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11 Jan 1991
Ztt Records-Shades Of Rhythm-ZANG24T-1991-OSM (House)
Ztt Records-808 State Ft Raagman-ZANG14T-1991-OSM (House)
Ya Kid K Spunkadelic - Awesome (You Are My Hero) Creatures Of Habit-... (House)
X-Groove--Groove-(BCR 003491)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
World Power feat Althea Mcqueen--Im Happy-(3-4021-0)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
With It Guys feat Shirley Lewis--Feel Alright-(IN 6075)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Watanabe-Odoru-Vinyl-(CHR 112)-1991-DPS INT (House)
Warp Factor 3--Jammin Soul (ESP 9105-1)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
Visnadi--Nofuturenopast-(UMM016)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
VA-Serious Beats 2-CD-1991-TGX (House)
VA--Non-Stop Loop Mix-Vinyl-1991-TAiP (House)
VA-Bassic Tension Vol 1-(BS208)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
VA - Turn Up The Bass 16-CD-1991-KnBr (House)
VA - Turn Up The Bass 14-CD-1991-KnBr (House)
VA - Turn Up The Bass 13-CD-1991-KnBr (House)
VA - Turn Up The Bass 12-CD-1991-KnBr (House)
VA - Turn Up The Bass 11-CD-1991-KnBr (House)
Urban Soul--Alright-(POL-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Unity--Unity-(3-4013-0)-VINYL-1991-dh int (House)
Underground Resistance-Living For The Nite-(UR007)-EP-1991-313 (House)
Underground Resistance-Living For The Night Rmx-(UR016)-EP-1991-313 (House)
Underground Resistance featuring Yolanda--Living For The Night Remixes... (House)
Ultraviolet--I Wish That (BLR43T)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
Ultra Nate - Is It Love-(YZ509CD)-CDM-1991-iHQREV (House)
Tycie and Woody--The Rhythms Gonna Get You-(ST-ED-66528)-Vinyl-1991-dh... (House)
True Love--Breath Of Stars (MFS 7008)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
True Faith With Final Cut--Take Me Away-(NWKTRR 20)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Todd Terry--Sax EP-(TNT46)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
TKJ--Let Me Hear You Say Yeah-(OUT 3405)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Tikkle-Bubbles-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY (House)
Tide And Time Feat Fuschia--Bounce Right Back-(BBZ102)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
The Untouchables--The Swing Doctor-(SR-1249)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
The Untouchables--Take A Chance (RS 9117)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
The Underground Solution feat Jasmine--Luv Dancin-(SR12027)-Vinyl-1991... (House)
The Tone--Early To Rise-(BB-9104)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
The Swing Kids--Yeah Good Feelin-(NER2005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
The Step - Yeah You (WAP 008)-1991-gEm (House)
The Shamen-Move Any Mountain - Progen 91-1991-TT (House)
The Rhythm Factor--Phase 1-(SR-1232)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
The Nick Jones Experience--Wake Up People-(MB-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
The KLF-The White Room-CDA-1991-hopsis (House)
The KLF-Last Train To Trancentral-CDS-1991-TraX INT (House)
The Faust--The System-(UMM008)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Techno Fixx--Caution-(SR-1259)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
TC Crew--Welcome To The Underground (RB 202)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Sweet Doctor Phebes--Babe (I Love You)-(NN00592)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Susan Clark featuring Stimulation--Deeper-(JB0002)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Sub Sub--Space Face Remix (TENR 373)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Sterling Void - Dont Wanna Go (DJ 979)-Vinyl-1991-kiNky (House)
Status Control--Come Get Me If You Want Me-(SR208)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Station Q--That Special Melody-(EL846207)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Simone--My Family Depends On Me-(SR12060)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Selector--Move Your Body (ZYX 6525-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC (House)
Secret Identity-Body to Body-(BB-9105)-Vinyl-1991-DPS (House)
Secchi Feat. Orlando Johnson-Keep On Jammin-(X-12088)-Vinyl-1991-iDF (House)
Santonio--Images-(EXP012)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Santonio Echols-Thats Where Its at-(SE001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS (House)
Rozalla-Everybodys Free (To Feel Good)-(CDLOSE13)-CDS-1991-MPX (House)
Ron Trent-Altered States-2VLS-1991-kW (House)
Robert Owens--Ill Be Your Friend-(07863 62156-1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Robert Owens - Ill Be Your Friend-CDM-1991-tronik (House)
Riviera Traxx--Volume 1-(ANT005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Ricky Smith-The Power Move EP-(HFD09067)-WEB-1991-320 (House)
Ricky Smith-Hard Drive-(HFD09066)-WEB-1991-320 (House)
Richmix--I Believe (NG 096)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Ricardo--High Flyer-(UCP003)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Rhythm Revolution--Now Gimme Your Beat-(GFB 028)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Remi--Running Miles (REMI 001)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT (House)
Reese Project--Direct Me Remix Edition 2-(NWKTR31)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Reese Project-Direct Me-(NWKCD31)-CDM-1991-MPX (House)
Real Time--Real Time (ACV 0999)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Raze--Bass Power-(GSR 713)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Raphel--In Memory Of EP-(EP 1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Radical Rob-Monkey Wah-(VINYL)-1991-RNS (House)
R.A.F.-We Gonna Get-(ZYX 6548-8)-CDM-1991-WLTN INT (House)
QX 1-Inject Me Love-(HFD09063)-WEB-1991-320 (House)
Psycho Team--The Power Remix-(DW 1940)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Project XYZ--Its Just An Ecstasy-(MMU017)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Phil Jubb--Remember Me-(UC001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Paradise Orchestra--Colour Me-(12LOSE10)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Outer Rhythm--Magic Fly-(DMX-0001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Orchestra JB--Come Alive-(RUMAT 30)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Optik-Music Harmony and Rhythm-Vinyl-(MBG 291)-1991-DPS INT (House)
Ooscha--Ich Will Dich (I Want You)-(QK 031)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
N-Joi - Anthem-(PD44446)-CDM-1991-iHQREV INT (House)
Nemesis--Classic Cuts 1-(IGE18T)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Moodswings--Spiritual High-(614528)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Miss Nicky Trax--Sweet Sensation-(DO 307)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Mind Trips-Volume One-Vinyl-(RM 903)-1991-DPS INT (House)
Midi Rain--Always Blue Piano Mix (STORM 37R)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Midi Rain--Always-(STORM37CD)-CD-1991-dh (House)
Midi Rain-Always-(STORM 37CD)-1991-DPS INT (House)
Mcj Feat Sima--Sexitivity-(XR-12091)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Mbg--This Is Paradise-(FLY022)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
MBG--EP One (MBG 1091)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Maurice--Out Of Nowhere Melody-(ID004)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Maurice--Melody (Remix)-(ID 1007-0)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch Feat. Loletta Holloway - Good Vibration... (House)
Magik Roundabout-Everlasting Day-MAGCD8-CDM-1991-XTC (House)
Magic Marmalade - Everybody Get Up-(9031-74831-0)-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz (House)
Madd Noise--The Pinnacle-(SR-1280)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
M Fada--Jungle Flute (AP 156)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
M DJ Mad--Respect-(PL309)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Love Root--Hold Me Right-(FF1127)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Loop--So Good-(ZYX 6505-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Londonbeat-Ive Been Thinking About You-(RARDS-53992)-CDM-1991-HFT (House)
LOF--Are You Ready (HT2905)-VINYL-1991-CMC (House)
Linda Rice--If You Want My Love-(DJ-815)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
LFO - What Is House (Wap 17)-1991-gEm (House)
LFO - We Are Back-Vinyl-1991-ChX (House)
Latour - People Are Still Having Sex-(879992-7)-Vinyl-1991-SOB INT (House)
K-Klass-Rhythm is A Mystery-12R6302-VINYL-1991-XTC (House)
King Of Swing--Swing That Body and Get Up To Get Down-(SR12044)-Vinyl-... (House)
Katherine E-Then I Feel Good-(MB-1603)-CDM-1991-iDF (House)
Jumpin Man - Trance Me-(MMI 9065)-Vinyl-1991-UNiCORN (House)
Jovonn - Out All Nite EP-(EM712-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Jovonn - Be Free-(GT1001-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Joey Negro--Do What You Feel-(TEX391)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Joey Negro--Above And Beyond EP (ZEDEP 002)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
Jody Need - Im The One You Need-(MCSTD1609)-CDM-1991-EMP (House)
Jocelyn Brown--Absolutely-(BR Music)-CD-1991-mbs (House)
Jo Smith--Angel Of Love-(UMM009)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Jinny--Keep Warm-(NP50168)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Jesus Loves You-Generations Of Love-CDM-1991-TraX INT (House)
Jestofunk - Im Gonna Love You-(RNC001-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Jellybean--Spillin The Beans-(DMD1652)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
J.T. - Let Me Groove U EP-(Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Intercord-T99-INT125 913-1991-OSM (House)
Intercord-Cubic 22-INT125 916-1991-OSM (House)
Intense--Movement Soul-(ACE0006)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Intellectual Harmonious Sanction--Drift And Dream (RS9123)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
Inner City - Let it Reign (TENCD 392)-CDM-1991-TRa-CLX (House)
Incubus - Volume 1 (AUM 803)-CDM-1991-TRa-CLX (House)
Incognito - Crazy for You-CDM-1991-DJ Classics (House)
Ideal - EP-(CBB6847-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Ice Mc - Happy Weekend-CDM-1991-Dang3 (House)
Humantronics--The Sound Of Afrika (664 030)-CDM-1991-dL (House)
How II House--Let Me Show You-(BLX 1005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Houseterity--Underground-(LR006)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Helen Sharpe--Got 2 Have Your Love (ST-006)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Heavy D And The Boys - Now That We Found Love-(CDM)-(Japanese Editon)-... (House)
Heavy D. and The Boyz-Now That We Found Love-MCSTD1550-CDM-1991-XTC iNT (House)
Groove Line--You Are The One (AT-09)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
Groove 2--Originality-(SR-1262)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Get Down Gang--Work It-(GD 103)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
George Kranz Ft Doug Lazy-Din Daa Daa 91-Vinyl-1991-WiS (House)
Gary Clail on U Sound System-Human Nature-(PD 44402)-CDS-1991-NVS (House)
Ganjah Posse--Me Say Boom-(NER20010)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
G.P.A.-Im Gonna Win-(DLM31713)-Vinyl-1991-HFT (House)
Funk Machine Feat Katia Thompson--Ive Closed The Door-(FLYUK10T)-Vinyl... (House)
FPI Project-Lets Go-VINYL-1991-BPM HOUSE (House)
Four On The Floor Productions--Black Traxx 2-(NCL-003)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Formula 4-4--Throwdown The Madness and You Keep Playing Mind Games-(SR... (House)
Forgemasters - Black Steel EP (NWKT30)-1991-gEm (House)
Fifty Hertz--Get Up-(OUT 3406)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk--Hold Me Again (HF-1)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
F.p.i. Project--Rich In Paradise (Remixes)-(RUMAX9)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Extortion Featuring Dihan Brooks--How Do You See Me Now Remix-(EZS-757... (House)
Eskimos And Egypt-Perfect Disease-(TPLP37SP)-Test Pressing-Vinyl-1991-MPX (House)
Electric Choc--Shock The Beat The Remixes-(OUT 3463)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
El Barrio-Across 110th Street-Promo Vinyl-1991-WiS (House)
Egma-Let The Bass Kick-(CDM)-1991-WRE (House)
East Village People--Loves Gonna Get You-(SAM25024)-VINYL-1991-dh int (House)
East Side Beat-Ride Like The Wind (869-605-2)-Retail CDM-1991-C4A INT (House)
Dynamic Boys--Make Me Say Yes-(PL328)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
DV8--The Egotrip EP (SR 1239)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
Drizabone - Real Love-(BRCD223-CDS)-1991-DRUM (House)
Dread Flimstone and the Modern Tone Age Family-From the Ghetto (Remixe... (House)
Dr Alban--U and Mi Remix (LOC 055)-VLS-1991-CMC (House)
Downtime-I Feel the Music (USA 924)-Vinyl-1991-DPS (House)
Down Town - Space Love (WHOS 55)-Vinyl-1991-TR (House)
Double Impact--The Manic Track-(SR12037)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Double Dee--Double Dee-(Japan Edition)-(Five Records Indipendent)-CD-1... (House)
Double Dealers feat Opi Williams--My Love-(NN001291)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Don Carlos - Alone-(CPS014-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
DMS Featuring Von Black--Dont Stop it (CR-247)-VINYL-1991-CMC (House)
DJ Selector And X 10 CIV - Select The Rhythm-(SGM1002-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
DJ Ivan--All Night-(UMM012)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Disco Brothers Presents Nu-Luv--Is This A Dream-(GEMX-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Dirty Mind--The Killer-(ISP1010)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Dionne--Kisses-(Cyren)-Vinyl-1991-mbs (House)
Dino Lenny--Cocaine-(FLY 053)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Dimitri - Presents So Lonely (Numbers and Feelings)-1991-gEm (House)
Digital Boy-Gimme A Fat Beat (FLY 046 R)-Remix Vinyl-1991-TRa (House)
Desiya--Comin On Strong The Tony Humphries Remixes-(Mute)-CDM-1991-mbs (House)
Desiya--Comin On Strong-(P12MKT2-3)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Denise M-Dont Runaway-Vinyl-(HJA9117)-1991-DPS INT (House)
Deep Blue--Deep Blue-(I-30084)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Dee-Lite-How Do You Say Love Groove is in the Heart-CDM-1991-XTC (House)
Deee Lite--Good Beat-(EKR122T)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Dee Gorgeous - Better Than Sex-(NG077-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Dee Danie Dee--Ecstasy Energy (NG-091)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Deconstruction-N Joi-PD44446-1991-OSM (House)
Deconstruction-N Joi-PB44445-1991-OSM (House)
Deconstruction-Bassheads-12R6303-1991-OSM (House)
De La Soul--Keepin The Faith-(FIN046)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
De La Soul--A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays-(TB990)-Vinyl-1991-dh... (House)
Ddk Feat Maggie Lin--I Want The Good Life-(FLYUK2T)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Data Bass--A Trip In The Night-(LOC 50)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Dannii - Love and Kisses Success (U.K. Remixes)-CDM-1991-DJ Classics (House)
Dance Designers--The Warning-(BB-022)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
DA Rebels--Basic Essentials-(CHR 111)-Vinyl-1991-mbs (House)
DA Rebels--Back To The Basics-(CHR 106)-Vinyl-1991-mbs (House)
Da Noize--Djs De-Lite Volume 2-(JY-103)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Da Juice--Runcomefollowme-(657351)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
D.o.p.--Get Out On This Dancefloor-(GRRR19)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Cyclotron-The Hypnotist-LEPTONE07-1991-OSM (House)
Cyclotron-The Hypnotist-LEPTONE03-1991-OSM (House)
Cue-Fatman-TCUE006-1991-OSM (House)
Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman-Makin Happy-Vinyl-1991-UTB (House)
Critical Rhythm--Im In Love With You (NG-069)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Creative Thieves--Nasty Rhythm-(SST3)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Crash--Crash-(SB 5011-5)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Cosmo And Dibs-Star Eyes (SHADOW 8)-Vinyl-1991-TRa (House)
Cool and Resistance--One More Chance-(IN6077)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Clubland--Hold On Tighter To Love-(162-530 611-1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Clubland-Hold on (Tighter to Love)-Vinyl-1991-UTB (House)
Clubhouse-Deep in My Heart-(FX157)-Vinyl-1991-MPX (House)
Club House And D. Morales-Deep In My Heart (Rmx)-(MR 0947-28)-WEB-1991... (House)
CLS-Can You Feel It (SR12069)-WEB-1991-MiNDTRiP (House)
Clivilles And Cole-Pride (In The Name Of Love)-(44K 74135)-CDM-1991-B2... (House)
Claude--Magic Lover-(BV3006)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Claps-My Love-(MR577)-WEB-1991-HFT (House)
Chosen Few--Positivity-(FK-005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Charlie Jay-Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix)-(DLM31719)-Vinyl-1991-HFT (House)
CFM Band--Lets Do The Tap Dancing (AP 153)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
Ceybil--Love So Special-(DMD 1559)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Cece Peniston-Finally-CDS-US-1991-DS (House)
Cartouche - House Music All Night Long-1991-ATRium (House)
Carl E Feat Lifetime--Freedom-(OTM1001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Cappella-Everybody (Remixes)-(MB303R)-CDM-1991-HFT (House)
Camille - My Love Will Set You Free-(MAR818-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Cajmere - Underground Goodies Vol.1-(CHR108)-Vinyl-1991-EMP (House)
C and C Music Factory Pres. Freedom Williams and Zelma Davis-Here We G... (House)
BTB-Underground Posse-BTB2-1991-OSM (House)
Brother Makes 3-I Wanna-Vinyl-1991-WiS (House)
Boomshak--Psychosonix-(MF2001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Boogie Beat-Audio Illusion-BOGB7T-1991-OSM (House)
Blake Baxter - One More Time-CDM-1991-TR (House)
Blake Baxter - One More Time-(LR-74321)-CDM-1991-TR (House)
Black Traxx--Volume 1 (NCL-002)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Black Traxx - Volume 2-(NCL003-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Black Power Production - On And On-(JW303-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM (House)
Black Orchid - Trumpet King Hands Up (SR1258)-Vinyl-1991-TR (House)
Black Box-Strike It Up-CDM-1991-TraX INT (House)
Black Box--Strike It Up-(GGM9120)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Black Box-Open Your Eyes (The Groove Melody Remixes)-(PD45054)-CDM-199... (House)
Black Box-Megamix-(BVCP-9006)-CDM-1991-HFT (House)
Black Box - Strike It Up-(GGM9120)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Bizarre Inc.-Playing with Knives (Remix)-(Vinyl)-1991-BUL (House)
Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives (114305)-VLS-1991-TR (House)
Beatmasters-Life and Soul-(468993 1)-LP-1991-HSACLASSiX (House)
Be Noir--Give Me Your Love-(ICP023)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Bassheads-Is There Anybody Out There-CDS-1991-TraX INT (House)
Basil Hardhaus Feat. Burrell And Sylvia Simone - Basil Hardhaus 2-(NG0... (House)
B O P-Bop To Dis-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY (House)
B.G. the Prince of the Rap-Take Control of the Party-CDM-1991-funteek (House)
Arthur Baker - Give in to the Rhythm (RCA 07863 61009-2)-1991-Disc0 (House)
Art Jungle--Natural Dance-(GP19105)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Arketipo--Kaliope Remix (OUT 3415)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT (House)
Arketipo--Kaliope (Remix)-(OUT3145)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Area 10 Featuring Mk--Get It Right-(MAH 001)-Vinyl-1991-mbs (House)
apotheosis - o fortuna-(dicd 8319)-cdm-1991-tr (House)
Anthony Acid--Dont Disturb The Groove (CL3012)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
anthony acid - dont disturb the groove-(cl3012)-ep-1991-cmc (House)
Andromeda--Gazza-(IGE20T)-Vinyl-1991-dh int (House)
Alison Limerick-Come Back (For Real Love) (614530)-Vinyl-1991-BF (House)
Alex Lee--Take It (Remixes)-(12REACTR7)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Airtight--Give It Up-(02 004)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Air Of Gloom - Meditation BB031-CDS-1991-HSACLASSIX (House)
Agent-X--Mission 1 (SW1002)-EP-1991-CMC (House)
After Hours--Waterfalls-(SR-1234)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
Adventures Of Stevie V-Thats The Way It Is-VLS-1991-GCP (House)
Adeva-It Should Have Been Me-COOLCD236-CDM-1991-XTC (House)
Adamski And Jimi Polo-Never Goin Down-CDM-1991-EOSiNT (House)
80 Aum-Incubus (Volume 1)-AUMP0812-1991-OSM (House)
49Th Floor--Night Passage-(VCP001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
4 The Floor--Nrg-(OBR006)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
2HD--Native Love (RUMAT 36)-Vinyl-1991-dL (House)
2 For Joy - World Party-CDM-1991-UPE (House)
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Turn Da Music Up-CDM-1991-HB (House)
1st Prodject--Drop The-(FKUK 001)-Vinyl-1991-dh (House)
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