16 Jun 1989
Was (Not Was)-Spy In The House Of Love-(870 091-2)-CDM-1987-iDF (House)
Was (Not Was)-New Steak Trend-(PPD-1057)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
W.W.W.-Love Is All Around-(WWW1)-VINYL-199x-iDF (House)
vincenzo--welcome to zanarkand-CD2002-kW (House)
VA-Top Chart From England (Mixed by DJ Lelewel)-(CD370)-1989-iDF (House)
VA-The Joker Compilation-(TRD1141)-LP-1989-iDF (House)
VA-Summer House Mix-(OUT3209)-CD-1989-iDF (House)
Various Artist-Susie May Tutto Matto Rmx-PROMO CD-BPM HOUSE (House)
va-public nylon volume 2-vls2001-kw (House)
va-kaffeehaus lounge zwei-2cd2004-kw (House)
va-kaffeehaus lounge eins-2cd2003-kw (House)
VA-Italia Dance Music From Italy-(PD 74289)-CD-1989-mdc (House)
Unknown Artist-Wake Up The Wild Side-(SAF95001)-CDM-199x-iDF (House)
To Kool Chris-Can U Feel The Beat-(HT1005)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Time-Somebody-(419286)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Tiger B. Smith Feat Lena Jones-Under The Rainbow-(70.201)-CDM-199x-iDF (House)
The Todd Terry Project-Weekend-VLS-1989-soup (House)
the todd terry project - bango (to the batmobile) - back to the beat-(... (House)
the timewriter--diary of a lonely sailor-cd2002-kw (House)
The Thieves Orchestra-Soul Dracula-(EF070)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
The Strings Of Love-Nothing Has Been Proved-(X-12057)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
The Pro 24s-Technotronic-(T 455)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
The Partys Over-No More Words-(DJ952)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
The Mixmaster-Grand Piano - Piano Groove-(BCM 344 CD)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
The Mixmaster-Grand Piano-(876 579-1)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
the housemaster boyz and the rude boy of house--house nation (magdt 1r... (House)
The Hit Squad-Hey Jack Ya Late-(RHR 3802)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
The Beatmasters-Anywayawanna-(LEFT CD10)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
The Adventures Of Stevie V.-Dirty Cash (Money Talks)-(TRANSTRAX 01)-WE... (House)
Technodelia-Technodelia-(SMASH 5)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Take It To The Streets-Beverly Hills Goes To Acid-(RHR 3787)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
T.V.M.-Magnetic Dance-(OTR 108)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Swan Lake-In The Name Of Love-The Dream-VLS-1988-soup (House)
Swan Lake - In The Name Of Love-(CHAMPCD86)-CDS-1988-mdc (House)
Sueno Latino With Manuel Goettsching-Sueno Latino-(801436 0550640)-WEB... (House)
Sterling Void-Its All Right-(DJ 1017)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
starlight-numero uno-(cbe 742 cd)-cdm-1989-idf (House)
Stargo-Live Is Life (Remix)-(DWA00.04)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
Sleeque--One For The Money-(EZS-7524)-Vinyl-1986-mbs (House)
Simon Harris-Bass-(828 153.2)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Shirlye-Jane-Hit Me (With Your Rhythm Stick)-(RHR 4035)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
She Devil-Leccami La Rizzla-(CCD 001)-Promo LP-199x-iDF (House)
Shawn Christopher-Dont Lose the Magic the Remixes Vol 1-RZR00 (House)
Sharada House Gang-House Legend-(MR 091428)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Sha-Lor--Im In Love-(GRT901)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Seduction-Two To Make It Right-(390 489-2)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Seduction--Seduction-(USAT651)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Screamin Rachael-Fun With Bad Boys-(GGHH 711)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Sasha And T.V.M. Band-Foot Stompin Music-(OTR 109)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
S.I.O.N-Out Side-(HB003)-CDM-199x-iDF (House)
Rubix-The Party (Remix)-(TECHNO 12.38)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Rubix-The Party-(TECHNO 12.31)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Rocky Jones-The Choice Of A New Generation-(DJ 944)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Rockers Revenge Ft. Donnie Calvin-Walking On Sunshine-VLS-1982-soup (House)
Rob N Raz Feat Laila K-Got To Get-(662 696)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Rizzo-Everybody Do It Right-(RA.RE 04289)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Ritmo Es Ritmo-La Montagna Mas Alta At Sunday-Vinyl-1988-iDF (House)
Rickster-Night Moves-(50-8402)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
Rhyme Thyme-Reasons To Believe-(RHR 3798)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Reina-Miguel Son Mi-(MIX353)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Razzamatazz-Two Time Boy-(20229)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Raze--Break 4 Love (Multilingual Mixes)-(4408164)-Vinyl-1988-dh (House)
Ram Jam-Black Betty (Remix)-(655430 2)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
ralphi rosario featuring xavier gold - you used to hold me-(hmf 102)-v... (House)
Raimunda Navarro-No Lo Hago Por Dinero-(DWA 00.01)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Raff Todesco-I Got My Mind-(RA.RE 02988)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Quartz-Meltdown-(VLS)-1989-RNS (House)
Qaurtz--R U Ready (4 This)-(ITM101)-Vinyl-1989-dh (House)
player 1-kids wanna rock ep-(rvns-004)-vinyl-199x-nvs (House)
Pierres Fantasy Club - I Cant Stop for You-(MAX369)-Vinyl-1989-MS (House)
Piero Fidelfatti-Baila Chico (Acid Version)-(OUT31.40)-Vinyl-1988-iDF (House)
physics--first flight-CD2002-kW (House)
Pat Davis-Love Is Gonna Last-(CDM 6010-2)-CDM-199X-iDF (House)
Pandella-Tell Me (What You Gonna Do)-(EZS-7529)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Pacha Rebels-Esta Loca-(BCM 12351)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
oorutaichi--misen gymnastics-(bfk016)-VLS2005-kW (House)
Oh Well-Oh Well-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Oh Well-1st Album-(C2 93447)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
Noell Abedul-Get Up (Before The Night Is Over)-(ZYX 6276-8)-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
Nice Price-Everybody Dance-(RA.RE04189)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Nexus 1 Feat Steve Simmons-Yo Body-(FR 103)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Neon-Best Beats (The Singles Collection)-(BCM 50137)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Napoleon MC-Todays Your Lucky Day-(BCM 12343)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Mygen-Dreams-(160301)-CDM-199x-iDF (House)
Mr. Lee-Get Busy-(ZD43326)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Mousse T-Gourmet De Funk BoxSet 4x12-VINYL-BPM HOUSE (House)
Mory Kante-Tama-(887 714-2)-CDS-1988-iDF (House)
Moodlex--moodlex sessions-CD2002-kW (House)
Mix Masters Feat MC Action-Its About Time-(UN 132)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Midas-One O One-(DFC002)-Vinyl-1987-iDF (House)
MDMC Feat Lena Tenaglia-How About It 1989-(1101186)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
matt kenny--the stay-(be09)-VLS2005-kW (House)
Martine Chevrier-Thin Ice-(STR 12-3034)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
Marshall Jefferson-The House Music Anthem-(TX117)-WEB-1986-iDF (House)
Marshall Jefferson Pres Hercules-Lost In The Groove-(TX152)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Marshall Jefferson Pres Dancing Flutes-Do The Do-(DJ 129)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
mark spoon-trance energy pre performance 17-02-01-ipz (House)
Mario Reyes Feat Joenell-Lost Love-(DJ 948)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Marco Martina-Just an Illusion-(TECHNO12.33)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
Malcom D-Situation-(FLY 016)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Madonna-Express Yourself-(921 249-2)-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
M.C. Miker G-Show M The Bass-(1101782)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
M.C. Miker G And Deejay Sven-Holiday Rap-(SP5-1638)-CDM-1986-iDF (House)
M.A.R.R.S.-Pump Up The Volume-(870 210-2)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Lunatics--virado pra lua-CD2003-kW (House)
Lonnie Gordon-Its Not Over (Let No Man Put Asunder)-(145.549-3)-CDM-19... (House)
Loleatta Holloway-Ride On Time-(RHR 4042)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Loco Mia-Loco Mia-(20 3468 3)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
LNR-Work It To The Bone-(PRO-7268)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
Lisa Stansfield-All Around The World-(662 693)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Lindstrom--plague the kid II-(be08)-VLS2005-kW (House)
Les Lee San Francisco-Love Cant Turn Around-(MX 163)-WEB-1986-iDF (House)
Lee Marrow-Pain-(MIX 371)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Lee Marrow-Lot To Learn-(ZYX 6259-8)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Latino Rave-Deep Heat 89-(DEEP CD 10)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
La Banda Bassotti-Culo Party-(OUT 3192)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
L.A.N.D.R.O. And Co.-Get Up Get On Up-(NMX 020)-VINYL-1987-iDF (House)
L.A. Mix-On The Side-(CDA 9009)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
L.A. Mix-Check This Out-(B.C. 50-2114-44)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Krush-House Arrest-(870 007-2)-CDS-1987-iDF (House)
Kriss-Life Is Gonna Change For You-(FTM 31616)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Kon Kan-Move To Move-(PR 3077-2)-PROMO-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
Karen Jones-To The Rock Groove-(FTM 31640)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Julian Jumpin Perez Feat Brother D-Lets Work-(DJ 995)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Jomanda-Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (The Exclusive U.S. Remix)-(PD 427... (House)
Joe Smooth-Goin Down-(DJ 943)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
jamie principle - baby wants to ride-(12 tek 06)-vinyl-1989-tch (House)
Jade 4U-Its Not Over-(ZYX 6273-12)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
Jackmaster Black-Mega Track-(DJ 906)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
J.J. Jones-Sign Of The Times-(SMASH 7)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Isamar-Amor Suave-(MIX369)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Inner City-Good Life-(661 921-211)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Inner City-Big Fun-(661 749)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Inner City-Aint Nobody Better-(TENCDT 252)-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
Ice MC-Easy (The House Remix)-(DWA 00.08)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Ice MC-Easy (Attack Remix)-(DWA 00.02)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Ice MC-Easy-(DWACL 004)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Honesty 69-Rich In Paradise-(BCM 20373)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Hithouse-Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat-(6-3735)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Hithouse-Jack To The Sound Of The Underground-(134.870-3)-CDS-1988-iDF (House)
Hithouse-Hithouse-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
Hi Tek 3 Feat Ya Kid K-Spin That Wheel-(CD 6-3747)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Hally And K.B.-Keen To Kill-(RA.RE03988)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Hally And K.B.-Arabeat-(RA.RE03188)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Grandmaster Chicken And D.J. Duck-Check Out The Chicken-(874 603-2)-CD... (House)
Funhouse Feat Kenneth Sherman-Dancin Easy-(B.C. 50-2165-44)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Full House-I Remember-(DJ 950)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Full Circle Feat Shevy D-Trains Keep Steamin-(SMASH 06)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Frankie Knuckles Presents Jamie Principle-Your Love-(WHOS5)-VINYL-1989... (House)
First Patrol-Nightmare (Freddies Mix)-(4260180 615708)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy-(IRS-23926)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
Fierce Ruling Diva-Keep Moving In Time-(LES 002)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Fierce Ruling Diva-I Dont Wanna Be A Freak - Feeling Fly-(LES 001)-WEB... (House)
Fast Eddie Feat Sundance-Git On Up-(DJ 990)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Fact Of Spirit-Ghost In My House-(FFR 0515)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Expose-Tell Me Why-(ADP 9942) Promo-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
erick morillo feat leslie carter-waiting in the darkness-cdr-rip (House)
Emjay-Come N Get It-(NG 026)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Eleonor-I Just Need Your Body-(RA.RE04489)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
El Chico-D.I.N.D.O.N.D.E.R.O.-(OUT 3133)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
El Chico 2-House Party-(OUT3151)-Vinyl-1988-iDF (House)
Edelweiss-Edelweiss-(244 711-2)-CDA-1988-iDF (House)
Dymond-Wild About Your Love-(DJ 918)-WEB-1986-iDF (House)
Dr Felix-What A Wonderful World - Relax Your Body-(FTM 31630)-WEB-1989... (House)
Dr Felix-Party Time-(FTM 31610)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Dr Felix-I Cant Stand It (Remix) - What A Wonderful World-(FTM 31639)-... (House)
Dr Felix-Funky House-(FTM 31632)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Dr Felix-Different Style-(FTM31751)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Dr. Robert and Kym Mazelle-Wait-(PD-42596)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Dr. Boogie-Ladies Rap-(RHR 3747)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Double Trouble And The Rebel Mc-Just Keep Rockin (The Remix Project)-(... (House)
Double Trouble And Rebel MC-Street Tuff-(873 233-2)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Don Pablos Animals-Venus (The Piano Mix)-(ZYX 6281)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Don Pablos Animals-Venus-(MP 875467-11)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
De La Soul-Say No Go-(SCD-7985)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
De La Soul-Eye Know-(DICD 8021)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
David Barr-Hold You Tight-(MIX373)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
D.J. Lelewel-House Machine-(XIMEM660)-Vinyl-1987-iDF (House)
Culture Beat Feat Jo Van Nelsen-Cherry Lips - Der Erdbeermund-(425033 ... (House)
Cultura Vibe-Ma Foom Bey Syntanjey-VLS-1989-soup (House)
Company B-Jam On Me (F(Acid)Ated Mix)-(ZYX 6044)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Chicco Secci Project-N.E.W. Y.O.R.K.-(NMX170)-Vinyl-1989-iDF (House)
Chase The Ace-Lets Do It (The Hustle)-(FFR 0504)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Captain Hollywood-Soul Sister-(130.07.315)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Captain Hollywood-Do That Thang-(290.07.136)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
Captain Hollywood And B.P.M.-Tribute To James B.-(311 1147)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Cappella-Helyom Halib (Remix)-(MR 0907-28)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Cappella-Helyom Halib-(MR 0896-28)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Cappella-Helyom Halib-(BCM50337)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
Brooklyn Boyz Choir In Heat-Say Rayo Brooklyn Luv To Luv U-(MRC04451... (House)
Bravo And Djs-Difacil Rap-(YF-005)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Booom-Joy-(1002)-CDM-199x-iDF (House)
Bomb The Bass-Beat Dis-(B.C. 50-2093-44)-CDM-1988-iDF (House)
Black Box-Ride On Time-(006025 17300309)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Bizz Nizz-Were Gonna Catch You-(BYTE 12.001)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
BCN Orchestra-Quien Tu Te Crees-(1102042)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Bassline Boys-Warbeat-(SHCD 89-1)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Bassline Boys-On Se Calme-(SC 891)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Bad Boys Blue-Hungry For Love (Hot-House Sex Mix)-(662 183)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Ambassadors Of Funk-My Minds Made Up-(SMASH 1)-WEB-1988-iDF (House)
Ambassadors Of Funk-Jamaican House Revenge-(SCAM 2)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Ambassadors Of Funk-Another Side To You-(NP50100)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
Ambassadors Of Funk-Another Side Of You-(SMASH 04)-WEB-1989-iDF (House)
Amadhouse-Shock Me Amadhouse-(MEMIX078)-Vinyl-1988-iDF (House)
alphawezen vs. terry lee brown jr. and the timewriter - gai solei and ... (House)
Akasa-One Night In My Life-(YZ 405 CD)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Age Of Chance-Dont Get Mad Get Even (The New York Remixes)-(VS 989 1... (House)
Age Of Chance-Dont Get Mad Get Even-(VS 989 12)-VINYL-1987-iDF (House)
afterhours records - sessions vol 1-ms (House)
Afroside-Absolutely-(FTM 31592)-WEB-1987-iDF (House)
Adonis-No Way Back-(TX112)-VINYL-1986-iDF (House)
Adonis-Acid Poke-(WANTX 8)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
Adeva-Warning-(662 470)-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
Adeva-Respect-(662 070)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Adeva-I Thank You-(COOLCD 192)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Acido-Love Ride-(662.543)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
Access Denied-Run From The Shot-(ZYX 5944)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
AC Fax-Eventide-(MEET111)-Vinyl-1989-iDF (House)
abacus - collectors edition (pres ce01)-199x-a-disc0 (House)
A Guy Called Gerald-Voodoo Ray-(FFR 0510)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
A.K.A.-All You Ever Told Were Lies-(NS 118)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
808 State-Quadrastate-(CAT 808 CD)-CDA-1989-iDF (House)
808 State-Newbuild-(CAT 080 CD)-CDA-1988-iDF (House)
3 Man Island-Jack The Lad-(4V9 43220)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
2-Kut Feat Anna-Beat Boy-(SBR 22T)-VINYL-1988-iDF (House)
2 MB-Vampiers-(MM 8903)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
2 In A Room-Do What You Want-(RHR 4050)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
16 Bit-Hi-Score-(662 457)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)
101-Rock To The Beat-(873 143-1)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
101-Move Your Body-(ZYX 6182-12)-VINYL-1989-iDF (House)
101-Just As Long As I Got You (House Mix)-(SPEED 003-CD)-CDS-1989-iDF (House)
101 And Jade 4U-Its Not Over-(HS 006-CD)-CDM-1989-iDF (House)

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