOU (Metal)
VA-Guitar Heroes-MAG-CD-2016-MAHOU (Metal)
VA-German Hard Force 2016 We Are Hardcore-WEB-2016-iHR (Metal)
Uskonrauha-Tympeyden Ylistys-FI-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Upon Shadows-Between The Southern Cross And The Northern Star-2015-FRE... (Metal)
Upon A Broken Throne-Birthright-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Unsafe-Enter Dark Places-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Universal Mind Project-The Jaguar Priest-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Unholy Triumphant-Circulus Vitiosus-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Unheard Before the Wake-Humanity Burning-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Undergang-Doden Laeger Alle Sar-DK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Undead Corporation-Flash Back-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ultha-Pain Cleanses Every Doubt-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ulfrinn-I Ethereal Footprints Towards Nothingness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Twelve Hour Turn-Live at WNYU 98-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Turmion Katilot-Kiitos 2004-2014-DVD-FI-2014-BERC (Metal)
Tuchulcha-The Fury Of Culsu-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Trashmachine-Breaking Through the Ranks-Reissue-2014-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Transcension-Metallurgy-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Toxovibora-Nace-Sufre-Muere-ES-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Toxoid-Aurora Satanae-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tormention-Chaotic Delusions-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
To Mega Therion-Yog Sothoth-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tine-The Forest Dreams Of Black-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Timeless Necrotears-Mutant Churches-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thybreath-Where The Gods Fall-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thy Art Is Murder-Holy War-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thunder Lord - Heavy Metal Rage-Reissue-2014-MCA int (Metal)
Throne Of Malediction-Dead In Dreams-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thromos-Translunare Transzendenz-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thrashgression - Endless Pollution-2014-FREE (Metal)
Thousand Eyes-Endless Nightmare-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Thornesbreed-GTRD-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Theogony - Theogony-2014-FREE (Metal)
Thempest-Crown Of Thorns-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Ward-Part Of Humanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Unchaining-To The Peaks-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Spectacle-Burn The Evidence-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Sickening-Sickness Unfold-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Ritual Aura-Laniakea-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Ragnarok Prophecy-Makeria-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Lucifer Rebellion-Punishment Divine-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Killing Condition-Broken Down Morals-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Impure-Without a Word-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
The Heritance-Focus In Reliquum-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Hell-Welcome To -2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Fateful Hour-All We Leave Behind-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Desolate-The Great Departure-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Clearing Path-Watershed Between Earth And Firmament-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Burning-Summoning The Lost Energy-2CD-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Black Dahlia Murder-Abysmal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Benegesserit-Human Inadequacy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The Ancient Void-Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
The 3rd Attempt-Born In Thorns-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Terzij De Horde-Self-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Terminus-Safe Travels See You Never-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Terader-Fear Sons-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tell Me A Fairytale-Sleepwalker-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Telerumination-Telerumination I-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tash-Steal Kill And Destroy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tantra-Death Trance Ritual-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tankrust-The Fast Of Solace-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Tanatori-Stupids-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Talv-Uksildus-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Synapses-Devoutness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Symbolical-Collapse In Agony-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Swamp-Necromantic Passages-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Svartgren-Prazan Grob-BA-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Svarta-Sepultus-SE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Suspended-Hollowed Minds-EP-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Supresion-Emerging Extermination-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sucking Leech-Common Sense-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Subterranean Birthright-Ostracism-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Strained Nerve-The New Dawn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Str8-No More Flames-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Stollo-The Decay Of Euphoria-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Stollo-Night Of The Hairy Beasts-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Statue Of Demur-Slaterville-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Stahlsarg-Comrades Of Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sovereign-Nailing Shut The Sacrosanct Orifice-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sorin-The Fire Within-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sonata Arctica-The Ninth Hour-Digipak-2016-gF (Metal)
Solomon-Conqueror-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sodom-Motocultor Festival-DVBS-2015-JUST (Metal)
Sleep Terror-Unihemispheria-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Slayer-Live At Wacken-DVBS-2014-JUST (Metal)
Slayer-Implode-WEB-2014-GRM (Metal)
Slayer-Greatest Hits-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Sky Of Calvaria-Bestiarium-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Skinned-Create Malevolence-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Skialykon-Vestigio-IT-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Skaur-Farvel-NO-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Skaltros-Cedar Horror-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
SinSilencio-Toroide-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Sielunvihollinen-Syvyydesta-FI-2014-B2R (Metal)
Sielunvihollinen-Hautaruhtinas-FI-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sideffect-Redefine-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Shrines-Shrines-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Shrine Of Insanabilis-Disciples Of The Void-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Shrapnel Storm-Mother War-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Shinigami No Yuujin-Walpurgisnacht-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sewer-Vomiting Into The Mouth Of Satan-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sewer-Under The Eye Of The Black Skull-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Serpentinus-The Black Sea Of Infinity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Seraph In Travail-Bring Forth Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Selvans-Lupercalia-IT-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Selchidh-Behind Two Suns-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Seeds In Barren Fields-Let The Earth Be Silent After Ye-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sectorial-We Are The Titans Rising Ashes-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sean Hall and Matt Turkington-Chariots Of Fire-2014-BELT (Metal)
Scissortooth-Nova Gomorrah-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Schonesende-Schonesende-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scelest-Plaget Med Sorg-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scattered Guts-No Guts No Glory-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scars Of Envy-New Damn Nation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scarnival-Scarnival - The Art Of Suffering-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scaremonger-Arbitrary Paradoxist-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Scalblood-I-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sawlegen-Stories from an Old Empire-Reissue-2014-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Save Us from the Archon-Thereafter-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Satyricon-La Machine Du Moulin Rouge (Paris)-DVBS-2015-JUST (Metal)
Sathanas-Worship The Devil-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Satanic Assault Division-Kill The Cross-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Saratan-Asha-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sapthuran-Hildegicel-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Saor-Roots-2015-BERC (Metal)
Sanitarium-Trapped In The Crowd-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sangdragon-Requiem For Apocalypse-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sanctity Of Solitude-At An Arm And A Halfs Grasp-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Samhain-Spirit Realm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Salvator-Chronicles (DC.LX.VI.)-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sacrospell-Sacrospell-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Sacred Goat-Sinful Self-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ruach Raah-Hate Fanaticism-LP-2015-B2R (Metal)
Rivers Of Nihil-Monarchy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Rising Core-Rise-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Rise Of An Empire-Dismemberment Of Sanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Riptor-Sounds from Hell-2015-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Riotor-Rusted Throne-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Rezistor-By Any Means Necessary-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Revenge Division-The New Generation-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Revenge After Death-War For Money-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Requiem Mass-The Meaning-2014-BELT (Metal)
Remains-Evoking Darkness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Regression of Humanity-Regression of Humanity EP-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Red Razor-Beer Revolution-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Re(Tribe)Ution-People Of Fate-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ravnkald-Pure Pagan Blood-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Raventale-Dark Substance Of Dharma-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ravens Creed-Ravens Krieg-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Raven Sky-Once Above The Old Skies-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Rattler-Warriors Way-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Raign In Hell-Farewell To Devotion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ragana-Wash Away-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Quintessenz-To the Gallows-2016-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Putrevore-Tentacles Of Horror-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Purtenance- To Spread The Flame Of Ancients-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Psychosomatic-Clicking Sound Of A Hammer Pulled Back-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Psychosis-Archetype-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Psychopath-Hatred Outside-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Profanator-Mvtter Vicivm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Priorato-Born To Die-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Pridemeat-Wet Hot American Slaughter-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Prevenge-Basin-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Pressure Points-False Lights-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Praise The Flame-Manifest Rebellion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Praetoria-Mirror Of Modernity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Powered By Death-Its Only Getting Worse-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Polarized-Western Hypnosis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Phantom-Demonecromancy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Pestilentia Urbis-Cirque De La Peste-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Perpetual-Carving A Dismembered God-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Perennial Isolation-Astral Dream-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Penitenziagite-Humanity Galore-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Passion Of Death-Apophis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Party Cannon-Bong Hit Hospitalisation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Parafovea-Torn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Panteon-Return Of The Killer-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Panopticon-Autumn Eternal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Pain Patterns-Flood of Worry-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Pagan Throne-Swords Of Blood-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Owlcraft- The Journey Of The Owl-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Out of Hand-The Portrait EP-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Ouroboros-Emanations-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Other World-Syncretism Of Gods In Men-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Otargos-Xeno Kaos-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Orpheus Omega-Partum Vita Mortem-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Orphan-Strut-(10105429)-WEB-2016-WUS (Metal)
Orius-The Slender Threads of Fortune-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Ord-Of Rain And Dirt-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ordensburg-Legenden Des Krieges-DE-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ordalie-Mass Of Perdition-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
One Master-Reclusive Blasphemy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Omnis-Accumulation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Omnia Vincam-Vanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Omnia Vincam-Prima Materia-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Omnia Vincam-Minor Tragedy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Old Wounds-Death Projection-WEB-2014-COURAGE (Metal)
Odium-Terraform-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Obsidian-Army Of Darkness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Obscene Execration-Foul Incantation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Obnoxious-Extinction-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nyr Gata-Seraphim-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nozomu Wakais Destinia - Requiem for A Scream (Jap. Ed.)-2014-MCA int (Metal)
Norylsk-Catholic Dictatorship-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nonsense Premonition-Metatrilithon-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nonexist-Throne Of Scars-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Non Opus Dei-Diabe-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nocturnal Escape-Nocturnal Escape-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
No Race-Your Lifes You-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nile-What Should Not Be Unearthed-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nihilo Machina-The Last Messiah-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus-The Child Must Die-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nihil Kaos-Noxkult-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nightshock-Nightshock-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Night-Night-FR-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nightfell-Darkness Evermore-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nex Carnis-Obscure Visions Of Dark-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nevoa-The Absence Of Void-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nevercold-Rebirth-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Necrotek-Strange Sounds From The Sky-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Necropsy-Buried In The Woods-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nebiros-VII-PL-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nazghor-Diabolical Teachings-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nattramn-Gravhymn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Natanas-Entropic-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Narednik Lobanja I Vod Smrti-Nitko Nece Prezivjeti-BA-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Narbeleth-Through Blackness And Remote Places-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nahtrunar-Symbolismus-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Nadiwrath-Circle Of Pest-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mysarium-Transdimensional-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mysarium-Changes The Story-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mysarium-And We Too Shall Fall-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Muggle Death Camp-Seven Murders The Fractured Soul-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Muert-Ahul Xaxo-ES-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mountains Crave-Mountains Crave-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mountain Language-Caustic Surge Of Weary Oceans-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mortuorum-In Dependence-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mortifier-Kampfen-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mortal Plague-Acheron-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mortado-Human Mistaken Experiments-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Morphinist-Geopfert-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Morkesagn-Where The Darkness Never Ends-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Morgroth-Surgical Intervention-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Morb-Imaginarium-FR-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Morbid Vomit-Doctrine Of Violence-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Moonknight-Valinor-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Monstractor-Recycling Thrash-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Monastery Dead-Black Gold Appetite-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mistwalker-Record Agony-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Misanthropic Mind-Tears Of A Lesser God-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Milking The Goatmachine-Goatgrind-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Midnight Eternal-Midnight Eternal-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Midian-Bring Me The Darkness-Japan Edition-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Midgard-We Are The Destroyer-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mgla-Exercises In Futility-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Metalthorn-System Of Lies-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Metallica-Live in Quebec City 0914-2CD-2015-BERC (Metal)
Metalicus-Metal Album-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Meridies-On A Submerged Islet-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mephorash-1557 - Rites Of Nullification-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Megadeth-Dystopia-CD-2016-NOiCE (Metal)
Medea Rising-Abyss-2014-UTP (Metal)
Maybe Ill Live Forever-The World To Come-EP-2014-UTP (Metal)
Mates Fate-A Home For All-WEB-2016-FiH (Metal)
Mastermind-Unstoppable Drunks-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Massenhinrichtung-Zakon Zbroi-BY-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Mass Burial-Souls Necrosis-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Marasmus-Conjuring Enormity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Manu Le Malin-Live At Hardshock Festival 2014-STREAM-04-19-2014-EDC INT (Metal)
Manfisto-Aliens Of The Night-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Malepeste-Deliquescent Exaltation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Maieutiste-Maieutiste-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Magnus Wakander-Dawn Of Defeat And Echoes Of Distant Memories-2015-FRE... (Metal)
Lychgate-An Antidote For The Glass Pill-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lvxcaelis-The Watchers-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Luvart-Rites Of The Ancient Cults-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lumnos-Spiritual Chaos-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lumnos-Shining Mirros-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lucifers Legion-Therion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lost Creation-Enemy-2016-UTP (Metal)
Logical End-Crann-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lluvia-Eternidad Solemne-ES-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lhiver-1857-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lefutray-Oath-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lebenskrieg-Flame Of Life-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Lamastu-Witchcult-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Laid To Waste-Counterattack-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
La Horde-Dystopie-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kvoid-Nihility-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Krystalyan-Undefined-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kres-Na Krawedziach Nocy-PL-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Krematorium-Body Bags-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kreator--Live at Wacken Open Air-DVBC-08-02-2014-OMA (Metal)
Kosmos-Ashes Of The Orphic Dream-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Komponen Neraka-The Reign Catastrophe-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kollision-The Stage Of Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Knight Of The Round-Fates Delusion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kiske-Somerville-City Of Heroes-2015-BELT (Metal)
Killing Gandhi-Cinematic Parallels-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Khynn-Supersymmetry-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Khors-Mysticism-Reissue-2014-NSTM (Metal)
Karmaflow-Karmaflow The Original Soundtrack-2015-BELT (Metal)
Kaptivity-Across The Abyss Of Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kaos Vortex-Seeds Of Decay-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kalmankantaja-Muinainen-FI-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kaiserreich-Cuore Nero-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kaerulean-Adrift-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kaeck-Stormkult-NL-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Kadavrik-Grimm I And II-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Justabeli-Cause The War Never Ends -2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Jungle Rot-Order Shall Prevail-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Jarun-Pod Niebem Utkanym Z Popiou-PL-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Jacob Lizotte-Empowering The Weak-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Jackdevil-Evil Strikes Again-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Islay-The Angels Share-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Iskra-Ruins-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Iron Maiden-Live At Rock Am Ring-PROPER-DVBS-06-05-2014-SPANK (Metal)
Inverted Serenity-Integral-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Introspectiva-Transfiguration -2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Intig-Empty-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Internal Conflict-The Rising Tide-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Insaniam-Neurotic Mental Storm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Insane Devotion-Infidel-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Inmate-Tree Of Life-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Inkvisitor-Doctrine Of Damnation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Inhuman-Conquerors Of The New World-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Infera Bruo-In Conjuration-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Infanteria-Where Serpents Conquer-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Indeterminable-Symbols That Disappeared-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Incarnit-The Grand Cult-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Incarne-Endless Darkness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
In Twilights Embrace-The Grim Muse-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
In Trenches-Signals-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
In Glorious March-A Path Of Valor-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
In Flames-Live At Wacken-DVBS-07-31-2015-KOPiEx (Metal)
Imperative Decreation-Imperative Decreation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Immension-In Vain-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ill-Tabescas Utinam Dei Volentibus-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
I Spit Ashes-99942-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hysteria-To Walk Alone Eternally-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hypoxia-Despondent Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hydrophobic-Ad Infinitum-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Humm-Sanctuary-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Humanity Defiled-The Demise Of The Sane-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Human Serpent-Inhumane Minimalism-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Human Parasites-The Plague Of Humanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Human Desolation-Mind Grind Paradigm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hovf-Dodsdansen-SE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Horror Of Pestilence-Intruder-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Horrizon-Dwelling Within-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hireling-Society Creates Slaves-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Highborne-Highborne-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Henritta-Dead By Dawn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Helloween-My God-Given Right-DELUXE EDITION-2015-GRM (Metal)
Helloween-Battles Won-7inch-Vinyl-2015-GRM (Metal)
Hellon-Once Upon A Chaos -2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hellish Outcast-Stay Of Execution-2015-gF (Metal)
Helledeofol-Born Sick-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hellbastard-Feral-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Havukruunu-Havulinnaan-FI-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hatred-War Of Words-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hate Legions-Exitus Letalis (Tota Vita Nihil Aliud Quam Ad Mortem Iter... (Metal)
Hate Fusion-Filth-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Handfast-To Bury-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Halter-For The Abandoned-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hairst-Forests Unknown-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Hailfire-Warning Shock-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Haddah-Path To Nefrath-CDEP-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gutted Alive-Consumed By Carnage-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Guilles De Rais-The Bridge-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Grimoir-Ingressvs Malorvm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Grimmdrasil-The Grim Tree Of Life-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Graveyard Shifters-High Heels And Broken Bones-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gravesite-Horrifying Nightmares-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Graf Zeppelin-Satan Sun-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Gol-Habit Entwined In Horns-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gohrgone-A Divinis-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Goat Torment-Sermons To Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gloam-Hex Of Nine Heads-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Glacier Frost-Cosmic Warfare Annihilation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Giljotin-Giljotin-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ghostblood-Blood From Beyond The Grave-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Genevieve-Escapism-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gemini Berserk-Anthropogenic-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Gates Of Holocaust-Void-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Furtherial-Un Mondo Infinito-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Funeral Oppression-The Prisoners Of Life-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Funeral Ghoul-Violent Deathmass-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fuck Off-Hell On Earth II (Revisited And Faster)-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fubar-Revenge-EP-2014-grmg (Metal)
Frozen Skin-In This Dying World-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Frozen Cloud-Corpses In The Old Building-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fragile Existence-Cataclysms And Beginnings-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fractal Generator-Apotheosynthesis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fornace-My Journey Is Ending But The Torment Will Be Eternal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Forlorn Winds-Murmurs With The Decapitated-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Forgotten Deity-Spirit Of Antiquity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fog Of War-Here Lies Humanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Flamedrop-Thoughts On Fire-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fjorsvartnir-Mzoraxc Forbandelse-DK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Finamor-Forbidding Mourning-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Festering-From The Grave-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fatal Mutiny-Existence in Extinction-2014-GRM (Metal)
Fallen Angels-World In Decay-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Fall To Flames-Love Letters From Rehab-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eye of the Destroyer-Ezekiel 16 21-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Extinction A.D.-Extin Faithkiller-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Exsecror Vecordia-Pesadilla-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Expenzer-Kill The Conductor-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Exit Smashed-The Total Extent Of Pure Excess-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Evig Hat-Misphonia-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Evig Hat-Englesang Ved Tauets Ende-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Evig Hat-Borderline Grotesque-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Evertrapped-Under The Deep-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Everaftter-Elementa-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Etherna-Forgotten Beholder-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eternal Wisdom-Pathei Mathos-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eternal Torment-Descent Into Madness-CDEP-2015-DiTCH (Metal)
Eschatos-The Grand Noir-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eris Somnium-Discorde-2015-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Ergotism-Ergotism-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Erasement-It Comes To Life-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eradikator-Edge Of Humanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eradikal Insane-Mithra-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Episcopal Holocaust-Fuck Your God-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Epaihminen-Epaihminen IV-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Epaihminen-Epaihminen III-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Entrails-Obliteration-US Edition-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Enthroned Darkness-Grim Symphony Of The Night-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Enshine-Singularity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Enertia-Piece Of The Factory-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Endless-Duality Of Personality-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Endless Affliction-Savage Retribution-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Encroaching Darkness-Encroaching Darkness-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Empyreal Destroyer-Curse All Creation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Emperor Of Myself-Destined To Fail-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Embrio-Deja Vu-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eldritch Horror-Untouched By The Sun-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Eis-Bannstein-2CD-(Deluxe Edition)-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Edguy-Space Police - Defenders of the Crown-Digibook Edition-2CD-2014-GRM (Metal)
Edge Of Brutality-Between Darkness And Light-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ectovoid-Dark Abstraction-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ecorche-Deep In The Ground-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Echoes Of The Moon-Entropy-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dying Humanity-Deadened-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dunmharu-Finding The Eternal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Drunk With Pain-Hail The Monsters-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dropkik-Blight And Betrayal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Drohtnung-In Dolorous Sights-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dragonsfire-Metal X-EP-2014-BELT (Metal)
Dragon Eyes-Prayer For The Sad Stories-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Draath-Black Slumber-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dr.Faust-Resurrection Furious-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dormant Seed-A Sad Memory-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dood-Liberating Self-Destruction-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Djinn Of Thujone-The Suffering Realm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Division Speed-Division Speed-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dittohead-Infected-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dispellment-Atone-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Disordered-Carnal Materialism-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Disillusion Effect-Behold The Inevitable Beast-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Diagnosis-Sympathy For Disease-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Diaboli-Wiking Division-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dew-Scented-Intermination-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dew Of Nothing-Outsider-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Devils Rage-Impending Demise-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Devathorn-Diadema-REISSUE-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Despilfarro-Residuos Despilfarros-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Descane-Impossibility-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deny-Invencible-ES-WEB-2014-FREGON (Metal)
Delusions Of Godhood-Dreamscape-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deliriums Dawn-Built Upon The Ruins Of An Empire-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dekadent-Veritas-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dehumanized Deity-Project Genocide-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Defect Designer-Ageing Accelerator-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Decrepid-Osseous Empire-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Decon-The Infinite Distance-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Decayed -Into The Depths Of Hell-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Debauchery-Fck Humanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Death-The Collection-2CD-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deathless Creation-Thrash N Roll-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deathincarnation-Pandemic Blight-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deathfare-Shotgun Surgery-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Deathcode Society-Eschatonizer-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Death Angel-Hellfest-DVBS-2014-JUST (Metal)
Dealey Plaza-Deliver Us-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dead Silent-The Island-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dead Scream-The Road To Heaven-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dead Nexus-Deaths Arrival-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Day One-Day One-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Day Of Brahma-Day Of Brahma-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dawn Of Apocalypse-Follow The Black Path-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger-2CD-Remastered-2014-BERC (Metal)
Darkening-Augur-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dark Wisdom-Seven Sins Of Seven Demons-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Dalla Nebbia-Felix Culpa-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Cruel Suffering-Summoned By Fire-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Crucifyter-From Ashes To Hell-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Crocell-Prophets Breath-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Crimson Nail-VER.1.5.6-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Crescent Days-Pathway To Inexistence-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Crashdeath-Human Race-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Craniotomy-Overgorged Flesh Flies Dying Slowly-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Countess-Ancient Lies And Battle Cries-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Coprofago-Cinica Redencion-ES-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Consecration-Ephemerality-WEB-2014-COURAGE (Metal)
Coldwar-Pantheist-WEB-2014-COURAGE (Metal)
Coldblooded-Noise In Your Head-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Cold Cell-Lowlife-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Clock Paradox-Opium-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Claret Ash-The Cleansing-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Cianide-Death Doom And Destruction-REISSUE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chronocide-Meditations-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chiral-Night Sky-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chiral-Abisso-EP-IT-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Children Of Bodom-Hellfest-DVBS-2015-JUST (Metal)
Chemicide-Episodes Of Insanity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chemical Burn-Raining Anvils-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chaosact-Kingdom Of Pigs-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chaos Synopsis-Seasons Of Red-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chaos Logic-Regenerated In Obscurity-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chaos Descent-When Life Leads Us To Death-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Chaos Construct-Sleep (Is For The Weak)-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Cast From Perfection-Scapegoat-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Casey Ryle-Death This-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Carn Dum-Carn Dum-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Cannibe-Beast of Zhytomyr-2015-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Cannibal Grandpa-Feed Your Food-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Caliginosity-In Celebration Of The Serpent-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bsxbc-Chronophage-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Brutal Murder-Cinemurder-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Brightly Painted Corpses-Sounds Of A Deaf Owl-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bow To None-Warhorse-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Born Of Osiris-Soul Sphere-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Borgne-Regne Des Morts-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bombed Up-Deadly And Virile-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Blot-Ilddyrking-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bloody Tyrant-The Legacy Of Sun-Moon Lake-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bloodway-Mapping The Moment With The Logic Of Dreams-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bloodred Hourglass-Where The Oceans Burn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Blasphemous Creation-The Rise Of Marduk-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Blackened Ritual-Blackened Ritual-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Blackdrawn-Blackdrawn-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Black October-The Symphony of the Ultimate Collapse-2014-GRAVEWISH (Metal)
Black Moon Secret-Another World-2014-GRM (Metal)
Bitter Peace-Ashes Of Oppression-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Bestial Soul-Perpetual Darkness-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Belhor-Discordia Concors-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Behind The Shadows-Behind The Shadows-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Behemoth-Thy Winter Kingdom-From The Pagan Vastlands-2CD-Limited Editi... (Metal)
Before Eden-A Realm Reborn-2015-GRM (Metal)
Bedtime Stories-Bizarre Noir-2014-BELT (Metal)
Bedowyn-Blood Of The Fall-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Becoming Akh-Abolisher-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Beautality-Einfallen A Tale Ov Torment and Triumph-2CD-2015-GRM (Metal)
Beatray-A Ships Call-2016-GRM (Metal)
Beaten To Death-Unplugged-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Beardmore-Limb-2015-BELT (Metal)
Battleroar-Blood of Legends-2014-GRM (Metal)
Battlecross-Rise To Power-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Battleaxe-Heavy Metal Sanctuary-WEB-2014-COURAGE (Metal)
Barshasketh-Ophidian Henosis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Barreleye-Urged To Fall-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Barrage Am Ring-Barrage Am Ring 5 Remind-Side-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Azavatar-Azavatar-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Awakened-Rising-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Autumnal-Grey Universe And The Demos-2CD-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Atropas-Episodes Of Solitude-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Atrocia-Dystopia The Machine Murders-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Assault On The Living-The Global Purge-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aspectra-Aphelion - Perihelion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Arkuum-Trostlos-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Ares Kingdom-The Unburiable Dead-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Arcana Coelestia-Nomas-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aposento-Aposento-WEB-2014-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Antropofago-Aera Dementiae-2CD-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Antropofago-Aera Dementia-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Anticosm-Anticosm-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Antekhrist-Fukked By God-FR-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Antekhrist-Carved Upon The Flesh Of Satan-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Antagoniste-The Myth Of Mankind-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Anoxia-Blackened Spell-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Anopheli-The Ache Of Want-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Anion Effect-Syntyma-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Animus Fall-Harbinger-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Angelscourge-Seraph Impaler-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Angel Of Sodom-Divine Retribution-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Amputory-Ode To Gore-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED (Metal)
Amnija-The Garden-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Amiensus-Ascension-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Altars Of Grief-This Shameful Burden-2014-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Alos-Matrice-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Allurataq-Unearthly Inversion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Alexander Oden-Visceral Nemesis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Alda-Passage-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Alaya-Thrones-2014-GRM (Metal)
Al Azif-Sombras Sobre Una Pared Calcinada-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aktaion-Throne-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Akilkarsa-Death For Us All-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Agonyst-The Bad Old Days-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aggression-Fractured Psyche Demons-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aftermath-Eyes Of Tomorrow-REISSUE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aethernaeum-Naturmystik-DE-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aetherius Obscuritas-MMXV-HU-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aetherial-The Still Waters Of Oblivion-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aequinoctium Sanguinis-Larbre Aux Esprits-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Adversarial-Death Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism-2015... (Metal)
Advent Sorrow-As All Light Leaves Her-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Adamas-Heavy Thoughts-2015-GRM (Metal)
Adamantra-Act II Silent Narratives-2014-GRM (Metal)
Adamantra-Act II Silent Narratives-2014-BELT (Metal)
Accept-Blind Rage-2014-grmg (Metal)
Abyssal-Antikatastaseis-REPACK-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Absolu-Catharsis-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Abscession-Grave Offerings-2015-BERC (Metal)
Abode-Darker Lights-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Abigail Williams-The Accuser-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Abhorrent Decimation-Miasmic Mutation-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
Aasgard-Obscurantist Purification-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
A Loathing Requiem-Acolytes Eternal-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
A.V.D.L-Scourge-2015-FREEMP3 (Metal)
VA-Sensual Chill Lounge Vol 1-(WMWDIGITAL009)-WEB-2011-CBR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Pure Ibiza Compiled By Phil Mison-2CD-2009-USF (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Pippi-A Touch Of Class 3 (ARCD009)-2009-BF (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Finesse and Sounds of Pleasure-Old School Xmas-Bootleg-2009-CR (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Filo Presents Soul Brotha Vol 4-Bootleg-2009-knk (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Download Genre Charts Lounge-WEB-2009-EMM INT (Lo-Fi)
VA-BPA Mixtape Mixed By BPA Warm Up DJ Charlie Stains-(Promo)-2009-BPA (Lo-Fi)
Triangle Sun-Iris-READ NFO-2010-WHOA (Lo-Fi)
Hidden Orchestra--Night Walks-(TRUCD222)-WEB-2010-OMA (Lo-Fi)
Blank and Jones-Relax Edition Four-2CD-2009-MOD (Lo-Fi)
Barry Manilow-The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time-2010-VAG (Lo-Fi)
Air-Love 2-2009-ONe (Lo-Fi)
Adama Drame-Djembe Solo-Burkina Faso-2010-SNOOK (Lo-Fi)
VA-Porto Cervo 03 Yacht Club Member-(KOLIBRI024)-WEB-2015-CBR (Lo-Fi)
VA-Buddha Room - The Mandarin Bar Lounge-(WNS012-2)-CD-2007-OBC (Lo-Fi)
Genetic Drugs-Cyberjam-SAT-04-07-2012-PTC (Lo-Fi)
Boozoo Bajou-Sign-(K7246EPD)-WEB-2009-USR (Lo-Fi)
VA-DJ Motion-Welcome To The Club-(Repack)-(Bootleg)-SP-2009-FLOW (Latin)
VA-DJ Junior Tec-Mi Reggaeton Latino Vol. 15-(Bootleg)-SP-2009-FLOW (Latin)
VA-Dj Jamsha-Reggaeton Hot Release 23-(Bootleg)-SP-2009-FLOW (Latin)
VA-Dj Jamsha-Reggaeton Countdown-(Bootleg)-SP-2009-FLOW (Latin)
VA-DJ Del Antigua Presents Latino Mix Party-3CD-SP-2009-0MNi (Latin)
VA-DJ Bob-Jowell Y Randy Se Acerca El Momento (The Official Mixtape Vo... (Latin)
VA-Cate and Dj Maiky-La Zona Vol 1 (The Mixtape)-(Bootleg)-SP-2009-FLOW (Latin)
VA-AfroCubism-SP-2010-VAG (Latin)
Seu Jorge--America Brasil O CD Ao Vivo-BR-2009-WUS (Latin)
Crecer German-Hombre Afortunado-ES-DELUXE EDITION-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-201... (Latin)

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