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10 Sep 1989
ZZ Top-Eliminator-1983-Wyse (Rock)
ZZ TOP-Eliminator-(1983)-PRW INT (Rock)
ZZ Top-El Loco-1981-FAF INT (Rock)
ZZ Top-Afterburner-1985-iRO (Rock)
ZZ Top-Afterburner-(1985)-PRW INT (Rock)
Zkiffz-Zkiffz-LP-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Zappa Beefheart Mothers-Bongo Fury-Remastered-1989-ERP INT (Rock)
Yuri Antonov-Your Homes Roof-(Vinyl)-RU-1983-VERiTAS (Rock)
Yuri Antonov-Welcome Plane-(Vinyl)-RU-1986-VERiTAS (Rock)
Yuri Antonov-Form Sorrow To Joy-(Vinyl)-RU-1987-VERiTAS (Rock)
Yuri Antonov-Believe In The Dream-(Vinyl)-RU-1985-VERiTAS (Rock)
Yo - Varietee-Remastered-FI-1983-SOP INT (Rock)
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trilogy-1986-DMA (Rock)
Yes--Owner of a Lonely Heart-799817-VINYL-1983-WUS iNT (Rock)
Yes-Big Generator-(7 90522-2)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Yazoo-You And Me Both-1983-DNR (Rock)
x japan-vanishing vision-1989-mna (Rock)
x japan-blue blood-1989-mna (Rock)
Wire-The Ideal Copy-WEB-1987-I KnoW INT (Rock)
Wipers-Follow Blind-1987-iTS iNT (Rock)
Wilmer X-Klubb Bongo-SE-PROPER-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Willy Deville--Miracle-CD-1987-WUS (Rock)
Willy Deville-Miracle-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
WHY-Woman of Steel-Vinyl-EP-1983-GRW (Rock)
Whitesnake-Slip of the Tongue-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Rock)
Whitesnake-Slip Of The Tongue (UK)-(1989)-PRW INT (Rock)
Whitesnake-Slide it in-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Rock)
Whitesnake-Saints And Sinners-(1982)-PRW INT (Rock)
Whitesnake-Ready an Willing-Retail-1980-Recycled INT (Rock)
Whitesnake--Here I Go Again-9283397-VINYL-1987-WUS iNT (Rock)
Whitesnake-1987-(1987)-PRW INT (Rock)
White Zombie-Make Them Die Slowly-CD-FLAC-1989-FlacoFF (Rock)
Warrant-Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich-(CK 44383)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Voyager-Act of Love-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Voivod-Killing Technology-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Vision Fields-Vision Fields-1988-GRW (Rock)
Violent Femmes-Violent Femmes-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Violent Femmes-The Blind Leading The Naked-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Violent Femmes-Hallowed Ground-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Violent Femmes-3 (Us Version)-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Vendetta-Go and Live Stay and Die-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Velvet Underground-The Best of the Velvet Underground-1989-iRO (Rock)
Vazelina Bilopphoeggers-Blaa Lys-NO-1988-KLV (Rock)
VA-Young Einstein A Serious Motion Picture Soundtrack-(393929-2)-CD-FL... (Rock)
VA-Valopatsaat-LP-FI-1983-KALEVALA (Rock)
VA-Swinging 60s 25 British Giants-CD-FLAC-1989-FLACME (Rock)
VA-Stranger than Fiction-1989-gF (Rock)
VA-Stop The Army Vol. 1-CH-1989-NOiR (Rock)
VA-Starway to Heaven Highway to Hell-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
VA-Rock Panorama-87 1-RU-LP-1988-D2H (Rock)
Van Morrison-Tupelo Honey-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Van Morrison-His Band and The Street Choir-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1987-FATHEAD (Rock)
Van Halen-Fair Warning-1981-EMG INT (Rock)
Van Halen-5150-1986-LT (Rock)
Van Halen-1984-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Rock)
Van Halen-1984-CD-FLAC-1984-PERFECT (Rock)
Van Halen - Women And Children First-1980-SiGh iNT (Rock)
Van Halen - OU812-1988-SiGh iNT (Rock)
VA-Metal Ballads Vol II-1989-EOSiNT (Rock)
Vain-No Respect-(1989)-P2P (Rock)
VA-House Of The Rising Sun - 16 Original Superhits Of The 60s-1988-EDC... (Rock)
VA-Hot Cookies Cooking Vinyls Silver Disc-1988-NOiR (Rock)
VA-Hitsarada-CZ-LP-1983-UKW (Rock)
VA-Dirty Dancing Live In Concert-CD-FLAC-1989-FLACME (Rock)
VA-Bon Jovi-TNT-Split-Promo VLS-1985-RZB (Rock)
VA-Back To The Future-OST-CD-FLAC-1985-MAHOU (Rock)
VA-Back To The 60s Rock N Roll-CD-FLAC-1987-FLACME (Rock)
VA-Back To The 50s-CD-FLAC-1986-FLACME (Rock)
VA - Yahoo-1988-SOP INT (Rock)
Uuge Pats-Hows Life-Lonely Zombie-VINYL-1981-gF (Rock)
Uriah Heep-Salisbury-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Urban Dance Squad-Mental Floss For The Globe-CD-FLAC-1989-DeVOiD (Rock)
Underworld-Stand Up-(722852)-Vinyl-1989-XXS (Rock)
Ultima Thule-Ultima Thule-EE-LP-1988-gF (Rock)
Ultima Thule--the Early Years - -87-1984-AMRC INT (Rock)
Ulf Lundell-Kar Och Galen-1982-DuDE (Rock)
Ulf Lundell-Det Goda Livet-(7487582)-SE-CD-FLAC-1987-RUiL (Rock)
Udo Lindenberg Und Das Panikorchester-Feuerland-DE-CD-FLAC-1987-NBFLAC (Rock)
U2-War-CD-FLAC-1983-Mrflac (Rock)
U2-War-1983-FIH INT (Rock)
U2-War-1983-EVIGHET INT (Rock)
U2-War-1983-EOS (Rock)
U2-Under A Blood Red Sky-1983-EVIGHET INT (Rock)
U2-The Joshua Tree-1987-EVIGHET INT (Rock)
U2-The Joshua Tree (Remastered)-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
U2-Rattle And Hum-1988-EVIGHET INT (Rock)
U2-October-1981-EVIGHET INT (Rock)
U2-Live Vol. 4 1312-Bootleg-1981-DGN (Rock)
U2-December 1312-Bootleg-1981-DGN (Rock)
U2-All I Want Is You-(662 406)-CDM-FLAC-1989-WRE (Rock)
U2 With B.B. King-When Love Comes To Town (662 200)-CDM-FLAC-1989-WRE (Rock)
U2 - War-1983-HaVeFuN INT (Rock)
U2 - The Joshua Tree-1987-FAF INT (Rock)
Twisted Sister-Under The Blade-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry-1984-IRO (Rock)
Twisted Sister-Love Is For Suckers-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Twisted Sister-Come Out And Play-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
tuomari nurmio-punainen planeetta-FI-1982-DDt (Rock)
Tuomari Nurmio - Punainen Planeetta-FI-1989-SOP INT (Rock)
Tuomari Nurmio - Lasten Mehuhetki-FI-1981-SOP INT (Rock)
Tuomari Nurmio - Kuu-FI-1988-SOP INT (Rock)
Triumph-Classics-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Transvision Vamp-Pop Art-1988-DNR (Rock)
Traffic-Traffic-CD-FLAC-1987-SCORN (Rock)
Traffic-Mr. Fantasy-CD-FLAC-1987-SCORN (Rock)
Tracy Chapman-Tracy Chapman-REAL-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1988-GRMFLAC (Rock)
Toydolls - Dig that Groove Baby-1983-OaO (Rock)
Toydolls - A Far Out Disc-LP-1985-OaO (Rock)
Toto-Turn Back-1981-LAMB (Rock)
Toto-Toto IV-CD-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Toto-Toto IV-1982-LAMB (Rock)
Toto-The Seventh One-CD-FLAC-1988-FRAY (Rock)
Toto--Rosanna-5302811-VINYL-1982-WUS (Rock)
Toto-Isolation-1984-LAMB (Rock)
Toto-Hydra-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Toto-Fahrenheit-1986-LAMB (Rock)
Toto--Africa-3803335-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT (Rock)
Toronto-Girls Night Out-SGS737-VINYL-1983-z0ne (Rock)
topi sorsakoski agents-in beat-FI-1986-DDt (Rock)
topi sorsakoski agents-besame mucho-FI-1987-DDt (Rock)
Tony Carey-Blue Highway-1989-GRAVEWISH (Rock)
Tony Carey-Bedtime Story-1987-GRAVEWISH (Rock)
Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone-1980-aAF (Rock)
Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone 2-1981-aAF (Rock)
Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers-Rumble-CD-FLAC-1988-BUDDHA (Rock)
Tom Waits-Franks Wild Years-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Tom Trick-Tom Trick-LP-1982-iCU (Rock)
Tom Petty--Refugee-MCA41169-VINYL-1980-WUS (Rock)
Tom Petty-Long After Dark-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Tom Petty-Full Moon Fever-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (Rock)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers-Southern Accents-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers-Southern Accents-CD-FLAC-1985-FRAY (Rock)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers-Hard Promises-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Todd Rundgren-Anthology 1968-1985-2CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Tina Turner-Foreign Affair-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Tina Turner-Foreign Affair-CD-1989-8BaLLRiPS INT (Rock)
Tina Turner-Break Every Rule-CD-FLAC-1986-FLACME (Rock)
Til Tuesday-Voices Carry-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1985-BUDDHA (Rock)
Til Tuesday-Voices Carry-CD-FLAC-1985-BUDDHA (Rock)
Thin Lizzy-Thunder And Lightning-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Thin Lizzy-Renegade-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Thin Lizzy-Life-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Thin Lizzy-Life-2CD-1983-DNR (Rock)
Thin Lizzy-Chinatown-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Thin Lizzy - Thunder and Lightning-1983-MMF INT (Rock)
Theatre Of Sheep-Nacreous Caberet-WEB-1982-CBR (Rock)
The Zil-Unknown Decades-VINYL-1988-gF (Rock)
The Who-The Kids Are Alright-OST-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Who-Its Hard-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Waterboys-This Is the Sea (Deluxe Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1985-E... (Rock)
The Velvet Underground-Live 1969 With Lou Reed Vol.2-CD-FLAC-1988-DeVOiD (Rock)
The Tragically Hip-Up To Here-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (Rock)
The Toy Dolls-Wakey Wakey-1989-DVT (Rock)
The The-Soul Mining-(EK 39266)-CD-FLAC-1983-EMG (Rock)
The Sweet - Collection-1989-VET (Rock)
The Stone Roses-What The World Is Waiting For-(ZD43322)-CDM-FLAC-1989-WRE (Rock)
The Steve Miller Band-Living In The 20th Century-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Steve Miller Band-Greatest Hits 1974-78-Reissue-1987-DeBT iNT (Rock)
The Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle-REISSUE-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra-(7inch Vinyl)-1982-SO INT (Rock)
The Spotnicks-Amapola-1988-oNePiEcE (Rock)
The Smiths-The Queen Is Dead-1986-EMG INT (Rock)
The Smithereens-11-(CDP 591194)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
The Shadows--The Third Man-POSP255-VINYL-1981-WUS (Rock)
The Shadows-Mozart Forte-(POSP187)-VINYL-1980-XXS (Rock)
The Runaways-Little Lost Girls-1987-SDR (Rock)
The Romantics-Talking In Your Sleep-(7inch Vinyl)-1983-SO INT (Rock)
The Rolling Stones-Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol.2)-Remastered... (Rock)
The Replacements-Tim-(9 25330-2)-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
The Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Uplift Mofo Party Plan-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
The Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Uplift Mofo Party Plan-1987-iTS iNT (Rock)
The Radiators-Nasty Habits in Nice Children-1987-AUS (Rock)
The Psychedelic Furs-Midnight To Midnight-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Psychedelic Furs-Forever Now-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Psychedelic Furs-Book of Days-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Pretenders-The Singles-CD-FLAC-1987-FLACME (Rock)
The Pretenders-Get Close-1986-EOSiNT (Rock)
The Pretenders--Back On The Chain Gang-9298407-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT (Rock)
The Police-Synchronicity-1983-FAF (Rock)
The Police-Spirits In The Material World-(AMS8194)-VINYL-1981-XXS (Rock)
The Police-De Do Do Do De Da Da Da-(AMS7578)-VINYL-1980-XXS iNT (Rock)
The Pixies-Monkey Gone To Heaven-EP-1989-EOS (Rock)
The Pixies-Here Comes Your Man-EP-1989-EOS (Rock)
The Pixies-Gigantic-CDM-1988-EOS (Rock)
The Outfield-Play Deep-1985-EOS (Rock)
The Outfield-Play Deep-(CK 40027)-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
The Offspring-The Offspring-1989-NaDa (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Uncle Meat-Remastered-2CD-1987-ERP INT (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Freak Out-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1985-FATHEAD (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Freak Out-Remastered-1987-ERP INT (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Frank Zappa-Were Only In It For The Money-Lum... (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Cruising With Ruben And The Jets-Remastered-1... (Rock)
The Mothers Of Invention-Absolutely Free-Remastered-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
The Moody Blues-Sur La Mer-(835 756-2)-CD-FLAC-1988-EMG (Rock)
The Moody Blues-Greatest Hits-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Monkees--Im A Believer-ARIST326-VINYL-1980-WUS (Rock)
The Mission-Tower of Strength-CDM-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
The Marshall Tucker Band-Tuckerized-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED (Rock)
The London Symphony Orchestra-Classic Rock Countdown-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
The Kinks-Come Dancing With The Kinks The Best Of The Kinks 1977 1986-... (Rock)
The Kids-Norske Jenter-(Vinyl)-NO-1980-LAMB (Rock)
The Kids-Hon Aer Foraelskad I Laerarn-(Vinyl)-SE-1981-LAMB (Rock)
The Kids-Hon Aer Foraelskad I Laeraren EP-(Vinyl)-SE-1983-LAMB (Rock)
The Kids-Hon aer foeraelskad i laerarn-WEB-SE-1981-KLV (Rock)
The Jeff Healey Band-See The Light-PROPER-CD-FLAC-1988-FORSAKEN (Rock)
The J. Geils Band-Flashback The Best of the J. Geils Band-CD-FLAC-1982... (Rock)
The Hot Pants-loco mosquito-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED (Rock)
The Hooters-One Way Home-CD-FLAC-1987-PERFECT (Rock)
The Hooters-Nervous Night-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Hooters-Nervous Night-CD-FLAC-1985-PERFECT (Rock)
The Gun Club-The Las Vegas Story-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Gun Club-Miami-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Gun Club-Fire of Love-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Gun Club-Death Party-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Gronne Glitrende Tre And Dag-The Gronne Glitrende Tre and Dag-(Vin... (Rock)
The Grateful Dead-The Grateful Dead-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
The Fixx-One Thing Leads To Another Greatest Hits-(MCAD-42316)-CD-FLAC... (Rock)
The Fall-Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Powerful Stuff-CD-FLAC-1989-FRAY (Rock)
The Fabulous Thunderbirds--Portfolio-CD-1987-WUS (Rock)
The Eagles-Greatest Hits Vol 2-CD-FLAC-1982-WRS (Rock)
The Doors-The Doors-(ELEKTRACD74007)-CD-FLAC-1988-wWs (Rock)
The Doors-The Best Of The Doors-2CD-FLAC-1985-PERFECT (Rock)
The Doors-Greatest Hits-(Vinyl)-1980-DNR (Rock)
The Doors-Alive She Cried-1983-DNR (Rock)
The Doobie Brothers-The Captain And Me-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
The Doobie Brothers-One Step Closer-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Doobie Brothers-Cycles-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
The Doobie Brothers-Cycles-CD-FLAC-1989-SCORN (Rock)
The Dogs Damour-In The Dynamite Jet Saloon-(WOLCD 1004)-CD-FLAC-1988-RUiL (Rock)
The Dogs Damour-Errol Flynn-(WOLCD 1006)-CD-FLAC-1989-RUiL (Rock)
The Del Lords-Johnny Come Marching Home LP-1986-aAF (Rock)
The Del Lords-Frontier Days LP-1984-aAF (Rock)
The Cure-Staring At The Sea The Singles-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Cure-Seventeen Seconds-1980-TNS (Rock)
The Cure-Faith-1981-TNS (Rock)
The Cure-Faith-1981-EOS (Rock)
The Cure-Boys Dont Cry-1980-TNS (Rock)
The Cult-Wildflower-(VOZCD195T)-CDM-FLAC-1987-WRE (Rock)
The Cult--She Sells Sanctuary-BEG135TP-VINYL-1985-WUS (Rock)
The Cult-Love-CD-FLAC-1985-WRS (Rock)
The Clash-Rock The Casbah-(VLS)-1982-DNR (Rock)
The Clash-Bankrobber-(VLS)-1980-DNR (Rock)
The Clash - This is England 7 inch-vinyl-1985-NuHS (Rock)
The Clash - Combat Rock-1982-EDGEiN (Rock)
The Church-Starfish-CD-FLAC-1988-WRS (Rock)
The Cars-The Cars 1978-(64135-2)-CD-FLAC-1983-EMG (Rock)
The Cars-Shake It Up-CD-FLAC-1983-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Cars-Heartbeat City-CD-FLAC-1984-FRAY (Rock)
The Cars-Candy-O-CD-FLAC-1984-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Call-Let The Day Begin-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Breit Bros.-The Breit Bros-CD-FLAC-1988-FLACME (Rock)
The Beatles-Roll Over Beethoven-198X-STAR (Rock)
The Beatles-Past Masters Volume Two-1988-FIH INT (Rock)
The Beatles-Past Masters Volume Two-1988-E2O iNT (Rock)
The Beatles-Past Masters Volume One-1988-FIH INT (Rock)
The Beatles-Michelle-198X-STAR (Rock)
The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour-Remastered-CD-FLAC-1987-JLM (Rock)
The Beatles-Abbey Road-Remastered-CD-FLAC-1987-JLM (Rock)
The Beach Boys-Ten Years of Harmony-2CD-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
The Band-Music From Big Pink-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Band--Music From Big Pink-REISSUE-CD-1986-WUS (Rock)
The Band--Cahoots-CD-1988-WUS (Rock)
The B-52s-Wild Planet-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The B-52s-Whammy-CD-FLAC-1983-BUDDHA (Rock)
The B-52s-The B-52s-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
The B-52s-Cosmic Thing-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
The B-52s-Cosmic Thing-(925854-2)-CD-FLAC-1989-dL (Rock)
The B-52s-Bouncing Off The Satellites-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
The Art Of Noise-Legs-WOK5-VINYL-1985-XXS (Rock)
The Animals-The Singles Plus-(CDP 7 46605 2)-CD-FLAC-1987-RUiL (Rock)
The Alarm-Declaration-(CDILP 25887)-CD-FLAC-198x-RUiL (Rock)
The Alan Parsons Project-Vulture Culture-CD-FLAC-1988-NBFLAC (Rock)
The Alan Parsons Project-The Instrumental Works-CD-FLAC-1988-VOLDiES (Rock)
The Alan Parsons Project-Stereotomy-CD-FLAC-1986-VOLDiES (Rock)
The Alan Parsons Project-Eye In The Sky-CD-FLAC-1982-VOLDiES (Rock)
Tesla-The Great Radio Controversy-1989-iRO (Rock)
Tesla - Mechanical Resonance-1986-NaJ iNT (Rock)
Terraplane-River Deep Mountain High-Live-Vinyl-1987-VULGAR (Rock)
Terence Trent DArby-Wishing Well-CDS-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Temple Fortune-La Complainte-CD-FLAC-1989-DeVOiD (Rock)
Temple Fortune-La Complainte-1989-iTS (Rock)
Ted Nugent-Scream Dream-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Ted Nugent-Penetrator-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Ted Nugent-Nugent-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Ted Nugent-Little Miss Dangerous-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Ted Nugent-Intensities In 10 Cities-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Ted Nugent-If You Cant Lick Em Lick Em-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Tater Totz--Mono Stereo-1989-WUS (Rock)
Talking Heads-True Stories-1986-FTS (Rock)
Talking Heads-True Stories (Deluxe Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1986-MOHAWK (Rock)
Talking Heads-Speaking In Tongues-1983-EOS (Rock)
Talking Heads-Remain In Light-1980-DNR (Rock)
Talking Heads-Naked-1988-EOS (Rock)
Talking Heads-Naked-1988-DNR (Rock)
Talking Heads-Little Creatures-1985-EOS (Rock)
Talk Talk-The Colour Of Spring-CD-FLAC-1986-FiXIE (Rock)
Talk of the Town-Talk of the Town-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Sweet-Desolation Boulevard-(Reissue)-1988-DNR (Rock)
Sweet - Blockbusters-1989-PMP3 (Rock)
Suzi Quatro-Rock Hard-1980-HVN INT (Rock)
Suzanne Vega-Solitude Standing-1987-D2H INT (Rock)
Suzanne Vega-Solitude Standing-(395136-2)-CD-FLAC-1987-WTFLAC (Rock)
Survivor-When Seconds Count-CD-FLAC-1986-LoKET (Rock)
Supertramp-Indelibly Stamped-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1986-FiXIE (Rock)
Supertramp-Free as A Bird-1987-DuDE (Rock)
Supertramp-Famous Last Words-1982-DuDE (Rock)
suomen poliisit-suomen poliisit-FI-1984-DDt (Rock)
Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies-(Reissue)-1987-DNR (Rock)
Suicidal Tendencies-Join The Army-1987-DNR (Rock)
Suicidal Tendencies-Controlled By Hatred-Feel Like Shit Deja Vu-1989-DNR (Rock)
Subhumans-Worlds Apart-1985-rH (Rock)
Styx-The Grand Illusion-(CD-3223)-CD-FLAC-1984-EMG (Rock)
Styx--The Best Of Times-AM2300-VINYL-1980-WUS iNT (Rock)
Styx - Paradise Theatre-1981-aAF (Rock)
Stryper-The Yellow and Black Attack-(HR-61183-2)-CD-FLAC-1984-EMG (Rock)
Stryper-In God We Trust-(Retail)-1988-BFS (Rock)
Stryper - To Hell with the Devil-1986-BFS INT (Rock)
Sting-Nothing Like The Sun-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Stevie Nicks-The Wild Heart-1983-MHQ INT (Rock)
Steve Winwood-Roll with it-CDM-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Steve Winwood-Roll With It-CD-FLAC-1988-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Steve Winwood-Roll with it-1988-EMG INT (Rock)
Steve Winwood-Arc Of A Diver-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Steve Stevens-Atomic Playboys-Retail-1989-CRock INT (Rock)
Steve Miller Band-Living In The 20th Century-CD-FLAC-1986-WRS (Rock)
Steve Lukather-Lukather-CD-FLAC-1989-FRAY (Rock)
Steppenwolf-Gold Their Great Hits-CD-FLAC-1989-DeVOiD (Rock)
Stephen Bishop-Bowling in Paris-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Steely Dan-A Decade Of Steely Dan-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
Steely Dan-A Decade of Steely Dan-CD-1985-8BaLLRiPS INT (Rock)
Status Quo-Aint Complaining-CDM-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Status Quo-12 Gold Bars-1980-DuDE (Rock)
Starship-No Protection-CD-FLAC-1987-FATHEAD (Rock)
Starship-Knee Deep In The Hoopla-CD-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Split Enz - See Ya Round-(1984)-aAF (Rock)
Split Enz - Conflicting Emotions-(1983)-aAF (Rock)
Split Enz - 1980-1984-Rear Enz-(1993)-aAF (Rock)
Spizzenergi-1978-1988 A Decade Of Spizz History-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Spaniards-God is a Shield-EP-Vinyl-1984-GRW (Rock)
Soundgarden-Louder Than Love-1989-EOS (Rock)
Sonny Sharrock-Guitar-1986-JRP (Rock)
Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation-1988-EOS (Rock)
Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising-1985-EMG INT (Rock)
Sonic Youth Vs Mudhoney - Touch Me Im Sick-Vinyl-1989-NuHS (Rock)
Sonic Youth - Evol-1986-MeeD (Rock)
Smashing Pumpkins-Live At WZRD-FM Studios 16 Mar 89 (Remastered)-WEB-1... (Rock)
Sly And the Family Stone - Anthology-CD-1981-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Sly And the Family Stone - Aint But the One Way-CD-1980-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Sleepy Sleepers-Voikkaa Ja Huikkaa-FI-1984-KALEVALA (Rock)
Sleepy Sleepers-Vanhat Killerit-FI-1985-KALEVALA (Rock)
sleepy sleepers-vanhat killerit-FI-1985-DDt (Rock)
Sleepy Sleepers-Turakaisten Paratiisi-FI-1988-KALEVALA (Rock)
sleepy sleepers-turakaisten paratiisi-FI-1988-DDt (Rock)
sleepy sleepers-sings elvis-FI-1989-DDt (Rock)
Sleepy Sleepers-Levyraati-FI-1981-KALEVALA (Rock)
Sleepy Sleepers-Alma Tadin Illuusio-FI-1988-KALEVALA (Rock)
Slave Raider-Take the World By Storm-1988-pyt (Rock)
Slammin Watusis-Kings Of Noise-1989-pLAN9 (Rock)
Slade-The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome-1983-int-HaVoC (Rock)
Slade-Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply-1984-HVN INT (Rock)
Skid Row-Skid Row-1989-IRO (Rock)
Sinead Oconnor-The Lion And The Cobra-1987-EMG INT (Rock)
Simple Minds-Street Fighting Years-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (Rock)
Simple Minds-Sparkle In The Rain-CD-FLAC-1984-BUDDHA (Rock)
Simple Minds--Dont You Forget About Me-AM2703-VINYL-1985-WUS iNT (Rock)
Simon F-Never Never Land-1987-pLAN9 (Rock)
Sielun Veljet - Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars-1989-SOP INT (Rock)
Sielun Veljet - Sielun Veljet-Remastered Live-FI-1983-SOP INT (Rock)
Sielun Veljet - Hei Soturit-Remastered-FI-1984-SOP INT (Rock)
Shocking Blue-At Home-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Sekret-Bit-Kvartet Sekret-RU-LP-1987-UKW (Rock)
Secret Hate-Vegetables Dancing-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Seals and Crofts-The Longest Road-WEB-1980-MARR (Rock)
Screaming Trees-Other Worlds EP-1985-iRO (Rock)
Screaming Trees-Invisible Lantern-1988-iRO (Rock)
Screaming Trees-Even If And Especially When-1987-iRO (Rock)
Screaming Trees-Buzz Factory-1989-DNR (Rock)
Scorpions-Savage Amusement-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Scorpions-Savage Amusement-1988-CMG (Rock)
Scorpions-Love at First Sting-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Rock)
Scorpions-Best Of Rockers N Ballads-JP Retail-1989-DeBT iNT (Rock)
Scoprions-Savage Amusement-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Rock)
Scandal (Featuring Patty Smyth)-Warrior-1984-pLAN9 (Rock)
Saxon - Crusader-1984-KMA (Rock)
Sator - Slammer-1989-SaR (Rock)
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Sammy Hagar-Red Hot-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
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Rush--Presto-CD-1989-WUS INT (Rock)
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Rush-Hemispheres-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
Rush--Hemispheres-CD-1986-WUS INT (Rock)
Rush-Grace Under Pressure-CD-FLAC-1984-BUDDHA (Rock)
Rush--Grace Under Pressure-CD-1984-WUS INT (Rock)
Rush-Fly By Night-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Rush-A Show of Hands-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Rush--A Show Of Hands-CD-1989-WUS INT (Rock)
Rush-2112-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Rush--2112-REISSUE-CD-1987-WUS INT (Rock)
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Runrig - Heartland-1985-HaVeFuN INT (Rock)
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Roxy Music-Avalon-CD-FLAC-1982-FRAY (Rock)
Roxette-Look Sharp-1988-GRiPP (Rock)
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Rolling Stones - Start Me Up-(1C 006-64 545)-VLS-1981-Homely (Rock)
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Roky Erickson-The Evil One-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Roky Erickson-Gremlins Have Pictures-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Roky Erickson-Dont Slander Me-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Roky Erickson-Clear Night For Love-LP-1985-VULGAR (Rock)
Roger Waters-The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking-1984-FallenHero (Rock)
Roger Waters-The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking-(Retail)-1984-dSS (Rock)
Roger Waters-Radio K.A.O.S.-1987-LAMB (Rock)
Roger Troutman-The Many Facets Of Roger-WEB-1981-ESG INT (Rock)
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Rock Goddess - Hell Hath No Fury-1983-SOP INT (Rock)
Robin Beck-Trouble Or Nothing--1989-CRock (Rock)
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Robert Plant-Now And Zen-CD-FLAC-1988-WRS (Rock)
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rick springfield - rock of life-(retail)-1988-dss (Rock)
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Return-Demo-(CDS)-NO-1982-LAMB (Rock)
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REO Speedwagon-Life As We Know It-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
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REO Speedwagon-Good Trouble-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
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Red Hot Chili Peppers-Freaky Styley-1985-iRO (Rock)
Real De Catorce-Mis Amigos Muertos-SP-1989-wWs (Rock)
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Ratt - Reach For the Sky - (1988)-ATM99 (Rock)
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Raga Rockers-Maskiner I Nirvana-NO-1984-LAMB (Rock)
Raga Rockers-Forbudte Folelser-NO-1988-LAMB (Rock)
Raga Rockers-BLAFF-NO-1989-LAMB (Rock)
Raga Rockers - Varme Dager-NO-1987-DoR (Rock)
Raga Rockers - The Return of the Raga Rockers-NO-1983-DoR (Rock)
Raga Rockers - Maskiner I Nirvana-NO-1984-DoR (Rock)
Raga Rockers - Forbudte Foelelser-NO-1988-DoR (Rock)
R Stevie Moore-Glad Music-1986-WEBV0 (Rock)
R Stevie Moore-Clack-1980-WEB320 (Rock)
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R.E.M.--Stand-9276887-VINYL-1988-WUS iNT (Rock)
R.E.M.-Fables Of The Reconstruction-CD-FLAC-1985-BUDDHA (Rock)
R.E.M.-Document-CD-FLAC-1987-FLACME (Rock)
R.E.M.--Cant Get There From Here-IRS52642-VINYL-1985-WUS (Rock)
R.E.M. - Green-1988-aAF (Rock)
Quiet Riot-QR III-1986-DNR (Rock)
Quiet Riot-Metal Health-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Rock)
Quiet Riot - Metal Health-1983-KMA (Rock)
Queen-The Works-CD-1984-iOM INT (Rock)
Queen-The Miracle-CD-1989-iOM INT (Rock)
Queen-The Miracle-1989-CLiTORiS (Rock)
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Queen-The Invisible Man (20 3487 2)-CDS-FLAC-1989-WRE (Rock)
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queen-live tokyo japan 110585-1985-gnvr (Rock)
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Queen-At The Beeb-1989-EOS (Rock)
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Queen-A Kind Of Magic-1986-DLeMP3 INT (Rock)
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Queen - The Miracle-1989-TRI INT (Rock)
Queen - The Miracle (Jap. Ed.)-1989-MCA int (Rock)
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Queen - A Kind of Magic (Jap. Ed.)-1986-MCA int (Rock)
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Pseudo Echo - Love An Adventure-1987-aAF (Rock)
Prism-Over 60 Minutes With Prism-1988-EOS (Rock)
Prism - Young And Restless-(1980)-aAF (Rock)
Prism - Small Change-1981-aAF (Rock)
Prism - Beat Street-1984-FKK (Rock)
Prince-Purple Rain-1984-FAF INT (Rock)
Prince-Purple Rain-1984-DNR (Rock)
Prince and the Revolution-Purple Rain-1984-EMG INT (Rock)
Primus-89 Demo-1989-EPK (Rock)
Pretenders-The Singles-(W2 25664)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Popeda-Raakaa Voimaa-FI-1981-KALEVALA (Rock)
Popeda-Pohjantahden Alla-FI-1985-KALEVALA (Rock)
Popeda-Hallelujaa-FI-1988-KALEVALA (Rock)
Popeda-Ei Oo Valoo-FI-1987-KALEVALA (Rock)
Popeda-15 GT Golden Turpo-1986-MrE (Rock)
Popeda - Harasoo-FI-1984-SOP INT (Rock)
Pop Will Eat Itself-Box Frenzy-CD-FLAC-1987-flacme (Rock)
Poison-Open Up and Say Ahh-CD-FLAC-1988-FATHEAD (Rock)
Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged In-(CDP 7 46735 2)-CD-FLAC-1986-EMG (Rock)
Point Blank-The Hard Way-1980-aAF (Rock)
Point Blank-On A Roll-1982-aAF (Rock)
Point Blank-American Excess-1981-aAF (Rock)
Pixies-Surfer Rosa-1988-SPUNGO (Rock)
Pixies-Surfer Rosa and Come on Pilgrim (Reissue)-1988-BUTT (Rock)
Pixies-Doolittle-1989-SPUNGO (Rock)
Pink Floyd-Works-1983-EOS (Rock)
Pink Floyd-A Momentary Lapse Of Reason-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pink Floyd - Works-1983-TtR (Rock)
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Phil Collins-But Seriously-1989-XY iNT (Rock)
Phil Collins-But Seriously-1989-8BaLLRiPS iNT (Rock)
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Phil Collins--Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)-789700-VINYL-19... (Rock)
Phenomena - Phenomena II Dream Runner-Retail-1987-ALX INT (Rock)
Petula Clark-Down Town-1988-XY (Rock)
Petula Clark-Down Town-1988-REPACK-XY (Rock)
Peter Green-White Sky-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1982-FRAY (Rock)
Peter Green-White Sky-CD-FLAC-1982-FRAY (Rock)
Peter Gabriel-So-(24088-2)-CD-FLAC-1986-EMG (Rock)
Peter Frampton-Frampton Comes Alive-2CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Peter Criss-Let Me Rock You-1982-UNC (Rock)
peer gunt-pg1 through the wall-1987-DDt (Rock)
Paul Simon - Graceland-1986-FAF INT (Rock)
Paul Mccartney-All The Best-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Paul Davis-Paul Davis-WEB-1980-MARR (Rock)
Paul Davis-Cool Night-WEB-1981-MARR (Rock)
Paul Carrack-One Good Reason-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Patti Smith-Horses-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Patti Smith Group-Radio Ethiopia-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Patrick Simmons-Arcade-WEB-1983-ESG (Rock)
Pate Mustajarvi-Lago Nero-FI-1988-KALEVALA (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Wide Awake In Dreamland-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Tropico-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Tropico-1984-DNR (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Seven The Hard Way-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Precious Time-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Live From Earth-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Get Nervous-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Pat Benatar-Crimes Of Passion-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Palace-Brave New World-1988-pLAN9 (Rock)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Junk Culture-1984-EOS (Rock)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Dazzle Ships-1983-EOS (Rock)
Olympic-Laboratory-LP-1984-D2H (Rock)
Old Skull-Get Outta School-1989-pLAN9 (Rock)
Oingo Boingo-Dead Mans Party-1985-EOS (Rock)
Odeman--Bra For Dig-CDS-SE-1988-WUS (Rock)
NOFX-S and M Airlines-WEB-1989-ANGER INT (Rock)
Nina Hagen-Nunsexmonkrock-CD-FLAC-1982-NBFLAC (Rock)
Nils Lofgren-Wonderland-CD-FLAC-1983-FRAY (Rock)
Nils Lofgren-Wonderland LP-1983-aAF (Rock)
Nils Lofgren-Night Fades Away LP-1981-aAF (Rock)
Nik Kershaw-The Riddle-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
Night Ranger-Dawn Patrol-CD-FLAC-1984-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Nick Mason-Profiles-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Nick Lowe-The Rose of England-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Nick Lowe-The Abominable Showman-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Nick Lowe-Pinker and Prouder Than Previous-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Nick Lowe-Nick the Knife-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Nick Lowe-Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-The Firstborn Is Dead-1985-DNR (Rock)
Neil Young-Freedom-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (Rock)
Neil Young-After The Gold Rush-CD-FLAC-1987-PERFECT (Rock)
Neil Young And The Bluenotes-This Notes For You-CD-FLAC-1988-PERFECT (Rock)
Neal Schon - Late Nite-1989-aAF (Rock)
Nazareth--Hot Tracks-CD-1987-WUS INT (Rock)
Muenchener Freiheit-Fantasie-DE-CD-FLAC-1988-CUSTODES (Rock)
Mudhoney-Mudhoney-1989-DGN int (Rock)
Mr. Mister-Kyrie-VLS-1985-GCP (Rock)
Mr. Mister-Kyrie-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Mr. Mister-Broken Wings-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Mozaika-Chur Menya-RU-LP-1988-D2H (Rock)
Motorhead-Ace Of Spades-1980-DNR (Rock)
Motley Crue-Shout At The Devil-Retail-1983-Recycled INT (Rock)
Models-Cold Fever-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1986-LoKET (Rock)
Missing Persons-The Best of Missing Persons-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Miroslav Zbirka-Light Of My Life-LP-1982-UKW (Rock)
Ministry-Work for Love-1983-oNePiEcE (Rock)
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Mikael Rickfors-Tender Turns Tuff-LP-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
Mikael Rickfors-Rickfors-LP-FLAC-1986-LoKET (Rock)
Mikael Rickfors-Hearthunters-LP-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Mikael Rickfors-Blue Fun-LP-FLAC-1983-LoKET (Rock)
Midnight Oil-Red Sails In The Sunset-1984-EOS (Rock)
Midnight Oil-Place Without A Postcard-1981-EOS (Rock)
Midnight Oil-Diesel And Dust-1987-FnF INT (Rock)
Midnight Oil-Bird Noises-1980-FnF INT (Rock)
Midnight Oil-Beds Are Burning-CDM-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust-1987-HaVeFuN INT (Rock)
Michelle Shocked-Short Sharp Shocked-CD-FLAC-1988-FLACME (Rock)
Michael Stanley Band-North Coast-LP-1981-GCP (Rock)
Michael Monroe-Not Fakin It-1989-LzY INT (Rock)
Michael Monroe-Not Fakin It-(838 627-2)-CD-FLAC-1989-RUiL (Rock)
Michael Monroe-Nights Are So Long-1988-LzY INT (Rock)
Michael Jackson - Thriller-1982-FAF INT (Rock)
Michael Hedges-Watching My Life Go By-CD-FLAC-1985-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Michael Bolton-Michael Bolton-(CK 38537)-CD-FLAC-1983-EMG (Rock)
Metallica-Master of Puppets-1986-NADA (Rock)
Metallica-Master Of Puppets (Demos)-1985-KSi (Rock)
Metallica-Garage Days Re Revisited-1987-RBG (Rock)
Metallica-Garage Days and More-1989-FTS (Rock)
Metallica-Creeping Death (Germany 0830)-Bootleg-1987-EOS (Rock)
Mental as Anything-Espresso Bongo-1980-aAF (Rock)
Mental as Anything-Cats and Dogs-1981-aAF (Rock)
Men At Work-Down Under-(EPC1980)-VINYL-1981-XXS iNT (Rock)
Meat Loaf-Rock N Roll Hero-1984-DNR (Rock)
Meat Loaf-Midnight At The Lost And Found-1983-DNR (Rock)
Meat Loaf-Hits Out Of Hell-CD-FLAC-1984-WRS (Rock)
Mats Ronander-Tokig-SE-LP-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Mats Ronander-Reality-LP-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Mashina Vremeni-V Kruge Sveta-(Vinyl)-RU-1988-VERiTAS (Rock)
Mashina Vremeni-V Dobryj Chas-(Vinyl)-RU-1987-VERiTAS (Rock)
Mashina Vremeni-Reki I Mosty-RU-WEB-1987-UKW (Rock)
Marius Mueller-The Big Beat-1985-LAMB (Rock)
Marius Mueller-Boom Boom-1987-LAMB (Rock)
Marillion-Misplaced Childhood-CD-FLAC-1985-CUSTODES (Rock)
Marillion-Clutching At Straws-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Marillion-Clutching At Straws-(CDP7468662)-CD-FLAC-1987-CUSTODES (Rock)
Marillion-B Sides Themselves-CD-FLAC-1988-CUSTODES (Rock)
Margaret Urlich-Safety In Numbers-CD-FLAC-1989-FLACME (Rock)
Mano Negra-Best Of-1989-FLUKE (Rock)
Magnus Uggla-Godkand Pirat Live-SE-1980-HNH (Rock)
Magnus Uggla-Allting Som Ni Gor Kan Jag Gora Battre-1987-MEH (Rock)
Magnus Uggla - Allting Som Ni Gör Kan Jag Göra B䴴re-1987-meh (Rock)
Magnum Bonum-Hog Hatt Och Laga Skor-SE-LP-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Magnum Bonum-Farghallarelorglar-SE-LP-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
magnum - vigilante-1986-atm (Rock)
Magnum - Days of No Trust-Ltd.Ed. VLS-1988-FKK (Rock)
Madness-House Of Fun-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Skynyrds Innyrds-Their Greatest Hits-1989-DNR (Rock)
Love and Rockets-Love and Rockets-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Love and Rockets-Earth Sun Moon-(6056-2-B)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Louise Hoffsten-Stygg-SE-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Lou Reed-Sally Cant Dance-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Lou Reed-Rock And Roll Animal-1981-EMG INT (Rock)
Lou Reed-New York-CD-FLAC-1989-PERFECT (Rock)
Lou Reed-New York-1989-EMG INT (Rock)
Lou Reed-Berlin-CD-FLAC-1986-Mrflac (Rock)
Lou Gramm-Midnight Blue-VINYL-1987-WLM (Rock)
Los Lobos-La Pistola Y El Corazon-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Los Lobos-How Will the Wolf Survive-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Los Lobos-By The Light Of The Moon-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Lords Of The New Church-Open Your Eyes-Promo VLS-1982-GCP INT (Rock)
London Symphony Orchestra - Rock Symphonies II-1989-REPACK-CUSTODES (Rock)
London Symphony Orchestra - Rock Symphonies II-1989-CUSTODES (Rock)
Lolita Pop-Love Poison-(MLRCD 66)-CD-FLAC-1989-RUiL (Rock)
Living Colour-Vivid-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Living Colour-Vivid-1988-FTS (Rock)
living colour-glamour boys-(ep)-1988-dnr (Rock)
Little River Band-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1982-BUDDHA (Rock)
Little Feat-Let It Roll-CD-FLAC-1988-BUDDHA (Rock)
Litfiba-Litfiba 3-WEB-IT-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Litfiba-Desaparecido-WEB-IT-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Litfiba-17 Re-WEB-IT-1986-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Lita Ford - Lita-1988-SOP INT (Rock)
Linda Ronstadt-Whats New-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Linda Ronstadt-Mad Love-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Linda Ronstadt-Get Closer-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Linda Ronstadt-For Senimental Reasons-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Linda Ronstadt-Canciones De Mi Padre-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Leslie West-Alligator-CD-FLAC-1989-FRAY (Rock)
Les Rita Mitsouko-Marc Et Robert-FR-1988-SNOOK (Rock)
Leonard Cohen-Im Your Man-1988-DNR (Rock)
Leon Russell and New Grass Revival-The Live Album-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Leevi And The Leavings-Kadonnut Laakso-FI-1982-BOS (Rock)
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Led Zeppelin-Tympani For The Butter Queen-2CD-1987-wga (Rock)
Led Zeppelin-Coda-1982-iRO (Rock)
Lasse Lindbom Band-Romantisk Blackout-SE-LP-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Lard-The Power Of Lard-CDEP-FLAC-1989-DeVOiD (Rock)
Laibach - Sympathy For The Devil-1988-STROH80 (Rock)
La Cruz-Rockolucion-ES-WEB-1988-FREGON (Rock)
La Cruz-Rock A La Medianoche-ES-WEB-1986-FREGON (Rock)
Kyosuke Himuro-Neo Fascio-JP-1989-JRP (Rock)
Kyosuke Himuro-Flowers For Algernon-JP-1988-JRP (Rock)
Kumikameli - Provinssi-Live-FI-1988-SOP (Rock)
Krug-Doroga-RU-LP-1988-D2H (Rock)
Kris Kristofferson-The Silver Tongued Devil And I-1988-DNR (Rock)
Kraftwerk-Computer World-1983-pzi (Rock)
Kraftwerk - Computer World-1983-pzi (Rock)
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Kiss-Music From The Elder-Remastered-1981-EOS (Rock)
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KISS - Unmasked-1980-INT-GORE (Rock)
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KISS - Crazy Nights-1987-INT-GORE (Rock)
KISS - Asylum-1985-INT-GORE (Rock)
Kinsky - Valtaa Ja Voimaa-Remastered-FI-1986-SOP INT (Rock)
Kings X-Out Of The Silent Planet-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Kings X-Gretchen Goes To Nebraska-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
King Diamond-The Dark Sides-1988-GORE (Rock)
King Crimson-The Compact King Crimson-REPACK-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1989-B... (Rock)
King Crimson-The Compact King Crimson-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Kim Carnes-Voyeur-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Kim Carnes-Light House-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED (Rock)
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Kenneth And The Knutters-Bagrock And Motorvral 1982-1987-1989-GRiPP (Rock)
Keith Green--Jesus Commands Us to Go-1986-OMA (Rock)
Karat-Schwanenkoenig-(8.24363)-DE-CD-FLAC-1984-CUSTODES (Rock)
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Kansas-Power-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Kansas-Drastic Measures-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Kansas-Drastic Measures (Remastered)-WEB-1983-PLST iNT (Rock)
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Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1986-SOP INT (Rock)
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Juliet Jonesin Sydan-FI-1985-SOP INT (Rock)
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Janis-FI-1988-SOP INT (Rock)
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Albania-Remastered-FI-1987-SOP INT (Rock)
Jule Neigel Band-Schatten An Der Wand-CD-DE-1988-VOLDiES (Rock)
juice leskinen grand slam-yolento-FI-1986-DDt (Rock)
juice leskinen grand slam-pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle-FI-1985-DDt (Rock)
Judas Priest-Unleashed In The East Live In Japan-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
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Judas Priest-Turbo-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
Judas Priest-Priest Live-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Judas Priest-Hell Bent For Leather-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Judas Priest-Hell Bent For Leather-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Jr. Chemists - Les Seldoms-Arizona Disease-Split-7 Inch Vinyl-1981-FAT... (Rock)
Joy Division-Desperation Takes Hold-1980-WOS (Rock)
Joy Division - Substance-1988-PiAD (Rock)
Joy Division - Still-1981-PiAD (Rock)
Joy Division - Komackino London Lyceum (1980)-WOS (Rock)
Joy Division - Closer-1980-PiAD (Rock)
Journey-Infinity-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Journey-Greatest Hits-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Rock)
Journey-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1988-BUDDHA (Rock)
Journey-Escape-Retail-1981-Recycled INT (Rock)
Journey-Departure-Retail-1980-Recycled INT (Rock)
Journey-Departure-1980-EOS (Rock)
Journey-Captured-Retail-1981-Recycled INT (Rock)
journey - anthology-super collection-(retail)-1988-bfs (Rock)
Jose Feliciano-10 To 23-1985-iTS (Rock)
Johnny Rivers-The Best Of-1987-RNS (Rock)
Johnny Hallyday-Souvenirs Souvenirs-Repack-FR-1988-WAP (Rock)
Johnny Hallyday-Souvenirs Souvenirs-FR-1988-WAP (Rock)
John Waite-Rovers Return-1987-GCP INT (Rock)
John Waite-Mask Of Smiles-1985-GCP INT (Rock)
John Parr-St. Elmos Fire-VLS-1985-GCP (Rock)
John Parr-Running The Endless Mile-1986-RNS (Rock)
John Norum-Total Control-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
John Lennon-The John Lennon Collection-1989-nhh int (Rock)
John Lennon-Rock N Roll-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
John Kay-Lone Steppenwolf-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
John Illsley-I Want to See the Moon - Words-Promo-VLS-1988-GRW (Rock)
John Hiatt-Slow Turning-CD-FLAC-1988-FRAY (Rock)
John Hiatt-Bring The Family-CD-FLAC-1987-FRAY (Rock)
John Fogerty - Eye of the Zombie-(1986)-aAF (Rock)
John Farnham-Whispering Jack-LIMITED EDITION-CD-FLAC-1986-FLACME (Rock)
John Farnham-Whispering Jack-1986-EMG INT (Rock)
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John Denver-Dreamland Express-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED (Rock)
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John Cougar Mellencamp-Uh-Huh-CD-FLAC-1983-BOCKSCAR (Rock)
John Cougar Mellencamp-The Lonesome Jubilee-(832 465-2)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
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John Cougar Mellencamp-American Fool-CD-FLAC-1982-BOCKSCAR (Rock)
Joe Jackson-Night and Day 1982-CD-FLAC-1983-EMG (Rock)
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Joe Cocker-Definite 1964-1986-(2292-44286-2-ZP)-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-198... (Rock)
Joe Cocker-Cocker-(CDP-7-46268-2)-CD-FLAC-1986-CUSTODES (Rock)
joan jett and the blackhearts-i love rocknroll-(1982)-prw (Rock)
joan jett and the blackhearts-good music-(1986)-prw int (Rock)
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts--Crimson And Clover-NB711144-VINYL-1981-... (Rock)
JJ Cale-Grasshopper-CD-FLAC-1982-MAHOU (Rock)
Jive Bunny and The Mastermixers - Lets Party-(BCM 12381)-Vinyl-1989-ZzZz (Rock)
Jimmy Page-Outrider-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
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Jimmy Buffett-Hot Water-1988-MHQ INT (Rock)
Jimmy Buffett-Floridays-1986-MHQ INT (Rock)
Jimmy Barnes-Freight Train Heart-(Retail)-1988-dCO (Rock)
Jimmy Barnes-Bodyswerve-1984-aAF (Rock)
Jimmy Barnes-Barnestorming-(Retail)-1988-dSS (Rock)
Jimmi Hendrix - Variations on A Theme Red House-1989-FERiCE (Rock)
Jimi Hendrix-The Essential Volumes One and Two-(9 26035-2)-2CD-FLAC-19... (Rock)
Jimi Hendrix-Johnny B. Goode-1986-PMS (Rock)
Jimi Hendrix-Early Classics-1988-PMS (Rock)
Jethro Tull-Thick As A Brick-CD-FLAC-1985-WRS (Rock)
Jethro Tull-Rock Island-(Retail)-1989-dSS (Rock)
Jethro Tull-Original Masters-(F2 21515)-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
Jethro Tull-Crest Of A Knave-1987-DNR (Rock)
Jethro Tull-A-1980-SaR iNT (Rock)
Jerry Williams-Woman (Remix)-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Jerry Williams-Jw-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Jerry Williams-It Started With A Love Affair (Extended Version)-12INCH... (Rock)
Jerry Williams-Did I Tell You-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Jennifer Rush-Heart Over Mind-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Jefferson Starship-Winds Of Change-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Jefferson Starship-Nuclear Furniture-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Jefferson Starship-Modern Times-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Jeff Beck-There And Back-CD-FLAC-1986-SCORN (Rock)
Jeff Beck-Jeff Becks Guitar Shop-CD-FLAC-1989-SCORN (Rock)
Jeff Beck-Blow by Blow-CD-FLAC-1984-BUDDHA (Rock)
Jean Leloup--Menteur-CD-FR-1989-WUS INT (Rock)
Janes Addiction-Nothings Shocking-CD-FLAC-1988-JLM (Rock)
Janes Addiction-Janes Addiction-CD-FLAC-1987-JLM (Rock)
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J Karjalainen Ja Mustat Lasit-Tatsum Tisal-FI-1983-KALEVALA (Rock)
J Karjalainen Ja Mustat Lasit-J Karjalainen Ja Mustat Lasit-FI-1981-KA... (Rock)
J.J. Cale-Special Edition-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
J.J. Cale-Shades-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
J.J. Cale-Grasshopper-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
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Its A Beautiful Day-Its A Beautiful Day-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast-1982-H4X INT (Rock)
Iron Butterfly-In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida-PROPER-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
INXS-Underneath The Colours-CD-FLAC-1981-TaBoo (Rock)
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INXS-Shabooh Shoobah-CD-FLAC-1982-TaBoo (Rock)
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INXS-New Sensation-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
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INXS-Kick-1987-LAMB (Rock)
INXS-Kick-(A2 81796)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
INXS-INXS-CD-FLAC-1980-TaBoo (Rock)
INXS-Burn For You-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
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Ingo And Floyd-Jag Har Soul-SE-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Ilya Slovesnik-My Tak Lyubili Beatles-RU-LP-1988-D2H (Rock)
Illes-Illes 1965-1969 Legendas Kislemezek-HU-LP-1983-UKW (Rock)
Ike and Tina Turner-18 Greatest Hits-(Retail)-1988-R3D (Rock)
Iggy Pop-Zombie Birdhouse (Special Edition)-2CD-1982-Ror (Rock)
Iggy Pop-Party-1981-DNR (Rock)
Iggy Pop-Blah-Blah-Blah-CD-FLAC-1986-FRAY (Rock)
Iggy Pop-Blah-Blah-Blah-1986-WrN (Rock)
Iggy Pop-Blah Blah Blah-1986-EOS (Rock)
Iggy Pop - Soldier-1980-SataN INT (Rock)
Iggy Pop - Party-1981-SataN INT (Rock)
Iggy Pop - Instinct-1988-SataN INT (Rock)
Ian Hunter And Mick Ronson-Yui Orta-CD-FLAC-1988-FRAY (Rock)
Husker Du-Zen Arcade-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Husker Du-New Day Rising-WEB-1985-CBR iNT (Rock)
husker du-candle apple grey-1986-dnr (Rock)
hurriganes-rockin hurriganes-1982-DDt (Rock)
hurriganes-jailbird 10 80-1989-DDt (Rock)
hurriganes-fortissimo-1981-DDt (Rock)
Huey Lewis and The News-World To Me-VLS-1988-GCP (Rock)
Huey Lewis and The News-The Power Of Love-VLS-1985-GCP (Rock)
Huey Lewis and The News-Stuck With You-Vinyl-1986-GCP (Rock)
Huey Lewis and The News-Sports-(F2 21412)-CD-FLAC-1984-EMG (Rock)
Huey Lewis And The News-Small World-1988-DNR (Rock)
Huey Lewis and The News-Small World-(VK 41622)-CD-FLAC-1988-EMG (Rock)
Huey Lewis And The News-I Want A New Drug (Called Love)-Vinyl-1984-ERP (Rock)
Hubert Felix Thiefaine-Meteo Fur Nada-FR-CD-FLAC-1986-Mrflac (Rock)
Howard Jones-Dream Into Action-CD-FLAC-1985-BUDDHA (Rock)
Howard Jones-Cross That Line-(60794-2)-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Howard Jones-Cross That Line-(60794-2)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Hooters-One Way Home-(Retail)-1987-dSS (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite-The Big Prize-(9 25293-2)-CD-FLAC-1986-EMG (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite-Racing After Midnight-CD-FLAC-1988-FLaCiT (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite-Honeymoon Suite-CD-FLAC-1984-BUDDHA (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite - Racing After Midnight-1988-FKK (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite - Racing After Midnight (1987)-MAD (Rock)
Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite-(1986)-aAF (Rock)
Heroes Del Silencio-El Mar No Cesa-SP-1989-wWs INT (Rock)
Heinz Rudolf Kunze-Gute Unterhaltung-DE-CD-FLAC-1989-NBFLAC (Rock)
Heinz Rudolf Kunze-Gute Unterhaltung-DE-1989-VOLDiES (Rock)
Heart--These Dreams-B5541-VINYL-1985-WUS (Rock)
Heart-Heart-1985-EOS (Rock)
Heart-Heart-1985-DNR (Rock)
Heart-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1986-FLaCiT (Rock)
Heart-Bad Animals-1987-MiNERAL iNT (Rock)
Heart-Bad Animals-1987-DNR (Rock)
Heart-Alone-VLS-1987-GCP (Rock)
Head-A Snog On The Rocks-(FIENDCD95)-CD-FLAC-1987-CUSTODES (Rock)
Hassisen Kone - Taalta Tullaan Venaja-FI-1980-SOP INT (Rock)
Hassisen Kone - Rumat Savelet-FI-1981-SOP INT (Rock)
Harppia-A Ferro E Fogo-BR-1985-UTB (Rock)
Hanoi Rocks-Lean On Me-1981-LzY INT (Rock)
Hanoi Rocks - Oriental Beat-1982-SOP INT (Rock)
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Guns N Roses-GNR Lies-(EP)-1988-EMG INT (Rock)
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Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-Retail-1987-Recycled Int (Rock)
Guns N Roses-Appetite for Destruction-1987-FTS (Rock)
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-1987-DeBT iNT (Rock)
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-(Retail)-1989-RFX (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Sessions (2CD)-2CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Unwanted Illusions-CD-1988-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Troubadour Hollywood California (2CD)-2CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - the Wild the Willing and the Innocent-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - the Roxy Hollywood California (2CD)-2CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Studio Sessions (2CD)-2CD-1987-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Street Scene Los Angeles CA-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Rumbo Tapes-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Roxy California Glam Slam D.I.R.L.F.T Original-CD-1986-... (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Roxy California Glam Slam D.I.R.L.F.T Night 2-CD-1986-U... (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Roxy California Glam Slam D.I.R.L.F.T Night 1-CD-1986-U... (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Patience (LP Sourced)-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Los Angeles California (Riot Show in LA)-CD-1986-UNiCOR... (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Los Angeles California (Master)-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Live Street Scene Los Angeles CA-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Live Music Machine Los Angeles CA-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Live Hollywood California 1986-07-11-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Lies-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Jumpin Jack-FLASH-1988-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Hollywood California Set 1and2 (2CD)-2CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Hard Rock Heroes-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Fenders Ballroom Long Beach California-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Cornshucker-CD-1988-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Bang Bang Youre Dead-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Bang Bang Youre Dead (2CD)-2CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction-CD-1987-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction-1987-SRC (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction - MFSL-1987-FAF (Rock)
Guns N Roses - Alternatives for Destruction-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Grim Reaper-See you in Hell - Fear no Evil-1984-FERiCEx (Rock)
Gregg Allman-Just Before The Bullets Fly-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Greg Kihn-Kihnsolidation The Best Of Greg Kihn-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
Greg Kihn-Kihnsolidation The Best Of Greg Kihn-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
Greg Kihn--Kihnsolidation The Best Of Greg Kihn-CD-1986-WUS (Rock)
Greenway-Serious Business-1988-GRW (Rock)
Great White-Once Bitten Twice Shy-CDM-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Grateful Dead-Built To Last-1989-EMG INT (Rock)
Graham Parker-Steady Nerves-1985-JUST (Rock)
Graham Bonnet-Night Games-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
Grace Jones-Island Life-CD-FLAC-1985-FiXIE (Rock)
Gordon Lightfoot-Sundown-CD-FLAC-1987-BUDDHA (Rock)
Golden Earring-The Very Best Of 1976-1989-1988-EOS (Rock)
Golden Earring-Cut-1982-JUST (Rock)
Glenn Frey-No Fun Aloud-1982-JUST (Rock)
Glass Tiger-Diamond Sun-(LC-7365)-CDM-FLAC-1988-EMG (Rock)
Glass Tiger-Diamond Sun-(CDM)-1988-pLAN9 (Rock)
Girlschool-Take A Bite-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Gianna Nannini-Profumo-(829711-2)-IT-CD-FLAC-1986-CUSTODES (Rock)
Gerry Rafferty-Sleepwalking-1982-JUST (Rock)
Gerry Rafferty-City To City-CD-FLAC-1989-FRAY (Rock)
George Thorogood And The Destroyers-More-CD-FLAC-1986-FLACME (Rock)
George Thorogood and The Destroyers-Live-CD-FLAC-1986-BUDDHA (Rock)
George Thorogood and The Destroyers-Born To Be Bad-CD-FLAC-1988-BUDDHA (Rock)
George Harrison-Cloud Nine-Retail-1987-Recycled INT (Rock)
George Harrison-Cloud Nine-CD-FLAC-1987-FRAY (Rock)
George Harrison-Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989-CD-FLAC-1989-WRS (Rock)
Genesis-Three Nights in Philly-2CD-(Bootleg)-1981-JUST (Rock)
Genesis-Live USA-BOOTLEG-2CD-FLAC-1983-NBFLAC (Rock)
Genesis-Invisible Touch-VLS-1986-GCP (Rock)
Genesis-Invisible Touch-1986-DNR (Rock)
Genesis-And The Word Was-1987-JUST (Rock)
Genesis - Invisible Touch-1986-PiAD INT (Rock)
Genesis - Duke-1980-PiAD INT (Rock)
Genesis - Abacab-1981-PiAD INT (Rock)
Gasolin-Live I Skandinavien-(CBS 465327 2)-DK-Reissue-CD-FLAC-1989-RUiL (Rock)
Gasolin-Gasolin Forever-2CD-(1986)-PRW INT (Rock)
Gasolin - Supercollection-1988-KMA (Rock)
Gasolin - Rabalderstraede (Forever)-1980-RMT (Rock)
Gary Moore-After the War-CDM-1988-oNePiEcE INT (Rock)
Gary Moore- After the War-1989-PRW INT (Rock)
Gary Moore - Live at the Marquee-Live-1983-SOP INT (Rock)
Gary Moore - G-Force-1980-SOP INT (Rock)
Gary Holton And Casino Steel-Gary Holton And Casino Steel-1981-DNR (Rock)
Fuggetlen Ado-Valtozas-Demo-HU-1989-gF (Rock)
Fugazi-Fugazi-VINYL-FLAC-1988-WeTBaCk (Rock)
Front Line Assembly-Convergence-1988-SYN INT (Rock)
Freddie Mercury-The Great Pretender-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood-Relax-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1983-LoKET (Rock)
Franke and the Knockouts-Sweetheart-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
Frank Zappa-You Cant Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3-2CD-Retail-1989-R... (Rock)
Frank Zappa-You Are What You Is-2LP-1981-WUS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-You Are What You Is-1981-iRO (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Were Only In It For The Money - Lumpy Gravy-REMASTERED-CD-... (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Waka Jawaka-Remastered-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Thing-Fish-2CD-1984-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Them Or Us-CD-FLAC-1984-FRAY (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Them Or Us-1984-HVN (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Them Or Us-1984-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-The Perfect Stranger-1984-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-The Man From Utopia-1983-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-The Day The Earth Stood Still 2CD (1988)-WOS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Shut Up N Play Yer Guitar-Remastered-2CD-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch-1982-EOS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Meets The Mothers Of Prevention-1985-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Jazz From Hell-1986-EOS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Jazz From Hell-1986-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa-I Dont Wanna Get Drafted-12inch VLS-1980-WUS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Hot Rats-Remastered-1987-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Guitar-2CD-FLAC-1988-FRAY (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Guitar-2CD-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention-1985-EOS (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Does Humor Belong In Music (Live)-1986-iRO (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Broadway The Hard Way-1989-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Baby Snakes-Remastered-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
Frank Zappa-Baby Snakes-1982-DNR (Rock)
Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention-One Size Fits All-CD-FLAC-198... (Rock)
Frank Zappa - tinsel town rebellion-1981-ttr (Rock)
Frank Zappa - Tinsel Town Rebellion-1981-FKK INT (Rock)
Frank Sinatra-String Along-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Foreigner-Say You Will-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Foreigner-Say You Will-(7866290)-VLS-1987-GCP (Rock)
Foreigner-Inside Information-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Foreigner-I Want To Know What Love Is-VLS-1984-GCP (Rock)
Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love is-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
Foreigner-I Dont Want To Live Without You-(7865780)-VLS-1988-GCP (Rock)
Foreigner-Agent Provocateur-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1984-FATHEAD (Rock)
Foreigner - Urgent-(PRO535)-PROMO-Vinyl-1981-ZzZz (Rock)
Foreigner - Agent Provocateur-1984-MCA int (Rock)
Foghat-Zig Zag Walk-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Foghat-Tight Shoes-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Foghat--Tight Shoes (Remastered)-(603497877867)-WEB-1980-WUS (Rock)
Foghat-The Best Of-(Retail)-1989-HHI (Rock)
Foghat--Stone Blue (Remastered)-(603497877874)-WEB-1983-WUS (Rock)
Foghat-In The Mood For Something Rude-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Foghat-Girls To Chat And Boys To Bounce-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Foghat--Foghat Live (Remastered)-(603497877935)-WEB-1983-WUS (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango in the Night-1987-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Tango In The Night-(7599254712)-Remastered-CD-FLAC-1987-... (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-1982-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-(Deluxe)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-MOHAWK (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Live-2CD-1980-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits (European Edition)-1988-MHQ INT (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac-Everywhere-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night-1987-Records INT (Rock)
Flavium-Live Eighty Five-1985-UTB (Rock)
Fix-Fix 15-EE-REISSUE-LP-1985-UKW (Rock)
Fishbone-Truth And Soul-1988-EOS (Rock)
FIREHOSE-Ragin Full On-1986-PMS (Rock)
Fingerprints-On the Run-Vinyl-1989-VULGAR (Rock)
Felt--Ignite The Seven Cannon The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Shor... (Rock)
Fehlfarben-Monarchie und Alltag-WEB-DE-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Faster Pussycat--Wake Me When Its Over-CD-1989-WUS (Rock)
Faster Pussycat--Poison Ivy-CDS-1989-WUS (Rock)
Faster Pussycat--House Of Pain-CDS-1989-WUS (Rock)
Far Corporation-Division One-(Retail)-1985-dCO (Rock)
Far Corporation-Division One-(610 538)-CD-FLAC-1985-RUiL (Rock)
Familie Silly-Tanzt Keiner Boogie-DE-CD-FLAC-1981-NBFLAC (Rock)
Faith No More-We Care A Lot-Retail-1985-Recycled INT (Rock)
Faith No More-We Care A Lot (AUS Re-Issue)-1985-iRO (Rock)
Faith No More-The Real Thing-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Rock)
Faith No More-The Real Thing-Retail-1989-BFS (Rock)
Faith No More-The Real Thing-1989-iRO (Rock)
Faith No More-Introduce Yourself-Retail-1987-BFS (Rock)
Faith No More-Introduce Yourself-(Retail)-1987-dSS (Rock)
Faith No More - The Real Thing-Retail CD-1989-BOSS INT (Rock)
Factory-II-SE-LP-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Eurythmics-Savage-CD-FLAC-1987-FRAY (Rock)
Europe-Europe-(EPC4777862)-CD-FLAC-1983-CUSTODES (Rock)
Eros Ramazzotti-Musica E-1988-iTA (Rock)
Eros Ramazzotti-In Certi Momenti-1987-iTA (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Timepieces The Best Of Eric Clapton-CD-FLAC-1982-WRS (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Timepieces The Best Of Eric Clapton-1982-NHH INT (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Roomful of Blues-Bootleg-2CD-1989-STAR (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Money and Cigarettes-1983-aAF (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Just Four of Us-2CD-Bootleg-1987-STAR (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Journeyman-CD-FLAC-1989-SCORN (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Journeyman-1989-FiH iNT (Rock)
Eric Clapton-E.C. Was Here-CD-FLAC-1988-Mrflac (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Behind The Sun-CD-FLAC-1985-FRAY (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Backtrackin-2CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Eric Clapton-August-CD-FLAC-1986-FRAY (Rock)
Eric Clapton-August-1986-DNR (Rock)
Eric Clapton-Another Ticket-(1981)-aAF (Rock)
Eric Clapton - No Stiletto Shoes-Bootleg-1989-FKK (Rock)
Eric Clapton - Milwaukee Time-2CD-Bootleg-1983-FKK (Rock)
Eric Burdon-Wicked Man-1988-JUST (Rock)
Eric Burdon-The Unreleased Eric Burdon-1982-JUST (Rock)
Eppu Normaali - Rupisia Riimeja Karmeita Tarinoita-FI-1984-SOP INT (Rock)
Endstufe-Der Clou-DE-1987-WRM INT (Rock)
Elvis-Burning Love and Hits From His Movies Vol.2-REMASTERED-CD-FLAC-1... (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The Memphis Record-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-The All Time Greatest Hits-2CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Pot Luck-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Moody Blue-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Love Me Tender-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-How Great Thou Art-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Heartbreak Hotel-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-Elvis is Back-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Presley-All The Best From Elvis Vol. 1-CD-FLAC-1988-FLACME (Rock)
Elvis Presley-A Date with Elvis-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Elvis Hitler-Disgraceland-VINYL-FLAC-1988-FATHEAD (Rock)
Elvis Costello-Trust-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elvis Costello-Spike-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elvis Costello-King Of America-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elvis Costello-Get Happy-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elvis Costello-Almost Blue-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elvis Costello And The Attractions-Get Happy-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Too Low For Zero-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-The Fox-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Sl33ping With The Past-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Reg Strikes Back-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Live In Australia With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra-(MC... (Rock)
Elton John-Leather Jackets-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Jump Up-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Ice On Fire-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-Greatest Hits Vol 3 1979-1987-CD-FLAC-1987-FLACME (Rock)
Elton John-Greatest Hits-(MCAD-37215)-PROPER-CD-FLAC-1984-FLaCiT (Rock)
Elton John-Breaking Hearts-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Elton John-21 At 33-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Element Of Crime-Try To Be Mensch-1987-LiT (Rock)
Electric Light Orchestra-The Way Lifes Meant To Be-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-19... (Rock)
Electric Light Orchestra-Im Alive-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Edu Kettunen-Eraana Yona -FI-1989-KALEVALA (Rock)
Eddie Money-Playing For Keeps-LP-1980-GCP (Rock)
Eddie Money-Nothing To Lose-(CK 44302)-CD-FLAC-1988-EMG (Rock)
Eddie Money-No Control-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Eddie Money-No Control-LP-1982-ERP (Rock)
Eddie Money-Greatest Hits Sound Of Money-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Eddie Money-Cant Hold Back-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Eddie Meduza-Dom Daraktigaste Dumheterna Digitalt Vol.1-SE-1989-BSM (Rock)
Eddie Meduza And Roarin Cadillacs-Jag Vill Ha En Volvo-SE-7INCH VINYL-... (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Radio Ronka 1-1988-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Mera Material-1980-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Jag Blir Aldrig Riktigt Vuxen-1987-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Idiotltar-1989-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Fraeckisar-1983-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - E Hitler P Dansrotundan - 87-1987-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Domvaersta-1982-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Dom Draktigaste Dumheterna Digitalt Roeven 2-1989-MrX (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Dom Daraktigaste Dumheterna Digitalt Vol.1-SE-1989-BSM (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Daararnas Midsommarafton-1989-tbZ (Rock)
Eddie Meduza - Daararnas Julafton-1989-tbZ (Rock)
Eddie Cochran-Pioneros Del Rock-Retail CD-1984-LiViTY (Rock)
Eagles-Greatest Hits Vol 2-1982-MHQ INT (Rock)
Eagles-Eagles Live-2CD-1980-MHQ INT (Rock)
Dylan And The Dead-Dylan And The Dead-1989-FTM (Rock)
Duran Duran-Big Thing-1988-DNR (Rock)
DumDum Boys-Splitter Pine-NO-1988-LAMB (Rock)
DumDum Boys-Blodig Alvor Na Na Na Na Na-NO-1988-LAMB (Rock)
Doro-Force Majeure-CD-FLAC-1989-NBFLAC (Rock)
Don Johnson-Heartbeat-(EK 40366)-CD-FLAC-1986-EMG (Rock)
Don Henley-The End Of The Innocence-CD-FLAC-1989-FATHEAD (Rock)
Don Henley-I Cant Stand Still-CD-FLAC-1989-BUDDHA (Rock)
Dokken-Breaking The Chains-1982-iRO (Rock)
Doctor And The Medics-Spirit In The Sky-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1986-LoKET (Rock)
Dire Straits-Two Nights in Paris 1983-4CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-The Final OZ Concert-2CD-1986-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-The Demos 1977-1980-Bootleg-1980-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rome 1983-2CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR (Rock)
Dire straits-rocking for freedom-bootleg-remastered-1988-star (Rock)
Dire Straits-Rockfile 81-Bootleg-1981-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-New York 1980-2CD-Bootleg-1980-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Money For Nothing-1988-HVN (Rock)
dire straits-money for nothing-1988-dnr (Rock)
Dire Straits-Money for Nothing (Japanese)-Limited Edition-1988-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Monaco 1985-2CD-Bootleg-1985-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Love Over Gold-(Remastered)-1982-EMG INT (Rock)
Dire Straits-Live at Wembley Arena 1982-2CD-1982-STAR (Rock)
dire straits-its really houston-2cd-bootleg-1985-star (Rock)
Dire Straits-Cocaine-2CD-Bootleg-1985-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Christmas Concert 1985-2CD-Bootleg-1985-STAR (Rock)
Dire Straits-Alchemy-2CD-1984-OrB (Rock)
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing-1988-HVN (Rock)
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms-Remastered-1985-FAF (Rock)
Dire Straits - Brighton 1982-Bootleg-1982-FKK (Rock)
Dire Straits - Alchemy (Dire Straits Live )-Remastered WEB-1984-KNOWN iNT (Rock)
Dinosaur Jr-Little Fury Things-VINYL-FLAC-1987-WeTBaCk (Rock)
Dingo-Pyha Klaani-WEB-FI-1986-KALEVALA (Rock)
Dingo-Nimeni on Dingo-WEB-FI-1984-KALEVALA (Rock)
Dingo-Kerjalaisten Valtakunta-WEB-FI-1985-KALEVALA (Rock)
Die Toten Hosen-Unter Falscher Flagge-DE-CD-FLAC-1984-VOLDiES (Rock)
Die Toten Hosen-Opel-Gang-DE-1983-VhV iNT (Rock)
Die Toten Hosen-Hier Kommt Alex-DE-CDM-FLAC-1988-VOLDiES (Rock)
Diamanda Galas-You Must Be Certain Of The Devil-1988-DNR (Rock)
Dexys Midnight Runners-Searching For The Young Soul Rebels-WEB-1980-MO... (Rock)
Device-22B3-WEB-1986-ESG INT (Rock)
Descendents-Two Things At Once-1988-iRO (Rock)
Descendents-Hallraker-(Live)-1988-DNR (Rock)
Depeche Mode-Some Great Reward-1984-EOS (Rock)
Depeche Mode-People Are People-1984-EOS (Rock)
Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses (Remastered)-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Depeche Mode-Construction Time Again-1983-EOS (Rock)
deLillos-Hjernen Er Alene-NO-1989-LAMB (Rock)
Del Amitri-Waking Hours-CD-FLAC-1989-FLACME (Rock)
Def Leppard-Stage Fright-2CD-Bootleg-1988-SSR (Rock)
Def Leppard-Pyromania-1983-EOS (Rock)
Def Leppard-On Through The Night-(1980)-PRW INT (Rock)
Def Leppard-Hysteria-DEF3-VINYL-1987-XXS (Rock)
Def Leppard-Hysteria-(830 675-2)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Def Leppard-Armageddon It-8702397-VINYL-1988-XXS (Rock)
Def Leppard-Animal-LEP1-VINYL-1987-XXS (Rock)
Deep Purple-The House of Blue Light-1987-VhV iNT (Rock)
Deep Purple-Perfectstrangers-1984-VhV iNT (Rock)
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-CD-1984-VhV iNT (Rock)
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-EOS (Rock)
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-DNR (Rock)
Debbie Harry-French Kissin (In the USA)-EP-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death-1987-EOS (Rock)
Dead Can Dance-Garden Of The Arcane Delights-EP-1985-JCE (Rock)
Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm of a Dying Sun-1987-EkX (Rock)
David Lee Roth-Skyscraper-CD-FLAC-1988-BUDDHA (Rock)
David Lee Roth-Skyscraper-1988-DuDE (Rock)
David Lee Roth-Crazy From The Heat-JP Import-EP-1985-DeBT iNT (Rock)
David Lee Roth-California Girls-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
David Gilmour-About Face-1984-EOS (Rock)
David Byrne-Music for the Knee Plays-1985-WUS (Rock)
David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture-1983-VhV iNT (Rock)
David Bowie-Tonight-1984-VhV iNT (Rock)
David Bowie-Never Let Me Down-1987-VhV iNT (Rock)
David Bowie-Modern Love-(VLS)-1983-SO (Rock)
David Bowie-Lets Dance-1983-VhV iNT (Rock)
David Bowie-Labyrinth Original Motion Picture Soundtr-1986-REV (Rock)
David Bowie-Blue Jean-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
David Bowie-Alabama Song-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
David And David-Boomtown-CD-FLAC-1986-FLACME (Rock)
Dave Mason--Two Hearts-1987-WUS (Rock)
Dave Davies-The Album That Never Was-1987-iTS (Rock)
Daryl Hall-Dreamtime-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1986-LoKET (Rock)
Daryl Hall and John Oates-Method of Modern Love-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-... (Rock)
Daryl Hall and John Oates-Kiss on My List-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Daryl Hall And John Oates-H2O-CD-FLAC-1987-FiXIE (Rock)
Dare-Out of Silence-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Danzig-Live with Metallica-Bootleg-1989-STA (Rock)
Danzig-Danzig-(Retail)-1988-dSS (Rock)
Danny Spanos - Looks Like Trouble-Vinyl-1984-FKK (Rock)
Danny And Dusty-The Lost Weekend-1985-404 (Rock)
Dan Reed Network-Slam-1989-PRE (Rock)
D A D-Call Of The Wild-CD-REPACK-FLAC-1986-WiMpS (Rock)
D A D-Call Of The Wild-CD-FLAC-1986-WiMpS (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (Japan Edition)-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - the Best Remixes-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - Shes So Unusual (Remastered 2000)(Japan Edition)-CD-198... (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - Live at the Summit (Houston84)-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - Blue Angel (Reissue 2005)-CD-1980-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Cyndi Lauper - A Night to Remember (2008 Japan )-LIMITED EDITION CD-19... (Rock)
Cvece-Polenov Prah-HR-LP-1983-UKW (Rock)
Crosby Stills Nash and Young-American Dream-1988-MHQ INT (Rock)
Crosby Stills and Nash-Daylight Again-1982-MHQ INT (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Complete Hit-Album Vol.2-REPACK-CD-FL... (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Complete Hit-Album Vol.2-CD-FLAC-1987... (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Complete Hit-Album Vol.1-REPACK-CD-FL... (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-The Complete Hit-Album Vol.1-CD-FLAC-1987... (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle Vol. 2 Twenty Great CCR Classic... (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chooglin-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1982-WRE (Rock)
creedence clearwater revival - more gold-1988-Kalas (Rock)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Volume Two-1986-BiR (Rock)
Cream-Wheels Of Fire-2CD-FLAC-1986-FiXIE (Rock)
Cream-Fresh Cream-CD-FLAC-1986-FiXIE (Rock)
Corey Hart - Dancin With My Mirror (Vinyl)-1986-ATM (Rock)
Commander Cody-And the Lost Planet Airmen-Sleazy Roadside Stories-1988... (Rock)
Colin James-Colin James-1988-RNS (Rock)
Col Bruce Hampton-Arkansas-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Citron - Radegast-CZ-1989-mCZ (Rock)
Cinderella-Night Songs-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Rock)
Cinderella - Long Cold Winter-1988-DMA (Rock)
Chris Rea-On The Beach-CD-FLAC-1986-NBFLAC (Rock)
Chris Rea-New Light Through Old Windows (The Best Of Chris Rea)-CD-FLA... (Rock)
Chris Isaak-Chris Isaak-1987-LAMB (Rock)
Chris De Burgh-Man on the Line-1984-VhV iNT (Rock)
Chris De Burgh-Best Moves-1981-VhV iNT (Rock)
Chicago-17-CD-FLAC-1984-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Cherry Bombz - House of Ecstacy (1986)-IND (Rock)
Cheap Trick-The Doctor-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Cheap Trick-Standing On The Edge-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Cheap Trick-One On One-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Cheap Trick-Next Position Please (The Authorized Version)-WEB-1983-ENT... (Rock)
Cheap Trick-Lap Of Luxury-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Cheap Trick-All Shook Up-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Cat Stevens-Tea For The Tillerman-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Cat Stevens-Catch Bull At Four-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Carly Simon-Greatest Hits Live-CD-FLAC-1988-CUSTODES (Rock)
Captain Beefheart-Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)-1986-ERP INT (Rock)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band-Doc At The Radar Station-1986-ERP... (Rock)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band-Mirror Man-1988-ERP INT (Rock)
Canned Heat-Living the Blues-1989-JUST (Rock)
Canned Heat-Future Blues-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies-1984-DNR (Rock)
Butthole Surfers-Hairway to Steven-1988-NF iNT (Rock)
Bulletboys-Bulletboys-CD-FLAC-1988-JLM (Rock)
Bryan Ferry-These Foolish Things-CD-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
Bryan Ferry-Another Time Another Place-CD-FLAC-1984-FiXIE (Rock)
Bryan Adams-You Want It You Got It-1981-Wyse (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Reckless-1984-Wyse (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Live Live Live-(397 094-2)-CD-FLAC-1988-CUSTODES (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Into The Fire-CD-FLAC-1987-FLACME (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Into The Fire-1987-Wyse (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Cuts Like A Knife-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Cuts Like A Knife-1983-Wyse (Rock)
Bryan Adams-Bryan Adams-1980-Wyse (Rock)
Bryan Adams - You Want it You Got it-CD-1981-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Reckless-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Reckless (24 KT Gold MFSL)-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Live Live -LIVE CD-1988-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - into the Fire-CD-1987-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife-CD-1983-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife-1983-INF INT (Rock)
Bryan Adams - Bryan Adams-CD-1980-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Bruce Willis-Respect Yourself-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel of Love-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel of Love-1987-VhV iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love-1987-TBO (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love-1987-FIH INT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-The River-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-The River-2CD-1980-VhV iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-The River-2CD-1980-FiL iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-CD-FLAC-1982-GRMFLAC (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-1982-VhV iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Nassau Night-3CD-1980-aAF (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Live 1975-1985-3CD-1986-VhV iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The USA-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The USA-CD-FLAC-1984-WRS (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen--Born In The USA-A6342-VINYL-1984-WUS (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The U.S.A.-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A.-1984-VhV iNT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen-Alpine Valley Night-3CD-1984-aAF (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen And Bob Dylan - Big Artists Japan Import-1988-CMG (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen - The River-2CD-1980-FiL INT (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska-1982-spungo (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark-VLS-1984-FKK (Rock)
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.-1984-TBO (Rock)
Bruce Hornsby And The Range-The Way It Is-LP-1986-GCP INT (Rock)
Bruce Hornsby And The Range-Scenes From The Southside-CD-FLAC-1988-FLACME (Rock)
Bruce Hornsby And The Range-Scenes From The Southside-1988-EOSiNT (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-World Of Wonders-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-The Trouble With Normal-1983-EOSiNT (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-The Trouble With Normal (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1983-ENTiT... (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-Stealing Fire-1984-EOSiNT (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-Stealing Fire (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bruce Cockburn-Mummy Dust-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Broadcast-Whos Got the Ball-LP-1983-KALEVALA (Rock)
Broadcast-Step On It-LP-1987-KALEVALA (Rock)
Brian Spence-Reputation-CDM-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Brian Spence-Brothers-LP-1986-GCP INT (Rock)
Brian Eno-Desert Island Selection-1986-pyt (Rock)
Breakfast Club-Breakfast Club-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Breakfast Club-Breakfast Club-1987-pyt (Rock)
Bread-Anthology of Bread-1985-EMG INT (Rock)
Boys Brigade-Melody-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
Bow Wow Wow-I Want Candy-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Boston-Third Stage-1986-REV (Rock)
Boston-Third Stage-1986-EMG INT (Rock)
Bonnie Tyler - Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire-1986-FAM (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Thing Called Love (CDCL 576)-CDS-FLAC-1989-WRE (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Nine Lives-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Nick Of Time-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Nick Of Time-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Nick Of Time-(Retail)-1989-HHI (Rock)
Bonnie Raitt-Green Light-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Bonfire-Point Blank-CD-FLAC-1989-LoKET (Rock)
Bonfire-Fire Works-CD-FLAC-1987-LoKET (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead or Alive-(JOV CD1)-CDM-1986-B2A INT (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Rock)
Bon Jovi--Slippery When Wet-CD-1986-WUS INT (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet-1986-GRiPP (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet-(Remastered)-1986-S4L (Rock)
Bon Jovi-New Jersey-1988-GRiPP (Rock)
Bon Jovi-New Jersey - Remastered-1988-RVS (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-LiT iNT (Rock)
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-DNK (Rock)
Bon Jovi--7800 Fahrenheit-CD-1985-WUS INT (Rock)
Bon Jovi-7800 Fahrenheit-(Remastered)-1985-S4L (Rock)
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet-RETAIL-1986-RFK (Rock)
Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-LiT iNT (Rock)
Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit-Retail-1985-REL (Rock)
Boehse Onkelz - Kneipenterroristen-(ME 519 CD)-DE-1988-ZzZz INT (Rock)
Boehse Onkelz - Der Nette Mann and Demos-DE-1984-HORST INT (Rock)
Bobby Vinton-Roses Are Red-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Bobby Brown-Dance Ya Know It-1989-FaiLED INT (Rock)
Bob Seger-Beautiful Loser-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Bob Geldorf-Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere-(830 607-2)-CD-FLAC-1986-CUST... (Rock)
Bob Dylan-The Times They Are A Changin-(CK 8905)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Bob Dylan-The Freewheelin Bob Dylan-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1989-FiXIE (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Shot of Love-1981-RAMP3 (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Shot Of Love-1981-FTM (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Saved-1980-FTM (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Real-Live-1984-RAMP3 (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Planet Waves-1988-FIH INT (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Oh Mercy-CD-FLAC-1989-FRAY (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Oh Mercy-1989-FTM (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Oh Mercy-1989-FIH INT (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Highway 61 Revisited-CD-FLAC-1988-Mrflac (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Empire Burlesque-1985-RAMP3 (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Dylan And The Dead-1989-420RipZ INT (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Down In The Groove-1988-FTM (Rock)
Bob Dylan-Biograph-3CD-1985-FTM (Rock)
Bob Dylan And Grateful Dead-Dylan And The Dead-1989-LT (Rock)
Blue Oyster Cult-Fire of Unknown Origin-1981-INT (Rock)
Black Sabbath-The Last Sacrament-2CD-Bootleg-1980-gF (Rock)
Black Sabbath-Mob Rules-CD-1981-VhV iNT (Rock)
Black Sabbath-Headless Cross-CD-1989-VhV iNT (Rock)
Black Sabbath-Death Called 89-CD-1989-VhV iNT (Rock)
Black Flag-Loose Nut-(Retail)-1985-dSS (Rock)
Black Flag-First 4 Years-1984-SYN (Rock)
Bjorn Skifs-Zick Zack-LP-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Bjorn Skifs-If Then-LP-FLAC-1984-LoKET (Rock)
BJ Thomas-Midnight Minute-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Billy Vera And The Beaters--At This Moment-RNOR74403-VINYL-1987-WUS (Rock)
Billy Swan-I Can Help-1985-iTS (Rock)
Billy Sheehan--The Talas Years-Retail-1989-WUS (Rock)
Billy Ocean- Greatest Hits-1989-JUST (Rock)
Billy Joel--We Didnt Start The Fire-JOEL1-VINYL-1989-WUS iNT (Rock)
Billy Joel-The Nylon Curtain-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Billy Joel-The Bridge-WEB-1986-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Billy Joel-The Bridge-1986-EMG INT (Rock)
Billy Joel-Storm Front-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Billy Joel-Storm Front-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Rock)
Billy Joel-Storm Front-1989-DNR (Rock)
Billy Joel-Songs In The Attic-(CK 37461)-CD-FLAC-1984-EMG (Rock)
Billy Joel-Kohuept-1987-EMG INT (Rock)
Billy Joel-Kohuept Live in Leningrad-CD-FLAC-1987-FORSAKEN (Rock)
Billy Joel-Greatest Hits Vol I and Vol II-2CD-1985-RNS (Rock)
Billy Joel-Glass Houses-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Billy Joel-An Innocent Man-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Billy Joe Royal-20 Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Billy Idol-Whiplash Smile-CD-FLAC-1986-WRE (Rock)
Billy Idol-Whiplash Smile-CD-1986-VhV iNT (Rock)
Billy Idol-Vital Idol-(F2 21620)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Billy Idol-Rebel Yell-CD-1983-VhV iNT (Rock)
Billy Idol-Rebel Yell-(F221450)-CD-FLAC-1984-DeVOiD (Rock)
Billy Idol-Idol Songs 11 Of The Best-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Billy Idol-Dont Stop-CD-1983-VhV iNT (Rock)
Billy Idol-Catch My Fall-(IDOLCD 13)-Limited Edition-CDS-FLAC-1986-WRE (Rock)
Billy Idol-Californian Night-CD-1987-VhV iNT (Rock)
Billy Idol-Billy Idol-CD-1982-VhV iNT (Rock)
Billy Idol-11 of the Best-1988-sTOs (Rock)
Billy Idol - Whiplash Smile-Retail-1986-ToX (Rock)
Billy Idol - Vital Idol-1985-HaVeFuN INT (Rock)
Bill Lovelady-She Done Me In-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Bill Haley And His Comets-From The Original Master Tapes-CD-FLAC-1985-... (Rock)
Big Brother And The Holding Company-Cheap Thrills-CD-FLAC-1988-FiXIE (Rock)
Big Audio Dynamite-Megatop Phoenix-1989-FATHEAD INT (Rock)
Berlin-Pleasure Victim-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Rock)
Berlin-Count Three and Pray-CD-1986-BEX (Rock)
Bellzlleb-Bellzlleb-JP-1989-JRP (Rock)
Bee Gees-Living Eyes-1981-aAF (Rock)
Bee Gees - One-1989-aAF (Rock)
Beau Coup-Born Raised (on Rock-N-Roll)-1984-aAF (Rock)
Beatles-Roll Over Beethoven-198X-STAR (Rock)
Beatles-Past Masters Vol. 1-1988-iRO (Rock)
Beatles-Michelle-198X-STAR (Rock)
Beat Farmers-The Pursuit Of Happiness-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Beat Farmers-Tales of the New West-1985-JUST (Rock)
Beat Farmers-Poor And Famous-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED (Rock)
Beastie Boys-Licensed To Ill-1986-EOS (Rock)
Beach boys-the beach boys-1985-pyt (Rock)
Beach boys-still cruisin-1989-pyt (Rock)
Beach Boys-Made In USA-(CDP 546324)-CD-FLAC-1988-EMG (Rock)
Beach boys-keepin the summer alive-1980-pyt (Rock)
Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark-1986-DMA (Rock)
Barracudas-complete emi recordings-1981-pyt (Rock)
Barrabas-On The Road Again-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1981-LoKET (Rock)
Barclay James Harvest-Ring Of Changes-CD-FLAC-1983-NBFLAC (Rock)
Barclay James Harvest - The Compact Story-1985-4PL (Rock)
BAP-Vun Drinne Noh Drusse-DE-1982-oNePiEcE INT (Rock)
Bangles-Everything-1988-iRO (Rock)
Balance-In For The Count-WEB-1982-PLST iNT (Rock)
Balance-Balance-WEB-1981-PLST iNT (Rock)
Bad English-Bad English-(Retail)-1989-dSS (Rock)
Bad English-Bad English-(EK 45083)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Bad English - When I See You Smile (CDS)-1989-ATM (Rock)
Bad English - Bad English-(Retail)-1989-dSS (Rock)
Bad Company-Fame And Fortune-1986-CRock (Rock)
Bad Company-Dangerous Age-1988-GRM (Rock)
Bad Company-Dangerous Age-1988-DNR (Rock)
Bad Company-10 from 6-1985-GRM (Rock)
Bad Boys Blue-Super 20-1989-XMM (Rock)
Bad Boys Blue - the Fifth-CD-1989-UNICORN INT (Rock)
Bad.Religion--Into.The.Unknown-1983-UBE (Rock)
Bad.Religion-Into.The.Unknown-(1983)-UBE (Rock)
Atlanta Band-Ditt Alcatraz-SE-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1980-LoKET (Rock)
Asia-Astra-WEB-1985-PLST iNT (Rock)
Asia-Asia-WEB-1982-PLST iNT (Rock)
Asia-Alpha-WEB-1983-PLST iNT (Rock)
Artful Dodger-Rave on-1980-JUST (Rock)
Art Garfunkel-Lefty-1988-JUST (Rock)
ARS-Truth In A Structured Form-1989-EMG INT (Rock)
Area-Arbeit Macht Frei-1989-DGN INT (Rock)
Anti Nowhere League - We Are the League-1982-SOP INT (Rock)
Anthrax-Penikufesin-CD-FLAC-1989-BOCKSCAR (Rock)
Anne Linnet-Min Sang-DK-1989-EVIGHET (Rock)
Andy Taylor-Thunder-(MCAD-5837)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
American Music Club-California-1988-JUST (Rock)
Alvin Stardust-Weekend-7INCH VINYL-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Alphaville-Forever Young-1984-NoGRP (Rock)
All-allroys revenge-1989-rH (Rock)
Alien-Alien-CD-FLAC-1988-LoKET (Rock)
Alien Sex Fiend-Whos Been Sleeping In My Brain-WEB-1983-CBR (Rock)
Alien Sex Fiend-Too Much Acid (Live Album)-WEB-1989-CBR (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Zipper Catches Skin-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Trash-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Trash-Retail-1989-Recycled INT (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Trash-CD-FLAC-1989-SCORN (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Raise Your Fist And Yell-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Flush the Fashion-1980-LTA (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Dada-1983-LTA (Rock)
Alice Cooper-Constrictor-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Rock)
Alice Cooper - Zipper Catches Skin-(1982)-aAF (Rock)
Alice Cooper - Trash-1989-HaVeFuN INT (Rock)
Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist and Yell-1987-LTA (Rock)
Aldo Nova-Twitch-(RK 40001)-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
Aldo Nova-Subject-CD-FLAC-1983-LoKET (Rock)
Aldo Nova-Aldo Nova-CD-FLAC-1982-LoKET (Rock)
Alannah Myles-Black Velvet-CDM-1989-STAR (Rock)
alannah myles-alannah myles-1989-dnr (Rock)
Alannah Myles-Alannah Myles-(81956-2)-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
Alannah Myles - Alannah Myles-1989-NaJ iNT (Rock)
Al Jarreau-Breakin Away-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1985-LoKET (Rock)
Al Green-White Christmas-1986-JUST (Rock)
Air Supply-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1983-PERFECT (Rock)
Air Supply-Greatest Hits-1988-FaiLED INT (Rock)
A-Ha-Hunting High and Low-1985-OoO (Rock)
Aerosmith-Rock in A Hard Place-Remastered-1982-Recycled INT (Rock)
Aerosmith-Pump-1989-LAMB (Rock)
Aerosmith-Pump-1989-iRO (Rock)
Aerosmith-Permanent Vacation-1987-KSi INT (Rock)
Aerosmith-Permanent Vacation-(M2G 24162)-CD-FLAC-1987-EMG (Rock)
Aerosmith-Janies Got A Gun (3-Inch)-CDM-1989-GCP (Rock)
Aerosmith-I Dont Want To Miss A Thing-1989-GRiPP (Rock)
Aerosmith-Done With Mirrors-1985-LT (Rock)
Aerosmith-Done With Mirrors-1985-DNR (Rock)
Aerosmith-Aerosmiths Greatest Hits-1980-eNT iNT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Rock in A Hard Place-CD-1982-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Pump-CD-1989-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
aerosmith - pump-1989-iRO (Rock)
Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation-CD-1987-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits-CD-1980-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Gems-CD-1988-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Done with Mirrors-CD-1985-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Classics Live II-CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Aerosmith - Classics I-LIVE CD-1986-UNiCORN INT (Rock)
Adam Ant-Friend or Foe-REISSUE-CD-FLAC-1985-BUDDHA (Rock)
Adam Ant - Friend or Foe-(1982)-aAF (Rock)
Adam And The Ants-Prince Charming-(Remastered)-1981-DNR (Rock)
Ace Frehley-Frehleys Comet-1987-DNR (Rock)
AC-DC-Who Made Who-Retail-1986-Recycled INT (Rock)
AC-DC-Hells Bells-(MS 6021)-VINYL-1980-B2A INT (Rock)
AC-DC--For Those About To Rock (We Sulute You)-K11721-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT (Rock)
ACDC-For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
ACDC-Fly On The Wall-WEB-1985-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
AC-DC-Fly on the Wall-1985-GOReMP3 (Rock)
ACDC-Fly On The Wall-1985-EOS (Rock)
AC-DC-Fly on the Wall-1985-DuDE (Rock)
ACDC-Flick Of The Switch-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
AC-DC-Flick of the Switch-1983-GOReMP3 (Rock)
ACDC-Blow Up Your Video-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
ACDC-Blow Up Your Video-(Retail)-1988-HHI (Rock)
ACDC-Back In Black-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
AC-DC-Back in Black-1980-GOReMP3 (Rock)
ACDC-Back In Black-1980-FIH INT (Rock)
AC-DC-Back in Black-1980-DuDE (Rock)
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-1984-eNT iNT (Rock)
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-(EP)-1984-DNR (Rock)
ACDC - Back In Black-1980-faf (Rock)
accept--kaizoku.ban-japan.import-1985-ube (Rock)
Accept-Im A Rebel-1980-UasH INT (Rock)
Accept-Breaker-1981-UasH INT (Rock)
AC DC-Who Made Who-1986-RBZ (Rock)
AC DC-Lets Get It Up-(K11706)-VINYL-1981-XXS iNT (Rock)
AC DC-For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)-1981-RBZ (Rock)
AC DC-Back In Black-WEB-1980-COURAGE INT (Rock)
A Flock of Seagulls-A Flock of Seagulls-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Rock)
7 Seconds-Live One Plus One-1987-iTS (Rock)
38 Special-Tour De Force-Retail-1984-Recycled INT (Rock)
38 Special-Special Forces-Retail-1982-Recycled INT (Rock)
38 Special-Rock and Roll Strategy-Retail-1988-Recycled INT (Rock)
24 7 Spyz-Harder Than You-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1989-EMG (Rock)
18 Names-Armed And Ready-1986-JDoE (Rock)
10cc-Windows In The Jungle (Re-Presents)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
10cc-The Complete Hitalbum-1985-DuDE (Rock)
10cc-Ten Out Of 10-WEB-1981-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
10cc-Look Here-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT (Rock)
10000 Maniacs-The Wishing Chair-1985-EMG INT (Rock)
10000 Maniacs-The Wishing Chair-1985-DuDE (Rock)
10000 Maniacs-The Wishing Chair-(60428-2)-CD-FLAC-1985-EMG (Rock)
10000 Maniacs-Blind Mans Zoo-1989-DDC INT (Rock)
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