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07 Jun 1989
Ztt Records-808 State-ZANG1T-1989-OSM (House)
Young MC-Back By Dope Demand-VINYL-1989-BPM HOUSE (House)
Young And The Wreckless--If You Give Me A Chance (NG 022)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Yellow House - Jack My Body-(DM005)-Vinyl-1987-SOB (House)
Xray-Lets Go-12Inch Vinyl-1986-LiViTY (House)
Wulf N Bear And Random Factor - Presents 20-20 Vision (VIS013)-199X-gEm (House)
White Knight--White Night Jack (SUN-2780)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
White Knight-Never Give Up-(HFD09078)-WEB-198X-320 (House)
White Knight--Gonna Jack (DM-007)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
White Knight--Demons (SUN-2786)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Voodoo & Serano - Dont you know (promo-vinyl-2005) (House)
Virgo Four-Do You Know Who You Are (Remastered)-WEB-1989-ENSLAVE (House)
Victor Romeo--You Cant Fight My Love (BR-004)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
Victor Romeo--I Want Your Love (DM 013)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
VA-Upfront Eleven-LP-1988-D2H (House)
VA-Upfront 4-LP-1987-D2H (House)
VA-Ultimate House 1-CHAMPCD1016-1988-XTC (House)
VA-The Poker Flat B Sides - Chapter Five (The Best of Catalogue 101-125 (House)
VA--The House Sound Of London Volume IV The Jackin Zone (FFRDP 4)-VINY... (House)
VA-The House Sound of Chicago Vol. 2-Vinyl-1987-DPS INT (House)
VA-Techno The New Dance Sound Of Detroit 2x12-VINYL-1988-BPM HOUSE (House)
VA-Street Sounds 88-2-(STSND 882)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
VA-Spray House II-(TKL304)-Vinyl-1988-dh int (House)
va-rob olson chicago jackbeat volume 2-(left lp2)-vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Various-Ffrr - Silver on Black-8281552-1989-XTC (House)
Vanessa Holmes and Chicago Nite Life--Take My Love-(NU-1249)-Vinyl-198... (House)
VA-Live At Rewind Back To The Oldskool (Pink Pack)-4TAPE-199x-PiCKLE (House)
VA--Jackmaster 4 (BCM 55224)-2CD-1989-dL (House)
VA-Jack Trax-The Third Album (JTRAX 03)-2LP-1987-HSACLASSiX (House)
VA-Jack Trax-The Fourth Album (JTRAX 04)-2LP-1988-HSACLASSiX (House)
VA-Jack Trax the First Album-(JTRAX 1)Vinyl-1987-DPS (House)
VA--In The Key Of E (LUVCD1)-1988-dL (House)
VA-House Masters UK Vs USA Showdown-(KL1)-Vinyl-1987-DPS (House)
VA-Hoe-Down-(WMSA-1212)-LP-1988-DEF (House)
VA-GRS200 Vol 2-WEB-1970-CBR INT (House)
VA-Global Underground 006-John Digweed-Sydney-2CD-1998 -1REAL (House)
VA-Garage Trax 1-(BONY1)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
VA--D.J. Essentials Vol. 2 (SVE-2)-Vinyl-199X-dL (House)
VA-Bits And Pieces 87-Bootleg Vinyl-1987-WiS (House)
VA-Best Of Garage 1-(GARA1)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
VA - The House of Hits (the History of House Music)-(CDHOUS1)-11CD-198... (House)
VA - The History of House Sound of Chicago-(BCM57020-15CD)-1988-ETLMP3 (House)
VA - John Digweed MMII-3LP (House)
VA - Jackmaster Phuture Trax (HAPYLP1)-Vinyl-1989-gEm (House)
VA - Jackmaster 1 (JACKLP 501)-Limited-2xVinyl-1987-kiNky (House)
VA - Hip House - 20 Hip House Hits (SMR974)-Vinyl-1989-gEm (House)
VA - Dmc 071 Previews December 88 (DMC 071 3)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
VA - Dmc 071 Mixes 2 December 88 (DMC 071 2)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
VA - Dmc 071 Mixes 1 December 88 (DMC 071 1)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky INT (House)
VA - Dmc 070 Previews November 88 (DMC 070 3)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
VA - Dmc 070 Mixes 2 November 88 (DMC 070 2)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
VA - Dmc 070 Mixes 1 November 88 (DMC 070-1)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
VA - Crazy House-CD-1988-iDC (House)
Unknown--Deep into Your Love-LEVEL1-VINYL-200X-WUS (House)
Unknown Artist-Untitled-(DAT4)-Vinyl-19XX-WC2R (House)
Underground Kids--Get Up (NG 024)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Ultra Nate--Its Over Now-(0-21488)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Tyree--House Music Is My Life (BCM 12243)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Tyree--Hard Core Hip House (DJ 974)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Tyree Feat. J.M.D.--Move Your Body (DJ 991)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Tyree - House Music Is My Life (The Remix) (DJ 980)-Vinyl-1989-kiNky (House)
Turntable Terror Trax-Volume 4-(BM-0081)-Vinyl-1987-DPS (House)
Turntable Terror Trax--Volume 2 (BM-0060)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
Turntable Terror Trax--Volume 2-(BM-0060)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Turntable Orchestra-Youre Gonna Miss Me-(LICT012)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
True Faith With Final Cut--You Cant Deny The Bass (MRD 8904)-VINYL-198... (House)
Traxmen And DJ Lil Tal--Flava In Ya Ear (DM 083)-Vinyl-199X-dL (House)
Transphonic--The Funk Flows Freestyle-(NG 034)-Vinyl-1989-mbs (House)
Total Science-Just A Little Bit-VINYL-1989-BPM HOUSE (House)
topless in new york & the enchanter-ep-cdm-1988-triss (House)
Toni Scott-Thats How Im Living-(NP50098 )-Vinyl-1989-CBR (House)
Todays People-Set Your Body Free-(KMS 019)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
titiyo--break my heart (rob n raz remix) (nocat)-promo vinyl-19xx-cmc (House)
Thompson and Lenoir--Cant Stop The House-(Hja-8701)-VLS-1987-mbs (House)
The Smiley People--It Makes Me Haaappy (BLUE CHIP 10T)-VINYL-1988-CMC INT (House)
The Project-Can Batman Escape (RS 89015)-Vinyl-1989-TRa (House)
The Outerlimit--Dance In A Daze (AP 300)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
The Moody Boys--Acid Rappin (CBE 1230)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
The Mohicans-Zulu-(HFD09076)-WEB-198X-320 (House)
The Maxx--Cocaine-(BCM12009)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
The Lincoln Boys--Check It Out (DM 020)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
The KLF--Last Train To Trancentral-CDS1991-kW (House)
the klf - the what time is love story (jams lp4)-1989-gem (House)
The Jam Machine - Graffiti House-WEB-1988-iDC (House)
The It-Donnie-(HFD09075)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
The Endless Pokers--The Poke (DJ 909)-Vinyl-1986-dL (House)
The D.J. Fast Eddie--Lets Go Remix (DJ-969RX)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
The Brother D--Everybody Dance (CRR 707)-Vinyl-1989-dL INT (House)
The Beatmasters-Hey DJ I Cant Dance (To That Music Youre Playing)-CDM... (House)
The Beat Pirate--A Guy Called Bat-(12335)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Ten City--Devotion-(0-86652)-Vinyl-1987-dh int (House)
Ten City - Devotion-CDS-1989-tronik (House)
Technotronic Featuring Felly-Pump Up The Jam-CDM-1989-DGN (House)
Technodelia - Technodelia-(SMASH 5)-Vinyl-1989-ZzZz (House)
Tech Trax Inc--Feel The Luv-(NG 001)-Vinyl-1988-mbs (House)
t.c.c--make some noise (uv 12001)-vinyl-19xx-cmc (House)
Sweet D--Crazy D (SD 125)-VLS-1987-CMC (House)
Steve Silk Hurley--Work It Out Compilation (7 82003-1)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Steve Silk Hurley--Work It Out (0-86325)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Steve Silk Hurley--Jack Your Body (DJ 1005)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
Steve Silk Hurley-Cold World-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
Steve Poindexter-Work That Motherfucker-(HFD09073)-WEB-1989-320 (House)
Steve Hurley-Jack Your Body-(HFD09079)-WEB-1988-320 (House)
Stakker-Humanoid-1988-TT (House)
Soulsearcher--UNI-(VIS015)-Vinyl-199X-dh (House)
Soul II Soul-Back To Life-Vinyl-1989-WiS (House)
Soul II Soul-Back to Life-CDM-1989-NuC (House)
Soho Squad NY--Nice Day and Responsible-(XAMP-V06)-Vinyl-199X-dh int (House)
Smokey Robinson-Love Dont Give No Reason-(ZD41784)-CDM-1987-HFT (House)
Sheila - Acid Kiss-(RS 89021)-Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
Sheik Fawaz--Mohameds House (PW 431)-VINYL-1988-CMC INT (House)
Shawn Christopher-People Of All Nations-(HFD09072)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Serious Intention--You Dont Know Special Remix-(EZS-7512)-Vinyl-1985-d... (House)
Sebastien Leger-Majuro (Deas and Lubica Remix)-Bootleg-B2R INT (House)
Scrappy-Freeze-Vinyl-(Z 010)-1988-DPS INT (House)
Scrappy featuring Wet Boxx--Love Motion-(CTR 714)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Sade-Smooth Operator-EPCA124655-UK-VLS-1984-NuC (House)
S Express-Theme From S Express-VINYL-1988-BPM HOUSE (House)
S Express--Theme From S Express (LEFT21T)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
S Express--Mantra For A State Of Mind (LEFTX35T)-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
S Express--Mantra For A State Of Mind (LEFTR35T)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
S Express--Mantra For A State Of Mind (LEFT35T)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
R-Tyme - Illusion R-Theme (MS-9)-1989-gEm (House)
Royal House--Party People-(120-07-285)-Vinyl-1988-dh int (House)
Ron trent--Altered states-2VLS1991-KW (House)
Rodney Bakerr--Feel Good (RH014RX)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Robert Miles - Paths-CDM-iDC-2001 (House)
Rob Base and D.J. E-Z Rock-Get on the Dance Floor-1989-TT (House)
RM Project - Get It Up-CD Maxi-NmE (House)
Risky Business-Jammin to New Orleans-(12 kat 1)-Vinyl-1987-DPS (House)
Rififi - Dr. Acid and Mr. House-Vinyl-(12148)-1988-OMA (House)
Rickster--Night Moves-(50-8402)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Rickster presents KLE-We Got the Music-(AP 137)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
Richie Rich And Kariya--You Used To Salsa-(CAM 001)-VINYL-1989-dh int (House)
Rhythim Is Rhythim--Strings Of Life-(MS-04)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Revoked-Pieces-HMF117-VINYL-1989-G3LTUNES INT (House)
Revoked-Pieces-(HMF-117)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Razz Feat. Matt Warren And Ralphi Rosario--Pump It Up (SUN-2766)-Vinyl... (House)
RAZ-Amour Puer To Riqueno-(HFD09065)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Professor Funk-Work Your Body-(HFD09062)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Professor Funk and The House Brothers-Work Your Body Rap-12Inch Vinyl-... (House)
Professor Funk And The Chicago Housn Authority--Visions (DJ 939)-Vinyl... (House)
Phase II-Reachin (MR003)-Vinyl-1988-BF (House)
Pfantasy Club--Never Give Up (DM 016)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Pfantasia And Phortune--Lets Get Busy And You Wanna Party (HMF EP 14)-... (House)
Panoramics--Estrelita-(FLY023)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Out Of Control-What Cha Gonna Do-WEB-1987-ALPMP3 (House)
Orbital-Chime VINYL-1989-RNS (House)
One O One Electric Dream - Rock To The Beat-(EPC 654597 6)-Vinyl-1989-... (House)
No Name--Jasons Revenge (HN-86091)-VINYL-1986-CMC INT (House)
Nikola Gala-Swing 2 Harmony Incl Jose Zamora and Dousk Remix-CDR-TET (House)
Nick Holder--Inside Your Soul (DNH-063)-VINYL-CMC INT (House)
Nexus 21--Still Life Keeps Moving The US Remixes (KMS-030)-VINYL-1989-... (House)
New Grooves--Vol 1-(NG 012)-Vinyl-1989-mbs (House)
n y house n authority - apt ep-(ng025-vinyl)-1989-drum (House)
MTS-Spinach Power-(HT1006)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
MTR-The Walk-Vinyl-(AP 125)-1986-DPS INT (House)
Mr Lee--Come To House (TX140)-VINYL-1987-CMC INT (House)
Mr Fingers--Mr Fingers EP-(ML2206)-WEB-1987-dh (House)
Mr Fingers--Ammnesia-(CD FING 2)-CD-1988-dh (House)
Mr. Fingers--What About This Love (FXR 131)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Mr. Fingers-Can You Feel It-(354627)-WEB-1987-1KING (House)
Mr. and Mrs. Dale-Its You-Vinyl-1989-DPS INT (House)
Moonfou and Kraze-The Party-Vinyl-(ZYX 5903)-1988-DPS INT (House)
Mondee Oliver--Stay Close (12 BRW 162)-Vinyl-1989-dL INT (House)
Mondee Oliver--Newsy Neighbors (GKE1060)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
MK II-Used By DJ-(HFD09060)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Mike Hitman Wilson Presents Jackstreet Inc--Break it Down (RHR-102)-VI... (House)
Mike Hitman Wilson And Bad Boy Bill--Can You Jack (IHR-001)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
Mickey Oliver-Bass Line-(M-205)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Michael Oliver--Breakin Up Breakin Down (DJ-911)-VINYL-1986-CMC INT (House)
Maureen Makena-I Just Want Your Love-(MR534)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Masters At Work--Alright Alright-(FF587)-Vinyl-1987-dh int (House)
Massive Sounds--Ruff And Massive (NG 021)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Marshall Jefferson--Move Your Body (DJ 1002)-EP-1986-CMC (House)
Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth - Open Your Eyes (FFRX 18)-Vinyl-198... (House)
Marshall Jefferson And Ten City - Thats The Way Love Is-(786460-Vinyl)... (House)
Mark Imperial--Jadore Danser (DJ 896)-Vinyl-1985-dL (House)
Mario Reyes-Whatever Turns You On-(HFD09057)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Los Santeros--Fiesta Santera-(W-04)-Vinyl-199X-dh (House)
LNR-Work It To The Bone-VINYL-1989-BPM HOUSE (House)
Liz Torres-What You Make Me Feel-(HFD09056)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Liz Torres--Pay Back Is A Bitch-(1239-1-JD)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Liquid Dope--Rock Your-(HS-534)-Vinyl-199X-dh int (House)
Lil Louis-The Original Video Clash-1989-TT (House)
Lil Louis-French Kisses (The Complete Mix Collection E.P.)-(828 170-2)... (House)
Lil Louis and The World--Blackout-(LILLP 1)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Lil Louis and The World - I Called You (FCD 123)-1989-Disc0 (House)
Lil Louis And The World - I Called U (FXRR123)-READ NFO-VLS-1989-TR (House)
Lil Louis - French Kiss-(LD8937-7)-Vinyl-1989-SOB INT (House)
Liaz-House Sensation-(TENR 246 DJ)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Le Voix Du Monde--Tribal Tunes (EPFF 29)-VINYL-CMC INT (House)
Laurent X-Its Magic-Vinyl-(HN 89064)-1989-DPS INT (House)
Latecia--Love Will Make It Right-(CA104)-Vinyl-199X-dh (House)
Lake Errie--Sex 4 Daze-(CHAMP12-98)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Lake Eerie-The Nightmare (Its Over for You)-(NG 004)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Lake Eerie--Sex 4 Daze (NG-009)-VINYL-1988-CMC INT (House)
Lake Eerie--Sex 4 Daze (NG-009)-VINYL-1988-CMC (House)
L.B. Bad--The Prince Of Dance Music (NG 033)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Kym Mazelle--Was That All It Was-(12SYXX 32)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Kool Rock Steady-Lets Get Hyped-WEB-1989-ALPMP3 (House)
Kool Rock Steady--Lets Get Hyped (BCM 12244)-VINYL-1989-CMC INT (House)
Klaus Waldeck - A Sheep Attacks Dr John-(CC007)-Vinyl-199x-XDS (House)
Kimiesha Holmes--Love Me True-(QK018)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Kid Massive and Raoul-Island Breeze-(JTR001)-WEB-Scratch (House)
Kenny Jammin Jason--Jam Tracks (DJ 891)-Vinyl-1985-dL (House)
Kenny Jammin Jason With Fast Eddie Smith - Can U Dance-Vinyl-1987-iDC (House)
Kelly Charles--Youre No Good For Me-(NP50066)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Kelli Sae-Its Too Late-(EZS-7557)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Keith Kat and Blondie--Gotta Get Some Money-(NG 007)-Vinyl-1988-mbs (House)
Kariya--Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight-(SBUKR4T)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
KA Posse-Our Love Stops and Goes-Vinyl-(PC-003)-1989-DPS INT (House)
Justin Harris--Morning Fanfare-(FRUIT-004T)-Vinyl-199X-mbs (House)
Jungle Wonz--Time Marches On (The Justin Strauss Remixes)-(VE7019)-WEB... (House)
Julian Perez-Aint We Funky Now (Jumpin Club Edit)-WEB-1988-ALPMP3 (House)
Julian Perez-Aint We Funky Now-(HFD10205)-WEB-1988-320 (House)
Julian Jumpin Perez-Stand By Me (House Mix)-WEB-1988-ALPMP3 (House)
Julian Jumpin Perez-Lets Work (Remixes)-WEB-1989-ALPMP3 (House)
Julian Jumpin Perez - Stand By Me (DJ 963)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
Joy Salinas-Paris Nights-(Ftm31643)-Web-1989-Idf (House)
Jomanda-Make My Body Rock-(BB0004)-Vinyl-1988-MPX (House)
Jomanda-Drifting-(VLS)-1988-UTB (House)
Johnny L - Call On Me-(Whitelabel-Vinyl)-199x-DRUM (House)
John Stitch and Ray Mang - Stp-(Reg002)-Vinyl-199X-MS (House)
John Rocca--Move-(CR12-015)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
John Acquaviva and Roy RosenfelD - Tasters Choice EP-(DEFDIG1144)-WEB-UTZ (House)
Joe Smooth-Promised Land-VINYL-1988-BPM HOUSE (House)
Joe Smooth-Promised Land LP-(DJART 903)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Joe Smooth--Promised Land (DJINT 6)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Jo Ann Jones--I Dont Need Your Love-(CHAMPX12221)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
JM Silk-Shadows Of Your Love Music Is The Key-(HFD10148)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
JM Silk--Shadows Of Your Love (DJ 777)-VINYL-1986-CMC INT (House)
JM Silk--Shadows Of Your Love (DJ 1009)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
JM Silk--Music Is The Key (DJ 888)-EP-1985-CMC (House)
JM Silk-Music Is The Key-(HFD09053)-WEB-1985-320 (House)
Jesse Saunders--Work For My Love (JG 099)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Jerry Ropero pres. Michael Simon Feat. Mazaya-Home Alone-Promo-Vinyl-2006 (House)
Jerry Mcallister-What I Do-(HFD10202)-WEB-1988-320 (House)
Jerry Mcallister-Never Let You Down-(HFD10203)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Jerry McAllister-Never Let You Down-(DJ-904)-Vinyl-1986-DPS (House)
Jazz Oasis-Real Jazz-(HFD090502)-WEB-1987-320 (House)
Jaquarius--Love Is Happiness (RH010)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Jamiroquai-Corner of the Earth Milk and Sugar Remix-(SAMPMS1186 (House)
Jamie Principle-Baby Wants To Ride-(FFRXR1)-Vinyl-1988-MPX (House)
Jakie Quartz--A La Vie A L Amour-(CBS 650517 6)-Vinyl-1987-dh int (House)
Jago--Im Going To Go Remix (FTM 31585)-VLS-1985-CMC (House)
Jackin Bernard Badie-I Wanna Be Free-(DRP-9206)-Vinyl-199x-DPS (House)
Jackie And Jackie - Amor Latino-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Jack hammer junior---time is movin-cdm-199x-omcx (House)
Jack E Makossa--The Opera House (MIN 002)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
J.M.Silk-I Cant Turn Around-(PT49794)-Vinyl-1986-UTB (House)
J.M. Silk-Let The Music Take Control (12inch)-(PT 49768)-(Vinyl)-1987-WRE (House)
J.M. Silk - Let The Music Take Control (5958-1-RD)-VLS-1987-TR (House)
Intercity-Groovin Without Doubt-(KMS-008)-EP-1987-313 (House)
Inner City--Big Fun-(611 749)-Vinyl-1988-dh int (House)
Inner City - Aint Nobody Better-(TENX 252)-Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
In-Heat - Brooklyn Boyz Choir-Luv To Luv U - Say Rayo Brooklyn (Metrop... (House)
Information Society-Lay All Your Love on Me-Vinyl-1989-UTB (House)
Indo-R U Sleeping (Grant Nelson Original Mix)-VLS-199x-uF (House)
In Effect--Inspiration (FF 1088)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Iio-Is It Love (Major Key Mixes)-Promo CDS-2006 (House)
Icon--So Special-(RS9113)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Hydroponic Sound System-What Its Supposed To Be-(ICON004)-Vinyl-200X-MPX (House)
Hustlers FC--Offside-(Elo-006)-Vinyl-200X-dh int (House)
Humanoid-Crystals (Back Together)-(PROMO HUMT 3)-VLS-1989-MAEM (House)
Hoxton Whores vs. K-Klass-Let Me Show You-Promo-Vinyl-2006 (House)
How II House--Time 2 Feel The Rhythm-(FOOT 2)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
House Syndicate-House Syndicate (BBR-300)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
House Rockers-Everybody Do It-(HFD09050)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
House People-Godfather Of House-WEB-1986-ALPMP3 (House)
House People-Godfather Of House-(HFD09049)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
House Nation - Chicago Sound Lab.-(Bellaphon244)-1987-DRUM (House)
House Master Baldwin--Dont Lead Me (FSR1002)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
House Family-A House in Heaven-Vinyl-(UN 115)-1987-DPS INT (House)
House Factor--Movin and Groovin-(MIC 300)-Vinyl-199X-dh int (House)
Holly Jump-You Cant Hide-WEB-1988-ALPMP3 (House)
Hithouse-Move Your Feet to the Rhythm of the Beat-1989-TT (House)
Hithouse - Hithouse-Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
Hi-Fi Bugs-Lydian and the Dinosaur-ZOT12002-VLS-199x-RFL (House)
Hi-Bias Featuring Heather Cherron--I Wanna Take You (BR-124035)-Vinyl-... (House)
Hi Tek 3 Feat Ya Kid K--Spin That Wheel-(12BORG1)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Herbert--the movers and the shakers-harmonise-remixes ep-(scale1)-WEB2... (House)
Henri Green-Give into the Music-(Vinyl)-1989-UTB (House)
Hefner-Dive Into You (Cosmos Mixes)-tronik (House)
Harlem Zip Code Ft. Beverly T. - Dancing (Nitelife 003)-Vinyl-199x-MS (House)
Hamilton Bohannon--Motions-(MCA-23522)-Vinyl-1984-dh (House)
Green Velvet - Never Satisfied (Live 03)-199X-gEm (House)
Green Olives - Life Is A Bitch (Remix)-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Grant And Dezz--Youre Too Good (TX177)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Grant And Dezz--Youre Too Good (TX177)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Gotham City--Bat Trax (TX187)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Goodpussy--Beat My Ass Real Good-(CUM-1)-Vinyl-199X-dh (House)
Giorgia Morandi--Children Of The Sky (611 838)-Vinyl-1988-dL INT (House)
Gino Latino--Yo (IBZ 652884 6)-Vinyl-1988-dL INT (House)
Ghostland Feat Sinead OConnor And Natacha Atlas-Guide Me God-CDM (House)
Gherkin Jerks-1990 EP-(ML2305)-WEB-1989-ENSLAVE (House)
Ghentlon-Techno Dream-Vinyl-1989-radial (House)
Get Down Gang--You Belong To Me (GD 104)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Get Down Gang--Work It (GD 103)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Gemini One--Jackin The House (SRD-819)-VINYL-1989-CMC INT (House)
Gary Jackmaster Wallace--Party Time (HNE-0001)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Gary Jackmaster Wallace and Jammin J-Party Time-Vinyl-(HNE-1)-1989-DPS... (House)
Gary Jackmaster Wallace - House Has Taken Over Me-(DM019)-Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
Gangsters of House--There Was Something Going on (LRM 121003)-VLS-1988... (House)
Funhouse Feat. K Shermann-Dancin Easy-1988-TT (House)
Full Intention-Your Day Is Coming (Remixes)-Promo CDS-2006 (House)
Full House--Communicate (DJ 1012)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
Full House - I Remember-(DJ950-Vinyl)-1987-DRUM (House)
FUG--Sola Sonique (SES006)-Vinyl-200X-dL (House)
Fugitive-Ready Dubs-(PMD032)-Vinyl-199X-MPX (House)
Freeky Boyz - Adrenalin-(SUH0035-12-Vinyl)-199X-DRUM (House)
Freedom soundz--live your life-(people031)-VLS2004-kW (House)
Freddy Fresh Ft the Boricua Allstars-Boricua House Party-PROMO VINYL-B... (House)
freaks--the beat diaries-CD2000-kW (House)
freaks--meanwhile back at the disco-CD2001-kW (House)
frankie valentine--the fox congo strutt-(xlxs 0019)-VLS2001-kW (House)
Frankie valentine--moog rock-(sr009)-VLS2001-kW (House)
Frankie Knuckles-Only The Strong Survive-WEB-1987-ALPMP3 (House)
Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie Featuring Robert Owens-Tears-... (House)
Frankie Knuckles Presents Marshall Jefferson--Move Your Body (TRAXT 4)... (House)
Fpi Project-Rich In Paradise-VINYL-1989-BPM HOUSE (House)
Four Tops-Indestructible-(Vinyl)-1988-OSC (House)
Formic--Untitled (WEB 1)-EP-199X-CMC (House)
fontera--walking in the rain (idjut boys mixes)-VLS2006-kW (House)
flytronix--free from you-(faro 066)-VLS2002-kW (House)
Floppy sounds--team realness-(wm50043-1)-VLS1999-kW (House)
Firefly feat ursula rucker--supernatural-(ovm 106)-VLS1994-kW (House)
Fingers Inc-Its Over-(HFD09048)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Fingers Inc--Im Strong-VLS-1988-dh (House)
Fingers Inc-Another Side 2x12-VINYL-1988-BPM HOUSE (House)
Finchley Road--Infectious (QK003)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
Filsonik Featuring Soni-Here to Stay-VR004-WEB2007-XTC (House)
Fidelfatti With Ronette--Just Wanna Touch Me-(URBX46)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Femme Fion-Jack The House-(HFD09047)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Fax Yourself-Sunshine 89-(PUB13255-6)-Vinyl-1989-iDF (House)
fatboy slim--live at 2step special-DVB2001-kW (House)
Fat Lawrence--Tina Tina (FF 387)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
fat freddys drop--hope remix-vls2004-kw (House)
Fat Albert-Beat Me Till I Jack-(TX125)-Vinyl-1986-DPS (House)
Fast Eddie-Yo Yo Get Funky-DJ INT007-VLS-1988-RFL (House)
Fast Eddie-Yo Yo Get Funky (DJ 968)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Fast Eddie-Lets Go-Vinyl-(DJ 969)-1988-DPS INT (House)
Fast Eddie-Lets Go-(HFD09045)-WEB-1989-320 (House)
Fast Eddie--Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (DJ 975)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Fast Eddie-Acid Thunder-(HFD09044)-WEB-1988-320 (House)
Fast Eddie Tyree and Chic-The Whop (UN 125)-Vinyl-1987-DPS (House)
Fast Eddie FT Sundance-Git on Up-1989-TT (House)
Fast Eddie Featuring Sundance - Git on Up-(DJ 990)-Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
Farmboy-Move-(HFD09043)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk--Its U (DJ 945)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk--Free At Last (CHAMP 12-217)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk--Bessie Smith (HU40)-VLS-1987-CMC (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk Presents Ricky Dillard--As Always (CHAMP 12-090... (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk And Ricky Dillard--As Always (TX172)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk And Rick Dillard-Its You-(HFD09042)-WEB-1987-320 (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk And Jessie Sounders-Love Cant Turn Around-VLS-1... (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk And Jessie Saunders-Love Cant Turn Around-(HFD0... (House)
Farley Jackmaster Funk And Jesse Saunders - Love Cant Turn Around-(DJ1... (House)
Farley Funkin Keith--Funkin With The Drums (PRL8519)-Vinyl-1985-dL (House)
Fallout-Dont You Wanna Rock-(FF 1095)-Vinyl-1988-DPS (House)
Fabulous-Frankie Bones-FABU007T-198x-OSM (House)
Fabulous-Adam X-FABU014T-198x-OSM (House)
ethnic heritage ensemble--running the streets-(dsr03)-VLS2004-kW (House)
Ester B.--The Pleasure Of The Music-(CT-007)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
E-Smoove--Down The Drain (FSR 1007)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
E-Smoove Vs. Ron Carrol-Unknown Title EP-White Label-Promo Vinyl-BPM H... (House)
Erasure-Victim of Love-Vinyl-1987-UTB (House)
Erasure-Stars-Vinyl-1989-UTB (House)
Ellis-D--My Loleatta-(MIN 01)-Vinyl-1987-mbs (House)
Ellis D--Took My Love Away (MIN 005)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Electric City - Ive Got A Minute-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Electribe 101-Talking with Myself Incl Opium Mix-(JABX74)-Vinyl-1988-UTB (House)
Elastic Devils-Wanna Be With You-WEB-1983-KLIN (House)
el greco--souvlaki and zirtaki-VLS1998-kW (House)
E.X.P.-Kiss The Sky - We Must Be In Heaven-(BM-0095)-VINYL-1989-DEF (House)
E.S.P.-Its On You-(HFD09040)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
E.S.P. - Lets Move-(UN123)-Vinyl-1987-EMP (House)
Dymond-Wild About Your Love-(HFD09039)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Dux Dux--Yes You Got Her Keep On Pushing Harder-(1C 060-2034266)-VINYL... (House)
Dunkelziffer-Colours And Soul-(F0114)-WEB-1983-iHR (House)
dumas--les filles elastique-(dsl 026)-VLS2003-kW (House)
dude--moneyrunner (promo)-VLS1997-kW (House)
Duane And Co--Ultimate JB Trax (DM 012)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Duane And Co--Hardcore Jazz (DM 001)-EP-1986-CMC (House)
DTR Feat Marilyn Sareo--Journey Into A Dream-(NG 029)-Vinyl-1989-mbs (House)
D-Shake - Tune In (TORSO CD 107)-1989-NSE (House)
Drum Club - U Make Me Feel So Good(GRRR31)-VLS-19XX-MS (House)
Doug Lazy--Let The Rhythm Pump-(A-8784-T)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Doug Lazy--Let It Roll (0-86407)-VINYL-1989-CMC INT (House)
Double Trouble and the Rebel MC - Just keep rocking (the rmx project p... (House)
donnie--do you know remixes-VLS2004-kW (House)
Donnell Rush--Knockin At My Door (TX167)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Donna Allen-Serious-Vinyl-1986-IMT (House)
Don Pablos Animals - Ibiza-(MP 01)-WEB-1988-iDC (House)
don carlos--take me higher-(iu030)-VLS2003-kW (House)
domu feat valerie etienne--sail away with me (remixes pt 1)-VLS2001-kW (House)
D-Mob Introducing Cathy Dennis--Mob Introducing Cathy Dennis-(886799-1... (House)
Dj spinna feat selan--back 2 u-(papa032)-VLS2006-kW (House)
DJ Slugo - Me Myself And I (SP 101)-Vinyl-199X-kiNky (House)
Dj ray corn and friends---happiness-cdm-199x-omcx (House)
Dj prince-soul searchin on alderaan dj profsr-2db (House)
Dj Neil And The Pepster-Crazy Blues-Vinyl-199x-HSACLASSiX (House)
DJ Lelewel Feat. Frankie-Magic-(OUT3154)-Vinyl-1988-iDF (House)
DJ Jean And Peran-Flair-(ITR001)-Vinyl-199x-MPX (House)
DJ Deeon-360-(FM101)-Vinyl-199x-DPS (House)
DJ Atkins And Sharada House Gang--Lets Down The House (MR 529)-Vinyl-1... (House)
Disco Biscuit - Disco Biscuit 2 (DB2)-Vinyl-199X-TR (House)
Dinasty-I Dont Wanna Be A Freak-Vinyl-1979-BWA (House)
Dilemma - After The Storm-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Digital Vamp--You Can Take My Body-(RS-890017)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
DFX II--Deep Love (ZYX 6217-12)-VINYL-1989-CMC (House)
DFX Dr Felix--Relax Your Body (ZYX 6206-12)-VINYL-1989-CMC INT (House)
Dezz And Grant--The House Is On Fire (MB 8701)-Vinyl-1987-dL (House)
Depeche Mode - Dream On (Pink Noize Mixes)-Vinyl-tronik (House)
Denise Motto--Tell Jack (Jack The House)-(LEFT 9T)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Denise M-Do You Love Me-(HFD10196)-WEB-1989-320 (House)
Denis Laurent - Drops Shine-(MLCL03)-WEB-12013-HQEM (House)
Demarkus lewis--dream 2 me ep-(rez017ep)-VLS2005-miso (House)
Deep Ocean Ft Nataly-Ocean Desire Incl Amo & Navas Rmx-Promo-SMO (House)
Debbie Mckayle--I Need You Lovin-(HR-166008)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
Dave Ross--U Broke My Heart (DM 023)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Darryl Pandy-Work Your Body-WEB-1987-ALPMP3 (House)
Darryl Pandy-Free Man-(HFD10195)-WEB-1987-320 (House)
Darryl Pandy--Climax (BR-001)-EP-1986-CMC (House)
Darci Mor - Lost Me Boy-(MAX367)-Vinyl-1989-MS (House)
Dancer--Number Nine (TX160)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Dalis--Rock Steady-(TX144)-Vinyl-1987-dh (House)
Da Posse--Im Trying To Win Your Love (DM 030)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Da Posse Feat. Martell - Searchin Hard-(DM 022) Vinyl-1989-EMP (House)
D.J. Lelewel-House Machine-(XIMEM660)-Vinyl-1987-iDF (House)
CZR - Chicago Southside-Remix Vinyl-199X-XDS (House)
CZR - Chicago Southside The Remixes-(IHR9025-1-Vinyl)-199x-DRUM INT (House)
Cyril K Feat. Marylin David-Love (Keeps Turning Around My Heart)-BPM H... (House)
Curtis Mc Claine and on the House-Lets Get Busy (TX159)-1988-DPS (House)
Culture Beat feat Jo Van Nelson--Der Erdbeermund-(CBS6554296)-Vinyl-19... (House)
Cultural Vibe--Mind Games-(DJ-EZS-7527)-Vinyl-1986-dh int (House)
Cultural Vibe--Ma Foom Bey (EZS 7525)-Vinyl-1986-dL (House)
CT Satin--I Found A Friend (AP 126)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
Cooltempo-Paul Simpson Ft Adeva-COOLX182-1989-OSM (House)
Cooltempo-Nitro Deluxe-COOLX142-1987-OSM (House)
Cooltempo-Adeva-COOLX179-1988-OSM (House)
Colonel Abrams-Colonel Abrams-Read NFO-Vinyl-1985-WiS (House)
coldcut--walk a mile in my shoes-(zen12179h)-VLS2006-kW (House)
Coldcut - Doctorin The House-(CCUT2-Vinyl)-199x-DRUM (House)
Cisco Ferreira - Why (Dont You Answer) (FRG01)-Vinyl-1989-kiNky (House)
Circa Records Ltd-Nenah Cherry-YRXX21-1989-OSM (House)
Chris Cuevas-Hip Hop-Vinyl-1989-UTE (House)
Chocolate Milk-Disco Lights-(PCMS0019)-Vinyl-199x-MPX (House)
Chip E-Time To Jack-(HFD09036)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Chip E-Like This DJ International Remix-(HFD10194)-WEB-1985-320 (House)
Chip E-Like This-(HFD09035)-WEB-1985-320 (House)
Chip E-Jack Trax-(HFD10193)-WEB-1985-320 (House)
Chip E-If You Only Knew-(HFD09034)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Chip E feat K-Joy-Like This (House Mix b w DDD Dub)-(BBE438SDG3)-WEB-... (House)
Chip E.--If You Only Knew (DJ 1004)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Chip E. and K. Joy - Like this-(DJ 890)-Vinyl-1985-EMP (House)
Chico Crew--Noise Gate-(DIKI 8801-12)-VINYL-1988-CMC INT (House)
Chicco Secci Project-Whip Of The Rhythm-(C.R.010)-Vinyl-1989-iDF (House)
Chicago Music System-Work It-(DS 808)-VLS-1985-MAEM (House)
Charlotte Mckinnon--You Keep Me Comin Back (ZYX 5796)-VINYL-1988-CMC INT (House)
Cevin Fisher-Loving You (When It Comes To) (B And M Mix And Dub)-BPM H... (House)
Ce Ce Rogers--Forever (0-86322)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Cappella - Helyom Halib (Album)-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Cappella - Get Out Of My Case-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Candy J - Desirable Revenge (The Saga of Sweet Pussy Pauline)-(HMF115)... (House)
Bridgett Grace--Take Me Away-(Polydor)-Vinyl-1989-mbs (House)
Bradd and Parker Ft Blow the X-Pense-All of My Dreams-BPM HOUSE (House)
Boy Syndicate and Dynabite--Porno In The Jungle-(KDR-8906)-Vinyl-1988-... (House)
Box Clever-Box Clever-LHB020-VINYL2004-BPM HOUSE (House)
Boomer T - Sample This-(UN117)-Vinyl-1988-EMP (House)
Boom Boom and The Master Plan--Face The Music-(SUN-2775)-Vinyl-1986-dh (House)
Bones and Dee Present Looney Tunes--Volume One-(NG 023)-Vinyl-1989-mbs (House)
Bobby Ross Avila-Music Man-Promo CDM-1989-XXS (House)
Bluejean-This Is The Sound Of (House Music)-Promo Vinyl-1989-WiS (House)
Blue Tatoo - Love Can Do-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Blow--Changes-(TENX-245)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Blaze--Whatcha Gonna Do-(QK001)-Vinyl-1986-dh int (House)
Black Traxx-Volume 6-(NCL-015)-Vinyl-199x-DPS (House)
Black Riot--Warlock (CHAMP 12-075)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Black Riot--A Day in the Life Remix (CHAMPR 12-75)-VINYL-1988-CMC (House)
Black Riot--A Day In The Life (FF 1089)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Black and White Brothers (Djaimin and Mr Mike)-The Album-199X-JUST (House)
Bigger Than Life - World Of Make Believe-(HJA8804)-Vinyl-1988-EMP (House)
Big Hair-Fabric London Live 06-05-04-1REAL (House)
Biatch - Electric Kiss Jerome Ima-Ae Dub-(4250644800276)-WEB-201-UME (House)
Biafra - Acid Game-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Bette Midler-To Deserve You-VLS-199x-uF (House)
Ben Liebrand-Grandmix 1989-WEB-1989-CiN INT (House)
Ben Liebrand-Grandmix 1988-WEB-1988-CiN INT (House)
Ben Liebrand-Grandmix 1986-WEB-1986-CiN INT (House)
Ben Liebrand-Grandmix 1983-WEB-1983-CiN INT (House)
Believers feat. Chelonis R. Jones-You'll Never Change (The World)-(Pro... (House)
Beats Workin--Sure Beats Workin (FFRX 08)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Beatmaster-Lost In Bass-BEATM 1 12-1988-OSM (House)
Beat Me-Kan-Ik--Pulse (RH004)-EP-1988-CMC (House)
Basicx-Burning Down the House (CH-003)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
Bas Noir--My Love Is Magic-(NG003)-Vinyl-1988-dh int (House)
Bas Noir-Im Glad You Came To Me-(VLS)-1989-RNS (House)
Bas Noir--Im Glad You Came To Me-(TENR282)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Bang The Party-Release Your Body-Vinyl-1989-UTE (House)
Bam Bam-Youve Been Messin Around-(HFD10192)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Bad Data - Bo Hey No (RD 1976)-VLS-199x-gEm (House)
Bad Boy Bill--The 1st Revelation (IHR-007)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Bad Boy Bill-Jack It All Night Long-(HFD10191)-WEB-1987-320 (House)
Baby Ford-Children of the Revolution-1989-TT (House)
Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy (RBFORD 1)-Vinyl-1988-kiNky (House)
B.A.T-Bat in My House-(FFR02)-Vinyl-1989-UTB (House)
Autarkic-Rotation Rotation-(Turbo180)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK (House)
Atlanta Falls--Reach Up (RAZR 003)-Vinyl-199X-dL (House)
Art Crime--Obsession EP-(PHONICA015)-Vinyl-2105-dh int (House)
Art and Pleasure feat. Little D - One Night Lover-(Promo CDM)-2006 (House)
Arrogance-Crazy-(HFD09033)-WEB-1986-320 (House)
Arnold Jarvis-Take Some Time Out-VLS-1989-BLA (House)
Armand Van Helden-Remixes 2-(NT115)-READ NFO-Whitelabel Vinyl-NVS (House)
Aphrodisiac--Your Love (NG 006)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
Antony White-Block Party-Vinyl-1977-BWA (House)
Antonio Ocasio-No Difference Feat. Annette Taylor Were All The Same-(D... (House)
Antonio Ceville--The Music Do It (DM 009)-EP-1987-CMC (House)
Antoine Clamaran-Lets All Chant-Onesided-Vinyl-2003 (House)
Anthony Thomas-You Dont Love Me-(HFD10190)-WEB-1989-320 (House)
Anthony Thomas--Tonite I Really Need Someone (DJ 993)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
Anthill Mob-Confetti Doubles-EP-199x-uF (House)
Angie T-Hip House Groove (WBR)-Vinyl-1989-DPS (House)
Amy Jackson--Let It Loose-(BR-131035)-Vinyl-1989-dh int (House)
Amnesia-Its A Dream-1989-TT (House)
Amnesia-Ibiza-1988-TT (House)
Ambassadors Of Funk--My Minds Made Up-(NP50090)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Alex Gopher - Remix EP-(Promo)-MS (House)
Albert One-For Your Love (Tsr3576)-Vinyl-1986-OBC (House)
Alaska-Bailando-(12SY17)-Vinyl-1987-iDF (House)
a-ha-the sun always shines on tv-(w8846t)-vinyl-1985-dj classics (House)
Aha - Train of Thought-(W8736T)-Vinyl-1985-DJ Classics (House)
Aha - The Sun Always Shines on Tv-(W8846T)-Vinyl-1985-DJ Classics (House)
Aha - Ive Been Losing You-(W8594T)-Vinyl-1986-DJ Classics (House)
afro-mystik--natural remix 2-VLS2003-kW (House)
afro-mystik--future tropic remixes-(om-046sv)-VLS2000-kW (House)
Advance Featuring Maxine - If He Knew (Remix)-WEB-1989-iDC (House)
Adeva--Warning (COOLX 185)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Adeva--I Thank You (COOLX 192)-Vinyl-1989-dL (House)
Adeva-Adeva-CCD1719-CD-1989-XTC iNT (House)
Adamski-Liveandirect-MCD06078-1989-XTC (House)
Adamski-Liveandirect-DMCG6078-CD-1989-XTC iNT (House)
Acid Head--Overkill Thats The Way We Like It (EM 2449 1)-Vinyl-1988-dL (House)
A Guy Called Gerald--Voodoo Ray (FFR 0510)-CDM-1989-CMC INT (House)
A Guy Called Gerald--Fx (The Elevation Mix)-(ASCGT1)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (FFR 1210)-1989-gEm (House)
49 ers---dont you love me-cdm-199x-omcx (House)
326--Falling (MR002)-EP-1989-CMC (House)
24-7-365--Sample That-(KMS016)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
24 Hour Experience-Part 3-VLS-199x-uF (House)
2 Men A Drum Machine and A Trumpet--Tired of Getting Pushed Around (88... (House)
2 In A Room-Do What You Want (CR-232)-Vinyl-1989-TRa-CLX (House)
12th floor--salsa 313-(raf018)-VLS2005-miso (House)
10 Records-Soul 2 Soul Ft Caron Wheeler-TENX265-1989-OSM (House)
10 Records-Inner City-TENX273-1989-OSM (House)
10 Records-Inner City-TENX252-1989-OSM (House)
(patriott)-hard-beat vinyl dj-nl vs dooly-bmi (House)
(membran)-do you love me vinyl uridius-bmi (House)
(marco v)-v.ision phase 2 (of 3) vinyl dj-nl-bmi (House)
(mantronik vs epmd)-strictly business dj r(u know who)-2db (House)
(john carpenters)-the end vinyl dj-beam-bmi (House)
(framic meets dopey clay)-passion of harmony mr mijago-2db (House)
(dj electric max)-welcome to the future vinyl dj-beam-bmi (House)
(dave kane)-toothbrush vinyl r4vy-bmi (House)
(dave aude)-push that thing vinyl acen-bmi (House)
(danny tenglia)-music is the answer vinyl dj-beam-bmi (House)
(camisra)-its alright vinyl hifonics-bmi (House)
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