27 Dec 1979
Z.Z. Hill-Keep On Lovin You-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Yvonne Fair-The Bitch Is Black (Retail)-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Wornell Jones-Wornell Jones-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Wilson Pickett-Its Still Good-VLS-1970-GCP (Soul)
Wilson Pickett-El Ritmo Sensacional De-TAPE-1974-GCP (Soul)
Wilson Pickett-A Funky Situation-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Willie Hutch-The Mark Of The Beast-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Willie Hutch-Concert In Blues-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
William Bell-Relating-LP-1974-JCE (Soul)
William Bell-Relating-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
Wigans Ovation-Skiing In The Snow-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Wham-Wham-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
VA-Soul Explosion-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
VA-Soul City-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
VA-Philly Sound-The Fantastic Sound Of Philadelphia-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
VA-Philly Sound Volume 2-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Van McCoy-The Real McCoy-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Van McCoy-Rhythms Of The World-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Van McCoy-My Favorite Fantasy-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Van McCoy-Change With The Times-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Van McCoy and The Soul City Symphony-Love Is The Answer-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
VA-Motown Extra Special-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
VA-Heavenly Stars-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
VA-Discomania 2-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
VA-Diana Original TV Soundtrack-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
Timmy Thomas-Touch To Touch-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Tim Maia--Racional Vol 2-(SEROMA0004)-BR-WEB-1976-BABAS INT (Soul)
Tim Maia--Racional Vol 1-(SEROMA0001)-BR-WEB-1975-BABAS INT (Soul)
THP-Good To Me-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Thelma Houston-The Devil In Me-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Thelma Houston-Ride To The Rainbow-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Thelma Houston-Ready To Roll-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Thelma Houston And Jerry Butler-Two To One-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Thelma Houston and Jerry Butler-Thelma and Jerry-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The-Chi-Lites (for Gods Sake) Give More Power to the People-CD-1970-UN... (Soul)
The Younghearts-All About Love-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Whispers-Whispers Gettin Louder-WEB-1974-AMOR (Soul)
The Whispers-The Whispers-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
The Whispers-The Whispers Love Story (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1972-ESG (Soul)
The Whispers-Headlights-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Undisputed Truth--Cosmic Truth-(G6970S1)-WEB-1975-BABAS INT (Soul)
The Tymes-Tymes Up-LP-1976-GCP INT (Soul)
The Tymes-Trustmaker-(Proper)-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Tymes-Gods Gonna Punish You-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Trammps-The Trammps III-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
The Three Degrees-Get Your Love Back-VLS-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
The Temptations-Psychedelic Shack-LP-1970-GCP INT (Soul)
The Temptations-House Party-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
The Temptations-Hear To Tempt You-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
The Tams-The Mighty Mighty Tams-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Sylvers-The Sylvers-WEB-1972-ENRAGED (Soul)
The Sylvers-Something Special-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Sylvers-Hot Line-VLS-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Sylvers-Boogie Fever-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Supremes-Mary Scherrie and Susaye-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Supremes-Floy Joy-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
The Supremes and The Four Tops-The Return Of The Magnificent Seven-LP-... (Soul)
The Stylistics-You Make Me Feel Brand New-AVCO4634X-VINYL-1973-G3LTUNE... (Soul)
The Stylistics-Sun and Soul-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Stylistics-Rockin Roll Baby-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
The Stylistics-Love Spell-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
The Stylistics-In Fashion-TAPE-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Stylistics-Im Stone In Love With You-1972-GCP (Soul)
The Stylistics-Heavy-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
The Stylistics-From the Mountain-LP-1974-KLV INT (Soul)
The Stockley Sisters-Stay With Me-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Staples-Pass It On-LP-1976-GCP INT (Soul)
The Spinners-I Love The Music-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
The Softones-Brand New Day-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Shirelles-Happy And In Love-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
The Pointer Sisters-Having A Party-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Platters-Attention-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Persuaders-Thin Line Between Love and Hate-LP-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
The Persuaders-The Persuaders-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Persuaders-Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Originals-Down To Love Town-VLS-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Originals-Communique-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The OJays-Survival-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The OJays-Identify Yourself-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
The New Ventures-Rocky Road-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Moments-Look At Me-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Moments and The Whatnauts-Girls-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Miracles-The Renaissance-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Miracles-Dont Cha Love It-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Miracles-City Of Angels-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy-Live and Direct-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy-Kickin-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Memphis Horns-High On Music-WEB-1976-UVU (Soul)
The Manhattans-Manhattans-1976-JCE (Soul)
The Manhattans-It Feels So Good-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Main Ingredient-Spinning Around-LP-1970-GCP (Soul)
The Main Ingredient-Rolling Down A Mountainside-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Main Ingredient-Euphrates River-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
The Main Ingredient-Bitter Sweet-(LSP4677)-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
The Joneses-Keepin Up With The Joneses-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Isley Brothers-Showdown-1978-BLA (Soul)
The Isley Brothers-Isleys Live-1973-BLA (Soul)
The Isley Brothers-Forever Gold-LP-1977-JCE (Soul)
The Isley Brothers-Fight The Power Part 1-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Isley Brothers-Best of Isley Brothers Scepter Citation Series-LP-1... (Soul)
The Impressions-Its About Time-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Impressions-Finally Got Myself Together-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Hues Corporation-Your Place Or Mine-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
The Hues Corporation-I Caught Your Act-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
The Hues Corporation-Freedom For The Stallion-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Friends Of Distinction-Whatever-LP-1970-GCP (Soul)
The Friends Of Distinction-Real Friends-LP-1970-GCP (Soul)
The Four Tops-Main Street People-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
The Floaters-Magic-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Floaters-Floaters-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
The Facts Of Life-A Matter Of Fact-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The Edwin Hawkins Singers-New World-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Edwin Hawkins Singers-Live-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Dynamic Superiors-Pure Pleasure-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Drifters-Love Games-(BELLS246)-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Drifters-Kissin In The Back Row Of The Movies-VLS-1973-GCP (Soul)
The Drifters-Every Nites A Saturday Night-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Dramatics-Shake It Well-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
The Dramatics-Joy Ride-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
The Dramatics-Drama V (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1975-ENRAGED (Soul)
The Dramatics-Any Time Any Place-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
The Dells-The Mighty Mighty Dells-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
The Dells And The Dramatics-Love Is Missing From Our Lives-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Delfonics-Tell Me this is A Dream-LP-1972-JCE (Soul)
The Delfonics--Didnt I Blow Your Mind This Time-PGR161-VINYL-1970-WUS iNT (Soul)
The Choice Four-The Choice Four-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-Toby--CD-1974-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-the Fantastic Chi-Lites--CD-1977-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-Happy Being Lonely--CD-1976-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-Chi-Lites--CD-1973-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-A Lonely Man-LP-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-A Lonely Man--CD-1972-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Chi-Lites-A Letter to Myself--CD-1973-UNiCORN INT (Soul)
The Brothers Johnson-Right On Time-WEB-1977-AMOR INT (Soul)
The Beck Family-Dancin On The Ceiling-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
The 5th Dimension-Star Dancing-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
The 5th Dimension-Loves Lines Angles and Rhymes-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
The 5th Dimension-Living Together Growing Together-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
The 5th Dimension-Greatest Hits On Earth-TAPE-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
The 5th Dimension-Earthbound-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Teddy Pendergrass-I Dont Love You Anymore-VLS-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
Ted Taylor-Keepin My Head Above Water-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
T-Connection-Saturday Night-VLS-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Tavares-Sky-High-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Tavares-Love Storm-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Tavares-Future Bound-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Tata Vega-Full Speed Ahead-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me (With Your Love)-VLS-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Syreeta-Quick Slick-VLS-1977-GCP (Soul)
Sylvia-Pillow Talk-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Sylvia Robinson-Pillow Talk-1973-WEBV0 (Soul)
Sweet Cream-Sweet Cream and Other Delights-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Swamp Dogg-Rat On-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
Susan Cadogan--Doing It Her Way (MAG5006)-Vinyl-1975-dL (Soul)
Street People-Street People-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Street Corner Symphony-Little Funk Machine-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Stevie Wonder-Higher Ground-T54235F-VINYL-1973-G3LTUNES INT (Soul)
Southroad Connection-Aint No Time To Sit Down-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
South Shore Commission-South Shore Commission-WEB-1975-UVU (Soul)
South Shore Commision-Were On The Right Track-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Smokey Robinson-Smokey-WEB-1973-ESG INT (Soul)
Smokey Robinson-Pure Smokey-WEB-1974-ESG (Soul)
Smokey Robinson-Love Breeze-WEB-1978-ESG (Soul)
Smokey Robinson-Deep In My Soul-WEB-1977-ESG (Soul)
Smokey Robinson-Deep In My Soul-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Skip Mahoaney and The Casuals-Land Of Love-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Sir Joe Quaterman and Free Soul-Sir Joe Quaterman and Free Soul-1973-SO (Soul)
Silver Convention-Success-TAPE-1976-GCP (Soul)
Shirley Brown-Shirley Brown-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Shirley and Company-Shame Shame Shame-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Sheer Elegance-Sheer Elegance-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Shalamar-I Owe You One BW The Right Time For Us-(YB12049)-7 Inch Vinyl... (Soul)
Satisfaction Unlimited--Think Of The Children-(Hot Wax)-LP-1972-jAZzMan (Soul)
Sarah Dash-Sarah Dash-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Sandy Mercer-Hey Love Come And Get It-WEB-1978-UVU (Soul)
Rosetta Hightower-Rosetta Hightower-WEB-1970-ENTiTLED (Soul)
Rose Royce-Is it Love Youre After Bw You Cant Run from Yourself (7 Inc... (Soul)
Rose Royce-Im In Love (And I Love The Feeling)-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Rose Banks-Rose-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Ronnie Dyson-(If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Cant I Touch Yo... (Soul)
Ron Banks and The Dramatics-Dramatically Yours-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Roce Royce-Strikes Again-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Roberta Kelly-Gettin The Spirit-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Reuben Howell-Reuben Howell-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Regina James-Dancin In The Flames Of Love-WEB-1978-UVU (Soul)
Real Thing-Step Into Our World-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Randall Stephens-The Music I Love Is Gospel-WEB-1975-ENRiCH (Soul)
Ralph Carter-Young And In Love-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Puzzle-The Second Album-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Precious Wilson-Hold On Im Coming-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Philippe Wynne-Starting All Over-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Phil Hurtt-PH Factor-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Peaches and Herb-Soothe Me With Your Love-VLS-1970-GCP (Soul)
Peaches and Herb-Peaches and Herb-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Peaches And Herb-2 Hot-(2391378)-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Paulette McWilliams-Never Been Here Before-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Paul Kelly-Dont Burn Me-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Pattie Brooks-Our Ms. Brooks-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Pastor TL Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir-Like a Ship (Without ... (Soul)
Otis G Johnson-Everything God Is Love 78-WEB-1978-ENRiCH (Soul)
One Way Featuring Al Hudson-One Way Featuring Al Hudson-LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Odyssey-Hollywood Party Tonight-1978-GCP (Soul)
O.C. Smith-Love Is Forever-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Notations-Notations-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Norman Weeks x The Revelations--Miracles-(EV1015)-WEB-1975-BABAS (Soul)
Norman Connors-Romantic Journey-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
New York City-The Best Of New York City-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
New York City-Soulful Road-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
New Birth-Behold The Mighty Army-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
Natural Four-Natural Four-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Natural Four-Heaven Right Here On Earth-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Motown Magic Disco Machine-Vol. II-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Mira Waters-You Have Inspired Me-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Minnie Riperton-Adventures In Paradise-WEB-1975-ENRAGED iNT (Soul)
Millie Jackson-Lovingly Yours-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
MFSB-Use Ta Be My Guy-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
MFSB-Love Is The Message-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
Merry Clayton-Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow-VLS-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Mel and Tim-Starting All Over Again-WEB-1972-ENRAGED (Soul)
Marvin Gaye-Got to Give it Up (7 Inch TMG 1069)-VLS-1977-Gully (Soul)
Marvin Gaye-A Funky Space Reincarnation (Part 1 and 2)-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Martha Reeves-Martha Reeves-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Marlena Shaw-Sweet Beginnings-LP-1977-KOPiE (Soul)
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.-The Two Of Us-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.-I Hope We Get To Love In Time-LP-197... (Soul)
Margie Joseph-Hear The Words Feel The Feeling-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Major Harris-My Way-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Mac and Katie Kissoon-The Two Of Us-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Mac and Katie Kissoon-The Best Of Mac and Katie Kissoon-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Mac and Katie Kissoon-Sugar Candy Kisses-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Mac and Katie Kissoon-Songs For Everybody-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Luther-May Christmas Bring You Happiness-(DSKO 78)-VLS-1976-YARD (Soul)
Love Unlimited-In Heat-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Love Committee-One Day Of Peace-VLS-1974-GCP (Soul)
Lou Rawls-Youll Never Find Another Love Like Mine-(PIR4372)-7 Inch Vin... (Soul)
Lou Rawls-When You Hear Lou Youve Heard It All-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
Lou Rawls-Silk and Soul-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Lonnie Liston Smith-Dreams Of Tomorrow-WEB-1974-AMOR (Soul)
Little Johnny Taylor-Everybody Knows About My Good Thing-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Linda Lewis-Woman Overboard-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Linda Clifford-Let Me Be Your Woman-2LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Letta Mbulu--Letta-(TMC5213)-WEB-1978-BABAS INT (Soul)
Leroy Hutson-Hutson-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1975-ENRAGED (Soul)
Leroy Hutson-Closer To The Source-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Leon Haywood-Double My Pleasure-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Lenny Williams-Rise Sleeping Beauty-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Lenny Williams-Love Current-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Laura Lee-The Best Of-WEB-1972-AMOR (Soul)
Latimore-Qualified Man-VLS-1976-GCP (Soul)
Latimore-Dig A Little Deeper-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Lamont Dozier-Out Here On My Own-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Lamont Dozier-Black Bach-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Labi Siffre-Watch Me-VLS-1972-GCP (Soul)
LaBelle-Pheonix-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Kool and The Gang-Ladies Night-LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Kim Weston-Kim Kim Kim-WEB-1970-ENRAGED (Soul)
Keni Burke-Keni Burke-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Kellee Patterson-All The Things You Are-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Junior Walker and The Allstars-Hot Shot-(LP)-1976-JCE (Soul)
Jr. Walker-Whopper Bopper Show Stopper-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Jr. Walker-Smooth-LP-1978-JCE (Soul)
Jr. Walker-Sax Appeal-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Jr. Walker-Back Street Boogie-LP-1979-JCE (Soul)
Jr. Walker-Back Street Boogie-LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Jr. Walker and The All Stars-Rainbow Funk-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
Johnny Bristol-Hang On In There Baby-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Johnny Bristol-Bristols Cream-1977-SO INT (Soul)
Johnnie Taylor-Taylored in Silk-LP-1974-JCE (Soul)
John Edwards-Life Love And Living-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Joe Tex-Get Back Leroy-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Joe Simon-The Sounds Of Simon-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
Joe Simon-Get Down Get Down (Get On The Floor)-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Joe Simon-Drowning In The Sea Of Love-WEB-1972-UVU (Soul)
Joan Armatrading-Whatevers for Us-(LP)-1972-JCE (Soul)
Jimmy James-Dancing Till Dawn-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Jimmy James And The Vagabonds-Golden Hour-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Jimmy Briscoe and The Little Beavers-Ill Care For You-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Jimmy Briscoe and The Beavers-Living For Today-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Jimmy Bo Horne-Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)-VLS-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Jessy Dixon-Its All Right Now-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler-The Sagittarius Movement-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler-Suite For The Single Girl-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler-Loves On The Menu-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler-Jerry Butler Sings Assorted Sounds-LP-1971-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler-It All Comes Out In My Song-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee Eager-The Love We Have-The Love We Had-LP-... (Soul)
Jermaine Jackson-Jermaine-LP-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
Jermaine Jackson-Come Into My Life-Vinyl-1973-LiViTY (Soul)
Jermaine Jackson-Come Into My Life-(Proper)-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
James Bradley-James Bradley-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Jackson Sisters-Jackson Sisters-WEB-1976-ENRAGED (Soul)
Jackson 5-ABC-1970-LLF (Soul)
Jackie Moore-Sweet Charlie Babe-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Jackie Moore-Make Me Feel Like A Woman-WEB-1975-UVU (Soul)
Jackie Jackson-Jackie Jackson-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Isley Brothers-The 16 Greatest Hits of the Isley Brothers-(LP)-1976-JCE (Soul)
Isaac Hayes-Groove-A-Thon-LP-1976-GCP INT (Soul)
Isaac Hayes-For The Sake Of Love-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Isaac Hayes And Dionne Warwick-A Man And A Woman-LP-1977-JCE (Soul)
Irene Reid-The World Needs What I Need-LP-1970-GCP (Soul)
Impressions-Loving Power-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Impressions-First Impressions-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Ike and Tina Turner-Let Me Touch Your Mind-WEB-1972-ENRAGED (Soul)
Humphrey Campbell-Angel-VLS-1977-GCP (Soul)
Howard Tate--Howard Tate-LP-1972-WUS (Soul)
Honey Cone-Love Peace and Soul-LP-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
Hodges James and Smith-Whats On Your Mind-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
High Inergy-You Cant Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)-VLS-... (Soul)
High Inergy-Frenzy-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Herbie Mann-Reggae-LP-1974-JUST (Soul)
Herb Albert-Just You and Me-(LP)-1976-JCE (Soul)
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes-Wake Up Everbody-LP-1975-JCE (Soul)
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes-To Be True-(PIR80399)-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes-Reaching For The World-LP-1976-FTD (Soul)
Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes-Now Is The Time-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes-Black And Blue-VINYL-1973-BPM HOUSE (Soul)
Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes-Black and Blue-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
Gypsy Lane-Predictions-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Golden.Boys--Fumace-(1970)-diss (Soul)
Gloria Gaynor-Never Can Say Goodbye-(LP)-1975-JCE (Soul)
Gloria Gaynor-Experience-(LP)-1975-JCE (Soul)
Gloria Gaynor-Anybody Wanna Party-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Gladys Knight-Miss Gladys Knight-WEB-1978-UVU (Soul)
Gladys Knight and the Pips-The One and Only-LP-1978-JCE (Soul)
Gladys Knight and the Pips-I Feel A Song-LP-1974-JCE (Soul)
Gladys Knight and the Pips-Every Beat of My Heart-LP-1973-JCE (Soul)
Gladys Knight and the Pips-Best of Gladys Knight and the Pips-LP-1976-JCE (Soul)
Gladys Knight And The Pips-All I Need Is Time-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
Gladys Knight and the Pips-2nd Anniversary-LP-1975-JCE (Soul)
Gil Scott Heron-Small Talk At 125th And Lenox-LP-1970-JCE (Soul)
Gibson Brothers-Non-Stop Dance Come To America-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
George Mccrae-George Mccrae-1975-JCE (Soul)
George Mccrae-George Mccrae (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1975-AMOR INT (Soul)
Gary Byrd-Presenting The Gary Byrd Experience-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
G.C. Cameron-Youre Whats Missing In My Life-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
G.C. Cameron-Love Songs and Other Tragedies-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
G.C. Cameron-G.C. Cameron-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Freda Payne-Reaching Out-WEB-1973-UVU (Soul)
Freda Payne-Payne And Pleasure-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Freda Payne-Out Of Payne Comes Love-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Freda Payne-Contact-WEB-1971-UVU (Soul)
Freda Payne-Band of Gold 45RPM-1970-JCE (Soul)
Four Tops-The Show Must Go On-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Four Tops-Night Lights Harmony-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
FOSTER SYLVERS-Foster Sylvers-WEB-1973-ENRAGED (Soul)
Finished Touch-Need To Know You Better-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Fat Larrys Band-Lookin For Love-(FANTASY867)-7 Inch VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Faragher Brothers-Family Ties-(LP)-1977-JCE (Soul)
Faith Hope And Charity-Heavy Love-WEB-1972-UVU (Soul)
Faith Hope and Charity-Faith Hope and Charity-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Faith Hope and Charity-Dont Pity Me-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Evie Sands-Estate Of Mind-WEB-1974-ENRAGED (Soul)
Evie Sands-Estate Of Mind-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1974-ENRAGED (Soul)
Esther Williams-Let Me Show You-WEBRIP-1976-YYY (Soul)
Esther Phillips-Youve Come A Long Way Baby-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Esther Phillips-What A Diffrence A Day Makes-(KU23)-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Eric Mercury-Love Is Taking Over-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Eric Mercury-Eric Mercury-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Enchantment-Journey To The Land Of Enchantment-WEB-1979-UVU (Soul)
Emily Woods-Venus-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
El Chicano-Pyramid Of Love and Friends-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Vintage 78-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-The Hit Man-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Something More (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1979-ENRAGED (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Never Gonna Leave You-7inch 45RPM-1976-JCE (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Just Memories-7inch 45RPM-1972-JCE (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Hes A Friend-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-For You-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Eddie Kendricks-LP-1973-GCP INT (Soul)
Eddie Kendricks-Boogie Down-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Eddie Floyd-Soul Street-LP-1974-JCE (Soul)
Eddie Floyd-California Girl-WEB-1970-ENRAGED (Soul)
Eddie Floyd-Baby Lay Your Head Down-LP-1973-JCE (Soul)
Ed Townsend-Now-1975-IGR (Soul)
Earth Wind And Fire-Thats The Way Of The World-(Retail)-1975-HHI (Soul)
Dynamic Superiors-Give and Take-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Dusty Springfield--Cameo-LP-1973-WUS (Soul)
Double Exposure-Ten Percent-LP-1976-GCP INT (Soul)
Dorothy Moore-Dorothy Moore-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Donny Hathaway-Live-LP-1972-GCP INT (Soul)
Donna Summer-The Best Of Live And More-(NBPIX7119)-Vinyl Picture Disc-... (Soul)
Donna Summer-Mac Arthur Park-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Donna Summer-Live and More-Retail-LP-1978-JCE (Soul)
Donna Summer-Je Taime (Moi Non Plus)-VLS-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Donna Summer-I Remember Yesterday-(7C06299136)-Vinyl-1977-GCP (Soul)
Donna Summer-Dim All The Lights BW There Will Always Be A You-(CANL162... (Soul)
Donna Hightower-This World Today Is A Mess-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Donna Hightower-Besame Mucho Granada-LP-1976-DGN (Soul)
Donald Byrd-Thank You For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life)-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Dobie Gray-New Ray Of Sunshine-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Dobie Gray-Midnight Diamond-LP-1978-JUST (Soul)
DJ Rogers-Love Brought Me Back (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1978-ENRAGED (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Very Dionne-Vinyl-1970-RpM (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Track Of The Cat-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Love At First Sight-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Ill Never Fall In Love Again-LP-1970-GCP (Soul)
Dionne Warwicke-From Within Volume 1-TAPE-1972-GCP (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Dionne-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Deja Vu-AS0459-VINYL-1979-G3LTUNES INT (Soul)
Dionne Warwick-Alfie-Make It Easy On Yourself-2LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Dino and The California Cafe Choir-Yada Yada-VLS-1974-GCP (Soul)
Diana Ross-Touch Me In The Morning-VLS-1973-GCP (Soul)
Diana Ross-The Boss-LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Diana Ross-Lovin Livin And Givin-VLS-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Diana Ross-Baby Its Me-LP-1977-GCP INT (Soul)
Detroit Emeralds-You Want It You Got It-LP-1972-JUST (Soul)
Denise LaSalle-Unwrapped-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Denise LaSalle-The Bitch Is Bad-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Denise La Salle-Second Breath-LP-1976-LiViTY (Soul)
Deniece Williams-This is Niecy-LP-1976-JCE (Soul)
Delegation-The Promise Of Love-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Dee Edwards-Heavy Love-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Dee Dee Bridgewater-Just Family-1978-WCR (Soul)
Dee D. Jackson-Automatic Lover-VLS-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Debbie Taylor-Comin Down on You-LP-1972-JCE (Soul)
David Ruffin-Who I Am-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
David Ruffin-Walk Away From Love-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
David Ruffin-So Soon We Change-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
David Ruffin-Everythings Coming Up Love-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
David Porter-Into A Real Thing-1971-JCE (Soul)
David Porter-If I Give it Up I Want it Back-PROPER-LP-1971-JCE (Soul)
Curtis Mayfield--Curtis (repress)-LP-1970-WUS (Soul)
Curtis.Mayfield--Never.Say.You.Cant.Survive.LP-(1977)-diss (Soul)
Cristy Lane-I Cant Tell You-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose-Big Time Lover-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Commodores-Caught In The Act-LP-1975-GCP INT (Soul)
Clydie King-Direct Me-LP-1971-JCE (Soul)
Clydie King--Brown Sugar-LP-1973-WUS (Soul)
Claudja Barry-I Wanna Be Loved By You-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Cissy Houston-Think It Over-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Chocolats-Senorita Por Favor-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Chocolate Milk-Milky Way-LP-1979-JCE (Soul)
Chic-Cest Chic-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Cheryl Lynn-Star Love-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Charles Sherell-For Sweet People Form Sweet Charles-(LP)-1974-JCE (Soul)
Chairmen Of The Board-In Session-WEB-1970-UVU INT (Soul)
Cerrone-Love In C Minor Part I and II-VLS-1976-GCP (Soul)
Celi Bee-Fly Me on the Wings of Love-LP-1978-JCE (Soul)
Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Carrie Lucas-Street Corner Symphony-LP-1978-CMS (Soul)
Carol Williams Ft Salsoul Orchestra-Lectric Lady-LP-1976-JCE (Soul)
Carol Douglas-The Carol Douglas Album-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Carol Douglas-Midnight Love Affair-LP-1976-JCE (Soul)
Carol Douglas-I Got The Answer-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Carol Douglas-Burnin-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
Carl Carlton-I Wanna Be With You-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Carl Carlton-Everlasting Love-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Candi Staton-Young Hearts Run Free-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Candi Staton-Music Speaks Louder Than Words-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Buffalo Smoke-Stubborn Kind of Fella-VLS-1978-JCE (Soul)
Brook Benton-If Youve Got The Time-VLS-1972-GCP (Soul)
Brenda and The Tabulations-(Im A) Superstar-VLS-1977-GCP (Soul)
Bobby Hebb-Love Games-LP-1970-UTB (Soul)
Bob McGilpin-Superstar-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Blue Magic-Thirteen Blue Magic Lane-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Blue Magic-The Magic Of The Blue-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Blue Magic-Mystic Dragons-WEB-1976-ENRAGED (Soul)
Blue Magic-Mystic Dragons-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Blue Magic-Message From The Magic-WEB-1978-ENRAGED (Soul)
Blue Magic-Message From The Magic-LP-1978-GCP (Soul)
Blue Magic-Blue Magic (Remastered and Expanded)-WEB-1974-ENRAGED (Soul)
Blossoms--Shockwave-(Lion)-LP-1972-jAZzMan (Soul)
Bloodstone-Bloodstone-WEB-1972-ENRAGED (Soul)
Black Ivory-Feel it-LP-1975-JCE (Soul)
Black Ivory-Baby Wont You Change Your Mind-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Billy Preston-Music Is My Life-LP-1972-GCP (Soul)
Billy Preston-Late At Night-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Billy Preston-Its My Pleasure-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Billy Preston And Syreeta-With You Im Born Again-(TMG1159)-7 Inch Viny... (Soul)
Billy Preston and Syreeta-Go For It-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Billy Paul-War of the Gods (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1973-ENRAGED (Soul)
Billy Paul-Only The Strong Survive-1977-GCP (Soul)
Billy Paul-Let Em in-1976-JCE (Soul)
Billy Paul-Going East-WEB-1971-UVU (Soul)
Bill Withers-Still Bill-WEB-1972-ENRiCH iNT (Soul)
Bill Withers-Menagerie-WEB-1977-ENRiCH iNT (Soul)
Bill Withers-Justments-WEB-1974-ENRiCH iNT (Soul)
Bill Withers-Just As I Am-WEB-1971-ENRiCH iNT (Soul)
Bill Withers-Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall-WEB-1973-ENRiCH iNT (Soul)
Bill Withers-Bill Withers Live At Carnegie Hall-WEB-1973-ENRAGED iNT (Soul)
Bill Cosby-At Last Bill Cosby Really Sings-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Bettye Crutcher-Long As You Love Me-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Betty Wright--I Love The Way You Love-LP-1972-WUS (Soul)
Betty Wright-Betty Travelin In The Wright Circle-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Ben E. King-Supernatural-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Ben E. King-Let Me Live In Your Life-WEB-1978-UVU (Soul)
Ben E. King-I Had A Love-WEB-1976-UVU (Soul)
Barry White-Together Brothers OST-Remastered-1974-CMS (Soul)
Barry White-No Limit On Love-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Barry White-Let The Music Play-LP-1976-GCP INT (Soul)
Barry White-Cant Get Enough-LP-1974-GCP INT (Soul)
Barry White-Barry White Sings For Someone You Love-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Bar-Kays-Light Of Life-LP-1978-GCP INT (Soul)
Barbara Mason And Bunny Sigler-Locked In This Position-LP-1977-KrbZ (Soul)
Barbara Acklin-I Call It Trouble BW Ill Bake Me A Man-(7inch)-1973-C4 (Soul)
Baby Washington and Don Gardner-Lay A Little Lovin On Me-LP-1973-GCP (Soul)
Average White Band and Ben E. King-Benny and Us-LP-1977-GCP (Soul)
Attitudes-Good News-(LP)-1977-JCE (Soul)
Atlantic Starr-Straight to the Point-LP-1979-JCE (Soul)
Ashford And Simpson-Stay Free-LP-1979-GCP INT (Soul)
Ashford and Simpson-Send It (Expanded Version)-WEB-1977-UVU (Soul)
Asha Puthli--Asha Puthli-(ECLP110)-WEB-1973-BABAS INT (Soul)
Arthur Prysock-All My Life-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
Arthur Alexander-Sharing the Night Together She Throw Stones at You-VL... (Soul)
Aretha Franklin-With Everything I Feel In Me-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Aretha Franklin-Spirit in the Dark-1970-JCE INT (Soul)
Archie Whitewater-Archie Whitewater-LP-1970-JCE (Soul)
Archie Bell and the Drells-The Right Stuff-(Retail)-1979-SC (Soul)
Archie Bell and The Drells-Dance Your Troubles Away-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Ann Peebles-The Handwriting is on the Wall-1978-soup (Soul)
Ann Peebles-Straight From The Heart-1972-UZ INT (Soul)
Ann Peebles-If This Is Heaven-1977-FTD (Soul)
Ann Peebles-I Cant Stand The Rain-1973-FTD (Soul)
Anita Ward-Sweet Surrender-LP-1979-GCP (Soul)
Anita Ward-Dont Drop My Love-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Angelo Bond-Bondage-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Amii Stewart-Light My Fire-VLS-1979-GCP (Soul)
Alan Parker-The Sound Of Soul-WEB-1976-UVU (Soul)
Alan Parker and Madeline Bell-The Voice Of Soul-WEB-1976-UVU (Soul)
Al Wilson-La La Peace Song-LP-1974-GCP (Soul)
Al Matthews-Fool-VLS-1975-GCP (Soul)
Al Green-Lets Stay Together-LP-1972-GiFT (Soul)
Al Green-Al Green Is Love-LP-1975-GCP (Soul)
Ace Spectrum-Just Like In The Movies-LP-1976-GCP (Soul)
A Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie-VLS-1978-GCP (Soul)
9th Creation--Bubble Gum-(PYE8138)-WEB-1975-BABAS INT (Soul)

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